5 MUST HAVE Nintendo Switch OLED Accessories! (2021)

Publicado el 15 oct 2021
The OLED Nintendo Switch is here but what are the BEST accessories you can get your hands on for it? These are some of my top picks.
Find them here:
Nintendo Switch Carrying Case & Screen Protector - Switch: amzn.to/3mTnmI8
LASTYAL Hard Protective Clear Case Cover: amzn.to/3mZ4O9x
HyperX ChargePlay Clutch: amzn.to/3peymTn
Human Things GENKI Global Covert Dock: amzn.to/3AP7xqX / bit.ly/3DNOn6M
PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller: amzn.to/3lJjdam

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  • 0:50 Case 2:25 Protective Case 4:15 Memory card 4:44 Split pad pro 5:07 Charge Play clutch 6:46 Covert dock 8:39 Fusion pro Controller

  • The genki dock is an awesome accessory and totally worth it to have a charger/portable dock all the time. I picked one up a couple years ago I think when it came out. It's always in my bag now with an HDMI cable.

  • The original AirPods paired to my OLED Switch and work pretty well without noticeable delay so far. The OLED is how the switch should have been designed in the first place. The screen with glass and the surface style kickstand are amazing and it’s ridiculous that the original came with such a horrible stand.

    • @SP you're talking about 3rd party. We have amazing ports. Dying Light Just Released and it is the number 1 best looking and best running 3rd party game. Let alone first person, open world, parkour, zombies and all DLCs. Dying Light is an immensely beautiful game. And you can take it to go on the Switch. 1st party Nintendo Games have never looked better than on the OLED. Handheld is how I prefer to play and this device allows me to fucking play literal Dying Light. People just need to realize this is Nintendo's first attempt at a hybrid console and this is why they didn't opt for such high end specs. They needed to test the grounds and aren't trying to shorten the life span of the test. The test was an absolute success, that when their next generation comes, you know it's going to be what everyone wants it to be. Powerful, hybrid and beautiful. Let's understand that we can't get what we want until we have a baseline

    • @Perfectly Balanced it doesn’t have to be high res to look great though. I was an early adopter of 4k for my tv and monitors and then high refresh rate 1440p monitors and I can appreciate high resolution and high refresh rates but I can also appreciate what the switch provides at 720. If they had a 1080p screen on the next one that would be fine but if it came at the cost of battery life or performance I would rather have the battery and performance. I don’t know. It’s just preference in the end but I never looked at any of my switches and felt they needed a better screen resolution.

    • And it's pretty cheap if you think about it as it's more durable than before. It has a OLED screen better RAM and storage.

    • @Perfectly Balanced Yeah it's true that they are missing better hardwares but I'm pretty if Nintendo releases a pro version of OLED they'll fill those missing hardware.

    • @SmartFool24 You don’t have to it’s already noticeable without if you’re use to 1440/4K. Usually on grey backgrounds. Hard to notice with colorful stuff going on

  • That Genki Convert Dock is amazing. Got it from their Kickstarter and have been all over the world with it. Bonus tip, you can also use it to hook up your macbook / ipad to the tv using the same USB-C cable.

    • @Buzz Lightyear bc it hasn’t been proven to work with the OLED. Like Skull & Co had to make adjustments etc to its Jumpgate dock.

    • @C-Dub30 why would it brick it lol

    • But will it brick this new OLED switch?

  • That ChargePlay Clutch looks incredible, especially with the kickstand. Just added it to my Amazon List. I've decided I don't need this OLED as an upgrade to what I already have. Don't need the screen upgrade like that, and the process to switch all the games over from one system to another seems to be a lot of work. But every ESmain video I watch makes me want the OLED more smh

    • Dont deny yourself the simple pleasures of life. The difference will be in how much you sell your regular switch.

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    • I got a switch lite for Christmas last year, thinking about upgrading to OLED soon

  • The carrying case was one of the most regretted stuff I bought for switch, there’s no space for extra joy cons or charging cord, you can only store a switch and some game cards, for me there are so much choices besides this one🌚

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    • That’s what this case was designed for, portable on the go gaming, not setting up to charge and stay, buy a deluxe case instead.

    • I managed to fit in my usb- c cord, it’s a snug fit tho

    • I was just thinking of getting a case.. suggestions?

  • Great video, brother. But the Orzly carrying case for the OLED model is better. Same price as the official Nintendo Switch OLED case you showed (though the black Orzly case is less expensive at about $14), comes in various colors, and you get a notably better build quality and material. Also, you must put whatever Bluetooth headphones you try to use with the Switch, in pair mode. If you do that, and have the Switch close by, it WILL pair. Nintendo did a poor job of having the Switch automatically detect Bluetooth devices.

    • Will the Switch fit in the Orzly with the lastyal protective case on it?

    • @Evan Retroz I like Jud. I would never hate on a good brother like him. But thank you for the praise😅

    • I appreciate people like you.. not hating on ESmainrs like him, but giving advice. Well said.

  • As for AC, you need any that is 1A 5V. Any fast charging ones will not work (they caused a lot of problems in the past, so Nintendo disabled them).

  • Kiwi home uses the same internals as the genki. Been using mine for monthd as a portable dock with no issues. Been suing it on my oled as well. It's basically a genki clone that works amazing! Has the right voltage as well so it won't brick your console.

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  • 6:51 Any usb-c hub adapter that has power delivery, HDMI and a usb-a port works tbh. The Sabrent Multi-Port USB Type-C Hub with 4k HDMI | Power Delivery (60 Watts) | 1 USB 3.0 Port | 2 USB 2.0 Ports (HB-TC5P) is on Amazon for $13.99 and it works well.

    • @Jamie Denton Yes yes I agree. I will say this, I've been using said hub for over 2 years and no issues whatsoever though models may vary.

    • The Switch has a very specific power delivery, not USB-C standard, so there is a chance 3rd party dock alternatives can brick your Switch.

  • Really appreciate this review - good recommendations, keep them going :-)

  • Just found your channel and it's great! One question for you, will the Switch fit in the carrying case with the lastyal protective case cover?

  • This feels like déjà vu when the original switch came out. Hope the oled doesn’t have that issue with third party type c like the normal switch

    • Same, but im not even gonna chance it after all the horror stories. Only licensed chargers with the overvolt protection for me even tho im almost certian my Anker chargers would be okay

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  • I would be super happy if all those came along with the OLED Switch box.

    • No

    • Fr

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  • I use the Pro Split controller for hand held and I love it!

  • Kiwihome dock does work with the OLED switch I did have to use the included USB C cable tho. It's basically an Genki clone.

  • The problem with the clutch case and the OLED is that it's not a perfect fit. That crack you are taking about is an issue. If you grab the switch by the handle with the gap, the handle will slide off as the magnets are not making direct contact due to the gap so your switch. This just happened to me... I was left holding just the case handle and my switch fell on the floor.

  • I have FOUR official Nintendo docks and only one third party, but it put my Switch OLED in 480p. So I gambled and ordered the Genki Dock hoping it would work as they say they aimed it specifically for Nintendo Switch and have the right PD chipset, etc. It’ll be delivered tomorrow, but your video confirmed for me that it will work! I’m really happy, because I’ll use it with a tv which is hung up in the bedroom and there’s no space for a conventional dock. Thanks for this man!

    • @Kusanagi64 Oh, ok.

    • @SHIN BAKI HANMA friends coming over. We all play together. It’s fun! I got the Genki Dock btw and I can confirm it works with the OLED Switch! :)

    • Why do you have FOUR official Nintendo Switch docks?😕

  • Hey bro, great bud as always. What type of headphones were you trying to pair with the switch oled? I had some issues at first with my galaxy buds pros but it wasn’t the switches fault it was on my error. Sometimes if you are just trying to open the case to the buds to pair it won’t work, you have to actually manually pair the headphones to activate and that helped me. You do this by placing both headphones in your ear and press and hold them until you hear the fainted beep that opens them into pairing mode and it will show up on your switch. Hope it helps. I googled it and read it on Reddit. Also that controller is in fact a must have I love how it feels and battery life is amazing and I actually prefer it over the OG switch pro controller. I am with you on the white joy cons as they look nice but I picked up a set of the skyward sword ones because I know how fast white can get messed up.

  • Is it safe to use an afterparty dock? I know there was a big issue a couple of years ago with bricked Switches

    • The Genki Dock has all the hardware to never brick a switch, it was made to be as similar to the original switch dock just in a small form factor. Ended up getting one on their kickstarter and it is amazing. Def a must have.

    • best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface, advance wars

    • I have the Genki Covert dock and I use it as my main dock. It’s so convenient!! And no, there were no issues with my Switch after 1.5 years of using it. I would highly recommend it 😉👍

    • Basically switches use a different power system to phones and laptops and third party manufacturers use the wrong power delievery system

    • Apparently the genki dock charger has the risk of bricking your switch.

  • I got the new Nintendo OLED & got the PowerA Spectra which again is a bit smaller and cheaper BUT has full LED which looks AMAZING! Definitely recommend over the pro controller altho it doesn’t have any customisation options.

  • This video gave me an opportunity to think of what accessories for my swich to buy. These are really good suggestions

  • Excellent video, thanks for the tips

  • I would buy That little outlet if it came with (LAN) Ethernet connection, that's the only reason the dock is better.

  • 10:40 This REALLY goes to show that Judd has been hitting the GYM. Way to inspire, bro! Keep it up!!

  • This is all so new to me, I’m so grateful for your video, but I must rewatch to take it all in. My kids need me to set them up and I ain’t got a clue, so thank you so much!

  • Nice review keep up the good work

  • Apesar de Não falar inglês muito bem... adoro seu canal Obrigado

  • I dropped my switch today in that clear case, rip left joy con. Luckily GameStop had a restock today too. BUY THE WARRANTY YALL IT SAVED ME

  • Really want the hyperx chargeplay clutch but I read that hyperx discontinued the product so that’s why they are out of stock everywhere. Bummer. Is there anything else similar to that available ?

  • I actually have the switch and the controller on my wish list for Xmas this year! :D

  • Great video as always 👍

  • That AC adapter will not fully replace dock station, tbh. Dock station is proprietary. When switch is docked into it, it will run in a dock mode - higher frequencies, and many games will have improved graphics/framerate. Especially noticeable in SMT V.

  • What was that surge protector he used in the video? Somehow looked both retro and futuristic!

  • So pumped! I went into Target yesterday and they had 2 OLED's in the case for sale, i was like WHAT?? Um YES!!! Ill take it! Its absolutly gorgeous! And i still have the Animal Crossings edition one too, need to sell it i suppose, will wait until around xmas when you wont be able to buy a Switch in stores....

    • How much would you sell your animal crossing switch for ? 🤔 if you decide to sell it 🤭

  • Wow I literally bought some of the same items weeks before I got my switch. Nice to know I got some good accessories for my OLED.

  • Bruh I just wanna stop and say thanks for putting me on game with micro center. Lost my psp charger and was hurting bad. watched a vid of you talking about the store, and I checked it out. Was beyond ecstatic when I saw the had a 2in1 data/charging cable. You the goat my guy.

    • best multiplayergames: mario kart 8, hot wheels unleashed, nfs hot pursuit, crash drive 3, splatoon 2, worms rumble, warface, advance wars

    • @Lt Eyepatch bruh

    • @Whatapp-Plûś ❶❷⓿❶❷⓿❶❼❻❾❸ how do I get the iPhone 13

  • 10:04 PATIENCE. The switch takes forever to discover AirPods and probably others. It will eventually pop up. If you have the case open trying to pair and the switch says it can’t find them then keep the AirPods open and back out the menu and start discovering again.

  • Nintendos ethernet to USB works well. I use it on my V2 switch.

  • i have a guilikit battery pack that i used on the V1 switch... do you think it would work on the OLED model?

  • Really good pare of headphones I got that work for my oled is soundcore life Q30 work flawless

  • I’ve got the deluxe travel case for the switch. Anyone know if it will work with the OLED? Don’t want to get rid of it if I don’t need to.

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  • My 1+ buds pro works perfectly with bluetooth on switch

  • For Bluetooth to work you have to disconnect it from the connected device then the Nintendo switch or switch OLED will recognize it

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  • After watching this videos I might actually upgrade from my old switch

  • Can I use any memory card or does it have to be a specific memory card? By the way I’m thinking of getting this and this will be my first game console I ever got so any suggestions for me would be great and also any game names would be nice 😀

  • My Bluetooth works on my switch and I recommend AirPods Pro and the noise cancellation still works like a charm big facts

  • You missed the Benq MOBIUZ EX2510. Best monitor experience for the Switch, 1ms response time, 120Hz (although the Switch only uses 60Hz) and native vibrant FULL HD IPS. Sold my PS5 just to buy one with Metroid (Special Edition).

    • Damn you sold your ps5 to get one, must be a hardcore switch lover.

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    • Also how is Full HD in a 4K OLED era your selling point lmao

    • Yes, an LCD screen for an OLED console at 120 FPS for a 60FPS at best console, lmao do better research.

    • Sounds very expensive

  • I can’t lie I got the Nintendo oled 2 weeks ago and I can see the difference form the original switch and I actually got most of these accessories for my switch but I can share this vid to my cousin safe Jud

  • That HyperX case blocks the ventilation for the new OLED Switch and will cause it to overheat. Don’t use it!

    • @Brandon gotta love buying day one. I got the OLED switch though and don’t want to risk it.

    • @StumptownRetro seems your unit didn't trip the overheat protection for some odd reason

    • @Brandon if you block the vents it can cause issues. My OG switch from launch day got so hot a lot of the plastic grill on top literally melted away while it sat in the dock. And that was without a case.

    • It's darn near impossible to overheat a Nintendo Switch

  • Love your vids where did you get that 6 plug outlet underneath the tv I definitely need that

  • How do you charge the white controllers? Mine died when i played the standard controller.

  • I've been trying to get my hands on one. SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

    • @Dee's Lifestyle Loves lmao u so mad over such a strange comment, I don’t care what you play, everyone knows what happened with the PS5 and you say you can wait and don’t need it, then why post your original comment lmao 😂 and sure, call me a child, kids make you mad then your more of a child than me

    • Walmart have plenty

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    • @Private Account and by the way I did try to pre-order it was sold out. Any who I can wait. I don't make stupid decisions spending extra on a game because "I gotta have it"🙄.

    • Pre-order when you find out a new console is releasing, should have learned from the PS5, this is on you.

  • charge play is complable with the oled? I need to know if it works

  • The case comes with 2 screen protectors. One for the old switch and one for the oled switch.

  • A cut magic eraser will remove the scuffs. Just clean with a lightly mouse paper towel after.

  • even just seeing it on the UI on in his hands, you can tell the difference is more vivid

  • Hey random question.. do you leave your auto brightness on or off ?

    • Ik you asked him but off is the way. Auto Brightness has never worked well for me on anything

  • also the satisfye pro grip gen 3. maybe the skull & co neo grip if they improve it

  • I'm finally getting a switch for my family, what accessories and games would be the best recommendations for a first time switch owner? I've played a switch at people's houses before but haven't really gotten into it. Trying to make it fun for me and the kids to play together! Any suggestions would be great! I know I need Mario kart and Mario party!

    • Mario Bros is a really good one too, it’s up to four players I believe. I also recommend animal crossing and some Pokémon games

    • BOTW!!!!!!

    • I recommend Just Dance 2021 or 2022 coming Nov, you can dance with your family, very fun and get some moves, they also have kid’s songs))

  • Would the GENKI work on the switch lite as well?

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    • Switch Lite lacks the components to display to a TV, no device will work with it, that’s the point of the console.

  • I thought I remeber seeing a device that attaches to both your controller and switch (the switch almost sits on top of the controller) and you can just hold the controller to play while the device holds your switch .. do you recall this? And the name?

  • 9:52 Or just get the wired version for $30

  • I know you recommened the PowerA pro controller but u recommend the powerA regular controller over the Nintendo pro controller?

  • Right out of the box my left joy con's top most button has spring noise. Still functional but just annoying. Anybody else have this issue?

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  • Dude that shirt looks fresh can you drop the link where you got it. Thanks I appreciate your videos it has help me a lot of times when choosing my next gadget

  • How do you think the Switch compares to the Steam Deck?

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  • Been eyeing that power A controller price was what was holding me off looks sick tho

  • Third part docks can still brick your device I wouldn’t recommend it

  • When can we get a holiday gift tech guide for 2021? Since they telling us purchase early!

  • anyone use the s1 fixture for with the oled

  • Bless up King EDIT: My OLED has wifi, Bluetooth, and orange screen issues since day one, awaiting Gamestop to get more in to swap mines out. Hope you can return yours, Blessings

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  • ChargePlay Clutch is a must for the OLED just got mine yesterday!

    • @Diaod guess what I found 2 HyperX chargeplay clutches on the OfferUp app and I snagged one of them I can’t wait to use it on my oled but one question though can you slide in the whole oled console onto the case or do you have to put it all on piece by piece since the oled is a little bigger than the switch

    • @Diaod can you do a video of the HyperX chargeplay clutch with the oled so we can totally see on video how well it works with the oled please 🙏🏻

    • @Diaod can I have the link to where you bought it from

    • @Diaod ok thx anyway I’ll keep trying I guess you didn’t get a spare huh

    • @Dara DiGiovanni I'm not sure where they ship from but I ordered it from Amazon

  • i used to never play handheld but now i’m having a blast

  • Is the HyperX Chargeplay Clutch discontinued? I can't find it in stock anywhere.

    • Yes :( HyperX has confirmed it's no longer being sold officially.

  • Why you DID NOT MENTION that ANY of the cases (when used) WILL NOT work with the DOCK. Thanks

  • I just got mine set everything up your shirt is awesome and the paintings are super fire.

  • Something that risks bricking a Switch is not a must have. Get a shell replacement if its too bulky for you. Shouldn't be hard to replace as it's just screws and shit that hold the components in.

  • I have that protective plastic case it gets scratched up real quick and you'll not want to use it after it's all scuffed up

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  • I just got oled and only got smash. Tbh im new to nintendo besides ds games I played but they were transformer, cod games etc bc I was a kid haha. Anyways what are some good games you guys recommend? I dont really want any platformers as I already have a bunch of the old ones I got for free with the pass.

  • loving the almost daily uploads!

  • The ChargePlay Clutch is out of stock everywhere in the US

  • great vid thanks !!!

  • love my white (OLED) switch plus caant wait for my satisfye zenpro grip 3 cause already got that pre order

  • What about the deck are those the same size?

  • Wait….. so it comes with a dock and your suggesting buying a smaller dock? The dock itself is small and can easily sit on the floor and behind something. It’s just a waste of money when the console already comes with it. You still have to plug cables in to the console and lay it down somewhere, so just use the dock that acts as a stand.

  • Nice 👌👍

  • Where did you get that Gundam shirt from? I've been looking all over the internet for it 😂 The drip is real 💪🏾

  • i get paranoid using third party switch docks because they used to brick consoles. is this one safe?

  • I got the black and white case for my oled a couple days ago. Didn't like it. It's not that strong and the zipper just came off. Not worth it. I recommend to Get a stronger case.

  • Love your videos ever since man but the shaky camera work, may look dynamic but its getting annoying to watch. Sorry man!

  • Anyone have issues using the docking stations on newer Samsung TVs?

  • I bought 2. One for me and my daughter, I’m probably more excited than she is to play with it. She’s about to get wrecked in smash bros and Mario cart. Won’t even see it coming.

  • Have you ever experience on your oled switch has a green tint issue?

    • I don't feel mine has but some people mentioned it with theirs

    • So far I haven’t had that issue on mine

  • A little bit underwhelming knowing you’re the guy with awesome looking gadgets..looking forward to better ones

  • I have had ZERO issues getting my cheapo $20 walamrt wireless earbuds to work with my normal switch with the newest firmware

  • That little dock things pretty sweet

  • nice couch - we used to have the same one for a long time.

  • Watch Nintendo announce a Switch Pro and make all of these accessories incompatible.

  • What game is on the screen in the beginning?