Apple Watch Series 7 Unboxing & Hands On!

Publicado el 12 oct 2021
We got our hands on the brand new Apple Watch Series 7! How about a quick unboxing and look at all the new features?

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Apple Watch Series 7 -

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  • You can clearly see the bleed-over on the edges in your video….your crew must still be asleep! Great video btw!

    • His crew is just A bunch of haters

    • @DOGE[tm] responds to old comments Yeah. I received a lot but I just ignored it too and nothing ever happened.

    • @TylerThaTruth .. which watch would you recommend for someone with heart problems

    • @La Chale Renee’ fake, don't fall for it

    • Relax guys, there's nothing you can do about these 'scammers'. They're just bots programmed to mimic popular YTers, just ignore it.

  • Yoooo I need to get me a green Nike band! That looks clean!!! 💚 Another awesome video!

    • Where did you find the green nike band? Don’t see one available anywhere

    • the nike bands with the holes in them are sooo nice i got the white/black one and havent changed it since

    • Was upset when I realised there wasn’t a green nike edition watch, only the band available

    • I cant find it! is it the 'khaki' one?

    • I just brought the white and grey Nike band with the swoosh on the side. Pretty sick.

  • Massive respect to you men.. I hope you daily realize where you came from and still being proud of the people you now get to work with.. the energy waves your on now.. and the positive vibes and achievements you’re getting from being dedicated for such a long time.. nothing but love bro ♥️

  • its entertaining to watch this rather than other reviews, ur interaction with cameraman feels like u talking to us. ur team is great, shout out to cameraman 🙌🏽

  • I don’t care about a brighter always on display lol I want one that has a 48 hour battery life😂

    • Jeg er kul!

    • Y’all acting like the Apple Watch isn’t a whole ass iPhone on your wrist; batteries are batteries, you simply will not get that much use if you’re not topping it off daily and using it tethered to your phone 90% of the time. You can’t compare it to the Fitbit, etc., when the functionalities are so disparate. It’s still an accessory - with tons of features - at the end of the day.

    • @Christy Marshall I have the se and it lasts me 2 days with no problem, 3 with light use

    • Go make one then \(•_•)/

    • @Samuel Manny Fitbit is one of the best. Ou it's a better option than apple watch. How about your try to understand his point of view instead of trash talking

  • More great content, as usual. Time to order one!

  • I have this series 7 watch face on my series 3 😉

    • Ever heard the expression ‘you can’t polish a turd’ 🤯

    • E DI WOW 🙄

    • Yeah but functionality is not the same as original one. Like complication or tap it in order to do some action or like the new series 7 watch face supposed to move with the rotation of digital crown. I would say the visual aspect is okay, but functionality is bad.

    • Tim cook wants to know your location!!

    • Hello 👋

  • Actually, in addition to the smaller bezels, the watch is bigger. 45mm vs 44mm.

  • Looks nice, was hoping to uppgrade from my Series 0, but of course, it's impossible to get a hold of.

  • I didn't crack the screen of my Series 4, but I did get a very small round chip on the edge of the glass. I hope my new Series 7 is indeed more durable. I should probably add a case protector for everyday non-dressy use. Thanks for the video. I could see the edge display ;)

  • Thanks for the information, I just ordered a type c charging block from Amazon since I don’t have one yet, this video was useful :)

  • FINALLY!!!!!! Someone that's not lying! I can't wait until my watch ships!!! Thank you for this unboxing :)!

  • I’ve been rockin’ my apple watch 2 since got out. And couple days ago i managed to crack the screen. I guess it was time for new watch. Hopefully on friday i will rock with the new one 💪

  • Love the new unboxing videos 👍🏾💙

  • 4:50 Thank you for showing this, you’re the first person I found to show it instead of just talking about it. I would like to see how it looks with a full screen face, like the photos/portrait face

  • I need to get three things after watching this video: A green Apple Watch, that cool knife he used to open the box and finally, a tight grey shirt similar to the one he’s wearing. On reflection, I’ll skip the tight grey shirt. Not quite ready for that just yet.

  • Man….Jud is serious about maintaining his tech. Good man. 👍🏽

  • I can't wait! It'll be my first Apple watch. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing. I will get one for sure. My first Apple Watch. btw - Did you order those 2 extra bands?

  • i had my SE in 44mm for 3 months and dropped it while not wearing it bc i was holding it and it shattered😭 i had barely got it and thought i wouldn’t need insurance on it at first bc it’s a watch and when i went to go fix it they wanted 190. i was not gonna pay that so now i’m gonna buy the 7!!

  • Are we going to ignore how buff our boi is getting?

  • Cool video! Waiting on mine to arrive was curious about the Nike sports band and you covered that of course Green is my color more olive drab.., subscribed 👍🏼 my kind of dude channel very chill and relaxed

  • I still have my series 0 and I’m still using it today no cracks either! I’m thinking about finally upgrading to the series 7

    • @Frankie Garcia I got the 3 and se 😂

    • @Angel Perez hmmmm I think it’s a bit odd in my personal opinion cause I like the gold with the gold Milanese band since it stands out the most. If you get the gold Apple Watch then make it stand out with the gold Milanese loop!

    • @Frankie Garcia what color im thinking gold stainless steel with graphite milanese band.good combo or nah?

    • Bro. Just do it already lmao

    • @Dubious Words 😂😂😂 that sounds funny. Just get a case that holds everything together or maybe just scotch tape it.😂

  • Love the review ….Apple watch 7 looks sick! Digging the necklace as well. If I don’t mind me asking where u get it? Been looking for something like that for awhile.

  • Can't wait to get mine. I went for a SS LTE version in 45mm. Never had SS before. Looking forward to it getting here... in 6 to 8 weeks :-(

  • Never had Apple watch before. Planning on getting one. 🙂🙂

  • I like the green :) gonna switch out my watch so I can match my phone now lol

  • Your unboxing was fire as usual bruh but I think that am going to stick with my Apple Watch 5 until I see a real just towards a new design. Hey where did you get that fire 🔥 shirt, and what company makes it? 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • I love this guy , much respect

    • @Brandon Chutt it’s a scam

  • Just ordered mine on Saturday I can’t wait to get it 🤙🏼 amazing review!

  • Hmmm, not seeing enough to upgrade from my series 6. Looking forward to your review!

  • Jud, is the photo feature being brought forward (in front of the time - time stamp - 3:42) a series 7 specific feature? I own a 6 but I can't seem to do that with mine. I'm assuming it might be because of the larger screen but not sure.

  • I like the green color on the new Apple Watch ⌚️ Great video 👍🏽

  • I really enjoyed your review. The green looks awesome with that Nike band and all of the other green ones too. Can I get some info on your necklace and pendant? They look really good. Where did you get them from? Thank you.

  • Looks great. @2 questions: What size is your wrist dia? And what was the app you were looking at for the faces ?

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • I'm just your Average Consumer... just kidding but the videos are nice. I'm here to see if the Series 7 is good enough or if it's a series 6 with a slightly curved and slightly larger screen. Either way I Loved the Series 6 but the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic made me never wear the series 6. Thanks to Google the Smartwatch King is now Samsung!

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • Agradezco su servicio, el mío acaba de ser reparado, gracias por su trabajo, señor🔝🔝🔝

  • A few years ago Apple got rid of their phone chargers to reduce packaging waste, but then Watch 7 comes in 3 boxes?

  • Preordered this with the leather link band, both sequoia green :) Can't wait

  • damn, i havent watched this channel in a while, gonna start watching again

  • That green looks beautiful I'm getting it 😍

  • Does the nike band fit on the series 6?

  • Oh good sir, i have a question, i have the series 7 and i was wondering if i get a Hermes or Nike watch band, do i get the matching watch face?

  • Great video I’m liking the new Apple Watch 7

  • Looks just like my Apple Watch 6 😂

  • Had planned on getting the 6 but as soon as this came out. They let the 6 go 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Im used to 5-7 day battery on my smart watch....HARD NO until we get 5+ day battery.

  • I love your videos💕💖

  • I love my apple watch se 44mm, but im getting the 41 mm series 7 midnight. Guna look sweet matching with my 13 mini midnight

  • I just got the blue one and it’s pretty dope

  • Which adapter does this apple watch 7 usb-c compatible with? There is 20w for usb-c but wouldnt it be too big for a watch ?

  • Is it worth the upgrade if u have a 4?

  • Love the package ? Is over packed thought Apple was meant to be going more green environment friendly …..

  • I had my Apple Watch for 2 years and I was riding my bike and flipped over the handlebars and landed right on my series 3 and broke the screen. To fix it i need a new touch sensor, glass and screen😢 but I am hopping for the series 7 for Christmas

  • Nice colour choices love the strap!

  • Thanks for another awesome video!!

  • So I can just take the Apple Watch into water and not worry about it as long as I don’t go over the limit? Or do I always have to turn on the water lock feature?

  • I still have the series 4. Is the 7 worth the upgrade? Or should I find the series 6 on a discount?

    • @Brandon Never thought of that.

    • @JoshuaF88 just get the battery replaced

    • Depends on if you want to save money or not. I got my 6 on discount for $300 earlier in the year. But if you don’t want to drop $400 I say go with SE.

    • I’m in the same boat with a Series 4. My battery doesn’t hold a great charge anymore so I feel like I have to upgrade.

    • 6

  • Apple Watch upgrade are the most point less thing in my opinion the Apple Watch se is just fine and probably will be for the next five years. I honest don’t even use my Apple Watch I love it and wish I did more but it just doesn’t even cross my mind to use it

  • Tbh this watch looks great.

  • I’m still rocking the series 2, and it may be time to upgrade lmao

    • I'm rocking the series 3, and i'm deciding of buying this one or wait for a refresh design

  • Me i will wait for Apple Watch 10. Hope that the battery lasts like a week and we have new tools like an Aliens ping, BP and BG.

  • What is that sport band you’re wearing at the beginning? Love the color!

  • I wonder if all of it the series 7 watch comes with a Nike band as well? I purchased the same watch, but different color.

  • Can the watch charger be use on your phone????

  • Please any advice, my SE watch keeps unpairing since the new update. Like it pairs and straight away unpairs.

  • This video was amazing hands down

  • Is it only me who feels the audio is always way too soft in this channel?

  • “Does it come with a band” IT BETTER!!!!

  • I wish the Sapphire screen option didn't double the price

  • 3:40 oh damn! Now I want the S7 LOL

  • I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max in midnight green and I pre ordered the green indeed for that reason to see them side by side!😁 I like it

    • @anna I ordered the red one to match my iPhone 11

  • Keep up with the great work and how’s the family doing bro

  • Hey man should i upgrade my Apple Watch series 6 to the new Apple watch series 7 can someone please let me know

  • Can it still pair with a iPhone 11 Pro ?

  • How many wattage charging to the Watch Series7?

  • It only comes with the charging cable not the wall charger to plug it into?

  • Ok so I can now buy series 4 😎

  • Will series 6 case protectors fit the new 7 since you mentioned the body is identical?

  • They did make a midnight green series 6. I really wanted it but all they had was black🤷‍♂️

  • Can you add two apple watches to the iPhone Apple Watch app ? Or have to delete old watch ?

  • how do you get that photo with the time behind it displayed on the watch

  • Hi, Very grateful for you, as usual great video. Are there an applications to play ESmain and internet browser? Thank you

  • Life lesson - Shrink the bezel for a 20% increase in size. 😂

  • Haven’t watched in a year your getting built beother 👍🏻

  • On other news… the Apple Watch series 7 is a pumped up series6 with a different screen. Period. Is it worth to upgrade? If you have a series6 hell no… wait until the redesign comes next year, if you have a series3 sure the series7 is a good bet but honestly, the SE is even a more affordable option over the 7 that is just as dope. Especially if your coming from like a 3/4

  • damn exactly the kind of video im looking for. Not some guy sitting at a table telling me that its not worth upgrading

  • Can we have an update now ? Lol but with both 41mm & the 45mm ? Like accessories and stuff .

  • I wish they would do more with the midnight green, better than the product red

  • I love the video is cool. What series is your previous watch?

  • Does the Nike band work inside out? Would have been perfect if it had no logo and was just solid green.

  • Waiting for the apple watch with square edges..

  • I just wish Apple would license the old Palm scribble, which worked awesome, and it was fast - and almost 15 YEARS ago!!! No more of this scribe/texting…

  • UAC looking swole 💪🏻

  • 5:15 if it's really subtle, then it's pretty much a gimmick or basically a tech demo feature.