11 MUST HAVE iPhone 11 Accessories!

Publicado el 19 sep 2019
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are finally out and here are some of the best iPhone 11 accessories for a variety of budgets! We have some wireless and wired earbuds, an awesome iphone 11 gimbal, great iphone 11 cases and much more!

Find all of the accessories here:
iPhone 11 Car Dock & Wireless Charger: amzn.to/2LDhSzK
iPhone 11 Fast Charger: amzn.to/352LQVN
iPhone 11 tripod/selfie stick: amzn.to/330aeFH
Freefly Movi Cinema Robot Smartphone Stabilizer: amzn.to/30AJZDQ
Trianium iPhone 11 Screen Protector: amzn.to/32UOE5m
Spigen iPhone 11 case: amzn.to/2LDhxNu
Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 11 case: amzn.to/30eBl1V
Airpods 2: amzn.to/2Of3zmK
Powerbeats Pro: amzn.to/2OmR6h5
Beats Studio 3 Wireless: amzn.to/34Y3GsR
Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset: amzn.to/2OepWbS
Horipad Ultimate Wireless Game Controller: apple.co/2mnuRLK
Nomad Base station: bit.ly/2EF6nEQ
Filmic Pro: www.filmicpro.com/filmicpro/
Mophie USB-C fast charging cable: store.apple.com/xc/product/HN...

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  • you really think we can afford anything after buying an iPhone 11 pro. LOL

    • Ikr

    • Just shoudhve got the 11

    • if you can't afford anything after buying an iPhone 11 pro then maybe you shouldn't get an iPhone 11. how much is your income? if 10% of your income can't buy an iPhone 11 pro maybe you should buy one used or other iphone.

    • Damn are you that poor?

    • 😂

  • iPhone 50, here are 50 must have accessories for your new iPhone. Video length: 50 minutes

    • I fell like once they hit twenty they’ll jump by 10s between generations.

    • 50 years later...

    • You need just 50 likes only on this comment

    • Price? 50 cents

    • 50M Dolores

  • UrAvgConsumer: If you don't rock a case, I can't trust you. Marques Brownlee: 😮

  • Followed you for a couple of years now amazing to see how far and improved your videos have became, keep grinding dude

  • One issue with that glass screen protector you suggested, for me at least, is the fact that the notch portion is cut out. If you get the full screen ones that covers the notch as well as a case, you sometimes forget there's a glass shield on.

  • Great videos, great tips and recommendations!! No shitty stuff... just excellent quality and affordable !!

  • I really like how you talked about the silicone case by Apple I have used it since I got my first phone and it is amazing I’ve dropped my phone plenty of times and there is not a scratch, It is also much slimmer than an otter box.

  • Really well made video man I love how you tied all the products together!!

  • Prolly the best tech channel in my opinion, this dude is soo chill, gives honest opinions and does great reviews

  • Oh I realized I need an iPhone 11 first 😂

  • These are fantastic. I ordered the selfie stick and the Rav power. I would have ordered the Movi but i got that last month. Thank you for the review. Great work. High production value too.

  • That base station looks class, need a station to charge altogether, sick of having wires everywhere charging seperate items, looks very cool also. Some great tips, cheers man 👏🏼👏🏼🤟🏼

  • My dual shock 4 works well thank you 😆. Actually the tempered glass, stabilizer, charge pad and the tripod are my favorites.

  • I just grabbed the Iphone 11 two days ago and im amazed and in love. What a great phone all around!

  • Love this video, to the point and cool tech. Thank you!

  • Rest of the comment section: I can’t buy these cause I don’t have an IPhone 11 Me: I won’t buy the car dock cause we don’t own a car

    • @Dennis Noble move out of your mommy’s house. use your brainnn

    • EZ CLAP did I say the person was? I never said anything about the internet. Use more of your brain eh? And plus, who’s to say a homeless guy can’t have internet? A phone is obviously cheaper than a house and there are places with free wifi like Starbucks so why not?

    • @gerry Except the guy is not homeless. If he is homeless he wouldn't be on the internet right now.

    • Geraldus Flabian lmao😆

    • Dennis Noble that’s like telling a homeless person to buy a house

  • I definitely need that selfie stick! I was looking for one and also a tripod since mine broke. I guess 2 in one is the sweet spot! Thanks for video!

  • I've never been an apple fan nor liked apple products before, but this one looks definitely like a phone I'd like to get my hands on whenever I get the chance to being able to afford something this expensive, It sure has a bunch of nifty and useful accessories and it's cameras look amazingly sharp. Great video Jud, Keep it up man!

  • The charging pad is the next best thing to the AirPower. Going to look at that 61W charging brick and usb c wire. Also the wireless controller will also be good for an iPad. Already an expensive phone plus more accessories. Take my money 💰

  • I have with wireless iPhone car dock. It’s perfect as it senses the phone and then clamps your iPhone down. It works out really well.

  • Me before checking the prices: These look expensive. Me after checking the prices: Yup, I knew it!

  • Great video. Thanks for the updated information on cool tech.

  • Another great video. I'm in for the selphie stick and the multi wireless charger!

  • Some of this stuff is great for most new phones. The wireless car mount is clutch I got one a week ago. It's great.

  • For wireless I got the anker sound buds life. The fact that they hang around my neck and have a long battery life I love it

  • Thank you for investing your time for searching these products. Appreciate it ❤️

  • I like the car charger with automatic closing hand, I like the tripod selfie, I like the Apple cases and the Skigen cases.

  • I dont even have an iPhone but i love watching your videos.

  • I have the tendency of always scratching my camera lens and so i was searching for a good iPhone camera lens protector. Some interfere with quality, or flash. What is your take on lens protectors?

  • I really did enjoy this video because it gave me an idea of what to get for my iPhone 11 and how to expand my accessories game and I’m actually going to grab some of these items to use, thank you for the video.

  • You need to check out the Tethys screen protector on amazon. It has a black bezel and hang cut around the notch. Be far the cleanest. Comes with applicator and 3 glasses.literally everyone that has seen my phone doesn’t know there’s one on.

  • Spigen! Also Spigen's full cover screen protector is great makes it feel like there's no screen protector on it. Previous Gen screen protectors are compatible with new phones.

  • From Samsung to I phone 7 to Sams 8, now to iPhone 11 Pro.. hands down IPhone 11 is far advanced with more options to chose from

  • iPhones are really more than just a phone. There's a lot more you can do on them than just make phone calls and text. The software and hardware features are crazy and with these accessories you can make a lot more use of your iPhone. Great Vid

  • Almost all of these accessories also work with phones that Apple release back in 2017 and 2018 cuz they are so similar. Very very similar.

  • Very helpful and well put together vid!

  • I got that nomad charger, super convenient 👌🏻

  • Wow this is the first video I’ve seen where I want all the accessories!! Especially that cool tripod! Great round up!

  • Thank you for all these TIPS. LOVE everything , from the theme song, to the fonts to your personality via the camera and just seeing a black man doing IT.... thank YOU . Much LOVE ❤

  • You’re the man! Great video as always!!

  • Great video! I'm feeling those stereo headphones!

  • Even though I don't have an iPhone, you have me sold on that Blitzwolf tripod. That thing looks dope as hell and it's gonna finally allow me to dive into my astrophotography with my Pixel 4.

  • Really great video and very helpful. 👍

  • They're all great accessories and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is an awesome device

  • “If you don’t rock a case, I can’t trust you”❗️❗️❗️😂😂😂😂 this is epic

  • Cool content👍. After seeing this I'm definitely saving for the iPhone 11. It's very expensive here in my country Kenya 🇰🇪 (just over 100k in Kenyan currency) but it's definitely going to be worth it.

  • Recommendation instead of this controller: 8bitdo controller. Those things are fly and work on almost any device!

  • That nomad wireless charger is amazing. Charge my watch, AirPods Pro and iPhone at the same time

  • Just got the Pro Max. It's my first iPhone but I think you got everything I'll need covered here except for how to play music in my car that takes aux 😔

  • Thanks for another great and helpful video!

  • This is the best video of this type that I can remember in a long time. Very well done. I’m going to check out the rest of your channel.

  • The mous iphone 11 contour case is so nice especially the speckled leather wrapped one.

  • You should drop a link to wallpapers. Bc id like to get the one on the thumbnail. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Bro, you kill it with this video. Definitely getting the wireless charger

  • Awesome video as usuall bro!! Love from India🇮🇳❤️❤️

  • The Apple Clear case is great... if EVERY surface you have is perfectly level. And rough. Otherwise your phone will be on the floor. Also, hopefully you have a really good grip.

  • Could you please make the same video for the IPad Pro as well ?

  • I can vouch for the spigen case. Dropped my phone 100 times like a day. Shits actually impressive

  • Nah, you will only appreciate glass screen protectors once you get one that curves around the whole display, and covers the cameras as well. And also, you should get a rear camera glass protector for this phone, since the camera bump is so huge

  • I’m glad you finally succumbed to tempered glass. Zagg is my favorite. I just would like to see an accessory review for accessories not sold by amazon . Some high end, main stream accessories would be nice.

  • I don't use such kind of phones for which I have to have some must accessories! So I'm using Xiaomi redmi 4x and it doesn't need any other "must accessories" 😎

  • Even tho I recently got a Iphone XS I'm still watching this video just bcs its your video :D

    • Joker no there the same

    • Buster Ohh okay ;)

    • Alpha_436 no change in resolution. Brightness is better though

    • Fernando Silva I ordered mine on Sunday so it’s coming on October 2nd :(

    • @ML Ahh, well I always carry portable chargers either way :D

  • Won’t the fast charger be bottleneck as apple’s lightning port supports upto 22w?

  • Great video. I like that controller. I got some games on my iPad, but can't seem to get to the next level, because, well, it requires me to have a controller to do what I need to do... (if that makes sense). Anyway, I 'm definitely getting it a.s.a.p. :)

  • Thank you! Great Video! I saved it so I can purchase a few of those things. 🤗

  • Definitely needed to watch this video thanks a lot for you work and research to put this together.

  • Hey man love your videos man, May Jesus bless you in all that you do!!!

  • Good reviews thanks 🙏

  • Wow ! Amazing video and of good quality, keep it up !!

  • Does using your iPhone 11 while charging it with the 18W brick and USB-C to Lightning cable make your phone heat up and reduce your phone's overall battery life?

  • I love you videos keep the good work🎊🎉

  • Now: 11 must have iPhone 11 accesories 3 years ago: 7 must have iPhone 7 accesories 12 years ago: 2 must have iPhone 2G accesories

  • I will definitely take another look at that tripod stick. I have one but it is short so you have to put it on another surface to get shots of more than feet.

  • Does fast charging reduce battery health?

  • I'll definitely be getting a glass screen protector

  • Can fast charging on the regular iPhone 11 mess up the phone ?

  • This was the longest commercial I’ve ever seen and I’m probably buying everything LOL!🤣🙌🏾

    • You never seen then 30 minute blender commercials on tv?

  • I'm getting the iPhone 11 on Tuesday or next on the 1st and I'm definitely going for the powerbeats pro, they look awesome and I'm definitely looking for the best case too because I have had several bad experiences with my cases in the past I'm coming from a Galaxy note 8, it's cracked on the sides and the back I couldn't get it repaired or replaced so that's why I upgraded. I'm not really sure if im getting all that but I am getting some of the products in this video

  • I agree with you on the charger brick but cables should always be Apple brand.

  • I have the nomad base station. My only issue with it is it should have the phone sitting vertically instead of flat

  • I have the iPhone pro max and definitely a must. It’s the best I ever made a decision on.

  • Wow I feel broke with my AirPods 1 😂 Jk I’m very gratefull for what I have

    • MeiLi Mccannsayles she saying that in fear of her parent finding this

    • MeiLi Mccannsayles power beats pro 🥵👀☕️🐸

    • @Gang Land same, got then same week they came out

    • oh I have pro

    • ProdiJ that’s not very smart then

  • I actually ending up buying the glass screen protector & tripod for videos lol I’ve been looking for a budget friendly one my last phone fell on its face and let’s say I was phone-less for a while I’ll post an update once the things arrive 😄 can’t wait

    • So... lol

  • great video...keep up the good work

  • That selfie tripod is dope man!! I’m going to pick up one for my small ESmain channel I have. Nothing compared to your channel though!! Great content brother!! Always enjoy it. Keep it real man. Kashton

  • Which is a priority? Tempered glass or case?

  • My iPhone 11 comes in like 3 hours. I’m boutta cop all these accessories 😅

    • @Marsed Quit playing fortnite, and get off ur ass and get a job or a better one.

    • Alex Chen I got mine yesterday and I’m now watching on it lol

    • Mb Nolan gaming I got a dollar for u

    • Can someone cash app me

    • zMadara21 i got the max and it’s no doubt worth the money! The battery life is insane!!

  • The spigen cases have nothing over Mous Cases 🔥

  • Just bought the iPhone 11 and I love it. I recently purchased a Sony a5100 camera for taking pictures and vlogs, so I did not need the pro version

  • Quick tip: don’t use wireless chargers all the time, it kills the battery life

  • I’m not going to use a wireless charger for my 11 when I get it, apparently it decreases your maximum capacity faster 😂

  • I just got the Triaium screen protect for my XR and it only cost $6. Same for the 11. Thanks!!!

  • I wish all this accessories will still be available in 10 more years

  • Very well done. Thank you.

  • I bought my iPhone 11 yesterday coming from a 6s. Lol the lines were still long. But I really love the phone. I have a clear case but looking for a case with raised edges

  • I’m definitely gonna buy these after 6 years when I can afford the phone

  • Wireless charger? Nah... I rather use a chord and be able to use my phone at the same time.

    • Magsafe charger : imma destroy dis man career

    • @Bonnie sent you 50 USD doesn't matter. It'll get exchanged or thrown away after 2 or 3 years.

    • and destroy your battery

  • Here's my whole expenses for Apple India, 1 - Iphone xr - 758 $ 2 - Airpods 2 with wireless charge case - 270 $ 3 - Spigen cover - 45 $ 4 - Spigen Tempered glass - 13 $ 5 - Amazon basics wireless charger - 20 $ 6 - Mi Fast charge adapter - 9 $ 7 - Airpod cover - 5 $ The products you recommend will cost my whole house.

  • Does a screenprotector infect the Dolby Atmos on a iPhone 11 pro Max?

  • But the prob is iphone 11 only supports upto 18w fast charging