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  • what gen are these?

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  • Don't use Q-tips for cleaning ears!

  • POV your scrolling down the comments to see what the star wars sentence means

  • 2:19 bruh im 11 and I get an avg of 64-67 words per minute

  • Bro my wifi is 3 mb down, lucky

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  • 7:37 Let's go man !

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  • I'm jealous of gadgets.......not jealous of Jud...

  • But if you have Powerbeats pro AND AirPods Pro then your not an 鈥渁verage consumer鈥

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  • All the stars damn my fav song Black panther has the best songs of Marvel movies

  • All I am worried about is can hold 4k 60hz all the time even under heavy stress

  • bro he just got the ps5!! 0-0

  • give away? my dream item is the new apple ipad (ipad air 2020)

  • my dream ipad is the new ipad air 2020 <3 If you have a good price im here- lol

  • Loved this thank you

  • Love the fact its slim and can run up to rtx2080 super and for new upto 3080 馃挄馃挄馃挄

  • Idk about recommending Gundam to a 12 year old. Gundam is a very dense show.

  • The Thule is pronounced Toolee according to the sales rep from that company. Hope that helps.

  • Forget the phone for a sec, the house is amazing. And cute 馃悤

  • Can't believe I wasn't already subscribed. I've watch tons of your videos. Well that changes now! Great video! Definitely put me onto the Latorice USB hub! Thank you!!

  • my broke ass can't afford both without having to sell my ps4 ):

  • How bad is your 4G network if you think 300 is making you think it's fast and good 5G? Shouldn't it be WAY faster. Even I get 250 on 4G+ network when I go to the closest city - and I live in the another country.

  • I wish the Black History Month edition straps came as a loop as well.... I'm not a person of color but I definitely support the cause and the Pan-african flag colors are so damn beautiful NGL!

  • not so good tech unboxing.

  • Just switched from windows to a Mac, and this was so helpful!!

  • that pink screen does look like my old s7 which got serious burn in after few months 馃槀 it will develop that pink hue over areas

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  • Please Check Out The Other Cell Phone Carriers Like Verizon And ATT. It Would Be A Big Help To Me And Other People Who Use Phone Carriers Other Than TMobile.

  • Do a gundam (sorry if I spelled it wrong) building stream and get some of them built

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  • This is a biased review while not calling it a review in the title. Smart.


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