A Compact Tech Gym?

Publicado el 16 dic 2021
The most compact gym I've ever seen is PACKED with tech. The Tempo Move has a built in personal trainer and it's pretty sick!

Check it out here: bit.ly/3nkuZrf and save $25 when you use the promo code: Tempo-Judner

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Comentarios: 114

  • Great idea. With all the home systems my biggest issue is it's not enough weight.

    • It looks like you can stack the weights! So u could stack to probably about 35 lbs for each side

  • It would be nice if it had 25 and 45 pound plates too cause these weights are looking light ngl.

    • @Tiffany Coleman why the hell would I pay 2k for that lol, gym memberships and gas ain't that expensive

    • It looks like they have a bigger option called the Tempo Studio that is more expensive that doesn't need an iPhone but can go up to 75 pounds. Looks like right now it retails for just under 2k.

    • Pretty sure you can stack the plates

    • Same thing I thought and if they could include some barbells for more powerlifting based workouts, that would be cool!

  • Builld a fitness tech gym that would be cool to see. or a old classic gym like I have lol. I don't believe you did gym stuff before this one. It would bring in more fitness people to tech.

  • I appreciate the creative idea of this video. I’m hoping to see more like it! Here are the two main concepts I enjoyed in this video that I may like to see something similar to in the future: 1. A gym filled with tech: I REALLY like that twist 2. I’m a big fan of anything compact or minimalistic in technology

  • Do you need to pay monthly to have access to offline classes? or does it comes with some classes for free?

    • As far as I can tell - yeah, and it’s “only” $39/month with a required 12-month commitment. Was about to pull the trigger - but not for another close to $500.

  • I like the Tempo Move better than the Studio model. The compact design sold me.

  • Hey man love your videos keep up the the great work!!

  • That's a good video. I love this kind of videos, it's just different from the regular basis

  • This is exactly what I was looking for and the price is just about the max I’m willing to spend. Just ordered one and used your code Judd. Happy to support you

    • @TechdadEey damn! Mine was $395 after taxes. Awesome though

    • @Daniel Barakat thanks for the info. I actually was able to get referred by someone. Came out to $295, $315 after tax. Can't wait to check it out!

    • @TechdadEey if you add Judd’s code you get a bit more off. When mine comes in I can report on how the experience is.

    • I'm thinking about it too. Looking to see if I can get a referal code since that takes off another $100.

    • 👊🏾

  • The weights and everything fit so nice in that spot

  • great idea i ordered two of these and used your code judd man appreciate it for giving such a good compact gym

  • Love your vids keep up the good work

  • The consistency 🔥🔥🔥

  • I actually might buy this

    • I was about to until I learned that it absolutely needs an iphone as it uses one essentially as the processor for all the data. In other words, there's an iphone only app that has all the smarts.

  • This is cool stuff exactly what I am looking for

  • this is great! I also enjoyed this type of video

  • love your vids man

  • Thinking about ordering it

  • 1:40 lmao I know for a fact your not struggling with 1.25 pounds like look at your face, that right there let me know they payed you. FREE HIM.

  • Can we have some more school tech/tech bag videos

  • How complicated and expensive do you want your workout to be ? - yes

  • Is it subscription based?

  • Not that much, hits me with $495 smh also the weights are super light

  • Hollup bro when i first became a father i put on like 70 pounds. Youre a father and you built like a damn super hero wtf

  • This system is "cute" at best... you should get Tonal to sponsor you instead.

  • The weight limits are a joke. Otherwise it's a good concept.

  • The heaviest weight is 10?

  • RIIIGHT THO, MY Man got a Gym, And it's only Right Fit

  • You lost me at "works with iPhone and Apple Watches" whomp whomp whommmmmp... Yeah I'm good with not having to use Apple devices thank you 😂

  • Concept is cool but kinda low weight equipment. $500 (400 discounted) for two dumbells and 35lbs worth of weight is not a good deal.. (the whole "smart" thing seems to be a membership at $39/m ?) thats VERY expensive.

  • Does this have to be connected to a TV

  • Another vid to watch with the dad

  • Damn Judd be looking swole of late !!

  • Wish It was an average price product

  • Dont forget! this is 400 bucks and a subscription of $40 a month is needed

    • That's a lot for a month, then pay for the system..I may as well keep my gym membership, I'm paying 49.99 a month but I have access to machines, free weights etc..I thought once u buy the machine you'll get the classes WAAAY less..

  • Consistent Jud in the BUILDING !

  • My issue is the room it requires

  • Imagine paying 500 for 2 dumbbells and couple of weights

    • @Elia Rizk you could probably get more than a year for 500 tbh

    • @HanmaHeiro that product is literally a scam like imagine telling someone i got a smart gym that has 2 dumbells and 20$ plates for 500$ like for 500 i can get a year gym membership

    • As opposed to bowflex dumbbells which are adjustable and more compact than this product and has no extra features?

  • Hey man do you even know how famous you are 😂 because your cool

  • Bruh, never skip leg day 😅

  • Cool idea but it ain't that serious

  • They need to be able to do Android as well. Hint just saying n more weights

  • Light weight 💪🏻

  • Nice!

  • """"Someone who had accidentally found this channel and now addicted to this channel 💛💞💙"'""

  • Your tv stand kept changing!

  • Lookin ripped

  • Flexin in the top 🤣🤣🤣

  • technology is wild

  • A gimmick product, and it's only compatible with iPhone? Makes sense honestly. The only ones buying these are people that still think Apple makes quality products😂

    • @Levi Ackerman yeah we're totally broke despite not wasting money on everything Apple puts out. If you're gonna throw out insults they should at least make sense

    • android users are too broke to buy some shit like this anyways

  • What about Android?

  • Probably good for average people, but not good for actual programming.

  • Nah I’ll just go to the gym

  • Looks cool but lost interest when you said lightning cable.

  • Such a first world video. This thing seems made up for 40 yo rich woman that wants to convince herself of working out.

  • Love tou

  • Dude swole

  • RIP Android users who want to buy this

  • Bowflex 1090 is superior

  • Sweet

  • This is why the tech community is sucking right now. Does anyone do a product review that is NOT sponsored anymore?

  • No android? :(

  • Not quite my tempo

  • Uraverage workout

  • No android. Miss opportunity

  • Its super cool but there one bad thing its not support android devices

  • I was interested till is only for iPhone,😠

  • It just sucks that it can only be used with iPhones... 😒

  • hahaha, everyone : skips leg day People who lift : 3x or 5x a week ME: leg day 7 days a week baby

  • As a gym bto, What a stupid joke

  • Why only in us

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  • how do you have so much muscle but no idea how to lift the weights bruh 1:35

    • @AddiFitness he just hating

    • @AddiFitness ok Shroud

    • @That Canadian Guy he is barely rocking at all, u don't have to be that strict especially with a short demonstration

    • @AddiFitness he is rocking his body and using the momentum of that to carry on, his body shouldn't be moving at all bruh

    • there's nothing wrong with how he is lifting them what do u mean?

  • Or I have a better idea just go the gym

  • So its iphone only. No android support.

  • Too bad it's iPhone only

  • Those dumbbell handles are garbage, zero knurling.

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