5 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch Accessories!

Publicado el 7 mar 2017
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Looking for some accessories for the your new Nintendo Switch? Here are some great options for the new console!

Find them here:
Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case: amzn.to/2mGsvq3
Mario Edition: amzn.to/2lElB4Q
Zelda Edition: amzn.to/2n76AW7
Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case: amzn.to/2mmmgqk
SteelSeries Arctis 3: amzn.to/2mmigWN
SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC: amzn.to/2mGsVg7
Surge Switch Grip Kit: amzn.to/2nf6xqA
Aukey 30,000 mAh Portable Charger: amzn.to/2lZmrod
RAVPower Portable Charger 22000mAh: amzn.to/2nf7EXt
AUKEY 12000mAh Portable Charge: amzn.to/2mjCcYx
Screen Protector: amzn.to/2mjDzGR
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: amzn.to/2lZcJSz

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  • Am I the only one here that doesn't own a switch but enjoys watching the video?

  • Did you just call the dock... a charging cradle...?

  • I must say, you've won me over. The quality of these videos is exceptional, and your videos' orientation to consumers makes them a great utility as well as a spectacle. Great work!

  • the only "must have" accesories I saw in my eyes is the carrying case, the screen protector, and maybe the battery, but I feel like the other accessories are not necessary at all just convenient

    • Stefan Constantin Dumitrache bruh they have 20 hr charge time so how would they die

    • Well, this is just a sponsored video without mentioning it. I'd say a must-have is also the joy-con charging grip for when you don't wanna charge the joy-cons by attaching them to the console. I find it more enjoyable to play docked (unpopular opinion, I guess), so having to connect and disconnect the joy-cons too often is bugging me. I WILL get the charging grip eventually.

    • As someone who takes the switch, dock, charger and games between houses, the case is a must have

    • THE SD CARD!!

  • I recommend the amFilm tempered glass screen protector. I have that for the switch and it works great. I also don't recommend getting the pro controller unless you really gave the joycon grip a chance. It's more comfortable then I expected.

  • A friend of mine put me on to your videos. Def a fan of how you present everything and how great your video quality is. Would you mind letting me know what camera you use? I'm actually in the process of making my own channel and would want to make mine just as great as yours. It's in a different topic so no competition lol.

  • You got yourself a subscriber. I love your attention to quality as well as price in your reviews and recommendations. I really appreciate the attention to those kinds of things as everyone doesn't have the resources or is willing to spend too much on products for quality. Thanks for all the information dude!

  • I give it to you, your videos are always done so professionally. And your commentary are on point. I hope to see you used for something other than ESmain videos. Not downplaying your craft but a talented brother like yourself should get picked up by someone.

  • I know this is a bit late but, I got a question, I've been waiting for an upgraded version of the Switch, but now that they've announced the new model of the original Switch with improved battery life, do you guys think I should go and buy it once its available? Or should I wait more and maybe they'll release a “PRO” version of the Switch? P.S I don't have a Switch.

    • Derfal my response may be late but don’t buy a new switch. The extra battery life isn’t worth it and the color change is almost unnoticeable

  • I love the fact he called the docker a charging cradle, love this dude

  • You know its a good video when it start right away and not with a 10 minute intro 😩😩😩😩

    • @The-Saus ikr😂


  • Great videos man, straight to the point and awesome suggestions. Keep it up!

  • No fluff, straight to the point. Thank you. Great video!

  • this dudes quality is dope

  • Nice video man definitely worth getting all of these personally my hands are big but the joycons aren't something I need a grip for since I feel like they are built to somewhat work with people of most hand size but it is understandable how someone may feel uncomfortable with the joycons on their side

  • Super cool video man, you got everything covered!! Missed some protectors for the joy cons but nice work 👍🏻

  • Everything I got was wonderful Now I just need to get the actual device off this static screen

  • Nice video, I'm thinking about that portable charger! I just picked up the switch and your right, that battery could be improved but its good enough for the time being.

  • This is seriously useful, I already put those screen protectors in my shopping cart for when I finally get my hands on the switch. If these are the kind of videos you put out no wonder you made it to 1,000,000+ Subscribed.

  • Great video as always! Keep up the good work, you are one of my favorites youtubers out there. Your unbias opinion is great when you are looking to buy a new phone or some other tech

  • Just FYI, the 30,000 mAh cannot be taken on flights. It's over the maximum allowed by the FAA. It also doesn't have power delivery so it won't charge efficiently while playing. The anker 20,000 or 26800 are both under the maximum allowed mAh and have power delivery so it's output is over 22wats and will charge the switch while playing.

  • The Surge Grip Kit thing is interesting for me. I want it Neon Blue. I already have the Pro Controller and Screen Protector.

  • Thank you sir. That's what I've come to expect from you. Quality informative videos that show products before anyone else does.

  • This was SO helpful. I'm looking to finally buy a switch, and was looking into accessories. Thanks a lot for the headphones recommendation,I never would have found those!

  • I like this guy he’s straight to the point without all the unrelated intro, the quality is pretty top tier as well

  • I've wanted a switch ever since the reveal, but now I want it even more, especially the pro controller

  • Your right I'm gonna need some protection when I carry my Switch.

    • Yeah cause you're gonna get mugged lol

    • @Chris Hansen Oxford graduates be like

    • @LaSt PrAyeR-316 But you need to fix your grammar

    • LaSt PrAyeR-316 Lmao. You’re the one that can’t correct yourself. Also, “your” does not make sense in this case.

    • Get a gun.

  • Thanks for the must have advice. I'm actually planning to buy the switch for myself. I was wondering which accessories to buy so I can start saving some money.

  • First time viewer and I just got to say wow. Love your voice and how clear and articulate you are. Great quality all around. You got yourself a new subscriber. I can't believe I never had heard of this channel before.

  • Love the video walk thru young man!👍 Quality like no other.

  • You forgot the play stand, which allows you to play in table mode while charging. Something you can't do with the normal setup because the charging outlet is on the bottom of the tablet.

  • Awesome video on accessories. Being a person that likes to have a case and protection for my tech. I appreciate your video show casing what is out there.

  • Thank you so much for helping me out! I NEEDED a video like this but all of the otherones were reccomending only expensive but u realized that some people cant afford the expensive things. I am one of those people and i am thankful that you reccomended cheaper things and the things that werent so cheap you link a cheaper option in the description. And most of al.............you dont clickbait like everyone else! You have just earned a very loyal subscriber. Great job 👍 keep doing what your doing and stay positive. Please like this so uravgconsumer can see this thanks for your time and if your still reading this have a great day.✌️

  • Awesome video with a great list of accessories for the Switch... I know what I'm spending my money on if I win the Switch giveaway!! Great video man!! :)

  • There's more accessories than games 😂😂 😂

  • Ya know, if not for anything else I am really glad I subscribed to you even if at first it was just so I could possibly win that giveaway. I like your videos a lot, descriptive without being too technical. Kind of like commercials in their own rights, but far better than what most youtubers set out to do in this respect.

    • same here :)

    • UrAvgConsumer same

    • No problem, and honestly keep up the good work!

    • +YOJOEHOJO thank you! The whole goal of the channel was to explain things in a way that average people can understand and enjoy. Always makes me happy when it's useful to people in that way so thanks for your comment.

  • You make good quality video's and reviews man!

  • I like how everyone in America is like Where are all the switches? China is like SO MANY SWITCHES GOD DAMN IT

    • You mean japan right?

    • Dude in germany are SOOOOO many switches lol

    • Iamthewood _ in México there Is plenty of switch but They are so expensive no one can buy it :c Must People buy them from US. Maybe Thats a Reason Why there are no switch there.

    • XD ikr. There are a lot where I live and it's not really considered as China

  • Today I got a chance to play my friends switch using a single joycon (Mario Kart 8 btw). I could definitely see this joycon grips being almost a neccesity for most switch owners. $15 isn't bad.

  • Just bought one! Thank you for the advice! New subscriber!!!

  • The video looked really crisp with a really good bokeh effect. What lens did you use for this video?

  • You forgot the dock sock. It's a soft cover for the dock so your Switch dosnt get scratched when your putting it in

  • this guy is straight to the chase and a good reviewer

  • Planning on getting the switch so this video really helped thank you for letting me know the best options for the switch

  • Best list for Switch accessories out of the 13 that I have seen! Awesome Videos!

  • I pre-ordered the Mario odyssey bundle! It comes with red joy-cons, a Mario odyssey carrying case, and the game itself!

  • To get rid of dust when applying screen protectors, apply it in the bathroom after the showers been running for 5-10 mins. The moisture brings down the dust! :)

  • In my opinion, the best bag for the Switch is the "Elite Player Backpack"

  • Would you still recommend the Hori film screen protector now over the seemingly more popular tempered glass ones?

  • I'm definitely gonna get some of those ^^

  • Wow great video 👍 I love how he got straight to the point.

  • You've just got yourself a new subscriber! Keep up the amazing work!

  • $80 for a controller?! Was there a mixup with the transfer between currencies?!

    • What’s the price in Canada cause I need to get one

    • LightningBlaze100 I got it for $56 USD at my local Walmart

    • It’s prolly the best controller I’ve ever used, and I picked it up for $59.99. Worth it.

    • Where I live is $50

    • ok will do thanks

  • The video quality is crisp! What camera and lens do you use? :D

  • 10 seconds in and I'm leaving a like for the calming voice alone

  • I just got my Nintendo Switch two days ago and I can't have enough of this videos.

  • Earned my sub, great content, great presentation.

  • Really good quality man.. subbed before the first video ive seen from you is over.. thanks for the content! 😌

  • These cases look so cool! When I do get a switch I am totally buying the Zelda case!

  • For only a couple of games what microSD card should I look for? Probably for 3 high end games

  • Awesome content, earned yourself a new subscriber ;)

  • This is my first time seeing this dude’s videos and I am already loving this guy lol. He has a soothing voice

  • Is that the MoShow 1/72 Strike in the background or the Bandai PG Aile Strike on a custom base? Either way good looks representing the community. Excellent content, subscribed!

  • What a calming voice you have

  • Very professional nice review great job

  • A great alternative to the pro controller is one with a wire

  • I share my Nintendo switch with my sister and I’m definitely going to need some of that stuff

  • Tempered glass screen protector, the choice of legends.

    • PocketWow Yeah I have that and it works :)

  • Great video, haven't seen your channel before, instantly liked the content! :)

  • Pretty good and helpful! Thanks, bro

  • Glad to be watching this since the tax return isn’t that far away. So far I got a dock cover (has the first stage from the original Donkey Kong, 25m on it), amfilm screen protector, & the first physical game Gunvolt Striker Pack (I already got the physical copy for 3DS, but I want a proper home console like version as the Steam version of GV1 was halfassed) Fitting to get the 200gb micro sdxc since it’s $60

  • Thanks man I also like how you realize that this stuff is expensive. And your not just trying to sell us this stuf your recommending this

  • hey man you have some of the nicest controller colors on a playstation 4 controller ive ever seen plus your videos are really helpful and also informal keep it up man

  • I would get these items........... if I could get a switch 😑

  • I have a certain case with two mini cases that hold 16 micro SD cards and 8 games. It also has a joy-con holster.

  • Thanks man. This is helpful. Now I'm excited to get the Nintendo switch

  • First video I've seen from you and it's great quality. Nice Job.

  • As for the pro controller I'd say not necessary I honestly prefer joycon no attachments the most I can put my hands wherever I want while playing have a itch don't worry you can scratch without having to let go of your controller that may just be me but I think no attachments is the most comfortable

  • Most "unboxing" videos I see online are either too obnoxious or too much of a hard sell. This homie is so smooth, he makes me want to happily buy stuff. I totally recommend his reviews.

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  • Thanks for the tips I'll put them to use

  • Great video, me and the missus are looking to get a Switch and these are some great suggestions. Thanks!

  • Nice video! I like the style you brought out.

  • Literally the only reason I want a pro controller is because you can't charge the joycons while playing games docked. Such a stupid design flaw. Love the system though! And I am surprisingly loving the Joycon grip, I thought i was going to have to get a pro controller because the joycon+grip (the dog thing) looked SO uncomfortable.

  • Awesome video, very interesting and a beautiful 360 of the subject.

  • they should have a bag for the tablet and joy con separately. I think become to big for the pocket if was not in this way. Nice video i like the grip for joycons.

  • Love the video. Thanks for the tips. Where did u get that awesome white and teal ps4 controller??

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  • all i need is that travel case, it looks amazing!

  • Hey, one of my favorite reviewer you tubers doing a switch video? That’s what I’m talking about, just got the switch this week, lol.

  • The HDMI cord is the charger. Or AC adapter. The dock isn’t a charger unless you put the AC adapter on it.

  • I have the Zelda one and I love it.

  • Hey UAC I got the surge grips luckily because amazon has an add on system that’s annoying

  • Short and concise, great video

  • This channel is just genius. It is basically an advertising that we look for.

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