5 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch Accessories! (2019)

Publicado el 22 mar 2019
It has been a year since my last Nintendo Switch accessories video and here are couple of switch controllers, adapters, and switch cases I've been using a ton recently.

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Find them here:
Switch Battery Charger Case: amzn.to/2HBe15p
Satisfye Gaming Grip - Accessories Bundle: amzn.to/2Oo5GTs
HomeSpot Bluetooth adapter: amzn.to/2TsXq5c
Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter w/ charging port: amzn.to/2TrNY1W
Liboer Charging Case: amzn.to/2UQFgfq
GameCube Controller for Smash Bros: amzn.to/2unAJ8B

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  • Can we take a moment to really appreciate this video. I mean the presentation and the camera...its just pure satisfaction. Not to mention the backround

    • Breath of the wild has 600 high level recipes

    • @Biz08 I believe he is Newark

    • That apartment makes me feel like I failed in life miserably. But then again, been feeling that since I finished college.

    • Such a good point! :)

    • @CRAZE TB Yeah

  • This is the best production of a reviewer that I've ever seen. I like the way that he's walking around instead of stationary. Very high quality and he's funny at the same time. Keep it up bro!

    • @Daniel Winter That's diversity for you man ! Everyone is different !

    • @Daniel Winter that is actually better, everyone is different, so u can choose whatever fits for u. He tested all of them and that's why he recommends them.

    • @Daniel Winter more variety the better man

    • on the one hand yeah, on the other hand... suggesting 5 or 6 different cases.... bruh... which one are you actually using then?

  • I want everything shown to me in this video including that apartment.

    • @GamingAim t up

    • @risan lol hey in just saying. They stopped being cool with that late least a few years back.

    • @Dragmire woah there

    • Even the guy?

    • lol

  • OK this has got to be one of the most fantastic reviews I've watched in my 52157 years of watching ESmain. This guy really knows how to do a presentation of his stuff.

    • LMAO 😂😂😂

  • 6 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch accessories! (2020) : *1- Nintendo Switch*

    • Nah nah nah 7 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch accessories! (2020): *2-joy cons*

    • Nghia Nguyen i have a new one for sale red blue joycon

    • @Nghia Nguyen - Bought one in a bundle from Gamestop. Grey console. Will keep the Pro Controller. Will sell 2 of the games. There you go.

    • yup still cant find one.

    • LOL

  • I like it how you presents all those gadget by walking around ! Good presentation

    • It is an ad and school presentation process... people like calling it the Tour Presentation... I like it

    • yeah, walking around keeps the viewers attention, many good comedians i know do it too.

    • He should've crawled it would've been better

    • Ken Da SaMuRaii Maybeeeeee their jealoussssssss lol sorry 😐

    • Jason Chin did he stole the switch along with all the accessories too?

  • Battery pack 0:15 Grip 1:40 Headphone adapter 3:47 Protective case 6:20 Game cube controller 8:10

  • "None of these are very expensive" Gamecube Controller: $127

    • they are only 25$ bucks at walmart now

    • @Pardola Games I have one lol, ps4 controller is nice, especially in games like Zelda or even astral chain

    • get a controller adapter and use a PS4 controller

    • Dude look at his apartment if you have that 127 bucks is nothing

    • No

  • I’ve never been a fan of thumb grips, until I got them on the switch, it’s weird how much of a difference they make. It makes the analog stick feel like they have resistance, which I love, cause the sticks are originally so small and feel less precise

  • Thanks for showing us these gadgets. As a new Switch owner I appreciate being aware of other items that can enhance our use. Nice loft btw. 🙂

  • I rarely am excited by the the production value of these videos or how well-spoken the host is, but man, you guys killed it. Great content. Great execution.

  • Genuinely in love with all of these accesories! Wouldn't have known where to look without this, so thank you!

  • 0:14 : Switch Battery Charger Case 1:46 : Satisfying Game Grip + Accessories 3:50 : HomeSpot Bluetooth Adapter 5:23 : Gulikit Bluetooth Adapter + Charging Port 6:19 : Liboer Charging Case 8:10 Game Cube Controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  • These accessories are amazing. Didn't know, that I could get something like this. Thanks for the video 👍🏻

  • If you equip all of these accessories at the same time you can erase half the universe with a single snap

  • I love how chill and like talking with a good buddy this video felt! You did a lovely job, and I now have my eye on a few more accessories to add to my Switch!

  • Thanks for putting time and effort into your video. You and Malcolm smashed it! “The Choice Is Yours!”

  • This is a really great video, it flows well and I love the conversational transitions. Not to mention the actual accessories are solid. Great job bro.

  • Excellent video. Well presented, high production values, and a very likeable presenter. Well done! Subscribed!

  • I really like how you deliver your message and how you edit your videos man... Pure satisfaction indeed. You sir earned a sub

  • For the smash controller I'd suggest a pdp controller cus it works for not only smash but other games too. I use it for animal crossing and well basically all games. It also comes with a detachable c-stick which you can switch to normal analog stick

  • Thank you, for your videos. I always enjoy them. Your presentation and professionalism is beyond superb!

  • It's great to see a normal gameing boy do reviews. Loving your style. Thanks for the review!

  • Honestly the only must-have in this list for me is the Satisfye grip and case. Once you get used to it, you can't go back. The satisfye case also comes with a place to put a battery pack under your switch for charging on the go making the other case irrelevant. The Bluetooth headphone thing is nice but I've heard a lot of people have issues with audio lag with them.

  • The Satisfye grip is legit the best purchase I’ve ever made for my Switch. My hands are huge and it makes it so much more comfortable for me.

  • Love to see a Bluetooth adapter plugin that has a pass thru usb type c for charging at the same time as you’re listening to it on the headphones. Preferably the port could be in the back facing up so the port plugs down instead of under it

  • Oooh. This is one of the best item reviews i've seen so far. Good work on the content and presentation.

    • And I love how clear he is explaining things. Not peppered with bullcrap unlike the other videos.

  • Great video, can't live without thumbgrips myself. The charger unit looks real useful too.

  • Not only do I appreciate your product reviews BUT seriously love the apartment your are in! Great job with your video, great presentation!

  • This video is absolutely stunning. I didn't know that there are a lot of Nintendo Switch accessories and that they are so useful. Love the Switch, love the video, love the accessories and love the way they are showed. Keep it up man, you're the best!

  • Screen protector would be #1 on my list of "MUST HAVE" accessories for the switch!

  • A “must have” video that showcase actual must haves! Thank you! Some of these I wouldn’t get for myself but some I think would totally enhance my switch experience and convenience! They all have great reasons to have them!

  • I’ve been thinking of getting the switch and these accessories seem really a nice add on. Thanks!!!

  • Amazing video, I was looking for options who helps me to charge my battery while I'm on travels... I'll definelly buy this "attachable portable chager", thanks for the tips bro

  • I like how your reviews have blocking around the house. Subtle but very very effective

  • Legit this is QUALITY and straight to the point. Why can't every youtube video be like this? No BS talk. Camera work is on point too!

  • I'll be honest, I was distracted by that awesome apartment and the urban view before I focused on the Switch accessories.

    • Oh yeah such a sweet urban view of train tracks 10 feet away. Were you born in a prison?

    • That tv is 🔥

    • Yeah me too 😄

    • You hear that loud ass train/subway throughout the day.

    • I was about to comment about the same thing

  • I always dream about having all these cool accessories but in reality I’m chilling with a sideways Joy-Con 😎

  • Great video. I am gonna look into getting a couple of these items. I am curious about your Joycon? I have never seen the gray ones. Were those a custom or a special edition version?

  • Really cool accessories i didnt know existed. Great 💡 ideas for the holidays!

  • Super informative video. Kind of sucks that the Switch needs so many workarounds just to make it feel complete.

  • *Silently waits for Netflix to come to the switch*

    • @Pixel Goddess lol nope

    • Hello Sophia from the future, you’re in for a shock lol

    • @Ade Fabunmi still only 3 season in my country

    • @Pixel Goddess is it

    • @DEAD_M3ME Netflix has all the series. It's been a year 😏

  • Bro! Love this video. Great quality, love the way you made it and great accessories!! Thanks man. Keep posting.

  • Thank you for quickly and clearly getting straight to the point, I subscribed 💪😎

  • That L-bend USB-C extender was the most interesting thing to me. I want one.

  • Number one-protective glass for screen Number two - sd card. Number three - protective case. Number four - if play in dock mode - additional gamepad

  • For me, the satifye grip was a game changer. The switch is an amazing console and the ergonomics killed the portability aspect for me. With the grip, I can play portable for HOURS without and hand cramps or problems!

    • Sibi Ramachandran I had to get it as well. Playing Xenoblade or Zelda for hours is a killer.

  • I have the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Satisfye grip is AMAZING! I've had it for several months now. A must have!!!

  • The production quality of this video is amazing. The only question I have is I have heard that some of these additions and accessories can actually brick the Switch. Something about it being not approved by Nintendo and having too much voltage or some funny business like that. Does anybody have anything to chime in on regarding that?

  • *well done* video. Audio is crisp & smooth. Video footage is captured well & spliced in scenes are on point. And my, always favorite, no profanity. Consider me subscribed. Quality content deserves to climb the list.

  • I really appreciate your honesty with the extra features that you don't really need but you can't complain about.

  • I've been wanting a hand grip for my switch for a while. Anyone know what the best handgrip for the switch is? (Doesn't matter the price. As long as it works and lasts a long time and doesn't break down over a weeks time)

  • Damn. The quality of this video is amazing. Really well recorded.

  • Everything seems totally legit, for sure! Question though; are there any grips that *aren't* asymmetric? That seems to be a common thing and I don't get it, personally

  • The antank charger is very prone to breaking the things that keep it closed are very brittle otherwise it’s very good.

  • Switch: Has a headphone jack, but everyone wants to use bluetooth headphones iPhones: Have no headphone jack, but everyone wants to use cable headphones and wants to charge the phone at the same time *crazy*

  • 5 must have switch accessories (TO me) Hori Playstand (The one that has 4 usb ports and the charging ports on the side) works really well when you're in a place for too long like at a friend's house staying over, etc. A $25 PDF Nintendo Switch 3.5MM Jack controller or a N64 controller with a Bluetooth Dongle. You could also get a solar power Battery Pack; just have it hanging on the back of your backpack so it could charge in direct sunlight. or have it plugged in to charge.

  • I like how forward and backwards at the same time Nintendo can be like how they designed a portable system that can dock and play on your TV which is super forward but at the same time has no multimedia support as in Netflix Prime video excetera excetera which is super backward it has Bluetooth but it's only accessible by controllers and you can't use Bluetooth headphones with it so you have to buy a Bluetooth dongle for your Bluetooth enabled switch so you can use Bluetooth with your Bluetooth on your Bluetooth we put bluetooth on your Bluetooth with Bluetooth Bluetooth which is just silly as all hell

  • Thank you ! These are awesome finds!

  • Never seen this guy before, but not five seconds into the video he provides a nice feeling of ease and relaxation.

  • I liked the Satisfye grip but I personally liked the Skull and Co grip case a bit better. Actually bought both to test them out. :)

  • Great Video thanks for letting this switch newbie know about some great accessories!!

  • Ordered a Switch last night so this vid really helped, for sure gonna get that satisfye grip and that portable attachment charger if its back in stock on amazon soon!

  • Your vids rule. Well spoken and I've actually bought some things just because you liked them. Keep it up, dude!

  • That grip looks pretty great for the Switch 🤩

  • Wtf i am watching.... I don't even have a Nintendo switch ??!! Update: I just bought one few weeks ago ,and with the confinement going on i can appreciate it even more 😁😁

    • Whats your friend code?

    • i’ve been saving up for a few months and finally got itttt

    • Me too!

    • Mounir chuckie it's so you know what to get to help you

    • Lol

  • The thumb grips reduce the range of motion on the joy sticks. Especially in smash bro’s you can’t sprint as easily because you can’t fully extend the stick to one direction or the other

    • Sullivan Fachner why the fuck would you ever play smash with Joycons

  • For my Switch Lite, I got the Grip, Screen Protector, Micro SD Card, Pokémon Sword Preordered and ready to go on November 15th 👍👍

  • Honestly I prefer the Genki since it has USB-C pass through and the latency is waay lower than the ones he showed

  • Fantastic video man i really appreciate this. I just got my switch yesterday and looking for some great accessories thanks!!!

  • Another must have! Number 6: Actual Money Good Video though!

    • @david arango look at his apartment, it obviously isn't expensive for him, but people like us are a whole 'nother thing

    • Not to mention, my sister, cousin, and I got switches, and the amount of money spent all together we could've bought a legit Honda CAR. Wtf Nintendo!! Haha

    • 😅😅😅 I know right? But that's Nintendos fault not his. I got a switch, a case, 3 games, a hard case and a screen protector and it only cost me a measly $600!! Haha I don't even have a 2nd set of joy cons or a controller😅 Nintendo switch= switch to a higher paying job to afford the stuff needed to make it a worthy investment lol

    • @david arango *GameCube controller costs $121 now*

    • All my recommendations r switch related and i dont even have switch lul

  • Excellent presentation and editing 👍

  • This was actually a really good video and the recommendations were super useful!

  • Thanks so much for the advice! I got a switch recently and for someone who is constantly on the go this helps A LOT! Also Merry Chrysler! Lol

  • I have something like the second product except it can also hold 5 games in the back which is pretty nice

  • Satisfye grip is an awesome accessory, I literally never use my switch in handheld without it. Important to mention, the case has room for a portable charger underneath the Switch.

  • This was really awesome and helpful now I have the best experience on my Nintendo switch thank you!!

  • Your explanation is concise with a clear tone of voice. I would love to see more videos.

  • Gulikit has released a new version of their bluetooth adapter that is even more flush than the homespot (and cheaper by $12), but there is no longer a charging port on the new design. Just a heads up to those looking for something cheaper or lower profile! :) (I just got mine today and i love it! theres no lag or chuncky parts getting in the way, i havent tried it with two pairs of bluetooth earbuds yet but everything has been great so far, so i'd highly recomend.)

  • Hmm, the ergonomic grip thingy is a good idea, I've noticed a bit of thumb ache while playing. Thanks for this!

  • Nice video man! Love the suggestions of accessories

  • I'm looking into getting the switch soon and this is an awesome list!!

  • Thanks man. This actually helped me so much.

  • Switch up is a Nintendo sponsored modding tool as well as a tool to connect PS4 Xbox and pc controllers to the Nintendo switch to play with, it’s a good thing to have if you need extra controllers

  • Try the Genki Bluetooth adapter by Human Things. It basically combines those two Bluetooth attachments you mentioned into one device. It has Player1 and Player2 ability and USBC port to charge the Switch

  • All I would get honestly is the switch charger case (1), and the 2nd Bluetooth thing he mentioned.

  • Just pick up one of them cell phone charger boost packs. Works the same way, but I dig your idea of having more battery

  • Great video, very helpful!!😌

  • What portable HDMI+PD+USB dongle for Switch do your recommend?

  • Hmmm that grip and Bluetooth thing look nice. I wonder what the audio delay is like though.

  • Literally just bought mostly everything in this video. Thank you

  • You can use the original GameCube controllers with an adapter. They sell them anywhere for 10$. And you can hook up 4 GameCube controllers on the same port of the switch

  • you can really tell he puts a lot of care in his videos

  • I have the hand grip, and, trust me, it’s worth it! There’s also a Nintendo brand hand grip. ( it’s the same thing )

  • The aesthetics of this video are tight as hell

  • Does the charger comply with the switch charging stuff? Dont really wanna fry it just for some extra juice when I can buy a Nintendo licensed charger, but I do really like the form factor

  • Should have mentioned the PowerA wireless GameCube Pro controller its a bit more expensive at $50 but I love it and it's my main smash controller.

  • These are some cool products. Great video, bro.

  • Omg the battery case is very good! I bought it and it works really well! It lasted me a whole 4:30 Hour plane ride! :D

    • @leon tschoepe actually its 4-9 hours, with the new updated one! Which is awesome

    • @H H depents on game, brightness and volume, 2-6h

    • You seem happy thanks

    • How long did the switch last before you plug it in

  • both of the charger cases on amazon are currently un-available and the brand doesnt ship to the UK :(