5 MUST HAVE Gaming PC Accessories!

Publicado el 12 jun 2018
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Looking for awesome gaming pc accessories? These are some awesome picks I think you should pick up.

So I Finally Built My First Gaming PC... - www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9LkN...

Microsoft Told Me to Spend $6,000... - www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_zq9...

Find everything here:
Logitech G560 Speakers - amzn.to/2sU5G3b
HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset - amzn.to/2M9cMJM
Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Mousepad - amzn.to/2xVYqtb
Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse - amzn.to/2Jm88KF
Corsair ST100 RGB Headset Stand - amzn.to/2JDqjuO
J Channel Cable Raceway - amzn.to/2xX6cD3

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  • Must-haves: A PC A Keyboard A mouse A monitor

  • Imagine paying $60 for a headset stand.

    • Couldn’t be me 😅

    • be a türkish person is the hardest

    • Got mind with LED and a charging doc for 10$

    • If you really into game, any cost is doable.👍

    • lol thats what my mom said when i asked her lol

  • “Speakers:230$” “Laughs in 70$ monitor”

  • $200 for speakers that work... $60 for a glowing stick... Anything else Einstein?

    • broke mentality L


    • @Dilute dude calm down that hurt his feeling

    • Poo face

    • 😂😂💀

  • The only thing i need is... An actual good gaming pc

    • Money

    • For 500 you can gave a good one

    • I bought a 1100 dollar pc and guy with laptop and Xbox that’s cheap compared to my 1700 dollar setup

    • I use a Xbox and laptop😎

    • I am selling mine at face book market place for 950 dollars but I can sell to you for 900 o but you have to buy it at los cabos

  • “Your average consumer” $5.000.000 PC

    • @Snave tbh i looked at the comments on this comment and it was kinda funny so yall have no sense of humor

    • Sews if you saw the original comment you would see why i said that

    • @Chris why, he's just chilling

    • 20 subs With No Videos please just stop talking

    • @Syncreer k

  • Ok guys hear me out you could just... Leave your headphones on a desk

    • i just set it on the top of my monitor

    • @jsjk lol I don’t even use head phones for playing games

    • Yes

    • Or u can put it on ur toilet ;O

    • On the monitor

  • G502 is amazing. Customizable weights, rgb, smooth, programmable, side buttons, and fits perfect. Used it on my Xbox n kept it w my pc n I love it

  • I think the hyper x cloud stinger for 40-50$ is a better budget option headset and it has a cool feature where if you put the mic back it mutes it's self. It also comes with a splitter.

  • Hey man, got a question for you in regards to the ikea bekant table - ive been thinking about getting it but im worried that the table won't support the dual monitor mount i want to get for two of my monitors. From your experience, are you able to discuss your opinions and thoughts on the table and my situation? i was looking at buying a mount from Kogan which is fully adjustable at a decent price, they say it works for tables that are 2cm-10cm thick however i know that the Bekant table is 1.6cm in thickness. Thank you!

  • Dude i cant even afford a mousepad

    • Wait how’d u get a pic then

    • XD

    • You can get one at the Philippines for 2 bucks or at your local store for 5 bucks

    • I have water and bread for breakfast everyday and I have no even lunch and dinner do u know how I feel

    • @HYDRA wait where tho can u send the link here

  • 5:17 Quick note for the hyperx cloud flights, my freind made the mistake of buying them to use on his Xbox but Xbox does not support Bluetooth without a dongle, (but ps4 still does) I'd recommend getting the hyperx cloud alpha pro if you are looking for a Xbox compatible gaming headset instead as that is wired and still maintains great sound, plus it's also £60 cheaper

  • Great video- added a couple of them to my wish list 🙂

  • I use the Logitech G402, I think the G502 focuses a bit more on looks instead of comfort.

  • Ive had the g502 mouse twice now. First one the left clicker went, it would randomly click as an onscreen issue and the 2nd had a very slow response upon moving. Both were brand new and it's common issues that do occur. Alot of pc players alternate between controllers, oculus vr's, keyboard only modes and 1x handed keyboard (which looks like half a key board but its essential keys remapped) with just 35 compared to a standard gaming keyboard of 108 keys. Yeh you got 108 but your mac keys are that little bit further to reach. I think you would have to attack a mac key box with this though. Corsair also do a sort of lamp rgb light it's on amazon about £120. Does nothing just fluctuates through colour modes and looks very rgb.

  • Dude this guy has an amazing style of recording videos. This is definitely why he has over 2 and a half million subs.

  • I’m so glad you talked about cable management... no body likes ugly cables everywhere.

    • @Tarun Joshi Also i see why ur girlfriend broke up wit you, u got an std im playin with u dont get mad ;-;

    • *Insert your cousins setup right here*

    • I like messy cables, I even stick my dick through

    • I love messy cables, it adds character

    • Dapper Dop I do. And they aren't ugly. They are colorful and add plenty of color

  • "Its the perfect mouse for everyone" I'm left-handed...noooooo

  • For the speakers is there an option to turn of the RGB? Or at least make the RGB static/stable instead of pulsing like a light show? That's my only gripe about it.

  • Great vid I subbed I like your channel because even with someone sponsoring your video you still get straight to the point which is amazing 👌🏽

  • Im sure you know the mousepad is meant to go with the corsair dark force wireless mouse , which the pad charges, so you never have to change the batteries

  • Console players: **screams in confusion** Just to note, I have both a PC and a PS4, but I do main my PC as it runs better

  • I got the mouse and can say it´s a solid quality. The best thing is the wheel which can spin freely. That makes scrolling much smoother.

  • damn bro i wish i could afford a setup like yours nice job man keep it up

  • The actual title: most expensive things you can buy that doesn’t help 😃

  • 1. speakers (when it comes to gaming external speakers are almost always the first accessories). 2. a mouse (a mouse is a must have but you cant give a type of mouse as a must have there are so many factors that change person to person game to game about what mouse to use). 3. Mouse pad (not gonna lie that is a really cool mouse pad but any mouse pads works and a lot of people prefer a larger space) 4. A headset (same thing as 2 AND UH WIRELESS ON A MUST HAVE VIDEO the only gamer who actually need wireless are PC couch gamers) 5. A stand (not a must have also just get a 5 dollar side of monitor one) 6. cable manager (just not necessary) A guess in concision good video but very bad title

  • The speakers are more expensive then my whole setup

  • Hello UrAvgConsumer!, personally I don't have an insane setup but in my opinion, you need these 5 things: 1.Gaming keyboard 2.Gaming Headset 3.Gaming Mousepad 4.Microphone 5.Gaming Mouse. What I would suggest for the headset is the HyperX Cloud S Revolver. the mouse would be the Logitech G502 Hero. The keyboard is the Corsair K95 Gaming Keyboard. The mousepad would be the Corsair mm300 and last but not least the microphone will be the Blue Yeti Microphone. Thanks!

  • I used to g502 but then moved to the G pro mouse its pretty much the same mouse just a better shape and lighter which is better for me

  • UrAvgConsumer: 50k setup Also UrAvgConsumer: this is average

  • I recommend the steelseries rival 650 wireless it’s what I use and it’s a really great mouse

  • The number one MUST have Money

  • I managed to get those same speakers for 7 bucks the same month they released at goodwill

  • Could u make a budget version? all the things are very expensive. Thanks man

    • A good mouse is definitely the most important part if you play fast pace games...you can have all the GPU and CPU power all day but if you dont have a mouse to keep up with your movement all your money you spent on the GPU and CPU was a waste

    • Depends on how long you're planning on keeping/using the product and how long it lasts. I spent $60 on a mouse. Some may seem that it was way too much. But 12 years later I'm literally using the same mouse. So that's like $4 a year for my mouse. If you can make a $10 mouse last 12 years then good for you I guess. I've had cheap mice break in under one year so I guess experiences may vary.

    • @Eratous same for me i work for the money my parents give me which i save up and buy things i need im 13 so i cant legally get a job but if you are 16 in america in 1 week if you work 8 hours you should be able to buy something for 50 dollars

    • @Krookdm Sure, every person must be able to afford products like these in a totally stable economic status like america! A lot of people are young and get minimum wage. Yes saving can help, I dont have a lot of income as im not even an adult. People have other things they need to pay and they might need to use savings to pay off other problems. But of course, im too young to understand any of this so ya....

    • @Eratous not really how old are you thats not that much if you save your money

  • Everyone laughed when they saw the Logitech RGB speakers, but man that shit looks dope af. The G502 is by far the best damn mouse ever made out there. I tried leaving it for a Steelseries Rival 700, but that just made my hand cramp. Any other mouse will. Lol the G502 has made me so spoiled

  • Hey, I'm New to the channel. This is my first video watching you, this Gaming set looks pretty cool and your videos are pretty good quality, that's why I'm a new subscriber! I like your videos hopefully my mom will get through a interview that is scheduled tomorrow and get a high paying job so in the future maybe you will make a better setup and I will get it for Gaming. Thanks for making these setups.

  • this man is convincing me to buy a new pc again..

  • Holy Crap your setup is so nice Damn Going for my first build Don’t know if i should get The Logitech speakers With or i should get them later I mostly use headphones

  • This guy is insanely rich

  • Kids who grew up on PBS Kids- Where a kid can be a kid People who grew up on Uraverage Consumer *Nord VPN*

  • Much better idea to get the Razer Base Station instead of the Corsair one. 1 more USB for a similar price, and brighter color. A much better buy, and this is from a huge Corsair fan.

  • I was really happy seeing the corsair stand on your list

  • Nice video, but i dont think these are must haves at all because of their price :D

  • when you think "I would like those speakers" then you hear the price...

    • Real speakers cost way more I have a pair worth 2000

    • Think about it... Rgb and comes with a sub woofer. It's just my opinion.

    • yeah

    • They’re not even expensive

    • sorry bill gates

  • Tried the cloud flight and the earcups rubbed on one of my ears. But they were awesome before I had to return them

  • I use the cloud flight headset and its REALLY good

  • Glad I saw this video last night. Went out n got the mm1000 mousepad at best buy for $35 :)

  • Thankfully someone who doesn’t drag their videos and gets on with it

  • The first thing that is a MUST HAVe is 1. A monitor 2. A keyboard 3. Mouse 4. A table 5. Chair The rest are optional

  • i usually dont comment to anyone ! but i wanna say !i like the relaxing videos in one way and the creativity in to another way! congras dont know you but personally its nice video keep up man ! thank you for calming my nerves he he

  • How are you are you an 'average consumer' when you have loads of crazy sick, tech that everyone dreams off. BTW v jealous and great vid : )

  • Note when buying logitech mouses they have poor anti recoil scrips and hard to work with because you have to mess with a lot of settings but buying a razor mouse is easy to make an anti recoil script (like super easy, a 5 year old can do it)

  • Wonder if this is sponsored by Logitech lmao

  • I like the hyperx cloud stinger its also super cheap €60

  • This video convinced me to buy all of these at once

  • Or the G903 and the Powerplay pad so you can have a wireless mouse that doesn’t need to be charged

  • I like how you didn’t tell us that the Corsair headset stand is $70.00 haha (don’t worry I bought it too)

  • great vid!! ur not like most youtubers that take 5 min to get to the vid :)

  • Honestly the BEST quality videos ever!

  • Has the G502 ever annoyed you because of the weight? Is it too heavy? Without weights.

  • for 200$+ get bookshelf/audiophile speakers, no need to pay the premium for rgb lights. I can really recommend the Cloud Flight headset. Very comfy, awesome sound and great battery.

  • Nice vid love your content ❤️❤️❤️

  • Would love to buy it, if i had enough money of course...

  • I thought the first speaker was really cool until the price tag😭

  • I like the consistency of Logitech products, since it makes everything match

  • Thanks very much I am going to buy a gaming setup and I ve got the right advice

  • If you think that the logitech g502 has an amazing ergonomic design then you haven't tried a Zowie mouse yet. Once you try one of those you will never go back from that shape.

  • A question: Can I use the Corsair MM1000 Qi Wireless Mousepad to charge my Logitech 502 lightspeed?

  • You should use the Cx-05

  • Is it weird that I like having a cluster of cables towards the back of my desk as a fun look?

  • Missing 2 additional accessories: Advanced Webcam & desk. Well done.👏👍

  • I have HyperX cloud 2 mic and headset is amazing as well it works for Pc and all consoles even Nintendo

  • 6:23 if you have a RAZER headset you never have to worry about such thing because it has no headband cushing 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Me: Mom can we get gaming chair Mom:we have gaming chair at home Gaming chair at home: Stool

  • Massively recommend the g560

  • For some reason, my hyper x head set cloud (the first one for Xbox) mic is really squeaky, the physical thing is squeaky now after 3 months

  • 3:52 heck no, you have to utilize your mouse space. This would only hinder your performance

  • The wireless cloud headphone's mic isn't as good as the cloud alpha right. I have the cloud alpha and it's excellent.

  • The g502 is the best mouse ever made, hands down

  • Hey I know I'm late on this I'm looking forward to switching to mouse and keyboard because controller does not challenge me. Could you make a video on the best sets to buy online bc I'm going to ask for this for Christmas prob.

  • How much does your setup cost in total I’d love to have a setup like this and I might start saving up

  • Yes back at it again with a very cool video. Keep up the good work bro!!

  • Wtf, all of the comments are about how he is not “so average,” jeez guys just chill. This guy is a complete beast.

  • nice video keep up ur work!

  • I have that 502 mouse in second place and I bought when it first came out and I recommend it

  • The First Wire Less Hyperx Is The Cloud Alpha Or Somethin

  • I’ll probably never leave my G602. I just wish they’d upgrade that old sensor in it tho...

    • I have one and I can confirm its not a very good mouse. the sensor is fine but the shape is bad, the scroll wheel wobble is bad and the weight is bad

    • Dapper Dop how's the mouse for fps gaming? does it hold up well with things like the newer razer/steelseries mouses or is it getting a bit outdated? I wanna get either g602 or rival 600 but not sure if it's worth the price as I'm on a tight budget

    • tell logitech, we want a g602 refresh

    • On my second 602, love it.

    • Itzpayday 123 g502 is the old reliable and I see so many professional players use it

  • I love the shape of the headset stand

  • I was looking for stuff in my setup but then I realised it was this guy and it was gonna be so expencive

  • 5 must have gaming pc accessories . 1 = Gaming mouse 2= gaming keyboard 3 =gaming headset 4 =gaming chair 5 =gaming monitor.

  • The hyper X headphones are ok but they don't get loud enough for me to recommend them

  • Wish i could afford this stuff

  • 5. Desk 4. Mouse 3. Keyboard 2. Chair 1. PC

  • Enjoyed the video but would have loved a microphone demonstration since you notably pointed that out. Even so; Good video.

  • As someone who works in a military cyber unit....there is no such thing as "military grade encryption".

  • Real avg customer : Buys decent peripherals under 50 bucks. UrAvgCustomer : Hold my 'x10' multplier

  • "5 MUST HAVE Gaming PC Accessories! "5 is, a monitor" "4 is a keyboard" "3 is a mouse" 2 is a chair" "one is a desk" "its must have and if its pc wise and not a pc. then its an accessory"

    • Mamuts123 bro you need a Oscar award for the best spelling, 10/10

    • Isn't 5 speakers?

    • You forget pc

    • Running a 1080TI, X34 predator, corsair k75, a Sony soundbar and a powerplay mouse system... And I don’t have a chair to play in...I play seated cross legged on a small cushion..... so yea.... I’d rate what the dude says as being more important than a chair.

    • Well you forgot a pc in your list

  • Screw speakers I only use headphones, more convenient and personal preference

  • Anybody have a clue on how to maximize the volume on the hyperx cloud, they feel comfortable but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong I've maxed out the headset on the ps4 controls and the physical headset any idea?

  • Me watching him review all these amazing products know I’m not going to be able to afford any 👁👄👁 plz help lol