Every Console in one Gaming Desk Setup!

Publicado el 17 nov 2021
I finally put together a desk setup that supports all the latest gaming platforms. PS5, Xbox Series S, OLED Nintendo Switch and an INSANE gaming PC all in one clean setup. Everything mentioned in the video is linked below!

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Comentarios: 343

  • Man this is super clean looking visually! II love the controllers being displayed above the keyboard like that and the elevated monitors! This is nice and a very nice build! I hope one day to get a pc build that has a dedicated space, very nice.

  • Super clean, love the setup. Thanks for letting us play a small part of the amazing setup!!

  • It would be so good if Micro Center let you customize your parts, and if they offered shipping.

  • Desde mi humilde perspectiva hay muchas cosas por mejorar pero sigue siendo un excelente setup, con el tiempo de uso iras descubriendo formas de mejorarlo. Buen video sigue así.

  • Setup's great, I would personally have it tucked the wooden controller display directly under the monitor (assuming I have a monitor stand that was tall enough) OR place it along the wall above the monitor. it looks flippin' great, but it simply eats up too much space on the desk itself as you can see Carl at 5:18 having more than half the notebook spilling out of the table

  • Sweet! Looks like my living room in small. Love the slick danish design of the table. Great work!

  • I absolutely love the set up. Having this separate from a work station will would make it nice to get away for break. You did a great job!

  • Beautiful setup for sure! Love the controller holder!

  • looks sick, some suggestions - since you were going for a clean non RGB setup you should have gone for a more low key non RGB PC case to match the vibe, as well as added the switch joycons to the wood thingy cause you might want to use those sometime

  • That's a killer setup! Amazing.

  • Wow, very clean set up. It would be nice if it were more affordable though.

    • foreal. went and look for the price of the desk and it wasnt for the average consumer. lol

  • This setup is so minimalist, I simply love it 🙌

  • All dreamers out there don't lose hope this is temporary situations it will pass keep going you are on the way to success don't give up your success will come ✊ ✊ 💪

  • that setup looks so clean I love it!

  • That's a lovely setup great job.

  • The desktop is universally sitting all by itself, key thing is a good monitor stand for any desk ... customizing my own pc desk soon

  • "you know we had to put a decent graphics card in it" *One of the top couple consumer cards available* Decent is an understatement lol

  • It would have been cool if the pc was a wall mounted one so it would be more of a center piece rather than a burden randomly on the side. Awesome setup tho, I’m in love with he controller holder.

  • WOW this set up is amazing very clean ,I have learn a lot from this video and got some ideas for my own set up,I have been working on using only one sound system with my console and pc ,also running a single monitor ,now I know is possible,but I have a question,or maybe you can clarify how to set that up…. So , sound system to monitor (3.5 jack) and monitor to pc (hdmi) then connect pc and rest of consoles to the splitter? Like technically all consoles will be connected to pc and pc works like a bridge to monitor,is this how it works ??

  • “I thought I would never freak out over some wood.”😂😂

  • Love how organize it is

  • This is LITERALLY the perfect setup for me! I have been trying to figure out how to make my setup with my other gaming consoles in the same area as my PC and this gave me SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS! Thank you so much, Jud for this AMAZING video! I just wished a Micro Center was here in Florida!

    • Just be mindful of: 1) I would choose a better monitor that is 4k120 to work with the consoles w/o bars / 2) have a HDMI switch that supports 4k/120 (I don't think the one Jud got works that way)

  • The creativity is on point🔥. Videos are always satisfying!

  • Sick. I love this setup. But I do wish the desk could have the pc on above it

  • Love these setups so clean

  • Whoa those holders for the consoles underneath the desk are great! My desk is about this size, so good ideas for having a minimal space

    • Who is the manufacturer? I can gone thru the video and mentions and can find a mention? 😶

    • Thought the same then I saw the price.

  • That's not an HDMI splitter, it's an HDMI switch. A splitter would send one signal out to multiple monitors.

  • You should submit this to Setup Wars. You can get a seal of approval.

  • How did you manage switching the headset from 1 device to another? An audio switch? An audio mixer? I'm curious

  • What a great set up

  • I may have to design a desk that incorporates my Nintendo Switch, Windows laptop, MacBook Air, and my eventual iPad. This video is most likely going to help. Believe it or not, there is a Micro Center in Denver. I got my NVMe SSD there.

  • microcenter is like heaven to me

  • I’m so jealous. It looks sooooooo nice like unbelievably awesome you are so lucky lol.

  • Amazing all around set up

  • The desk and extras is almost $2000 😮

  • This is the 3rd one today! It’s lit. Love a good deal set up 😭😍

  • AvrgC - “PC has its own little island” PC - “I’m a island boy just trying to make it. I’m a island boy”🏝😂😂

  • Love the setup!

  • it would have been cool if jud would finally get a new mic (maybe at microcenter)

  • I actually have that headset its pretty good the sidetone could be louder and a eq would be nice

  • As a very loyal subscriber to your channel and someone that loves your channel, I must say in a very respectful approach ...you are most definitely losing your touch in providing videos that have a satisfying meaning to your viewers based on hot topics of the moment. I feel like many of your recent videos of this year are the same topic over and over again but with a twist however still the same topic over and over again. My opinion may not be valuable but I wish you reinvented yourself again and bring back some of your old school approaches and topics. You just seem to be pumping videos out just to pump out videos and have high release numbers. Either way I am always a strong supporter just sharing my opinion.

  • would love to see the controller holder for sale, man it's so clean. other than that great setup!

  • Awsume idea, love it 👍👍

  • very very dope set up man!

  • Amazing setup!

  • There is no micro centers where I live in NC anywhere close and would never drive 5 or 3 hours to a store. Double for return time. Already had a 3080 and a razer 5950 x sense launch date before scalpers hit. Good video overall. Thinking about getting a PS5 but might wait for ps6 even if it's another year can play all Xbox games on my PC with windows game pass ultimate using a controller which gets 240 fps on my 1440p 240 hz monitor and 3080 and 5950x which gets more fps then my Xbox which I don't use anymore. Fps games keyboard and mouse all other games controller usually.

  • Just so everyone knows the rocketfish piece is an HDMI “switch” not a “splitter.” If you look for a splitter you will not be able to connect multiple devices to one display.


  • I was literally trying to figure out how to do something similar a few days ago. It's now my weekend project. Just waiting on the HDMI splitter

  • Really cool to extend the bottom desk surface for the Playstation and Xbox, but does the placement get in the way of your knees?

  • Ive never order something so fast! those Geek Made Designs are amazing!

  • I love it it’s so ergonomic

  • Beautiful stand for the controllers

  • You should've ditched the Xbox for just a small form factor PC the Sentry 2.0 case can hold all your PC hardware (almost) in size smaller than the PS5 and would fit under the table, beside all the Xbox games are available on the PC.... This my humble opinion its a beautiful setup regardless

  • Really clean sir!

  • That's a smooth setup

  • God I wish Australia had a micro centre

  • the setup looks pimp! but i wouldnt game on a wireless mouse without a mousepad :)

  • Nice i love it ❤️

  • great setup but with those consoles i'd rather get a 4k 120fps monitor instead of ultrawide for all in one setup

    • when Carl switched from I think the xbox to PC, it hurt me seeing the black bars in the side a bit. Not ideal at all, but it goes to show that he's mostly gonna play PC games on it... but I couldn't do it lol

  • Im so blessed to live 10 minutes away from a microcenter, mines a lot smaller but it still has everything imaginable.

    • Yeah thats amazing ! I'm sure its also worth keeping a look out too for this black friday sale:)

  • Looks GOOD! WOW!!!

  • just when i think there is nothing to watch on youtube I see this!!!! love it

  • I want to do something like this for my bf when we move so he can have a gaming space.

  • Wouldn’t say you are much of a “Average Consumer” anymore lol the HDMI splitter you mentioned that was expensive was probably the cheapest product in your description…

  • Dude I thoroughly digged this

  • Carries out thermaltake case from the shop with what looks like tape never opened on the top of it. How did they build the PC and get it in the unopened box, or did they open the box upside down to get it in? :)

  • Changing catridges for the Nintendo Switch is going to be a challenge lol. Looks amazing though

  • Why no extended mousepad or anything to protect the desk surface? Your gonna scuff the bottom of the mouse or scuff the desk surface

  • Wow Sweet setup!

  • I saw the title....I saw the thumbnail....and I was like...."Yes. This is what beauty is!"

  • would be a cleaner set up with replacing the pc with a Mac mini m1 :)

  • We are Missing your back to school video, massive unboxing , what's in my bag ❤️ and love from India bro

  • Now i have them all... I AM INEVITABLE

  • We need a new massive tech unboxing asap!!!!!

  • Whats the mount for the xbox series s been wanting to do exactly this but was scared to mount but seeing it sold me on it. Im trying to cleanup my setup because i hate al the wires and clutter

  • Dope setup 👌🏿🔥💯

  • great set up just need that huge mousepad!

  • Amazing!!! Enjoy man!!

  • Nice set up

  • I’m more interested in the desk itself. Hot damn

  • does that splitter work with the elgato 4k m.2 ?

  • where do you get your wallpapers there always so dope

  • It's hard to believe that the whole thing just costs $50

  • Awesome 👏 video UAC

  • Awesomeness!

  • 12:02 i feel like it would be kinda difficult if you want to change a game for the switch while you're playing the switch, since you hide it so deep under the monitor......

  • Could you make a video about gaming on a Mac I’d be very interested in seeing that

  • Man literally just called a Xbox Series S a Xbox One S. Besides that, nice setup.

  • Great video

  • Fan from the Philippines. 👋🏻 great setup, bro! Do you also have a video to somehow review the chair you’re using? Thanks!

  • Damn I wish I had this


  • Wish we had more stores around where I live the closest micro center is 350 + miles away no Best Buy’s no targets only Walmart’s

  • i love it

  • Forgot to mention the brackets for those consoles. I know they have brackets for the wall but for under the desk? Are they the same ones for the walls?

    • I find it odd that he left that description out.

  • This is what I wanted to DO‼️

  • Anyone know where I can get the mounts for my PS5?! Looking to do this asap!

  • I love the firewatch background aesthetic so much

  • I Love your Gaming Setup BRO