Awesome Back to School Tech 2021! (Baller Edition)

Publicado el 21 ago 2021
It's Back to School time! Today we've got some gear for the baller's out there (but still pretty affordable). Don't worry though, the budget edition version is coming soon!
Check out the HP Omen 16 here:

Find everything here:
Mark Ryden Backpack -
Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 -
Beats Flex -
Portable Charger:
Ravpower USB C portable charger -
Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD -
HP Omen 16 here:
HP Omen 25i Gaming Monitor :
Moleskine Pen+ and smart Notebook -
Work from home gear:
Starspace Flip-Up Arms Office Gaming Chair -
Design LT06 Adjustable Laptop Table -

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  • Yeah, as always, backpack in US -> 65$, here in EU, same backpack 125Euro, which is about 145$. This is crazy! Also please create 1 video for traveling (weekends, may be 3-4 days long trips), where you can have your tech (laptop, power bank, may be tablet, and small camera), but also space for clothes and other important stuff for weekend, 3-4 days trip.

  • Budget edition ?

  • Wait who buys a monitor for college 😑😑😑😑 At 4:21

  • what i want is the mic u using for the video XD, nice video btw !

  • Are you going to post a budget edition?

  • I already graduated but I’m still coppin EVERYTHING lol thanks bro 😎 aka update: work accessories 😆

  • When are u dropping the budget edition ??

  • There was never a budget edition

  • No budget edition multiple months later from the “average” consumer.

  • Bruh no budget edition

  • Ayo where’s the budget edition?🤣

  • Awesome 👍

  • Wheres the budget version?

  • Is there a budget edition of this video?

  • Very interesting vid

  • How can a gaming monitor be back to school

  • Where is the budget edition

  • Still waiting for the budget edition...

  • Are you in Chicago? I infer that the train outside the window goes to Roosevelt Station is the orange/green line. 0:11

  • don't you just love when they blow the budget on a 2,000 dollar laptop that literally no student really needs

  • Is the bottom of the laptop compartment padded at the bottom as well, or is it a false bottom one?

  • noice dude

  • Where is the budget edition?

  • 9:11 LOL my man trying to Catch'Em All xD!

  • Sir can you suggest more gaming/work laptops like the one just showed for back to school

  • $64 for a bag 😳

  • When budget edition is coming waiting for that for long time

  • Already decided to get the backpack after like 10sec of him talking about it😂

  • Where’s the budget set up boss

  • first time i've ever heard of the Omen laptop, we dont have that here yet in the Philippines. I own that Anker headphones, im such a huge fan of Anker products!

  • Budget 🥲

  • budget???

  • I feel like uravgconsumer is a homie giving tech tips fr, not some dude just reading a script

  • It's kinda weird that you guys finish school in the middle of the year instead of the end of the year

  • no tablets!? :(

  • Bro, soon as you've got all this stuff, help a brother out and lend me a laptop 😂

  • Woooooo!!!!!!! I was excited when I saw this video!

  • Carl😭😭😂😂

  • Mad about school but missed these back to school vids

  • Baller like bball players ??

  • I’m a uni student from London, got the backpack recomended in this video! It’s incredible….I study design and this bag I will be raving about all year. It actually is sooooo well made and thought out.


  • My "budget" is 15 bucks

  • Is there anyone watching this video and want to buy these,but having hard time collecting fees for school 👀.

  • “Since it’s for students I kept price in mind” See most stuff here costs more than $10 so I don’t think you did

  • Don’t buy that chair. Your skin sticks to it and it hurts your back after a long time of sitting. Definitely get a £/€/$50 ergonomic office chair. Or just standing is better than that chair

  • 😂😂😂😂 who else can’t afford any of this shit??

  • Not mad any more because of the tech

  • Bruh, man feels like a sell-out

  • I have the 15 omen still works great

  • I been watching these videos since 5th grade and I’m about to be a high school freshman

  • Thank you

  • Please budget edition

  • does the bakpack fit a Xbox one X in it and headset plus 2 controllers?

  • Where do I get this hat from? @uravgconsumer

  • WOW shots fired at transparency mode. Obviously just a price add feature... Don't be a douche when people are talking to you, take one cup off or both.

  • I have the Anker Soundcore Q30s in pink and I’m telling you…go go go get it get it get it! Probably the best headphones for such an affordable price point. The app is super cool too 😍

  • 7:11 he says it has 12 hours of battery life but when pairing it’s at 7% 😭

  • Thanks to this vid i decided to buy this Backpack for school use and i need to Say ill call it cool one

  • Me watching back to school even though I’m not in school anymore 🗿

  • Just get a Xbox series s and a chromebook for school and gaming

  • So is the omen laptop really really good cuz I need a laptop quick

  • Freshmen I’m highschool🥳🥳😬😬

  • *so much ball he needs a sponsor*

  • Covid19 : I am Immortal💀💀

  • Train

  • omen's build quality though

  • Awesome backpack

  • "Awesome Back to Hell Tech 2012! (Baller Editio)"

  • not sure the headphones are suitable for baller edition. i expect at least sony xm4

  • Headphones : Transparency mode is available.. Me : Hell no I didn't buy a headphone to hear people I'm doing the complete opposite

  • Where the laptop link at?

  • For engineering students who are likely to do 3d cad work and run simulations, lower specd models of this laptop are very adequate, not exaggerated

  • can someone give me a total on this?

  • You forgot the link for the laptop 😂

  • The Soundcore Life q30 are wayyy better than beats I’ve used. For the price the headphone are definitely worth it

  • Yo Judd where can I cop one of those ball caps??

  • Where can i buy that laptop

  • W

  • 3:30, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a thunderbolt/usb4 port?

  • HP advertisement video.

  • I'm waiting for the budget version. I already bought a few things from your 2018 budget video and a cheaper laptop. It's cool to see that some of the stuff from previous years is still relevant today.

  • Dude even if there is good wifi, I always prefer ethernet

  • I’m watching this with the Soundcore Life Q30s, very underrated, they’re amazing for under 100$. Sound isn’t perfect, but if you like a v shaped sound curve, this has it.

  • Just love the background

  • That notebook is sick as fuck ngl

  • I'm sorry but I have the omengaming laptop and it is terrible to type on. It's not the keyboard however it's the front lip of the machine its so sharp you need to wear long sleeves or put an awkward cloth over it which covers the mouse pad.

  • I think it's irresponsible to recommend such an expensive gaming laptop (or any gaming laptop at all for that matter) as a "back to school" device. I know that they're sponsoring the video but at least have a disclaimer saying that you're only recommending because they're paying you off

  • Too expensive

  • I would like to see a budget neckband earphones in the budget edition video. I'm still trying find the right one

  • Dude that Moleskine notebook+pen was sick! Definite work use!

  • Im in chicago let me be your editor or help me meet him I’m trying to make it

  • Dang, the back pack is unavailable now dawg. Woulda been perfect for Seattle weather where it stay raining but hopefully in stock again at some point, the space on it looked good too since imma be commuting this year

  • Wireless headphones are good for kids or people who are afraid of losing the buds.

  • Sees "baller edition" eh...its a regular video

  • I own the Soundcore headphones for like a year now i think i still havent charged them 😂 They r 🔥 def recommend.

  • WOW! Added some stuff to my Amazon cart. Keep up the great videos man, love watching your videos just has this 🔥 vibe. 🙌

  • hey, do you think it's worth waiting for the new MacBook Pro? I'm a music tech major so multi-tasking and heavy processing is a constant problem for my computer now

    • M1 and subsequent series are built for max performance per watt and not sheer performance. So yes you can wait for the next gen mbps but they’ll likely cost more than the current M1 MBP because they prolly replace the 16” intel ones

  • I'm in need of a laptop and I might need that laptop. 🖤🤘🏽

  • Back to school but you don’t even go to school 😂😂