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Just your average guy who loves tech and giving his opinions on it.

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  • He’s the best and he is so underrated techs my thing

  • The bezels on that screen are really big. I noticed it because I am on my laptop with barely no bezels.

  • He's a apple fan boy.

  • No way he will comment back

  • Yall see these driving skills? Good thing this mans got a Tesla with autopilot haha!

  • The thumb drive is not available anymore. Know of another Brand I need to clear my iPhone with some pictures

  • A UAC tech survival kit with no microfiber?? Jud blink twice if they're holding you against your will

  • 😂 the intro

  • kinna easy to have a dope a$$ game room when you get everything for free. not trynna be a hater or salty, just crazy how much of his things are donated

  • hey jud can i come to your and have a try on ur simulator

  • Hi welcome to UrAvgRichConsumer.

  • The rich survival kit.

  • If my watch dies on the go I love my Samsung cause it just charges on the back

  • This dude is overkill with everything... so much money dude....

  • Hey man, can I use it with an iPad to play COD without lag ???

  • If u wanna do charity I'm ready to be a volunteer 👁️👄👁️ 😂

  • The iPhone 12 mini is same body width and length as iPhone 5s

  • What is the average battery life for gaming for iPhone 12 pro

  • Love the Native Union for the M1

  • Yes yes Kyleodell

  • I love people showing off the iPad I’ll never have

  • It's been too long since the last back to school video

  • Just a toy, it can burn up any time.

  • I am trying to get one but I can’t find it

  • I mean if your looking for a place to put this "extra" stuff, I have PLENTY of room in my office and closet lol. Looking good 👍

  • if your back yard is big how about a man shed! don't forget the speakers!

  • Bro jamaica people Haven't stop going hotels bro there always there

  • Who else got to this video by watching the Samsung video of the buds

  • I really like the idea of this kit, but I'd like to see what you can put together that merges this idea with a 12.9" iPad Pro carrying case. If it is something that I can drop into a backpack, then I'm even more interested.

  • 4:37 click at your own risk

  • I like Surface devices, but Microsoft isn't sell it in Russia. So thanks to Apple for selling their MacBooks in Russia.

  • Neither of them fit my ears, pissin me off

  • Great Vid! What watch face was that?

  • Judd if you still haven't watched alita battle angel you are really missing out

  • You mistook it for the Asus Zephyrus g15

  • I have the oneplus 8t 5g and it is super good.

  • Just ordered it today 🥳🥳

  • What's the keyboard deck flex like on the alcantara models?

  • I think a must have tech in evert tech survival kit is a portable solar charger... imagine if disaster happen, no electricity...

  • Audio is a bit muffled. Great video though!

  • Are you best..

  • What’s that watch your wearing?

  • when is the back to school one coming out

  • Couple of things... Most of these things mentioned probably have about 100 others copying them on Amazon to varying degrees of quality and price. If you were to "crash into a river" and you aren't killed by freezing water or the impact, you can potentially let the vehicle interior fill up with water and open the door because the pressure should be equal. If I lived up north though, I'd probably get one of those glass breakers for inside my vehicle. 😅

  • What should I buy? The new MacBook Air or the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4? I’m a student

  • How does that mic not pick up white noise from the computer that's sat right there on the desk? I literally have to power off everything in this room to record audio. Am I missing something simple like a high/low pass filter or are they just hiding it in the noise gate?

  • you have MPow,.? WoW,. I had this wireless headset for over 1 and 1/5 year now and it still powerfull wireles headset, I was underestimated this one because of the price and the weird name, but the fact proved it differently,.

  • But I have that I love it. I used it today to charge up my Vita.

  • It would charge my Samsung S20 ultra once.

  • That is one cute baby

  • i love Apple mackbook🥰🥰🥰

  • Where u buy that lil sweater bro

  • Microsoft needs new skinnier bezels. Com on!

  • Yo you should do a gunpla vid

  • Türkçe altyazılı olsun lütfen.


  • Thank you,

  • Ur average consumer wouldn't know all this

  • I love your tech survival kit videos!!! Heck I love all your videos😍

  • I just got my MBA M1 yesterday and it's awesome!!! They keyboard is superb! The speed is ridiculous. Worth the wait, where I live this sells like hot cakes. :)

  • Not anything different compared to SL3 or SL2 even SL1

  • I still use the headphones!

  • Still no thunderbolt with big bezel aw....

  • Long time ago, I was lost on SAHARA DESERT. Luckily, I survived because i had this tech survival kit with me, that flashdrive really helped me out a lot myan. THANKS❤️

  • Can you do a "going on vacation" type of tech survival kit. This is my first time going on a vacation during a pandemic

  • one day i’ll have enough money to have my own theater with modern luxury amenities

  • its also a glass breaker. puts up against glass and nothing happens

  • So its basically same shit as Laptop 3 but with new CPU

  • What there’s no mic or like tripod/gimble 🥲 what about if you’re trying to take a dope vid on the go and you need that shot or quick vlog no like rode mic

  • Wow does this guy get everything for free? cuz he sure has a lot of top of the line electronics and they cost a lot of money. I haven't been able to even afford a new Xbox so I don't have a game system for about a year now he has all of them..lol.. this guy has his own little mini Best buy haha! Maybe I shouldn't have went in the Marine corps in 2004 and became a ESmainr instead? It definitely looks rewarding when you do well with it, happy gaming everyone! ☮️🇺🇲♥️

    • this channel is full of shit, they only care about making $$$ there's like 10 other TVs that are much better and larger and CHEAPER. they get paid to get people to spend needlessly, it's fucking pathetic.

  • what is your wallpaper sir? on the laptop

  • He skipped the whole setup. Where he actually sets it up.

  • The bezels Microsoft 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Bruh i gotta teach you how to race. Its the least i can do. That was painful and funny to watch.

  • I missed you

  • Just picked up a M1 MacBook Air, absolutely loving it so far! Huge leap from my old MacBook Pro.

  • How do you get these products sent to you for free?

  • Good vid, good info.

  • Nice video. But you left out the RavPower portable charger, 15000mAh

  • do you live in NYC?