Infinix NOTE 11 Pro Unboxing! (How is this $250?)

Publicado el 11 oct 2021
We got our hands on an impressive but really inexpensive smartphone. Let's see what the NOTE 11 Pro has to offer.
Learn more about the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro here:

Thanks to Infinix for sponsoring today's showcase!

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  • The reason cheaper phones come with cases and not expensive ones is cause case manufacturers only make cases for more expensive phones most of the time. And phone companies know this and provide a case for you because you most likely won’t find another one for that phone very easily

    • @Sean 99%..there you have it. You just proved me right.. Unless it's 100%, it's not everything.

    • @Arvin Del Rosario 99% of global electronics are manufactured in China including Iphones and iPads.

    • @Sean Hahaha.. Not true. Most items are made in china but not all. PSP was made in Japan after all. what I'm trying to say is that cases for cheap phones are being manufactured..

    • @Arvin Del Rosario everything is made in China to be fair

    • That might be the case in your country but here in the PH, I see lots of phone case for almost all brands and all models. Of course most of them are made in China.. 😅

  • I'd love to see more budget-friendly phone videos from you guys, I would definitely watch them.

  • I'm intrigued by this device. Samsung is going to need to step they're A-series game up.

    • They going to copy off of them as well just like they do with every other smartphone out there

    • True but the only threat I see is xiomi brands. Their flagship killers price can get half the price of a Samsung

  • avg consumer means you have to make more entry-level devices and not just flagship devices.

  • With respect Sir, you should be covering this range, since it's entry level for average consumers.

  • we need techtubers reviewing budget/entry level phones more.

    • techspurt

    • That’s my goal. I’m kind of exhausted of all of them reviewing the same stuff.

  • Looks pretty good to me for the users. It contains this powerful Mediatek chipset and has a good camera section as well.

  • OnePlus, take notes please. I miss the times where you made flagship killer phones for prices like his infinix.

    • One plus was good and I hope they continue but now they are going down the drain and slowly becoming and merging with their China brand cousins. I like when they were independent and their oxygen os.

    • I'm down with OnePlus if they go back in time. The Nord lineup is good but it's using 700 series snapdragon. Already rocking a OnePlus6 so, yeah that why I have this issues. Next, Android would be Realme GT 5G. Heck, my problem with it just yellow and black colours... My god I can't stand with that colours but yeah whatever. Realme Neo 2 just launched and it's really a nice design for it's camera but with no headphone jack as well as 870 chip maybe nah. Yes, I do use TWS. But since 24/7 on call it's hard to maintain longer hours. The OG Neo looks nice but still no global ROM.

    • Absolutely agree with you

  • This is stunning for the cost it takes. I really like the gaming performance of Helio G96 chipset having seen it in a Realme device.

  • Excellent Review, you should have a mid-range review/ entry-level one every couple of months and review about 3 or 4 phones at once. Similar format to the big unboxing you do

  • Sounds like an excellent phone, I can't wait to see what they have to offer in the future as I want to keep my Galaxy S10 as long as possible but if I have to switch, I'll probably switch for an Infinix. Thanks for the video dude, I didn't know this brand at all.

    • @King David Oyedemi Why? I bought a infinix note 11s 8gb variant.. it's good and running smoothly

    • Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT purchase an infinix. Get a Xiaomi or something

    • My mother in law has a s10 and she doesn’t wanna upgrade. She wants to keep her phone forever

  • Yes, you should make more videos about cheaper phone options, because average consumers may not or cannot be able to afford z flips and folds and iPhone 13.

  • The camera placement is very unique 👌

  • If you enjoyed reviewing those entry and mid range smartphones, Realme should really be another brand you should be looking into. Both Infinix and Realme just has so much to give for the price

  • I'd like to see you try out more price range phones than just the flagships.. So yeah I'd love to see that..

    • @jimmy öström nice

    • @jimmy öströmHhhhha

    • @Moaz 1st can't understand what you want to say..

    • What of the meaning of worries mean problem

    • @Moaz 1st No worries 😃

  • One of the best handsets that offers a brilliant mediatek chip. I also like the 8GB of RAM here.

  • The 120Hz display and the Helio G96 are top features here for sure.

  • Pretty cool smartphone from Infinix and mediatek. Really awesome for the price

  • Interesting video. If I were in the market for an android device, I would consider this one. All of those features for $249? Not bad

  • we all need budget and entry level phone review cause not all of us can buy high end phones

  • Average consumer needs to look at more average prices, so yes more of this please.

  • The 8GB RAM and helio G96 combo is superb for performance

  • Cheap phones:give alot Flagship:remove the charger

  • I get this is a budget phone. But, that seems to be mainly because of the price. Still, this seems anything but a budget phone. Would love to see more about it. Seems mid level to almost flagship to me. I've been with Android since the G1. From there I just to Samsung and have been on that train for a while. This though is very attractive. The price seems like a mistake almost! Heh

  • The only phone I know that had a front flash was the HTC Desire EYE (because I owned one)

  • That phone looks uncomfortably similar to my Xiaomi Mi 10T😅

  • Will it work in the US? If so, with what carriers?

  • Yeah please cover multiple range of item and phone. Good to see there’s options available

  • The Helio chipset is pretty cool plus the camera section is great

  • Even if its cheap, with huge display and great specs, there are still some factors like the UI and the overall optimization of the phone etc that we have to consider. 250$ is enough for a much better phone than this. U guys don't have to agree with me, its just my opinion.

    • I do agree with you. My first priority is a clean UI like stock android or Pixel. Performance and camera comes after that. I will never compromise on UI for performance.

    • Just for interest: what phone do you use? Btw definetely agree

  • Excellent Infinix Note 11 Pro, like it and waiting for it 🙂

  • Detailed and a very organized review man! i just watch TECH SPURT’S review, it’s like a tongue twister review lol

    • Hard to understand for a non native English speaker for you guys. Peeps like uravgconsumer, mkbhd or any of the bigger ESmainrs should be easier for you all to understand

  • This is a great gaming choice with the big 120Hz display and the reliable mediatek Helio G series processor.

  • You should make a comparison video with Redmi Note 10 Pro, Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro, Mi 11 Lite and Samsung A32 because they cost the same price in Kenya.

  • A good launch by Infinix and mediatek. The phone will be a blast!

  • The phone we use here in Africa 🔥🔥🔥 love all the way from cameroon man ❤️🇨🇲

  • They must have razor-thin profit margins on this phone. Pretty impressive

  • Yes please. Talk more about these kinda products. Most people are going to be looking at these price points anyways😂😂

  • Helio G series especially the 90 series is crazy good.

  • Entry level & Mid range reviews...Keen!👍

  • Yeah you should do more videos about cheap phones

  • Bruh, I'd love to buy one of these. Too bad I can't buy it in Canada :'D

  • the note 11 pro is a pretty solid gaming smartphone from Infinix and mediatek

  • Try xiaomi’s Note 10 pro an amazing phone … Love from INDIA❤️❤️

  • Cant wait for the Pixel 6 comparaison

  • Pretty sure the ‘average consumer’ can afford these more than iPhone 13 pro max 👍👍

  • Point of correction, it's not an entry level phone. This is a midranger. One of the best Infinix makes, the note series

  • Juan Bagnell had a video of this phone this morning also 👀 Looks neat for what you get for the price

  • I have a Note 11s, but what's the biggest difference between these two phone?

  • Never even heard of them but the phone seems ok

  • I thought that Samsung dropped the note price to 250

  • Great review but even if they got MKBHD to do a review there's no way I'm going back to Infinix. The experience wasn't pleasant after a year

  • And I thought that the Infinix was a local brand here in the Philippines lol, very interesting specs though.

  • Is it water resistant like the flagshipers? My uneducated guess is that the flag shippers are doing away with headphone Jacks because it leaves open spaces for water to get in.

  • Yes to it man since your subscribers including i find ourselves in mid range phones,Infinix,Tecno,Redmi etc

  • my 2cent.. welll, i think you should only cover products that reeally do bring value to your avrge consumers fan base(like you've been doing)... that way companies like infinix will be force to up their game like they did here..

  • Btw the lines you'll see on the Note 11 Pro is inspired on the Realme 6i from 2020

  • Damn! I just bought Infinix Note 10 pro

  • So will you use the phone as your day to day phone now that you liked it? 😀

  • I would have prepared to make it my next but unfortunately, 128gb of internal storage got me disappointed.

    • You can find 256 gb options for a bit more price

  • Cant front this phone has some good specs, what os does it run, and i wonder about the updates

    • You get one year of OS update 2 years of security updates, 3 if you're lucky😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'm waiting this Infinix note 11 pro not yet available in Philippines maybe 🤔🤔 this December will available this Smart phone.i hope so..

  • Çok güzel görünüyor 3.5 Jack we micro SD kart ❤️

  • Your Average consumer being surprised by a front facing flash, I (owner of an Infinix) am actually surprised to find out phones don't have it 😂

  • Nice entry level but not 5G capable if that is a concern

  • Infinix has a huge market in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Budget smartphones are the future

    • @AJ yes bro pk and india are both not used to infinix yet, fan base isn't that solid as its an upcoming company, I think in a few years infinix will be one of the top companies in india and pk because of how much value for money they have

    • In India as well, I mean not too much as India is completely overtaken by BBK electronics and Samsung when it comes to phones but Infinix is slowly getting there

    • naija👍

    • @fix hub everything bro honestly that's just a stigma now. Mediatek chipsets used to have that issue but with its newer G series chips and dimensity chips they've fixed that so its all just dwelling on the past now. I've been using a G95 for quite a while with some pretty heavy usage and I've been getting consistent performance through and through, I'd say if you're reluctant to buy a phone because of a mediatek chipset then just try it and see, but only get the G90 series like G90/G90T/G95/G96, I can't vouch for the 80 lineup as I've seen it in a galaxy A32 and that phone lags like hell

    • But mediatek cheapest is a no for me, within 6 months it'll be lugging as f**k

  • This phone is better than Samsung A52 and A72 combined. Do more of entry level phones they offer the same with flagships nowadays

  • Are you sure the official global price for this infinix note 10 pro is 250 dollars?

  • Can you purchase this phone on Amazon?

  • I love your vids!

  • My next phone this year!

  • 128GB internal storage isn’t what I call impressive.

  • Please do a real day in the life video for this phone!!!!!!!

  • What?! Infinix on this channel?! I use an infinix, one of my best purchases in life

  • Love to see more

  • Can you do a video/review of the vivo x70 pro+!? Been hearing a lot of it and need your input of it please jud 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • 180hz touchrate is accually very very low on a 120hz display. There are phones out with a touchrate between 400-700hz on a 120hz display

  • I was wondering myself how a note 11 was only 250.00 then I saw Infinix lol

  • Not bad for the money. Also that necklace is 🔥

  • I own an Infinix Note 10 Pro, will the XOS 10 update come to it

  • I swear to God, these phone names get even more crazy every time.

  • there’s some phones i would never put my sim card in… this would be one of them lol.

  • The poco x3 pro is a pretty cool and affordable phone.

  • I am one of the people who admire your videos very much and I discovered that your videos are one of the best contents in the field, so after your permission can you agree that I reuse your videos to inform the Arabs about technology content and of course your name will remain and the source of the video will remain in description box ... I hope that you agree ....

  • Does it have regular software updates?

  • Very nice👍

  • If the flag ship phone companies provided accessories they would put their subsidiaries out of business.

  • I own an Infinix Note 10 Pro, will the XOS 10 update come to it

  • wow , something i can afford

  • Yes,some time ,the one that cost less will do. And will not cost so much,as the iPhone.

  • This is a solid device from Infinix and mediatek for the price point

  • Jud…front flash for selfie camera has been on iPhone for a bit. Always love your content

  • Okay honestly, this seems great for people who want value.

  • Is this Phone available in Europe ?

  • Good storage....can handle my games

  • Cover all of em!! BUDGET, MIDRANGE, & FLAGSHIPS! guarantee you’ll get more subs!!!

  • Ur avg consumer is it channel name which means most avg consumers use entry level orid range phones...sooo yes u need to cover these price segment phones tooo

  • Not phone related but I love that long sleeve sweater. Looks good on you!

    • @Noel Negron don’t waste your time replying to that. You good.

    • @DAVID M no need to add “bro” a person should be able to simply complement another person without having to reassure with a “bro” or “man”. It simply looks good.

    • bro?

  • Jud welcome to the world of entry level smart phones,where price is a thing and value is king.Infinix are a big deal in emerging markets,I have used one and I wasn't disappointed.

  • Make more videos about infinix😀😀😀😉😉