300" Screen From a Tiny Projector?

Publicado el 13 dic 2021
This tiny projector is powerful enough to produce a 300" screen, but it also has some awesome tech built in.
HORIZON Pro US Official Website: bit.ly/3y8LwU8
HORIZON Pro US Amazon: amzn.to/3EJ5GXm

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Comentarios: 89

  • I've got to get my hands on one.

  • The Horizon Pro does use pixel shifting to achieve 4K resolution It's DLP and use pixel shifting It's not native 4K

  • This is awesome.. You always keep us ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Best ESmainr

  • Damn, this projector is tiny and it can make a 300" screen in 4k. That is insane

    • I would not recommend using this 2200 lumens projector at 300 inches. It will look washed out and very dark. Sweet spot would probably be at 100 to 120 inches.

  • Price, hz and burn time on the lamp where the things I was waiting for the whole review. Not available on Amazon and don’t know when. But 1700 ain’t that bad for this kind of projector on their homepage. I’ve given more for projectors in the beginning of my home cinema builds. But still curious about the lamp.

    • It's led and it should last 25000 hours based on what xgimi are advertising.

  • There are two techs that I wish will get cheaper and accessible soon. One are actually good projectors and the other are external GPUs

  • Projector quality has gotten so good in homes in the past few years it's crazy

  • The image quality looks amazing!

  • A projector with autofocus?! Yea this is amazing

    • @NGHIA NGUYEN that's true too, but at the price point of this projector they always come auto focus.

    • @Ragnarök no, most projector has auto keystone. not auto focus.

    • Most projector has it

  • Age old question, should i go w a tv or a projector like xgimi, been looking at that on and off recently

  • There’s a real difference between his genuine voice and sponsored voice

  • Nice projector you mentioned android tv does it work well with Apple?

  • Favorite projector 👌👌👌👌

  • How is fast motion on this? I’m not too happy with my Epson 3800 when it comes to action scenes

  • Tks added it to my electronics wish list!

  • Tell the truth, how many times did it take you to say, “XGIMI X-Vue Image Engine System” 😅😅

  • Definitely got to buy me one

  • Shout out to everyone who's been here since the rooftop apartment videos in Brooklyn

  • Picked this up a few months ago. It is as advertise, very good value.

    • @Ikechukwu Okolie 1700ish. Best value/quality for what I needed. Easy to use, auto correction is a great feature but the picture is stunning. I was very surprised. They also released a laser short throw after I had purchased this. Very easy to transport, we watch movies outside for the neighborhood and watch it in our theatre setup. Very glad the video is here so more people see it.

    • How much ?

  • Fantastic review Jud. Let me borrow Carl and J for a video real quick! 😁😁

  • The Horizon Pro uses a 1080p DLP chip and pixel shifting to achieve 4K resolution. At 0:54 you say "no upscaling or pixel shifting", but it actually does both of those things.

    • @Rebecca Adu-Poku I personally can't tell the difference between a pixel shifted 4k device and a true 4k device, but some people say the image looks "sparkly". The 4k of the horizon pro will definitely be a better picture than the 1080p of the non-pro.

    • @Rebecca Adu-Poku Although the Horizon Pro applied pixel shifting, it is still 4k with 4 times more pixels than 1080p. If you have enough budget, go for 4k. I used to have a Horizon, and I upgraded it to Pro, the picture of Horizon is awesome.

    • In that case do you recommend getting the 1080 version, is there any distinguishable difference between the two?

  • Ayyy man keep up the grind!

  • Judd could you do a review on Anker nebula 4k projector?

  • I was sold on this from the moment I saw it. Then I checked the price.

    • There are cheaper and as good projectors

  • Just checked the price and Yikes!!!😂

  • Nice 👍🏽

  • Hi Bro, Do you know about one that has Apple TV? :)

  • can the stand tilt the projector up to play on the roof

    • With the ceiling-mounted bracket, it can.

  • That was really impressive

  • I miss when i was considered an average consumer. I love the channel but like this doesn’t seem like what it was

    • This channel became a commercial LMAO. EVERY post is literally an ad by some chinese company.

    • This is a sponsored commercial spot. Nothing he really uses himself. We heard no true opinion about the product, no criticism.

  • Damn. Judd. That’s a little steep. Gonna have to pass on it.

  • Is it wireless?

  • Ok but how much is the projector??

    • £949 on uk Amazon so like $1250, that’s for the grey one the black one is more

  • Wow that was just an 8 minute commercial. You didn't do proper adjustments to colors, black levels or anything even remotely close to just plugging it in and letting it auto focus. I don't remember if they even bothered to say what light source it uses.

  • Is that a camera on the front of it

  • Do you know about one that has Apple TV?

  • That’s crazy I was just searching for projectors

  • What's the price of this

  • Nice what about the nebula mars 2 pro nebula casuple max and cosmos max?

    • @Ragnarök I'm pretty sure the cosmos max does not have a battery.

    • Those are portable projectors which you can take with you anywhere and run of a battery. This is just a regular home projektor

  • bruh, I thought the title was 360 degree projector

  • $1700… no thanks.

  • This guy can sell you a bridge in New York.

  • Totally need to get this for the holidays and when I have all the friends and family over any promo for the website to purchase this or a giveaway I need to snag this up!

  • Mannnn u r not an average consumer😜

  • Projector is dope. But what’s up with your video bro. Something seems off with the fps

  • Ty for this

  • Carl drops the A+ hints every time lmao

  • Wow cool 😎 sup ❤️❤️❤️

  • Crazy

  • Can I have it please 🥺

  • Price please?

  • Noice!

  • What about price..like what I see. Price please..

  • the best...

  • ”Can we all agree that when they uploads our days gets better”❤️

  • 1660 dlls 🤯😔😅

  • 4k Bois, packs a punch 4 ur boy Judd 😎😎😎 Judd's gotta luv his 300 in. And I luv watching uravgconsumer 💯

  • Another toy for Jud’s ultimate man cave baby!

  • Definitely the projector in my wishlist at the moment. It's really down itself to be the current best AIO projector. And as a person that constantly travels its a dream

  • Link the necklace

  • I hate that the algorithm doesn't do your channel justice. I hope you and the family are doing well this December.

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