Apple Watch Series 7 Unboxing & Hands On!

Publicado el 13 oct 2021
We got our hands on the brand new Apple Watch Series 7! How about a quick unboxing and look at all the new features?

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  • You can clearly see the bleed-over on the edges in your video….your crew must still be asleep! Great video btw!

    • His crew is just A bunch of haters

    • @DOGE[tm] responds to old comments Yeah. I received a lot but I just ignored it too and nothing ever happened.

    • @TylerThaTruth .. which watch would you recommend for someone with heart problems

    • @La Chale Renee’ fake, don't fall for it

    • Relax guys, there's nothing you can do about these 'scammers'. They're just bots programmed to mimic popular YTers, just ignore it.

  • What is Floyd Mayweather doing here? Just subscribed. ;)

  • Please any advice, my SE watch keeps unpairing since the new update. Like it pairs and straight away unpairs.

  • Oh good sir, i have a question, i have the series 7 and i was wondering if i get a Hermes or Nike watch band, do i get the matching watch face?

  • is the apple Watch 7 WaterProof ?

  • Haven’t watched in a year your getting built beother 👍🏻


  • After Tiles Apple has just appropriated FlickType work and worse, even removed the application from the store to force people to switch to the Watch 7. And it doesn't shock anyone Why and how people turn a blind eye to the actions of this company 😢. Every year Apple kills companies using the same process, but the rest do not react until it hits them, believing they are safe.

  • 😭😭😭🥺🥺😩😩🥺

  • I winced so hard at how you pulled on that cable at 1:49. It kinked right in the center as you tugged

  • So I can just take the Apple Watch into water and not worry about it as long as I don’t go over the limit? Or do I always have to turn on the water lock feature?

  • Nice !!!! 😍

  • Never had Apple watch before. Planning on getting one. 🙂🙂

  • UrAvgConsumer ??… Nah, UrAvgBodyBuilder See you bro! 💪🏾

  • Where do you get the Nike band from

  • Ну 🤷🏻‍♂️. Не уверен, что они мне нужны. Кажется, что это баловство.

  • Looks nice, was hoping to uppgrade from my Series 0, but of course, it's impossible to get a hold of.

  • Looking at the background and seeing the Path train makes me homesick.

  • How did you get the Nike Edition in Green I Can’t find it anywhere

  • Did i miss it because which size is this?

  • The Nike edition doesn’t come in green wtfff

  • Looks great. @2 questions: What size is your wrist dia? And what was the app you were looking at for the faces ?

  • Uh so how do I get that keyboard??

  • Me i will wait for Apple Watch 10. Hope that the battery lasts like a week and we have new tools like an Aliens ping, BP and BG.

  • They did make a midnight green series 6. I really wanted it but all they had was black🤷‍♂️

  • Is it worth the upgrade if u have a 4?

  • its entertaining to watch this rather than other reviews, ur interaction with cameraman feels like u talking to us. ur team is great, shout out to cameraman 🙌🏽

  • Can you link your bracelet

  • Does the nike band fit on the series 6?

  • Is the keyboard on the smaller series 7? another product Marty McFly would love 😎 “hey.. Doc” walkie talkie ^__^=

  • Your unboxing was fire as usual bruh but I think that am going to stick with my Apple Watch 5 until I see a real just towards a new design. Hey where did you get that fire 🔥 shirt, and what company makes it? 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Hi, Very grateful for you, as usual great video. Are there an applications to play ESmain and internet browser? Thank you

  • Bro you're freaking hot and Apple Watch Series 7 is freaking awesome!

  • This guy's beard will never fully grow it's been five years 😭

  • Can the watch charger be use on your phone????

  • You for sure not average consumer :D

  • The waggish visitor allegedly overflow because middle mechanically sigh above a possessive fairies. annoying, round knight

  • 4:50 Thank you for showing this, you’re the first person I found to show it instead of just talking about it. I would like to see how it looks with a full screen face, like the photos/portrait face

  • Thanks for sharing. I will get one for sure. My first Apple Watch. btw - Did you order those 2 extra bands?

  • On other news… the Apple Watch series 7 is a pumped up series6 with a different screen. Period. Is it worth to upgrade? If you have a series6 hell no… wait until the redesign comes next year, if you have a series3 sure the series7 is a good bet but honestly, the SE is even a more affordable option over the 7 that is just as dope. Especially if your coming from like a 3/4

  • Bro I’m digging your bands! 🤑

  • Mans putting on some size!! 💪🏻🤝

  • Better they increase the brightness it’s too dark screen

  • Is there anyone out there also got the nike edition? Can you please also review the nike edition of apple watch series 7? Huhu

  • damn exactly the kind of video im looking for. Not some guy sitting at a table telling me that its not worth upgrading

  • Watch the total on my receipt. The total is $754.56.

  • WHY is Apple giving ppl a brand new series 7 watch with usb C input and NO CHARGING BRICK!? They really irritating me at this point just forcing ppl to spend more money

  • Nope……you’re not it!

  • Why the 30fps? It hurts my eyes. Transitions are jittery due to this low frame rate.

  • Nice top dude! What brand is it?

  • This is a video about your biceps. Christ 😳

  • Jud, is the photo feature being brought forward (in front of the time - time stamp - 3:42) a series 7 specific feature? I own a 6 but I can't seem to do that with mine. I'm assuming it might be because of the larger screen but not sure.


  • Looks just like my Apple Watch 6 😂

  • Educative piece 👍

  • Dislike for ads

  • I didn't crack the screen of my Series 4, but I did get a very small round chip on the edge of the glass. I hope my new Series 7 is indeed more durable. I should probably add a case protector for everyday non-dressy use. Thanks for the video. I could see the edge display ;)

  • Which adapter does this apple watch 7 usb-c compatible with? There is 20w for usb-c but wouldnt it be too big for a watch ?

  • My Apple Watch Nike First edition each screen broke and I was like was it because of basketball and I took it to the Apple store and they determined it was the battery swelled up inside and bushed the screen out

  • That green looks beautiful I'm getting it 😍

  • Nice feature that keyboard. To bad apple chooses to not support many other languages other than english for it. Dutch is (as usual) not supported.

  • I dropped by to look at the new watch, but ended up staring at your biceps throughout the video- sorry! 😄

  • Where can you find that green nike sport loop band? Can’t find it on the Apple site.

  • Klockan är alltså inte gjord för Swe som inte kan tala engelska?

  • Great video Jud!

  • A woman I know told me that she and her friends find it queer when they see a man wearing an Apple watch or any digital watch for that matter.

    • Really?! My husband wears his daily. For me I see it as someone who is trying to be healthier. To me a guy that wears a watch is attractive.

  • I love my apple watch se 44mm, but im getting the 41 mm series 7 midnight. Guna look sweet matching with my 13 mini midnight

  • Does the Nike band work inside out? Would have been perfect if it had no logo and was just solid green.

  • Lol new features, there is only 1 really the bigger screen. I’m glad I’m sticking with my S5 for a year longer and just got a new band. Hopefully next year we will see a new health feature.

  • Nice colour choices love the strap!

  • I bought the series 6 2 weeks ago cry

  • Witch size was you showing?

  • Mine Shipped today! Will get green aluminium tomorrow!

  • Yeah its pretty clean and nive however, it not worth the upgrade yet ...

  • Wouldve been nice if your cameraman showed us what you were looking at when you were talking about the bleeding edges with the numbers.. oh well.

  • Today’s video buzz word… “CLEEEEEEEEAN!!!!!”

  • Can't wait to get mine. I went for a SS LTE version in 45mm. Never had SS before. Looking forward to it getting here... in 6 to 8 weeks :-(

  • Why is it so hard to take out? It’s not, I think you’re the problem 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m joking.

  • I actually reeeeallllyyyy like that bike band. The black one looks so so good

  • next year they will say since every has straps we will take out it from the box

  • Green lantern

  • 😳

  • 😍

  • ❤️

  • Why is the camera man moving so much? This is not the first video that is so shaky. If it is meant to look like this, then it is very shaky.

  • do you have the 41mm or 45mm version here? i think i'm going to buy the 45mm version.

  • Alumenum?????

  • Apple Watch upgrade are the most point less thing in my opinion the Apple Watch se is just fine and probably will be for the next five years. I honest don’t even use my Apple Watch I love it and wish I did more but it just doesn’t even cross my mind to use it

  • Was that 41mm or 45?

  • It's hard to find in the green color of the Nike Sports Loop Band introduced in the video. Nike Sport Loop Band Khaki?

  • Not Carl saying ow 😭

  • did you get GPS version or cellleur

  • Hello

  • How he get his watch already I pre ordered mine on the first day it was available and mine is still in processing and not shipped yet 😢

  • Hmmm, not seeing enough to upgrade from my series 6. Looking forward to your review!

  • Everybody going for the green color 🙈😊

  • 👌🏼