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  • You just earned a subsciber man

  • Pc components aside the case aesthetics are terrible 😭

  • I’ve been thinking to trade my iPhone for this phone I’m just not sure though.

  • The knife must have been in his prison wallet

  • ABC’s of SALVATION ADMIT: You’re a sinner, condemned to DEATH (physical & spiritual) . Romans 3:10, 23 There is none righteous, no, not one … For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 6:23 & James 1:15 the wages of sin is death … sin, when it is finished bringeth forth death. (Spiritual death is eternity in HELL !) BELIEVE: that JESUS died, rose again, and that HE ALONE can save you from sin, death, and hell. Romans 10:9-10 if you: believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness. CONFESS: JESUS CHRIST, and nothing else, as your own Saviour. Romans 10:9, 10 & 13 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus … confession is made unto salvation … whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Before it’s too late, forever, DO IT NOW! God’s gift is FREE and as easy as A-B-C !

  • PS vita start oled...finish Led...nintendo wrong!

  • The red rings on the white faceplate just ruin it

  • I can rub it out

  • Been eyeing that power A controller price was what was holding me off looks sick tho

  • The reason I won’t buy the fusion a pro controller is because it has no rumble which really sucks

  • Great video such a cute little boy your very lucky I’m getting my iPhone 13 pro max next month can’t wait to try the battery and cameras I’m coming from the iPhone 11

  • this can be a drinking game everytime he says actually 😂

  • My Bluetooth works on my switch and I recommend AirPods Pro and the noise cancellation still works like a charm big facts

  • Love your vids where did you get that charging dock underneath the tv I definitely need that

  • What’s the price for this Nintendo switchin USA…?

  • I want to see an everyday carry but just with the pockets on your clothes.

  • I really, really, really wanted to like them. Tomorrow I'm gonna return them, these are my 5th pair of ANC headphones, not exactly a newbie when we talk about fitting them properly etc. To me, personally, they hurt a lot no matter what. Unberable to wear for more than 1 hour and half, 2 tops. The sound is amazing, the ANC superb... It is with a heavy heart that I'm returning them. But honestly I need something to wear 8-10 hours a day that won't make me rip off my ears. Airpods Pro are not even close in sound quality, and slightly inferior in the ANC performance as well... however, there is no way (for me at least) that those pro are going to make up for a painful experience after this period of time. I guess everybody's ears are different, mine are not for these and like me many more people won't be able to wear them. Just know that after trying all the possible combinations if it's a no, it's a no. After all, you must be your own judge, so try everything possible to test every fit, position etc... but then don't feel like you *have* to keep them or that they are "supposed to be like this and it's you that don't understand how to fit them". You are spending a good amount of money, you should get a premium experience! I'm gonna, sadly, go back to my airpods pro... it's a pity I wanted a step up in audio quality etc, but it seems they're the only ones that I forget I have in my ears.

  • What is Floyd Mayweather doing here? Just subscribed. ;)

  • Got my first iPhone . I didn't get the max but the pro is no joke. I had no idea apple music quality was so good. $10 bucks straight ain't a bad deal. I been hooked on big android phones from the start. This is the first time I down sized and I couldn't be happier. It's so much easier to keep on hand with out having to adjust in pocket. In hand it feels like a throw back and I freaked love it. The baby blue is so clean.

  • These aren't popular because people don't chase after tech lol

  • I got the new Nintendo OLED & got the PowerA Spectra which again is a bit smaller and cheaper BUT has full LED which looks AMAZING! Definitely recommend over the pro controller altho it doesn’t have any customisation options.

  • A little bit underwhelming knowing you’re the guy with awesome looking gadgets..looking forward to better ones

  • Please any advice, my SE watch keeps unpairing since the new update. Like it pairs and straight away unpairs.

  • Looks like a terrible rig steering wheel not stable at all

  • Well.. I already have two minis : One to be my spare mini because I love writing. People call writers who never wrote professionally, amateurs. Though I never wrote professionally, I consider myself as writer.. I’ve been writing since I was 11 and I used to carry a notebook and a bunch of pens but I switched to the mini ipad. I’m very happy with it.. but when the 6th cane out, I thought it was more of the same . Now, I’m considering on buying it

  • That little dock things pretty sweet

  • Big fan of the channel but had a minor annoyance with the many *corrections throughout the video. Comes off a bit rushed and unorganized and your content is always so polished.

  • I have a laptop that is about 5 years old, should I get a iPad pro or some other laptop?

  • Anyone have issues using the docking stations on newer Samsung TVs?

  • 🔥

  • Needs to do more research on these products before calling them MUST HAVES.

  • Anyone get audio cut offs with these? Or like static sounds

  • That HyperX case blocks the ventilation for the new OLED Switch and will cause it to overheat. Don’t use it!

    • It's darn near impossible to overheat a Nintendo Switch

  • The Hori controllers are awesome and Heaven sent... I mainly play docked (90% of the time), but when I do take it with me, I need the Hori Split Pad Pro's with me... Either them or the Satisfye Grip.

  • Love your t-shirt

  • Yoo where did you get that shirt from?

  • Anyone know what Gundam shirt that is?

  • Okay but can you tell us how you got your Switch to look really nice on your newish TV though? Because no matter what I do on mine, it looks like HOT garbage.

  • I have had ZERO issues getting my cheapo $20 walamrt wireless earbuds to work with my normal switch with the newest firmware

  • When you see people go completely overboard like this you know that they don’t have many kids. This is not a room for children but a project area.

  • The fusion pro controller has 2 problems no nfc for amibo and no HD Rumble!!!!

  • Will buy pro max after 4 years

  • To much talking to the person behind the camera...smh

  • Charge play dock covers the air vent at the bottom :(

  • I just want to know where he got that Gundam shirt

  • Can u make a video about the differences

  • Dont quit before Halo

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I got the Purple mini 256 and enjoy it. The only thing was it was delayed by one month due to demand

  • Worst recommendation

  • Nice review keep up the good work

  • Plastic on plastic is definitely going to scuff it up.

  • Besttttttttttttttt colabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  • Bruh I just wanna stop and say thanks for putting me on game with micro center. Lost my psp charger and was hurting bad. watched a vid of you talking about the store, and I checked it out. Was beyond ecstatic when I saw the had a 2in1 data/charging cable. You the goat my guy.

  • love my white (OLED) switch plus caant wait for my satisfye zenpro grip 3 cause already got that pre order

  • Bro what happen to the Skullnco 🤔 Did you try that out ?

  • Man idk but Jud looks a lot like Floyd Mayweather

  • Arie's, but both are legit.

  • First i need to get my hands on this switch :v

  • I love Techtober

  • I know you recommened the PowerA pro controller but u recommend the powerA regular controller over the Nintendo pro controller?

  • Also be careful with the genki dock it’s been known to brick switches, the chance is small but there’s still a risk

  • Wait for the next gen

  • You heard about the gundam nike dunks

  • Teal is the ultimate color

  • Wow I literally bought some of the same items weeks before I got my switch. Nice to know I got some good accessories for my OLED.

  • So you’re telling me the glass protector I bought isn’t gonna fit for the OLED…?

    • @SHAGGY-OW I didn’t even think about it when I ordered it! Can you recommend any good ones?

    • the screen is different so it wont fit perfectly

  • NOOoOoOoOo! I love you man, but those Crystal Cases are not a MUST have 😭😭

    • Yeah I saw your video on ty r crystal cases and it sucked lol. Wouldn’t stay on

    • Why? I have that case tho

    • @nyjay yeah he just made a video for views on the oled .

    • None of the accesories he listed are must have. Some are even garbage.

    • Say werd son !

  • Yeah, as always, backpack in US -> 65$, here in EU, same backpack 125Euro, which is about 145$. This is crazy! Also please create 1 video for traveling (weekends, may be 3-4 days long trips), where you can have your tech (laptop, power bank, may be tablet, and small camera), but also space for clothes and other important stuff for weekend, 3-4 days trip.

  • Oh good sir, i have a question, i have the series 7 and i was wondering if i get a Hermes or Nike watch band, do i get the matching watch face?

  • The case comes with 2 screen protectors. One for the old switch and one for the oled switch.

  • The only thing there we MUST about Nintendo is show our discontent about price news of expansion pack of nintendo online. Nintendo ARE YOU NUTS!?!?

    • Bro could you rephrase your comment? I couldn’t understand what you meant by that😅

  • 10:04 PATIENCE. The switch takes forever to discover AirPods and probably others. It will eventually pop up. If you have the case open trying to pair and the switch says it can’t find them then keep the AirPods open and back out the menu and start discovering again.

  • what app you use to watch anime

  • is the apple Watch 7 WaterProof ?

  • The sd cards aren't in the description

  • The Bluetooth on the switch is terrible and interfere with the controllers. Not only that, it sounds bad. I think it's just SBC sound. Better off using an adapter that supports Apt-X or better.