5 MUST HAVE Xbox Series X Accessories!

Publicado el 27 nov 2020
Check out the SteelSeries Arctis 7X for the Xbox Series X here: steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7x?
Got a new Xbox Series X or S? Now you probably want to know which accessories you've got to have right? Well these are some must haves, if you want your gameplay experience to be A1.
Find everything here:
SteelSeries Arctis 7X: steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-7x?
LG Nanocell 4K 120hz Smart TV: amzn.to/3lmcbFf
Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S: amzn.to/3mqrm16
Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable: amzn.to/3fIGrsz
Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller: amzn.to/39rCw2l
PowerA Moga XP5-X Plus Bluetooth Controller: amzn.to/2JhuIVF
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  • Heads up, I called Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, Marvel VS Capcom 3. This was a mistake but frankly, it sucks so idc lol

    • Hmm whatcha play more on the pc or the XSX cuz I'm lost between the two?!

    • Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is a classic, doesn't suck... Infinite never played it though.

    • Hey can u possibly do a free give away pls

    • @Jay _TooGoated apex legends

    • Nice gundam

  • All the LG CX owners where you at?? 👍🏼

  • I'm looking forward to trying the new xbox wireless headset

  • saving for that expansions storage lol

  • Can’t wait for @UrAvgConsumer to do an unboxing on the new Xbox headset TBA? 👀

    • I've pre ordered mine. I hope they don't disappoint, will be getting a swift return if they do 😂

  • if you’re on xbox add me @RedTee15 so we can play or follow my twitch @phoenixgamingtv15 i follow all back

  • Do they work on xbox series s? I really need to know 😅😅😅

  • Must have Xbox series X accessories: 1) XBOX

  • I’m still waiting for the right moment to tell my parents I want an xbox

  • Its green because the game is not 4k resolution

  • I watch his videos because he has a soothing voice

  • I got the series S bc i play on a $70 720p projector lol

  • Best way to up your game........switch to ps5 would be a start

  • Yessir ya boy is playing apex he knows the good games

  • I have those headsets and I don’t like them there tooooooo heavy and hot

  • Ngl i kinda feel like he secretly is sponsored by microsoft

  • I love Apex

  • Who else is getting a series x and acting like it is a pc lol

  • Does anyone know what game he was play on time 2:01

  • im brand new here and already subscribed cuz i saw the painting of Epion and the asray red frame major gundam fan

  • Imagine spending over $100 on a controller with stick drift...

  • Step one: own an xbox series x/s

  • Step one:Get a Xbox series x

  • Extra storage is a rip off for an extra tb

  • Buy this tv...tv is green

  • There is an accessory for your controller called a phone clip...exactly like the last accessory you mentioned but it just clips onto your regular Xbox controller…

  • Don’t buy the series 2 controller. Me and a ton of other people have been having a problem with the right bumper. Whenever you click the bumper the game registers it has a double click. This is fine for games like Apex legends,But in other games where you have to press the right bumper a lot, it is horrible when you mean to press the button once but it presses twice. Either by the series one controller, or wait for a new one to come out.

  • I think it was 6 accessorys

  • I can’t wait to get the new xbox series s and I,am a boy

  • we not as rich as you

  • Apex who plays apex nowadays

  • You are acting like we are all super rich and can afford everything

  • 150 for some headphones... smoking dick

  • Man Steelseries have amazing sounding drivers for what they cost but man... and I've bought like 4 of these things and returned them every time and it always breaks my heart. But that headband. I don't have a freakishly big head or anything. But that metal headband is just so damn uncomfortable for me. I just can't do it. I wish I could but it never seems to break in for me.

  • Okay coming from someone who has previously owned the elite controller V2. It's not worth it. That just my opinion, and here's why. When I got my elite controller V2 rate out of the box. Some of the textured grips weren't in place. I had to push them back into place. The resistance on the left stick wore out within 2 months of game play. I don't know maybe I just had a bad experience with them. But I wasn't impressed. It's a good controller overall, for me it just wore down faster than I originally thought.

  • Do not get the elite controller it’s a waste of money and it doesn’t come with insurance when u buy it

    • yes because you need to get insurance your logic is like when I break something I'm going to get a brand new one back no you have to buy insurance for everything it doesn't come free

  • If you don't wanna buy a super expensive controller with paddles, just learn to play claw

  • Lol xbox x is looking like a speaker in front of tv

  • Let me tell you why this headset is great, the company that makes them, sponsored the video... :p

  • Can I play apex legends with you I play I’m good and bad plz

  • Why do you recommend the steel series 7? Why not the 9?

  • bro these headphones are so worth it

  • I love feeling broke

  • Not breaking the bank only 700 dollars

  • Would help if the xbox wouldn't shut off every ten minutes wtf

  • I just got the Arctis 9x because it was the only Arctis with available stock in here, also, it had 50€ discount, so I got it for 150€, the price of the 7x my question is if the 7x are better than 9x... I kinda wanted the 7x instead but no stock :( what do you think?

  • A TV is not an accessory dude

  • Whats the point in getting it if you cant run it with all 3 options

  • That is an insanely great price for that TV.

  • Ya mans got hands as big as the controller

  • Got the new xbox series x now i need a new headset mine was perfect but its not compatible anymore

  • I only clicked the video to see the Gunpla kits.. thats all.

  • Or just get a gaming monitor for roughly $200

  • Gotta love how the two things I'm getting that are REALLY must-buys are the play and charge kit and the arctis 7x.

  • I guess u think I'm rich 😶

  • Step 1 . Get a xbox series x

  • I still think Marvel vs capcom top tier but they put whack ass characters in it

  • LG yes but not buying a nanocell you need bx or cx models for the BEST experience

  • Don’t have an Xbox But DEF GET THE HeadPhones they are so good with such good comfort

  • It’s a decent price headset....150 😳

  • I get the green screen on my hisense if game mode isn’t enabled on the tv. As soon as it’s turned on it disappears.

  • this guy think we are made if money lol

  • I’ve got the console but jheeze your expecting everyone to be spending some serious $$

  • Does the sleet series work for fortine

  • Just subscribe. love the content bud

  • exacly what i needed

  • Idk why people bashing guy sayn hes not average consumer hes got ton money. Well first of all hes worked to get to that point kinda the idea isnt it? Then most of time he dosent have to buy stuff they send it to him hes got huge platform to help sales. They guy lets you know how products are before you spend your money thats a good thing i thought.

  • I got the Arctic 9x

  • Don't get the steelseries ARCTIS 9X there's a lot of problems with it Connecting with the series X look it up waste of money 😡😡😡

  • I got a Samsung 55 inch QLed 4K 120 and it Kicks ass.

  • Do ic to series x! You the baller!

  • What chance? WTF? You're a @$$.

  • Anyone else notice he has two xbox series x’s there is another one under his tv in the backround

  • Where can i get this dope hoodie?

  • it’s not the tv, it’s just you did a video to early when nothing was updated. i have the same tv and xbox and had the same issue then a week or 2 later it was fixed

  • You know the headset is trash when Walmart sells them..

  • Eh my turtle beach elite pro 2’s are fine.

  • SteelSeries Arctis are the best. I'm using 9X model for over 5 months now and have never had better headphones for Xbox.

  • So I spend £99384738474 on this

  • Xbox elite Series 2 controller 🤩 Me: like I have and or will spend $180 on a fuckin controller 😒

  • Is int that your Keith Alan

  • “MY five must have xbox gaming accessories” ur own opinion 🙄

  • Bro the second accessory is more expensive than the console itself

  • Him : being able to game without battery life is amazing! Me : yeahhhhh about that

  • Where did he get the sweatshirt that’s the best accessory

  • Hey great video, would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my channel

  • Scuf is sooooo much better with more strength and customization, don’t get the elite it is garbage.

  • 4K 120hz with HDR works fine on my lg nano cell 85 on both my ps5 and Xbox series x


  • That headset so bad trust me he’s lieing to get paid I got those so bad what a waste of money 💵

  • OK I’m thinking of saving up for an Xbox series X and those accessories

  • great vid man looking forward to showing this to my parents😂

  • My only critique of this video is the low gamer score.

  • average my ass

  • I have a newer model LG TV and it does the green screen from time to time, I just change HDMI source and back again and it goes away, it happens on both Xbox and playstation for me, think it's just an LG thing

  • I fuxk with that hoodie where can I get it

  • Hear hear, nice video! Thank you 🙌🏻

  • Those headphone are insane I absolutely love them had em for a few months now still look, feel & sound like day 1 absolutely BEST headset around

  • Then there no point of the tv if it doesn’t work

  • Anyone else notice that at certain points in the video u can see his email.