10 MUST HAVE iPhone 13 Accessories!

Publicado el 5 oct 2021
Looking for the best iPhone 13 accessories? We'll I've got an awesome list of 10 products whether you have the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, or even the iPhone 13 Mini.

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Find them here:
Check out the Incipio Optum and more here: www.verizon.com/products/inci...
Anker Nano Pro: ankerfast.club/2Xd4FWE
Satechi Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand: amzn.to/3lgFMTo
Anker Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger: amzn.to/3iD2Lqg
Eho USB PD Car Charger: amzn.to/3oI8TBh
Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount: amzn.to/2YnHCcR
Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe: amzn.to/3DnkJVL
Mag-Safe Ring Holder: amzn.to/304oMb1
Beats Studio Buds: amzn.to/3BiSlTY
AirPods Pro: amzn.to/3uOBczd
Sony WF1000X M4: amzn.to/3Bm4CHo
JBL Tune 125TWS True Wireless In-Ear Headphones: amzn.to/3v0e5ln

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Comentarios: 465

  • The only real accessories you would need: - screen protector - phone case - external battery - good quality charging brick & charging cables The Apple branded ones are a good choice, but they're overall overpriced. I prefer to use Otterbox for my screen protector & case, and Anker for charging related things. I also would advise against using Fast Charge, Mag Safe, or wireless charging as they (from what I understand) deplete the battery's life quicker than normal cable charging.

    • Idk if MagSafe charger from Apple itself would kill your battery but I agree with 3rd party brand wireless chargers can be unfriendly with your phone

    • Oh

    • also get camera protectors

    • @Anony Moose Then buy a good one or cheap one, they are supposed be sacrificial.

    • @Burhan Ahmed Yes it can. I'm using the 45 watt brick with the braided Lightning to USB Anker cable and it works fine.

  • Can we just take a moment to reflect about my boy at 10:20 saying he would put out some more affordable options in the bio, that’s a genuine guy looking out for his views with certain circumstances in mind i for one appreciate the humanity and care you show in your videos. That’s all

  • Bro just a friendly FYI that the iPhone 13 Pros have 27W fast charging, not 20W. I know it’s not the biggest difference but it does matter. A lot of people complain that iPhone doesn’t have fast charging but I think it’s better that Apple is prioritizing longer term battery health here. It would be great if it went up to 60W but I still don’t think it’s that bad.

    • btw can you charge your iphone 13 pro max with macbook charger? Won't it effect the battery health

    • Actually only the pro max supports upto 27w not the pro.

  • Love the channel man! Your reviews are awesome. Keep up the great work.

  • 3:33 Beware of “MagSafe” chargers. Most just use the magnet and slow charge at 7.5 watts. Make sure you’re getting that real 15 watt MagSafe charge. “Magsafe compatible” most times just means it will stick to the back of your phone. Always read the fine print 😉

    • Ty!

    • @kingskater4 I wonder about that animation because there are car chargers that give the animation but I don’t think they give you 15 watts.

    • I got the Belkin 2 in 1 boost charge and that one I believe does true MagSafe charging, mainly because it does the little MagSafe animation when I put my phone on it.

    • Exactly why I went with apples battery case you pay for what you get 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • I used Aukey. They are great too.

  • AirPods Pro are roughly $180 on most retailers currently for anyone needing them

    • @Jeff Brown Jr Dude think about it. The android equivalent to an iPhone are the Samsung galaxy S and Note series. Apple only caters to people who want to pay a premium. Android accommodates for people who want to pay a premium as well as those who don't. The S and Note series of Samsung do not have lag, and have basically the same resale value as iPhones.

    • @Tahir android don’t last as long as iPhones and have horrendous resale value 😂 and the lag

    • @Jeff Brown Jr Thank YOU omds. I thought you only liked apple, and hated everything else. I have a MacBook Pro so I understand why you love apple, it just pissed me off because it seemed like you thought everything other than apple Is pure trash.

    • @Tahir I don’t even use the default 128gb I already got so there’s no need for me to expand storage it’s a cell phone lol I gotta iPad Pro that’s got more than enough space buddy

    • @Tahir I run everything stock tho I don’t tinker anymore tho man 😞

  • Great video i'm definitely going to pick up some of those cool accessories. Could you make video on how to manage storage on the iPhone, external storage for iPhone or just backup / cloud options. I'm constantly filling up my 512gb iPhone 12max pro so i'm considering going for the iPhone 13 max pro 1Tb thanks for the great videos!

    • Bro I didn’t even fill up my iPhone 10S max after 2 years and that was 256 GB. TF you doing on your phone

  • Hey friend, the magsafe battery back capacity is more analogous to the watt hours (not mA hours). The anker is still a bit better though.

  • *On a side note* The Apple Magsafe Power Bank does have 1400mAh but at double the voltage, which actually brings it up to almost 3000mAh, definitely still smaller in capacity, but not terribly lower and considering it's also generally smaller. Still doesn't warrant the excessively high price

  • Dude I really like that case🤩 I’ve been looking for any possible way to keep my phone cool during summer In Texas it gets to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit And it’s really hard to find a case that dissipates heat combined with great drop resistance👌

    • @Top Tier Tech I should have clarified it a bit better, people who live near the equator and who go outside have experienced this People who try to play a medium or heavy game for 10 minutes on 70% brightness or higher experience this And people who MagSafe charge experience this every day as well

    • @Joebiay I mean I go outside daily with my phone on 100% and have no issue. It’s not 100° where I’m at every day. But my phone VERY rarely has ever dimmed. It’s actually only done that when I’m charging and doing a heavy task. It’s not like normal use outside will just make your phone over heat. You said “it’s a huge problem”. Meaning everyone should be experiencing it all the time which isn’t factual at all

    • @Top Tier Tech everyone’s? Whoever has gone outside with 80% brightness on has undoubtedly experienced overheating

    • @Joebiay Heat is a huge problem on whose iPhone?

    • I know right, graphene is also rarely used in products, it’s great to see it in this one I might pick it up when I get my 13 pro max here in a month or so Heat is a huge problem with the iPhone so this is a must

  • Great video! I also really like your desk, the speakers and the light on it. Do you have links for those?

  • FYI, The anker magnetic power pack also charges at 7.5w and the apple battery pack is only 5w.

  • the nothing earphones noise cancelling is crazy! i used on an airplane and to be able to listen to any announcement i had to take them out. really good.

  • Will look into the stand, thanks! (Beware of the necklace rattle next time though 😉)

  • The Belkin car mount has been my favorite thing ever

  • That optum case would be perfect if it had MagSafe!!

  • I disagree with you about the Anker Powercore Magnetic 5k. It charges at a measly 5W using Qi charging. 5k mAh is cool, but not very useful if it’s slow charging. There’s a couple of 7.5 W MagSafe packs on amazon and otter box has one for preorder.

    • @WhatsApp plus❶❷⓿❶❷⓿❶❼❻❾❸‬ thanks but I’ve already got one. Also stop scamming pls.

  • The Belkin is purely a MagSafe car holder. Got the ESR car charger because it charges the phone.

  • Bro, your content is anything but average! Keep up the great work!

  • I always use apple products with apple products yes pricey but I had my fair shares of buying 3rd party accessories. If you use apple, stay with apple if you want your phone to last longer especially batteries.

  • My favourite iPhone 13 accessory is the find my enabled MagSafe wallet. I’ve always wanted an airtag in my wallet and now the option is there if you have an iPhone 13

    • @Robert Scott maybe some places don’t take Apple Pay by the way!! Some people have to carry some cards around along with drivers license, passport, gun license, laundry cards, work ID etc!!!

    • @Robert Scott lol Robert I like the idea of the wallet but I’m not 100% sold yet. I love being practical before valuing my wants. I was wanting a MagSafe wallet that holds cards and has an AirTag built in to the wallet. They are in the works. I think I saw one two weeks back. But yessss! I’m waiting for my 13?pro max also!! Ordering when I get paid in a week or so!!! The back order is 3 weeks now delay on shipping to your home!!! Oh well!!! That’s life!!! First world country problems huh?!? We got it lucky!!!

    • Why need a wallet when you can keep your cards in the iPhone apple wallet itself ( not trying to be nasty just a genuine question for when I get my iPhone 13 pro max in 😭 like 4 weeks whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so long apple I need it now ok I don’t need it urgently but want it urgently) rant over

    • @Mason Woolard it’s only on the new wallet

    • Was this only included in the “new” Apple wallet or last year’s too? Or does it just depend on if you have the 13?

  • The mAh on the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is irrelevant. It’s about the watt hours, which is almost on par with Ankers charger

    • mAh is the size of the battery, so the Anker one is significantly larger than the Apple one. Getting more full phone charges and not having to charge the pack as often is a pretty relevant feature when buying a battery pack. If speed is your only priority then sure watt hours are the most important.

    • @Zeka I don’t see the connection of me explaining watt hours vs not understanding the reason behind a battery pack

    • I don’t think you understand the reason behind a battery pack lmao

  • Actually with AirPods Pro, I have to disconnect them from my iPhone to use them with my MacBook. If I don’t then it will randomly connect to my phone if I start using it.

  • Thanks for this video. Love the optimum…..ORDERED!

  • I have the organic case and I didn’t know the name of the brand and I’m like omg 😱 that’s my phone case. I use this fas daily and if your looking for a phone case I think that case would be a good choice

  • Does the mag safe products still work with these cases?

  • I do love my Nothing Ear 1 earbuds.. 🤟 Yes, mine work fine & are right there with my Buddies Airpods Pro..

  • I have this phone it’s amazing and I love the blue color best worth of the money too.

  • Do you think it’s worth upgrading from The 12 pro max if I’m using the camera a lot

    • @Nico bro it’s a thousand dollar phone lmao

    • @A 11 if ur gonna wait every time in every moment u are not gonna do anything in life

    • No wait for the iPhone 14 pro.

    • No.

    • You meed to get the 256gb to get the optimal camera

  • love the stand definetly going to buy it

  • The Anker Nano pro is good, but it gets really hot. Kind of weirds me out

  • I got my mom the airpod pros and I see her use them quite often while watching youtube videos.

  • I was more interested in your Gunpla collection 😮 looks great!

  • Hi Judner & Ari, we like the magnet stand best but we want all the accessories.

  • new subscriber here, been enjoying the content.. big ups 💪

  • Hello, what case do you have for your AirPods Pro? It looks very slick and was looking to pick it up. Thank you so much!

  • Looks like some interesting products however I own 0 apple products so I doubt I could use any of these if I had them

  • Really enjoyed the video.. Thank you.. Only thing that really threw me off was the airfreshner in your car.. :) would not ahve expected that!

  • Bruh that first Incipio case with the heat vents and cooling back is the move especially how hot it is here in Texas! Good looking out!!! 😅👍🏽

  • I am definitely going to get the Anker car charger.

  • Great Video nice info on equipment I’m in market for everything you had on video

  • IJOY headphones are really good too because they have alot of bass and there like 20 bucks in amazon

  • Can you please tell me more about the stand for charging the iPhone and air pots pro ? Thank you your videos is the best 💪🏼

  • God Bless you 🙏👍🏼 Love your room setup…

  • I’ve been using the Belkin 3 in 1 pro 15 watt charger. Best charger I’ve ever used. Must have 🔥

    • @Daniel Morales it’s incredible and it charges a lot faster than people are aware. Before fast charge came to iPhone I was using a 12 watt iPad charger. MagSafe is faster than that. It’s not much slower than corded fast charge and that is impressive alone.

    • Love that stand. MagSafe is a game changer but I feel like nobody is using it!

  • How did you get your AirPods Pro to be silver? Like which case/skin did you use? Loved the video!

  • Yeah I bought a magnetic base and stuck my pop socket to it. Simply amazing.

  • The first accessorie we need is a iphone 13🤣

  • Does it not bug anyone else that this fella hasn't been an "Average Consumer" in like 7 years?

    • @Raju Senthilkumar thank you lol I feel like ppl are stupid nowadays

    • I think it’s more meant to mean that his content is easily digestible and understandable for your average consumer, rather than him being an average consumer himself. I think it would be quite difficult for him to run his channel successfully without crazy cool and interesting technology.

    • Lol. Yes.

  • I love the mask you were wearing. Can you share where I could get one?

  • Thank you for these recommendations!

  • do most of these products work on the iPhone 12?

  • How you’re using all Magsafe accessories with those “super ultra” cases? (Seems that they’re not supporting MagSafe :( )

    • Because they are not MagSafe certified. That charger at the beginning is not it. Just a magnet. There is no MagSafe animation

    • Glad you put this comment in.. Just got my Wife the 10 Pro from her 8+. So magsafe is new to us

    • I guess there’s a reason why the whole video is with the phone naked, lmao you’re right

  • This seemed mostly like a sponsored video for the case! Thanks

  • I am curious about the speaker model he's got on his desk!

  • ⬆️Wow I can't believe it I just got my iPhone 13 pro max his such a genius🥰🥰.

  • ⬆️Wow I can't believe it I just got my iPhone 13 pro max his such a genius🥰🥰.

  • Do all these accessories work with phone case??

  • You gotta respect my man Carl. Get him that iPhone 13 Jud 😂


  • LOVING that bracelet bro!! Who makes that?!?

  • Need recommendations for portrait mode mobile games. I have been loving sonic force and looking for other awesome games. I have played Draglia lost but the updates are too frequent for me, all and all recommendations are welcomed. Thank you,

  • Does the external battery magnet work when the phone has a case on it?

  • The beats studio are now $124.99 and the air pods are $179.99 on Amazon right now!

  • What case is that on the Airpods Pro?

  • I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max but I want to upgrade to the 13 because of the new iOS 15 setup and that camera is 🔥🔥

    • @Abby Stephens I was thinking the same thing about the 12, honestly worth the wait. Unless you have the money then sure why not

    • @Hasan I am talking about the latest software for the 13 it comes with it

    • Wait for the 14 or 15

  • I might not be on time, but I always have the Thumbs up on deck!

  • I’m not sure if I just got a junky pair of beats pro but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t recommend if you have an active lifestyle but they aren’t bad

  • 5:17 the proof that you are a tech pro... Comparing apples magsafe Powerbank with the one from anker. Lmao

  • Anker's GaN tech is insane! Just wish it had an Indian version.

    • @Brandon Chutt Agreed. But they popularized it. Which is really all that matters for better or worse.

    • @Brandon Chutt Yeah they advertise a lot lot lot

    • @Brandon Chutt Aka marketing. Which makes all the difference.

    • @Brandon Chutt They are the ones that popularised it and made it available in a variety of options tho. And they have enough experience in the tech accessories game that I'd buy their products without thinking much about it.

  • How did you customize your airpod pros ?

  • When i saw iphone 13 pro in the mall i was very amaze by its beauty specially the gold one its like im gonna take it and run hahahaha my head was saying if only i have a money or work to afford one of these i would definitely but im a student i cant buy these things so ill stick to my old broken phone😣

  • Can the iphone charge with a case on while using the chargers you show on the video???

  • Incipio? They used to do great cases, they use to! Now they are just delivering some of the bulkiest ones and expensive in the market!

  • Fire 🔥 video as usual

  • literally your notification bring a smile on my face.❤️❤️

  • Those items look pretty cool

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 love this. Thanks man..!

  • the only accessory that I liked is the bracelet that you are rocking !!

  • I want one 😍😍 Oh! I don't have money for this. 😭😭

  • The king of affiliated links 🤴

  • Where did you get that case for the apple airpod pro!? Looks slim

  • The notification always lights up my world 🥺

  • Today bought iPhone 13 pink 😍

  • Anybody know who makes those teal speakers?

  • When will the new airbuds are going to be released??

  • In my country, it will only take a minute of you losing sights on your cards, then boom, they’re gone and your notification is useless

    • @szewei1985 Oh.... now I get it. Glad I don't live in Asia lol.

    • @Tom Stevens put your phone in the most crowded places in Asia if you got the balls...walk away and come back 30 seconds later

    • What do you mean?

    • Haha in Asia hands after faster in seconds. Even david copperfield cant beat the magic of these pros.

  • Review the liberty pro 3 and compare them with the AirPods Pro I have the pros but I’m also thinking of getting the liberties

    • @WhatsApp plus❶❷⓿❶❷⓿❶❼❻❾❸‬ why you tryna scam 😂

  • Its so funny i watched this video when it came out & idk y i did i still have a 10. Then we switched to verizon & i got a 13 for free soooo re watch i will do lol

  • I want to know more about the face mask 😷

  • Do you recommend iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro Max? 😃

  • I'm going to have to watch this a couple times.

  • RANDOM: The fact that you get to see PATH & NJT all day is AMAZING!

  • Is that case for the pro or pro max ?

  • With the Apple Watch any of the buds work outside of Apple pods

  • 5:18 You are wrong. Apple charger is not so small. You should check Wh not mAh.

  • That thumbnail made me think this was MKBHD’s video Nice Jud, improving on the quality of the thumbnails man!

  • Where can I get that face mask?

  • Bro just got because they put a a ucb type c cable in there that doesn’t mean you have to keep hanging everything you own. Just keep using the same old stuff from your previous iPhone. Like my iMac doesn’t have a ysb type c plug so

  • My man be looking clean in his white tee!