Apple M1 MacBook Unboxing - All Models!

Publicado el 17 nov 2020
Apple's new M1 devices are here! Today we take a look at the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. I'll explain why you might want each of these in this unboxing before my full review hits the channel.
Find them here:
Apple M1 MacBook Air:
Apple M1 MacBook Pro:
Apple M1 Mac mini:
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  • Do you have any promo codes because I am getting a MacBook Pro. Thanks

  • Air or pro? Please answer in comments 🙏

  • Why are people always getting the white and grey colours for the macbooks? Am I the only one that thinks that gold colour is the best colour hands down?

  • If it's not too much to ask, can I have your spare mac? I badly need it in my online class.

  • Please make a video that how to install matlab in mac with M1 and how it's performance in matlab .❤️

  • Nice job !

  • I wish i had a loptop like that do i can go to school

  • I been using 4th gen intel windows 7 until now. I got the m1 mac mini and it feel like alien technology compare to what i had.

  • The pro is better

  • While you are talking about laptops, do you have any good recommendations for a cheap laptop that can handle a small bit of editing on videos? For a poor guy who is just starting off, love your channel 👍👍

  • Hello

  • sorry for subscribing so late

  • I want that transformer toy!

    • Nicetomeetyou.Pleasevisitthesiteforabetterexperience

  • Wowww 💚💚💚

  • Me watching this with my chromebook on Man the that thing is dope

  • The MacBook Air also better ram than the pro.

  • Is it avialable in pakistan with 100 rupees.

  • The most important question is does the Apple logo still lights up?🤔

  • 6:18 The video glitched and i thought my computer was glitching!

  • Wow it would be a dream just to own 1 MacBook

  • cool i am gonna get my macbook pro if i score good in my exams so wish me luck

  • You’re awesome man

  • The Mac mini use to be 499

  • Watch 6:17 it glitched

  • I have a question regarding Apple M1 Mac mini does it work on non Apple products? Or does the Mac mini only function with Apple devices?

  • Im getting the M1 MacBook air tomorrow while it's 1am and I can't sleep

  • when buying a mac book air how do you know it has the new M1 ? i'm looking on bestbuy and it doesnt say

    • It says Apple m1 chip also search MacBook Air m1

  • hey when you droppin the video about review of m1 macbook air?? or the pro?? its been a month

  • When are "Real Day in a Life" review coming for M1 devices?

  • Im not running anything crazy as I use my computer for school. I currently have a mid-2017 Pro w/ Intel I5 256gb 8gb RAM. If I want to stay around the same price point, am I better off getting an M1 Air 256gb 16gb RAM or an M1 Pro 256gb 8gb? Which would perform better?

  • I'm just here for the quality shots

  • I know he may not notice but his picture is crooked in the background

  • What are your thought on the AirPod Max?

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  • The Apple M1 is like Mercedes, built for performance, quality, efficiency and long lasting

  • how is your channel name UrAvgConsumer it should be the highendconsumer

  • Which one would be best for a college student? Or do you have other recommendations from different companies?

  • What you mean by extremely quite!! No fan no sound what the ff😂😂😛

  • Me being jealous for 16:45 minutes

  • Best Battery Life ( 1. Dell Latitude 9510 (18:17) 2. Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 (16:54) 3. Asus ExpertBook B9450 (16:42) 4. Apple MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M1, 2020 (16:32) 5. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15:44) 6. MacBook Air with M1 (14:41) 7. LG Gram 14 2-in-1 (2020) (14:00) 8. Dell Latitude 7400 (13:23) 9. HP Spectre x360, 13-inch, Late 2019 (13:20) 10. Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, (13:08) Good to see Apple finally catch


  • Is it just me or does his video keep stuttering?

  • what do you do with all your products after unboxing?

    • because i seriously need a macbook i’m a college student ans can’t afford it 😂

  • Man, you look like Avon Barksdale from The Wire ahah

  • It would have been interesting if they had put in a fan, half the size of the pro version.

  • I am still not sure if apple is making the two tb3 ports share the same 40Mbs bandwidth or if they are truly fully independent with 40Mbs each. Please test that. Thanks Also can you recommend external ssds since these memory limited internally un upgradeable machines use the fast ssd as a memory swap file, this makes "the external ssd the single most important addidtion you can make to your m1 mac" performance wide, especially since GPUS are not currently supported.

  • I swear to God if you Google "How to act like a White guy when you are Black" this video will came up on Google . Not what I was looking for but thanks Google.

  • .З.А.Л.У.Т.А.Л.?

  • It looks no different than the previous generation Macbook Pro. I still have my 2015 15 inch Macbook Pro that is still going strong. I'm going to upgrade the flash storage drive to 1TB though.

  • My MacBook Air 2019 is crying

  • Playing peek-a-boo with the Macbook.... This is The Way.

  • mike_hackz via I.G,thanks you for such a wonderful giveaway, I am so thrilled to be one-wahoo! a new iPhone 12max for $900 thanks alot

  • Love the performance of the M1 Mac Mini. I went with the base model and replaced my iMac setup.

  • Perfect idea from you to make this kind of comparison..

  • I recommend moon_hacker1 on instagram he helped me to get a new free apple MacBook pro he's legit and reliable, thank you sir for your good did 💯

  • At what point (in how many months/years) will Apple require users to use all M1 native software and stop supporting Universal and Rosetta 2 applications? Last time they transitioned from PPC to Intel, how many years before PPC apps no longer ran on intel Macs with Rosetta 1? How many years before they stopped shipping universal apps and only started shipping intel only apps? This time around, how long do I have before my intel apps stops working via Rosetta 2 on my M1 Macs? How long before they stop universal apps and they start shipping only M1 native apps?

  • Hey Jud, random question: do you have a model # for that UA pullover? Looks clean - I like it!

  • All thanks to *Hackmania0* via 1ig just got my friend device fixed perfectly and legit

  • All accolades to *Hackmania0* via 1insta he’s a pro he got my wife iCloud unlock perfectly and legit

  • Which is better Air or Pro, help please thanks

  • The way did what Craig did was so funny 😂😂 loved it 😂 watched it over like 100 times 😂😂😂😂

  • Does it all come with a charger?

  • And back to the store they go after being reviewed..

  • Kudos to *Hackmania0* via 1ig got got My MacBook unlock perfectly and legit within an hour

  • Uh...😍 Oh right, *ahem* the computers .. mhm🤔

  • This thumbnail is kinda identical to ijustines.

  • tell me in one or two days.

  • 10:06 Precisely why I turn the fan on before I get started 😉

  • I knew Judd was going to do a rush job with the Mini.

  • do massive tech unboxing video

  • Is there a 16 pro?

  • The Mac book air is actually $1.299 and the Mac book pro is $1.699

    • Yeah that’s said they said it was $999-$1.299 for the entry ones :( now it’s so expensive

  • Naruto Kunai's fire

  • So they all come with chargers/power plugs lol?

  • Can the new M1 apple laptop be able to work will on web design program?

  • Hey sir - Loved this video. Can you do more "nerdy" ones like this, cause I'm a nerd and this was great :-D

  • But is the screen 4k tho?

  • this channel is more like UrAvgrichboi (insert snary remark [here] )

  • So the Mini is like a CPU? I’m still confused...

  • Hol up is that the 00 ss made by ea gunpla in the vid?

  • Am I the only one who feels that the whole purpose of this channel (to be a average, mid-bar income person determining if products are worth it) is defeated by his wealth? How can someone who is rich ever make an impartial statement as to wether the product is deemed 'affordable' as well as if tis worth it when they receive things for free and buy whatever they want. No hate 💙💙 Would love some feedback on this from the community.

  • Is there a difference between the 7 core gpu and 8 core gpu MacBook Air??

    • @Apple when they made the chip,some of the chips got contaminated,so instead of dumping the chips away as it would be a huge loss of money they checked those chips and deactivated the one core that was contaminated or didn’t work properly.all the chips have 8 core cpu and gpu. The process above wiz called chip binning.

    • @Apple the MacBook Air models are all the same except the gpu cores. But I haven’t seen any reviews or videos saying anything about the performance differences that the 7 core gpu and 8 core gpu has..

    • @Apple it’s actually the gpu that is 7 core,but is the difference huge,I mean like I am a student,have have a ton of e-books and presentations,assignments that I do in my laptop,and attend classes in my laptop.

  • Mac book air is Amazing laptop 🤩

  • Apple doing the ppl like me who got the Macbook Pro 13" a few months ago dirty 🤣

  • So this is an average consumer. Entire studio.

  • Does Apple have a touch screen laptop?

  • great job

  • Hey, yes please, deliver a video with the iMac Mini connected to the TV. Yeah! That will be so cool to see how the system will function.

  • Can I use Parallels in M1??

  • Nice now I can grab the Mac mini and iPad Pro

  • The macbook pro literally replaced the baseline macbook pro with 2 tb ports. Don’t know what you are on about here

  • He has all the tech and gadgets. And me decide to shutdown my channel. I've been a fan of yours. You've inspired me, but i don't have money to buy all the techs and gadgets you have. 😔😔😔

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I’m not a fan. So can I use the mac Book air?

    • I recommend *generatingtools* on instagram he just helped me unlock my MacBook

  • I watched MKB latest review of MBP 13” w/ M1. Curious to see your review