Burning Out the COLDEST Gaming PC!?

Publicado el 3 ene 2022
Here's the most INTENSE PC unboxing I've ever done. This HP OMEN 45L, powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 Processor, and it's getting the kind of unboxing it deserves!
Check it out here: bit.ly/3pHgFdI

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  • Jud went ahead and just doing side missions to life lol. Sweet seeing the hard work pay off, keep at it bruv!

  • I can't help it. I get so happy when you release new videos. Your crew is amazing. I definitely wish we got to see Arie more for sure.

    • @K P it will have negative impact when he starts losing followers…his success is based on his audience and followers, so yeah I’m totally allowed to give my opinion on this open forum. Who said anything about rage equalling a good review? Perhaps you should take a look at some decent content like MKBHD…

    • @MorphFit Tbh he can have as many sponsored videos as he wants because it doesn't have any negative impact. You might not enjoy them but it's not your call to make. Also, all of his actual reviews are honest. Just because he's laid-back and doesn't rage all the time doesn't mean he isn't honest.

    • @K P perhaps not a biased sponsored ad for every single video? Some decent, balanced, honest reviews? Informative content that isn’t just script driven?

    • @MorphFit Maybe because they *are* sponsored, and are not reviews? I mean he literally said this video is an ad. I don't know what else you could want from him...

    • @MorphFit They are being sponsored to review it may have a little bias but. This stuff is expensive especially with all the videos they put out.

  • This thing is sick. I wonder if HP will release this as just a case "prob not" but this would be awesome to do a custom loop in!!!

  • So they finally figured out how to cool an Intel CPU.

  • You did great opening that big block of ice 🧊 I was kinda scared when you were using the chainsaw. The PC looks tight.

  • I always wondered how you would push a pc like that and finally a video to answer my questions

  • Great looking case (& innovative) too. Great video brother 😉👍

  • Jud I was a bit worried with that flame next to the propane tank when you was melting the ice block.

  • It looks like Omen is sponsoring a lot of ESmainrs with this PC. I've seen this on a few channels now

  • If my guess is correct, I think how HP does it is put a reservoir outside the chassis, separate from the air pressure of all the PC parts and the GPU, cuz that thing can get toasty. So it's basically an AIO but with the pump and res combo outside the chassis so the AIO doesn't supply the CPU with the same if not more heat than what is produced from the 3090. And for the huge cubical void, it's probably for intake as you could see grills underneath in the B-Rolls. Good idea but certainly not enough for the "BEST" cooling system out there. Sounds like an impressive concept overall, it might reduce the temps by few 10 degrees, but other than that, not sure what the benefits are.

    • The main feature is it is running the Intel Cryo Cooling technology which is just basically just using a Thermo Electric Effect that can chill to sub zero temps. The only problem I see with any TEC cooler setup is that it's very good at moving heat away, but it also introduces add'l heat into the loop. Eventually the system will be saturated with heat unless the aio can dissipate it fast enough. I'm sure intel probably has some sort of software that optimizes how the TEC operates it might be just operating on and off. Since a TEC running non stop would get so cold it can cause condensation.

    • @Hermes. but isn’t this supposed to provide better cooling, so temps should be better.

    • @Amin Bagheri Yes, true but a really bad idea if you want a considerable difference in temps

    • The thing is thay put a aio out side the case for better cooling and made salid glass front panel this is some high level paradox 🤔

  • 1. breaking the ice was such a great advertising bit 2. this cooling system seems so cool

  • I lovw the video it was captivating seeing Jud trying to reach the pc using different methods was also fun to watch

  • I bought an OMEN 30L with 3060ti and Ryzen 5800x and the stock case and cooling wasn't great, had to install a new cpu fan, rear fan, and 2 bottom intake fans to keep it cool. Imagine the people who have 3080s and 3090s in their OMEN 30Ls were sweating during their gaming sessions. Glad to see they are choosing larger cases with better cooling

  • I think its safe to say that this man is no longer the average consumer, dude have an entire smarthome lmao

  • Love it man keep the videos coming!

  • what a great review it’s super cool. that’s all i got from it

  • This is the coolest unboxing I’ve seen 🥶

  • Great job bruh. Keep the videos coming.

  • That PC is gorgeous!

  • Haha I love how you are having so much fun with this 😂😂

  • Wow!! American companies are really good at packaging 👍

  • Was thinking about ordering one these, but I live up 3 flights of stairs and carrying up a block of ice that big is impractical.

  • It’s a very chill looking PC..😂

  • You should open the cryo chamber to see the insides and show us some thermal test benchmarks...

  • Thank goodness. I was really worried Judd wouldn't have 2 flamethrowers ready that every household needs

  • I feel so bad for the people who wanted to get the pc shipped like this but didn't realize that it was a premium package 😂

  • Alright Omen we see you, and that is one hell of a way to make a statement. I like it. I got to say I like it.

  • Loll that propane was wayyy to close to the ice when you were flame throwin. Glad you all made it out safe loll dope video

  • 5:48 How much of a dust magnet could it be?

  • I wanna know how the pc didnt get condensation inside that ice

  • Do u know how hot it gets I'm thinking of purchasing one but idk how good the thermals are. Can u upgrade the radiator on top?

  • Jud. No “power of the sun in the palm of my hand”? Come on, man. Great video nonetheless, that PC looks “super cool” 😮‍💨

  • "with a sledgehammer" *holds up rubber mallet*

    • i was like 0_o... wait what?

  • The PC in ice shtick was just plain silly!!!

  • You missed the “what’s cooler than being cool?” Moment….

  • i dont know if you can call yourself an average consumer anymore

  • I know this has nothing to do with the video but had a question. I am in the market for wireless over the ears noice canceling headphones and was curious if you had any suggestions. Value your opinion thanks.

  • You're just amazing JUD 😂 what an amazing 🤩😍 actor you are,,, WOW ,you should try getting into movies 🍿🎥 as the tech guy 😜😅😅..I really enjoyed the ice melting parts hahahaha 😂😂 you're hilarious

  • Do we know when it releases and how much it will be? I looked on the website but it only says “Coming Soon” with no pricing.

  • “Best cooling system” meanwhile there’s a piece of glass blocking a significant about of air intake making the cryo chamber just a gimmick

    • yeah that was pretty stupid of them to do, if it was mesh it would so much better

    • @BLUU from what i can tell its an over engineered AIO cooler

    • I don't even understand how it works since it separate from the machine

  • Coolest PC I've ever seen

  • obviously there's just an AIO in the top but can you change it/ service it?

  • This pc looks clean

  • I like this video.😆 Very entertaining.👍

  • I had one sent to me too. Took me a while to get the ice off. Used a chainsaw, and an axe to chip the ice away.

  • I was like use the hammer and chisel properly lol and when he did it i was so satisfied

  • Jud I am so glad you when back to the hammer and chisel. The Flame thrower was getting to close to the Propane tank. WTF... Good Job

  • I love Omen. I have the 30L and love it.

  • does the weakest hit using a tool that could easily do the job: this is gonna take forever

  • interesting how both you and ijustine didnt show yourself taking it out of the box, the computer was prob not even in the ice cube... just stating facts

  • The gas tank should be away from what you blowtorching not right next to it (Kaboom)

  • This was entertaining and "Jay JAYYYY" LOL the reaction was priceless.

  • Am I the only one that was thinking the propane tank is too close to the 🔥

  • Isn’t it kinda hard playing fps using a Spatha? I have that mouse and it’s heavy AF. Not to mention it’s a chonky boi 😅

  • That’s an average packaged PC. I can only imagine how much it cost. I bet the price isn’t so average.

  • What’s the price for this beast?

  • I'm buying that beast for my gaming yes omg wow

  • So they put a 360mm AIO on the outside of the case so that the hot air didn't get sucked into the rad? I bet there's no difference in temps as apposed to having a 360mm in a regular case pulling in cool air from the front, or top.

    • And you didn't even show off the temps of the pc? The whole video is about a "cool" computer, but you don't talk about thermal performance? I am so lost bruh.

  • Awesome video bro!

  • That's so cool 😎 unboxing

  • the first video I watched you review was beats by Dre pros LOL!!! you have came a long way, keep the good work up brother

  • where did you get your face mask from? it looks cool

  • "Coolest PC" - has a solid glass front - didnt mention ANY temps while gaming - literally is a fancy top mounted AIO ... wow

  • So it didn't cross your mind to show us temps? 🤦 great video though.

  • Ok that’s extremely cool 🥶

  • yooo jud i see you living lavish , love to see the success of a brother

  • I love the machine more videos

  • use the chisel and hammer and hit the ice in the center of the box on top? just a east cost thing to use a chainsaw I assume.

  • Nice to see that Juds a fellow Caustic main

  • Yet the side fans are covered by a glass panel

  • I woulda just lifted the top piece off. Good entertainment though.

  • Bruh if they sent one to Arizona right now it would melt by itself within 10 mins lol

  • It’s gonna cost in the $5,000

  • I have a great video idea, tech gadgets to add to older cars to give them modern features

  • This man Judd out here running Caustic with a Triple Take 👀😂😂. You a menace my guy 😭. Also, you could have used the adjective "Frosty" 🤔

  • Great video

  • hmm idk man, comparing this video to LMG's video does show the difference in information that each host has

  • what were the neighbours thinking🤣🤣

  • This video was cold 🥶

    • lol botted subs

  • Your average consumer can't afford this

  • What's Cooler Than Cool......ICE COLD 🥶 🤣🤣

  • Ok that’s extremely cool 🥶

  • HP Omen doing some nice marketing.

  • a case with a built in radiator?

  • 3:13 I thought we were about to see the NotAFlameThrower.

  • 138 fps with super smooth gameplay

  • I could boot up apex and set my laptop on there and melt it before someone pings fragment

  • Probably shouldn’t have the propane tank and lines next to the thing you are trying to melt.

  • I just watched ijustine's video and she was sent the same computer in a block of ice. I guess you and Justine have bad luck. Good luck getting open bruh.

  • such an expensive PC but with terrible cable management

  • austin uses a metal ball and you are more equipped than him. should have use the chisel from the beginning

  • Wow that tower is beautiful to look at

  • PC was surely not in that box

  • 4:26 There is a face on the left hand corner of the ice 😂

  • How much is it gonna be?

  • wait do these people get to keep the pc after the video or?

  • over half the video was trying to get out the box lol

  • Even his mask is not "average"

  • 5:14 the gate 😳

  • I want one :/