Canon EOS R - Good for YouTube?

Publicado el 23 dic 2021
I finally got a chance to check out the Canon EOS R. How does it stack up as a camera for ESmain?
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  • It's crazy to see how good the eos r looks when stacked against 2021 cameras even though it was released in 2018

  • The EOS R is a solid option for sure. One of my favorite ESmainrs spent a little time recording with it on their channel and it looked amazing 🔥

  • I have the Canon R and it's been great for me. While I mainly do photography, it has good autofocus and RF glass is just beautiful. Expensive, but well worth it. Would highly recommend but not sure it's all that necessary for only ESmain videos. Might be overkill. But at the same time, a great brand and mirrorless camera to grow and invest in.

  • Yeah I might wanna go with this one instead of the a7 iv. I love the colours

  • I used the R in summer, and it was great! Most everything about it was great to me. Basically it's what made me want an R6 and I couldn't be happier. I feel like canon did amazing with the R series.

  • Great video as always. Canon unfortunately gimps the video modes/capabilities of their photo cameras to push video users to their Cinema models. For ex. the recording time limits and overheating. I wish they didn’t, because their lenses are awesome, and if they would put out well-priced hybrid cameras (not the very expensive R3) it would be incredible. For now Sony still wins with small mirrorless bodies like the A7S III.

    • @randomrazr it’s going to be pricey for sure. Might be just under or at par with the R3.

    • @Eduard Rozenberg it would be nice to have something bridge between the r series and the cinemea series.

    • @randomrazr Interesting, the rumored R5C looks like it could be great if it's real. It’s been rumored for quite a few months - the latest rumor is for late Jan 2022. Would definitely be great to be able to use awesome Canon lenses.

    • how bout upcoming R5C?

  • I purchased the EOS R in August. I love it so much that I bought a 2nd one in November. Great quality for the price point!

  • I’m using my eos r more now, still gotta get use to it but so far I’m loving it

  • That camera is incredible! I've only used it a couple of times.

    • Stop fishing for subs

  • That camera is amazing! I used it once or twice

  • I went from an SL1 to the eos R and I love it Fr Fr. It helps me shoot my podcast and do music videos which look wayyyyyh clearer 🚀🚀 definitely recommend

  • I Still have a Canon EOS REBEL T6 and with my clean Lense I can Shoot whatever I want with crisp colors and it's amazing, if I place the light in the correct angle. So I must say it's not just the camera, is what is backwards of the camera...

  • Is this good for live streaming and avoid the 30 min record time?

  • The R has been my main body for my photography/videography company for over a year.

  • I don’t even own a camera but I love your vids 😂

  • I just brought a M1 Max but want to upgrade from a 90D to R5 for ESmain and Photography/Film making.

  • Canon please remove the crop in 4k through firmware update 🙏.

    • @Ing อิงค์ I agree. But with better autofocus, IBIS and dual card slots the R6 would still be a great option.

    • if they do so, then they wouldnt be able to sell the R6.

  • I still use my canon r, such a solid camera.

  • The video is fun to watch. Thanks for the quality.

  • I love this camera! My main stills camera

  • I got the r5 and it’s awesome

  • Can you do a review of it/your fav features?

  • You sold me. I’ve been looking into getting a new camera annnddddd I think I’ve found the one 😉

  • It wasn't Canon's first mirrorless camera - that was the EOS M. The EOS R was their first full frame mirrorless camera.

  • I would still recommend the A7III more than this especially bc during Holiday discounts, it’s only $100 more expensive than the EOS R

  • What about the RP for more budget canon offering, would like to see your take on it as well

  • Yeah I'd love one

  • What did you film this video on? awesome review

  • Dream camera for me😔😔

  • I considering either eos r or the eos r6

  • wouldnt the canon r5 be better? the canon r lacks proper 4k

  • how can I trust a tech review like this when the brand of the item which is being reviewed is the one sponsoring it the video !!!

    • @Equivalent Exchange there are other honorable youtubers who mentioned "this is a sponsored video, but will give honest opinions". this guy sadly is just not one of them. Have been subscribing to this channel for years, but lately his content are mostly commercials. I understand that people gonna make living. But as an audience, i will no longer recommend this channel for honest review.

    • @Ing อิงค์ Yea it's basically a commercial. Can't honestly review something sponsored by the company that made it.

    • @Equivalent Exchange depends on what kind of product category you're looking for. But in terms of camera review.. this guy is probably the worst, actually shouldnt even consider this video a review.

    • @Ing อิงค์ Who do you recommend?

    • there are many tech reviewers out there that are honest.. this is just not one of them. So maybe look elsewhere?

  • Dear God there's no more reviews that aren't sponsored. I was like cool he's repping an older camera. Nevermind. lol

  • Love to see your contents verymuch bro,at last piece up😉

  • MY CAMERA!!!!!!! Yo, this camera is the GOAT!!!!! Been having this camera for two years!!!!

  • I just got the RP and I LOVE IT

  • Hey!, can you share the model and make off that wrist watch please???

    • @blake slovick Thanks man...

    • Movado BOLD EVOLUTION $ your in buy a better movement. 😂.....don't think my man is into real watches (no diss) with automatic movements Oris, Tudor, Grand Seiko.

  • Is this a good camera for shooting pictures as well?

  • The camera person lunging back and forth was super distracting, tbh. Great job otherwise.

  • What lends do you use

  • jud you have to try this new challenge on uploading a non sponsored video!!

  • I'm waiting for the Panasonic GH6

  • is this video an advertorial ? you seems to only mention the good points about the camera. The video title suggest that you will be reviewing this camera in a perspective of a ESmain video creator, and yet you didnt say anything about the fact that this camera cropped in heavily when shooting in 4K. So basically, this camera can be used to its full potential only in 1080p, if you want to fully utilize 4K, this camera is not for you. I used EOS-R before, its a good camera but they are far from perfect ..and yet you did not mention any of the flaws. Was expecting an honest review, wasted 9 Mins.

  • Is it possible to use cellular data on sim one and use sim 2 for calls on iphone

  • don't want to be negative but this is clearly a tech guy that doesn't know too well about cameras, the EOS R is a good camera, decent but if he tells people that it is a good entry point for video, you are confusing people, this camera is NOT a good option for video, I know this because I've tested it, I'm a Cinematographer and its not the best option, its decent like I said but there are A BUNCH of other options that are WAY BETTER, and CHEAPER, so its sad watching this "review" considering the good videos Jud makes, but I suppose I understand, it was sponsored, so ...

    • this video is more like an advertorial, not a review. It seems like he doesnt really mention any of the flaws. Most obvious one would be that this camera heavily cropped in at 4K, and yet the title suggest that he will review it in a ESmainr's perspective. Pretty disappointed tbh.

  • Good for ESmain Yes but you have to ask, what is he using? He’s using Sony cameras for ESmain. If you want “This Look”, go with Sony - A Sony user

  • Can you talk about the watch you're wearing in this video? Totally bawler!

  • He meant full frame mirrorless.. correction police 🚨🚨🚨🚨

  • This was not canons first mirror less camera. That would be the EOS M.

  • Can you review cannon rp?

  • this came out 2018 though!

  • Best gaming chair ??

  • Nice

  • I have a rebel t7 and it’s awful for video

  • 3:16 he turned !

  • Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Only I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎 but u really awesome men👍

  • Hope you have a Merry Christmas and have a happier, more prosperous and healthy new year!! From a fellow Haïtian in NJ

  • What's that gundam model tho? Pls I need to know

  • That footage is fucking crazy good quality.

  • Why does Jay look like an asian Casey Neistat?

  • Merry Christmas to you

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  • Running out of ideas huh

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