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  • Guys congratulate me 馃グ I'm watching this because I'm finally able to afford a Xbox one 馃挆 I'm sure I'll have a great time playing games on it in chaa llah 馃尮

  • What brand or model is that entertainment center ?

  • 6 m of cable missing, when battery die what will hapen with headphone, go to trash, green headphones, think twice before buy BT headphones from ANY brand.

  • He looks like floyd mayweather

  • In your opinion whats more important? Hardware or Software?

  • Funny how they didn't turn it on to see if it worked LOL

  • Seems pretty useful but I think I鈥檒l only need two. One for my keys and one to stay in my car. The coolness of a garage should prevent the battery from becoming spent by the heat.

  • Nice

  • i have a Insignia 43 in 4k HDMI tv, but the mode is 2.0, is it still good for box x

  • Cancel board exam class 12th

  • One of my galaxy buds pro came out of my ear when I was longboarding across the road and the light changed so I couldn't cross back and get them so I had to watch as 17 cars ran over my 200$ earbuds

  • Does it echo

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  • Will it be possible wirelessly connect intel lenovo laptop?

  • NICE AWES0ME 馃崹馃崹馃崹馃崥馃崝馃崝馃崯馃崯馃崯馃崯馃弫 馃挩 馃嵁 馃ェ 馃崱 馃崸 馃崹 馃崷 馃嵃 鉂 馃惉 馃尮 馃尫 馃崄 馃拹馃崅 馃悺馃悇 馃悈 馃悊 馃惎 馃崳 馃崳 馃崳 馃 馃崹馃崹馃崹

  • Jud should go to this year's race

  • Yes Kyle

  • you people should not use budget money to compilation all is subject to quality control which mean how much you paid what you will get don't hope for cheap plug headphone has same quality like a bose or beats tour all depend on material made everything are involve costing human power and technologies too like rubber was different high quality compare with different item is all about our own budget myself just one word. thanks to china made more cheapest product with standard and high quality material bluetooth portable speaker it come to radio mode torch light and also can use for USB power bank rechargeable

  • He looks like his mom.

  • Hey guys it your not even close to an average consumer I got a bunch of free shit to sell on eBay. Sit back and grab your snacks !!

  • me watching this in PiP not expecting him to tell people about this tip.

    • if you want to not double click for PiP just go to the search bar in safari right-click the blue volume icon and select picture in picture.

  • I want them so bad馃槴

  • What if the person do not have an iPhone, and they do have a tracker on them, than what. I know know, everything has its flaws. Plus, this technology has been around for years, what鈥檚 new, it鈥檚 apple鈥檚 version of the technology. I鈥檓 a apple user, but it cannot be denied that apple just does what has been done before and people get happy about it.

  • I got the solo pro

  • Dope

  • Austin is sooooooo cute

  • I think the battery wont be a problem because most of us put our phones on a charger when we are in the car. I don't know what you everyone else is doing in other states, but down here in FL, we charge our phones in the car.

  • Bruh

  • Audioengine A2!

  • Gorgeous basement.

  • Awesome vid. Love the house too.

  • now that's a Man's man cave! you're just missing a bar and a pool table!

  • What year was that north face?

  • It鈥檚 all fun and games until you that door lock gets hacked

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  • gadget backpacks budget edition

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  • He鈥檚 letting y鈥檃ll know he has security everywhere and cameras so don鈥檛 try it.

  • LOL I remember this struggle when I finally got myself a PC, watching others play and then doing it myself I figured it was Magic.....

  • You can get the Samsungs Buds+ for like 60 bucks on Ebay open box, and at that price it's a no-brainer for me, even as an iphone user.

  • My name is also jay

  • Don't worry I have got insurance for karl

  • Petition to change you name to not so average consumer

  • 2021

  • If I could get that much tech daily for the rest of my life I'd be beyond happy

  • Good to know there's people living on streets and you've got tossers like this just wasting money

  • That 4H22M battery time doesn't make sense. I am a delivery person, I work 8 hour shifts, 6 hours of which driving with my 12 mini screen on for navigation. It's usually 30%+ battery remaining when I am heading home. Did you have max brightness on the entire time or ? I also am playing music via bluetooth during that 6 hours.

  • I see some Gunpla

  • What are those sound proofing panels on the wall and where do you get them?

  • Lol 260w receiver... RIP

  • I think u missed the part that the Pixel INTENSIONALLY puts the color in a NATURAL color. It's good they are real. And also, the portrait mode is supposed to be zoomed in, that's what a portrait is bruh

  • Can't believe it's already 4 years

  • True techhead

  • I get 876mbs here in Canada with Rogers

  • Dude.....this is one of the best in-house home theater setup

  • Question. Are they glasses friendly? Steel series for example. They are very glasses friendly. Probably cus I鈥檓 using the Arctic鈥檚 1

  • why no video on "is the ps5 worth it"

  • what's a good budget gaming pc with a monitor?

  • I am more focused on those Gunplas :o

  • I don鈥檛 have a ps5 I want a ps5 but I love my series x and switch

  • His bagpack has more stuff than Dora the explorer.

  • Damn dude 4.0 already Been here since survival kit 1.0. I remember in that episode you still had a PlayStation TV.

  • So nice

  • Who is airi 4:21

  • Uac: what is this Also uac: I got the bag

  • lenovo 5 pro vs asus zen g15 2021? wich one is better please help me


  • 7:53 me with my $1000 rtx 2060 laptop able to play cyberpunk at ultra settings with 40-60fps: Are you sure about that?馃ぃ

  • Me: broke af 馃槄

  • Why am I watching this I got ps4

  • No one gonna talk about the cars name 鈥渒illua鈥

  • Can you please review the Redragon H510 headset

  • For the adaptive sound control can you improve the sound quality for phone calls that way? I saw tons of reviews saying the call quality isn't that good

  • Gaming Pc with Aquarium inside , do that

  • Iphone xr 2

  • "I'm all about the midnight green" *YES MY MAN* **CLICKS SUBSCRIBE** .

  • Thank you very helpful.

  • What ever you showed, even my parents won't buy it for me. How can i imagine getting a gift馃様馃ズ馃槩

  • Yooooo