How Easy is Being a YouTuber?

Publicado el 6 ago 2021
Ever wondered what goes into making our ESmain videos and some of the gear we use?

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a beast but we put it through it’s paces here at UAC. But how does it hold up with our workflow here on the channel?

Check it out here:
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 -

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video.

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  • Your team's hard work earned another sub man

  • Really helpful video 💪🏻🔥

  • I always wondered how you would edit a video. Thanks, Also I was wondering how you got the products to test as well.

  • This video was informative

  • i will love to see more behind the scene stuff!

  • I cant believe you turned an entire video that i was genuinely curious about into a full on sponsership. Like wtf, this video is useless to me now. Horrible. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • I appreciate all the hard work, time, and effort yall put into your videos! It truly shows! And I’d love a part 2 video talking about the business side of ESmain.. I find that kinda information fascinating, as ur avg watcher!

  • Now I wish I knew editing so I could have at least tried to apply to help, but I suck.

  • Looove seeing the behind the scenes.

  • Inspired by the channel you and your wife have built!!! Keep the behind-the-scenes content coming. Continued success!!

  • Always funny to see companies paying ESmainrs to advertise a product that we know those ESmainrs don't use, like Samsung and Microsoft products. Intel is having a rough time in the break up with Apple, so you can see the animosity towards Apple, which I think makes Intel look like more of a joke.

  • What impressive things is, for a small team like theirs, they sure make spectacular videos.

  • we need a day in the life of Jud

  • What I do: No script, barely any planning (if at all), everything being said is ad-libbed, all videos are unedited (in regards to not removing a single shred of video). No schedules for videos (besides live streaming schedule). But if I did do what he said in the beginning all of it would be physically written down on paper. If a category could be used for content on my channel it would be jack of all trades. All my videos are recorded using my Galaxy phone besides the gaming videos which are either done by the PS4 share video clip function or the PS4 share Broadcast Gameplay function.

    • Well that’s the difference between 400 subs and 3m 😂

  • This was not a behind the scenes video; as always this was just an ad for a product by uravgconsumer 🥶

  • I would love to see a review of the Samsung PRO Book and some behind the scene videos would be cool. Maybe when you do the Massive Tech unboxing a quick behind the scenes video that would be interesting to watch.

  • I think that would be Linus who starts it all. Good job!

  • I saw a Bible in the background of one of your videos. Are you a Christian ESmainr?

  • tldr: very easy once you are famous

  • Back to school video please (and if you can make it budget please)

  • The laptop looks wayyy to much like a MacBook….

  • A lot easier than having literal shit thrown at you and threatened with a fire extinguisher.

  • YOur affiliate link for the laptop is missing.

  • yeah, easy but expensive LOL

  • I would definitely love to hear about the business side. MAKE A VIDEO. Love your work man, hope to be able to meet you one day.

  • Love you're videos made me thinking about doing tech some day just finding best way to start and having funds to get my equipment but am sure I can't wait till them keep it going man great work huge fan

  • This video was disguised as an advertisement

  • Please give insight of the business side of YT. :)

  • Yes, I would love to hear your thoughts after a week or two of use, on a Pro 360. I have been debating it vs some other 2 in 1's and if its worth it to have it integrate with my samsung phones, vs buying a different laptop that maybe has some more power, but isn't integrated into the ecosystem i already operate in.

  • What's the name of your scheduling 📅 software. I would love to see you review of it.

  • Fantastic video Jud! Thank you for the insight. A video on the business side of things and working with brands would be highly appreciated.

  • Anyone else notice that Judd is low key stacked. Also that segment on Karl needs to be done.

  • planning and shooting the video itself is the easy part for me. editing is what makes me not wanna make youtube videos. its not that its hard its just so time consuming and sometimes annoying

  • That Samsung notebook, looks almost the same as the Huawei notebooks, and the Honor magicbooks as well. The design is pretty much the same.

  • can i be your editor?

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  • Jud, appreciate the video. Intel has a new logo though😉

  • 11:22 ayooo what??

  • You know what I would like? For you guys to shoot a new video just using the basics... (I.e. no RED cameras or expensive stuff, just an iPhone/Galaxy/Xperia/whatever). Just to show the "average youtuber" that: "hey, you really don't need all of this tech, but need to do the same steps to produce quality content..." Just a thought from an average viewer! 😬💪 Thanks for the vids!

  • Just one big ad for that damn laptop lol

  • Not gonna lie I had an anxiety attack when he slapped the laptop closed my soul left my body for a split second there..Anyone else or just me?

  • Cool 😎

  • Bagpack 9.0

  • Not easy to make. It comes down to what drives you.... Your Passion and Goals... These are what drive me. Well done, Boss.

  • Please do a full review of the laptop 🙂

  • only thing that i dont like about this video. Is hes trying to sell everything.. Instead of it being just a humble walkthrough of his youtube creation methods

  • No matter what career you choose work gotta be put in 🙏🏽

  • Part 2

  • Trello gang 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Full review

  • This vid would’ve been so fire if it didn’t have that annoying intel sponsor throughout

  • Oh I know it's not easy, toyed with starting a channel, have all the equipment I need and everything, even have a studio setup in my basement ready to go and just never got around to it.

  • I would be interested in a review of the Samsung galaxy book pro 360.

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  • I think your direct link to Samsung 360 is not working. Am I wrong ?

  • Ez

  • After MKBHD, this is a the second video I've watched that's a laptop showcase disguised as something else.

    • Well it's pretty obvious that it's a laptop showcase for intel

  • Looking swoll

  • Would love to know all the aspects

  • Much respect for doing an ad in a better format than MKBHD did recently. This was more honestly an ad, but also used to give behind the scenes info. We know you guys need to make ad money & that's cool, just be totally honest when doing it. 👍

  • can you test the pixel 4a?

  • Something you love doing is never difficult

  • 1:31 no cap. J's editing is absolutely beautiful.

  • The work you do is no joke man, there's no days off as you are always finding new ideas to the videos. Besides all pf that, I think you guys in the industry are not just youtubers, you are digital influencers and reviewers. Your main source of income is youtube but you can evolve your videos and reciew to other platforms too PS: The Adidas NMD that you are wearing, that's 🔥

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  • I edit my videos! You're looking for a remote editor you say 👀. I'm a good learner 😁

  • Bagpack 9.0

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  • Hey Jud, Your Discord invite link har expired please give us a new one!

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  • Hi Morgan! Rick wants to see you👮

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  • The title to the video was more click bait than anything. The entire video was an intel advertisement. They must have paid Jud well.

  • Nah, go with apple honestly. Those windows are crap. I bought a brand new 2020 laptop and 2 months later it starts getting slow. This guys just advertising.

    • I'd love to know which computer? If it was a super cheap one I can believe it.. I been using same 2 windows computers since 2012 with no issues. Still run great.

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