Best Wedding Surprise Ever!

Publicado el 6 ago 2016
Our wedding day, July 9th 2016, was perfect! Check out the video of our day PLUS an awesome surprise Jud got for Arie! Be sure to look out for the vlog to see behind the scenes AND the honeymoon to Bora Bora! HUGE shout out to Blue Moon Video Productions for the incredible footage and production of our wedding video.

Check them out here - and see more pics of our day!

Our honeymoon vlog:

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  • Maybe u can link me to the videographer who did this video for u. Or did u do it yourself?

    • I am facing financial issues, kindly help me any one please? I lost my job last 7month back please save my family. I am from India

    • Imma day one!!

    • @UrAvgConsumer ohh

    • @UrAvgConsumer can you link a brotha to o e of them bridesmaids tho👀👀

    • Top 1 electric bracelet that shocks when 5 miles away from wife

  • Fantastic video man. Glad to have a glimpse into the moment. Congrats to both of you!

  • 4 years late....but it still beautiful! Man, so happy for you two!

  • That was beautiful! 💑 Congratulations you two!!

  • Congrats I'm so happy for you. I don't know how you did this recording but the theme, the script, the testimony, capturing this best moment of your life in this video in my opinion is one of amazing video in the world put together in this way where its not only reflects your personal journey, love story and leading to this heavenly reunion but an inspiration to many couples out there. Happy Marriage and togetherness of all these years, keep up your good hardwork. I always pray for God to bless, protect and favor you.

  • Y'all make me proud and are great role models. I wish you the best.

  • This was just so BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations and I pray that God continue to bless you & your family🤴🏾👸🏾💗....🧒🏾👧🏾

  • I haven't ever met you but damn you just seem like the coolest dude and I'm so happy for you. Stay awesome man

  • Congrats for both of you👰🏾🤵🏾 Amazing wedding, amazing video! Be always close to one another, and love and honor all over❤️

  • Amazing!!! Congratulations to you both! Many blessings and prayers on your union and continued journey together!

  • I wonder who in the world dislikes this and why!

    • I am facing financial issues, kindly help me any one please? I lost my job last 7month back please save my family. I am from India

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    • CG so all them dislikers are racist whites. Get real kid.

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  • I love this ❤️Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Aura! You are a breathtaking couple.

  • This is absolutely a beautiful couple and wedding!! Wow!! Many blessings to you both!! 😘

  • That was absolutely beautiful! The gift was apparently one another💞

  • So happy for the both of you congratulations and wishing you two many more years to come and many more blessings! 👏🏾😉🥂

  • Man I stumbled upon your channel in a hopes to find some tech advice...this really defines dedication to a channel and better yet, dedication to a significant other! this video was simply beautiful, thank you for allowing us into your personal lives, and for this amazing video. You guys are beautiful and this video made a man tear up!

  • Congratulations, I wish you guys all the best in life!

  • The dislikes are from the people who were unable to marry their loved ones😁😂

  • This is beautiful all the way around! Thanks for displaying your love for all the world to see! God bless you and your wife!!!!! Many blessings!

  • Made my day happy to see u guys finally get married ❤️❤️

  • this was simply beautiful, and you actually given me something I can do for my wife the day whenever i get married

  • Congratulations! I am so VERY happy for you. Continued blessings in all you do!

  • This is so beautiful!!! I love the relationship and all that black love you two exhibit 🖤🖤

    • Mike R nothing wrong with being proud of it by why bring it to a place where it’s not needed. Maybe more pro blacks needs to be successful and start marrying black. That’s where comments like this are needed. This commenter doesn’t even know him and she’s saying this shit like he agrees.

    • @The crap lord Sell maybe its because when black men get successful, more than a few times we marry outside our race. It's just good to see black love. Why is that a problem for so many people to hear? We can't be proud?

    • Ma’at Family Chronicles!!!! “Black love” why not just love. Stop with the labels. What’s next, “black normal people” lol

  • one of the few wedding videos where i genuinely felt the true love and passion through the videography. It's hard to capture the intimate moments and the videographer did it so well

  • So beautiful! Wishing you both the very best!

  • congrats man. I've watched your channel grow and just started subscribed silently while never commenting. I always took your recommendations. me and my girlfriend built our gadget lifestyles around it and was always glad to see and ari smile. it reminded USD about us lol. glad you guys took the plunge and hoping it'll be us next. Congrats and enjoy your long loving and cute marriage!

  • I keep re watching this once in a while because it's just full of so much joy it brightens my day

  • Aww you both chose a wonderful venue. As it was the same place my cousin wedded his beautiful bride. It was truly a magical memorable place. CONGRATS again!

  • This video made me so happy, to see you guys special day! 😆

  • This is such a great glimpse into your wedding day. Love the cinematography

  • That was so beautiful! Many blessings to the wonderful couple! That venue...😍😍😍

  • Congratulations to both of you... best wishes🥂💍

  • This was so beautiful I hope u guys last an eternity together 😤❤️

  • OMG I know I'm late but I remember watching your videos and wondering when the big day would come 😍😍 I love you guys!!! May your Union be blessed 💕

  • So beautiful ☺️ My heart just melted 😍

  • You know what it shouldnt be the case, but I think I have to mention that this video sends such a good messege to black american kids watching. Its shows a loving, dedicated, successful, creative, caring and intelligent couple focusing on really positive things in their lives and falling in love. I think black kids in america need more role models like you guys, theres so much negative media/ pop culture being thrown at them.

    • i felt your comment kinda bit racist bro

  • Beautiful wedding...Congrats! :))

  • This video brought tears to my eyes congratulations bro, even though we don't know each other. I wish you guys Gods best!

  • 😱 OMG! wow! That's an awesome wedding gift for his wife ❤

  • Just like a movie trailer, wow! This is stunning Jud, long life and prosperity to you both.

  • I would love to see the whole Wedding. This is Beautiful.

  • Beautiful couple

  • I am so so happy for you guys!!!

  • I followed you guys for a long time and I always enjoy watch your videos. Your chemistry, your friendship and your huge love are so funny and sweet and you guys are one of the most sweetest couples I've ever seen.. So while I watched that video I couldn't resist to get so emotional and cry a bit.. lol. I wish you alot of joy and happiness with each other!

  • Such a beautiful wedding video! Beautiful couple 💜💜💜💯

  • Ahh! This is so beautiful! Stunning bride! Congrats! I got married last year too!

    • Do I go to a vlog channel for honeymoon fun? I can't find the video :)

  • I don't know much about this youtuber but he seems awesome, his wife seems awesome and i have one question, just why, why are there any dislikes on this video?

    • @Neal okay, but why? I couldn't think of anything besides that they're black

    • Maybe they're jealous

    • Because he didn't put the background song in the description

    • Darius people just randomly dislike videos and because it’s short

    • They're black

  • You two are the cutest, love seeing you together!

  • Congratulations! May you have a happy and long life together.

  • congrats guys, you guys are such a great couple :)

  • Wasn't expecting something to send chill down my spine. Wish you guys a blissful marriage although I'm a year and a bit to late haha

  • Beautiful wedding!!!

  • Wow I've never felt so genuinely happy for a ESmainr ever! I think I almost shed a tear!!

  • I know I'm late but congratulations. The ceremony looked beautiful

  • Congratulations I wish you guys live happily forever After

  • Amazing!!! Congratulations to you both! Many blessings and prayers on your union and continued journey together!

  • congratulations man, wish you and your wife nothing but happiness. I'm truly inspired

  • glad we were able them to give them their wedding of there dreams 'cause without our views or likes or subscribes, this wedding would not have been possible. so you're welcome guys! and congrats!

  • I say this is a perfect wedding

  • This video is next level! Made me feel like I was there

  • Congratulations to you both and happy anniversary

  • This vid was amazing, I know I'm late but congrats and wish you guys the best.

  • I love weddings, its truly a time to be happy.


  • You can tell they are so in love. Beautiful wedding

  • Congratulations you two 💞

  • Big congrats you two had the wedding on my b day even bigger congrats 👌

    • Same🎉🎉

  • Congratulations!! Both of u look soo happy🥺🥺. God bless both of you❤❤

  • Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!

  • I love this. Congrats!

  • Lovely. Congratulations to you both.

  • The bride is beautiful. Congrats to you both.

  • Congratulations 🎊 ma man you deserve the best 💜💜💜

  • congratulations what a wonderful wedding !!

  • You guys are perfect. 😍❤️

  • this is dope!! congrats and i hope nothing but great moments to you and your wife.

  • You both look awesome happy together widh you loads of joy ❤️🤗

  • You two are a beautiful couple. Congrats and goodluck :)

  • That was beautiful! 😀💯⭐

  • Wooo ...that was so amazing ..this made my day ....wish you a very happy life together

  • Such a beautiful wedding

  • Omg I just found out that you guys were married & like a cry baby I cried congratulations 🍾 ❤️

  • Congrats and may you guys live in harmony and a whole lot more tech for both of you

  • Beautiful! Congrats!!

  • Congrats to the Beautiful Couple,May GOD'💙 BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

  • Wow!!! I'm more than a few years late, just watched this video... Very beautifully put together.... Congratulations!!!

  • This was really nice-whoever shared this-thank you. Shows you can't believe the negativity! I like how they persevered and express their partnership!

  • Ive bin watching him a long time , this is so moving . I send you lots of love.

  • Congrats! Very nice video! I need to make one for my wedding!

  • Beautiful couple and lovely wedding.

  • Omg you two are actually like the cutest couple to walk this earth XD

  • This is SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • You guys are such a sweet couple!!!

  • Just lovely ❤️

  • This is so beautiful 😍 nice job bro!

  • Absolutely awesome 👏🏾

  • Congrats you guys looked fabulous...beautiful venue etc etc.

  • So happy for you both, nice one!

  • I really don't understand why someone would give this video a thumbs down!

  • I felt like I was watching a movie trailer! Holy shit! Who's your videographer??