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Just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it.

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  • My first iMac lol never owned one until I got this one I got the blue color it鈥檚 nice 馃槉

  • Dbrand鈥檚 packaging is far more on point than what Sony has released. Glad I got the first edition dark plates. No need to go official just for the cut out logo. I also prefer the option of having skins for the front facing portion of the console. Did mine with the matte white skin and the dark plates.

  • love how i can find ps5 games and controllers but never a ps5 especially at retail price thats non existent anymore

  • How the hell is he able to afford all of these gadgets damn he's rich!

  • i have a 2017 macbook pro, is it worth to upgrade to this surface laptop 4?

  • I personal think a green controller would be good but they would never do that because of Xbox

  • a very useful shortcut to quickly turn off the Mac is the combination: control + option + command + eject It will turn off your Mac IMMEDIATELY without asking any questions or having to confirm anything. Whether the windows stay open or not depends on the setting you made when selecting manual shutdown! And a quick restart is with: control + command + eject

  • Which are louder?

  • Can u put the shifter on the left side

  • 鈥淎ll new PS5 colors鈥 only has two faceplates colors

  • white black purple...doesnt matter to me as long as im playing on the ps5...to each his own i guess

  • Eric's picks were mainly lame. No real thought. Jud's picks were perfect.

  • I got the cosmetic red but I need that purple and the blue controller

  • great video, you've earned a new subscriber

  • Can someone send me a Ps4 :(

  • The nova pink controller looks nothing like the cosmic red controller. You might be color blind my guy

  • Game boy Spyro 馃槒馃槍

  • Still using the iphone x

  • I have a 2016 model S with Summon. Is it possible to get the advanced summon with an upgrade or do I have to pay or am I not able to get it since there is only a camera on front and back, not the sides. Thanks

  • I鈥檓 an Xbox guy but I think console wars are stupid both condos are amazing and we are all gamers

  • Still think original looks best because the black does not look all that good with the other colors besides maybe red

  • Where is Covid Green, Omicron Orange and Delta Gray?

  • Does anyone know his iPads wallpaper

  • Is it 5th gen

  • Does anyone know

  • It's so cool

  • What is ur wallpapers name

  • Pink and Red aren't even close!! To the same

  • Sell me one

  • Now on days, it's really boring to collect video games. :(