5 MUST HAVE iPhone X Accessories!

Publicado el 3 nov 2017
iPhone X released yesterday so here are some of the best accessories to make learning the new phone a bit easier. Many of these also work for earlier models.
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC: amzn.to/2y10agf

Colorware Airpods and more: bit.ly/2jxDe3m

Find everything here:
Sennheiser HD 4.50: amzn.to/2y10agf
OLEBR iPhone/Apple Watch Stand: amzn.to/2zbNBjB
Spigen Case: amzn.to/2xXV4l1
Apple iPhone X Leather Case: amzn.to/2xZWdbZ
Apple iPhone X Silicone Case: amzn.to/2AjAUUn
RAVpower Fast Wireless Charger: amzn.to/2AjGHJy

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  • Can yall believe that the iphone X was released 2 years ago? It sounds so old but its so new

  • Some great info from a great tech. Keep up the excellent work you're doing.

  • Dude, your video helped a lot. I bought every single accessory that you said. They were worth it. It helps to improve the experience with the X.

  • Great vid. Love my Popsocket! I had mine customized with my own photo thru their website. Delivery was during the holiday and I don’t know if it had to do with the holiday and fast shipping for Xmas, but I received mine in like 3 days. I ordered two and it’s perfect.....unique with my own pic. Getting the charger so I can charge my iPhone, watch and ear pods.

    • Just saw negative reviews. Not so sure I’m going to purchase. Doing research before I purchase.

  • Awesome, love your channel man I wish I could afford half the stuff you have lol but your reviews are so in-depth it feels like I actually have your things

  • Came across your channel randomly and I must say, beautiful video quality and excellent information. So glad I found you! All my best to you.. Marsha!

  • I love popsockets! I did have trouble getting it to stick to some cases but it can be done with enough persistence and cleaning/prep.

  • Top 3 ESSENTIALS... Otter Box Case Screen Protector Charger

    • Tbh every phone ever that’s all I get even if I get a android I still only use otterbox

    • Or just a simple wireless charging battery case

  • It’s been 2 years and I’ve never had a problem with this phone! I’m inlove with this phone especially with the ios13!

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  • This video helped me. Thanks for telling me about the Spigen line of cases, and about the PopSocket!

  • Wow! Look at all that comfort, size, compact, color, and tech! It's all I've ever wanted! I'm getting it! Then the *price.....*

  • The AirPods in color ware look awesome... but I’ll go for the original ones for cheaper price

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  • Thanks this was really a good video just got one looking for good cases now I might get the wireless headphone 👍🏼 also you got a new subscriber

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  • The popsocket really helps me with my iPhone X. Great video!

  • Short and useful list! Thank you!

  • Absolutely must have items! I love you and I would love that iPhone x

  • I have the iPhone X and I think the best case for it is defo a life proof FRE. They’re slam proof, waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof, shock proof, and snow proof. I have the color called wipeout, it’s a sky blue color with light pink on the sides so it’s not an ugly color and it’s really slim, so it provides great protection and it’s pretty cute. I watched this vid where this guy dropped his iPhone X 50 ft w this case on and all that happened was the screen protector broke a lil bit on the corner. Sorry for long comment just wanted to recommend this case! It’s super amazing in my opinion

  • I'm currently using the zte blade z max at 6" screen, with bezel, and I've held the iPhone x and it feels kind of small, so I would have no problem using it with one hand, since I tend to do so with my zte. It's funny because friends and family tend to still ask how I'm able to that because I have rather small hands. (I'm saving up for an iPhone x)

  • This video was really helpful! 😊

  • I’ll think about it when I’m rich 😭, but to me the iPhone X is a must have despite the 1 grand price ❤️

  • Word of caution. I had a sock puppet on my phone, I always use a leather Apple case. It didn’t last an hour. I pulled it out of my pocket and at the first bit of resistance, it came off and was ruined. This is because the leather won hold it. My wife has a suck muppet on her plastic case and it’s been going strong for a few months now. So be careful depending on what case you have.

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  • Great video man !! love the accessories

  • I love apples leather cases the only problem i have with them tho is after about 6 month of regular use and in and out of pockets the color starts to fade

  • Love the X and the way it looks. Nice vid!

  • Hey, I like the wallpaper you have on a few of these videos, where do you usually get them? Thank you!

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  • 5 MUST HAVE iPhone X accessories I can’t afford!

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    • Then I guess ur not "an average consumer" hehe

    • basic stonks ummm I use a pop socket...

    • Is this a Username exactly

  • May have to get that sweet charging stand after I get AirPods.

  • The way you present your products are the biggest reason why I sub since those HUE lights

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  • I love the apple leather cases...I bought a black one. I want the air pods, but they don't see to offer that much vs cheaper wireless earbuds...the cost is just too high in my opinion...but earbuds that have no seal tips or anything at all....

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  • Yo @uravgconsumer thepopsocket on the iphone x prevents wireless charging that was a very bold recommendation after specifically recommending a wireless charger

  • If u have pop socket on u can’t wirelessly charge your iPhone because the pop socket gets in the way

    • Alex Prado I thought you can’t put a pop socket on a silicone case

    • Alex Prado its big brain time🌚

    • Alex Prado Pop sockets are the worst things to ever exist on the face of this earth and I don’t know why anyone would buy them.

    • Actually you can. I have a pop socket and it still wirelessly charges.

    • Alex Prado you put a case before you put it on the actual back of the phone brut you stupid AF

  • What is the microphone quality on Sennheiser HD 4.50 ? Is it usable without the cable?

  • damn...am i the only one who finds his voice so smooth and satisfying?

    • Soledad Saahil ,it’s been 2 years ,And I’ve never had a problem with this iphone! Btw ..Yeah his voice is so smooth🤞🏼

    • it gives me an erection

    • Nah

    • Yah the background music I think helps

    • Damn...am i the only one who finds these comments so repetitive and annoying?

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  • Silicon cases are really nice but they are really fragile. Mine started to become heavily damaged after around 3 months of usage on my iPhone XS. It starts to tear near the borders and the small cracks becomes larger indefinitely. For the price and how long it’s going to last you I wouldn’t recommend it.

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