Infinix NOTE 11 Pro Unboxing! (How is this $250?)

Publicado el 12 oct 2021
We got our hands on an impressive but really inexpensive smartphone. Let's see what the NOTE 11 Pro has to offer.
Learn more about the Infinix NOTE 11 Pro here:

Thanks to Infinix for sponsoring today's showcase!

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  • I swear to God, these phone names get even more crazy every time.

  • Btw the lines you'll see on the Note 11 Pro is inspired on the Realme 6i from 2020

  • With respect Sir, you should be covering this range, since it's entry level for average consumers.

  • I own an Infinix Note 10 Pro, will the XOS 10 update come to it

  • I own an Infinix Note 10 Pro, will the XOS 10 update come to it

  • Wait, so it’s not a Samsung smartphone but it’s using the Note name?

  • Watching this video using Infinix Note 10

  • 128GB internal storage isn’t what I call impressive.

  • That phone would have me sold if would at least 256GB internal storage.

  • The phone we use here in Africa 🔥🔥🔥 love all the way from cameroon man ❤️🇨🇲

  • Helio G series especially the 90 series is crazy good.

  • I'm using the Infinix hot 10 here and under rated feature which for some reason no review has it is it's ability to capture 1440p video and honestly ok impressed with my first hands on 1440p experience 😂 And the note 11 pro here like it's big cousin the zero x pro has support for 4k 30 fps video recording which is also very good I think maybe it's not that great it compares with high end phones in that perspective because of itty-bitty details, but we'll for me at least I'm impressed with Infinix for what they have done and features like these are so underrated

  • Very popular brand here in Nigeria

  • So will you use the phone as your day to day phone now that you liked it? 😀

  • How about a real day in the life for this phone

  • wow , something i can afford

  • If the flag ship phone companies provided accessories they would put their subsidiaries out of business.

  • my 2cent.. welll, i think you should only cover products that reeally do bring value to your avrge consumers fan base(like you've been doing)... that way companies like infinix will be force to up their game like they did here..

  • Average consumer needs to look at more average prices, so yes more of this please.

  • Please Please Please, you're better off buying refurbished smartphones. Than buying anything from Infinix, their products are inferior and total garbage.

  • And I thought that the Infinix was a local brand here in the Philippines lol, very interesting specs though.

  • Çok güzel görünüyor 3.5 Jack we micro SD kart ❤️

  • So how exactly do we buy this in the states?

  • 8:43 wonder who they stole that animation from 🤔

  • Haha cool

  • The only phone I know that had a front flash was the HTC Desire EYE (because I owned one)

  • Sweatshirt fire bro!!!

  • Yes, you should make more videos about cheaper phone options, because average consumers may not or cannot be able to afford z flips and folds and iPhone 13.

  • Does it have a pen too? Since it a note.

  • Don't you think Samsung is going to make them change the name?

  • Bro the phone isn't even worth 200$

  • Excellent Review, you should have a mid-range review/ entry-level one every couple of months and review about 3 or 4 phones at once. Similar format to the big unboxing you do

  • Never even heard of them but the phone seems ok

  • Excellent Infinix Note 11 Pro, like it and waiting for it 🙂

  • How do I buy this? They don’t shop to USA?

  • this is a copy of redmi note 9 pro max

  • Damn! I just bought Infinix Note 10 pro

  • The phone is so popular in Nigeria and africa

  • Is this Phone available in Europe ?

  • I am one of the people who admire your videos very much and I discovered that your videos are one of the best contents in the field, so after your permission can you agree that I reuse your videos to inform the Arabs about technology content and of course your name will remain and the source of the video will remain in description box ... I hope that you agree ....

  • Yeah please cover multiple range of item and phone. Good to see there’s options available

  • Interesting video. If I were in the market for an android device, I would consider this one. All of those features for $249? Not bad

  • Am from Zambia (Google to see where it is ) and I can tell u now infinix phones are the it thing here

  • The phone is cheaper because Infinix isn't selling a phone, they're selling your data

    • @PowerDom Tech Channel do your own research. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Really ? 😬

    • when u say something like this....give us a proof....and the source of it......

  • Do a day in real life video with it

  • Very nice👍

  • Using 'Note' in the name of a product that doesn't have anything special for notetaking shouldn't be allowed.

  • The infinix phone is suppose to reduce ad and bloatware

  • Seriously ?? A Note ? And Pro name being using in a phone☝🏻 …

  • Try xiaomi’s Note 10 pro an amazing phone … Love from INDIA❤️❤️

  • All that for 250..

  • Ur avg consumer is it channel name which means most avg consumers use entry level orid range phones...sooo yes u need to cover these price segment phones tooo

  • we all need budget and entry level phone review cause not all of us can buy high end phones

  • You should make a comparison video with Redmi Note 10 Pro, Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro, Mi 11 Lite and Samsung A32 because they cost the same price in Kenya.

  • Thought judds turned white before before I realized it must have been the promotional material

  • there’s some phones i would never put my sim card in… this would be one of them lol.

    • Why?

  • nice but it looks like you can't buy it in the US.

  • They must have razor-thin profit margins on this phone. Pretty impressive

  • Yes,some time ,the one that cost less will do. And will not cost so much,as the iPhone.

  • How does it have that name tho 🧐

  • Bruh, I'd love to buy one of these. Too bad I can't buy it in Canada :'D

  • Lol this phone is available in like 12-13 3rd world countries wtf.

  • Detailed and a very organized review man! i just watch TECH SPURT’S review, it’s like a tongue twister review lol

  • infinix zero z pro? How do we buy these phones? I got lost in their site, I am old and a bit confused, my provider doesn't sell the zzp in stores, or the note 11! I was told the note is a samsung phone, the store clerk said the note 11 from them is prob a knock off, I said I have been watching this young man AVG for a long time! I do not think he'd stear me to junk or knock off products!

  • That phone looks uncomfortably similar to my Xiaomi Mi 10T😅

  • Do a real day of that phone

  • It’s giving paid review but good job anyways

  • Please do a real day in the life video for this phone!!!!!!!

  • Is the guy that is giving iPhone 13 is a scammer

  • Love to see more

  • I thought that Samsung dropped the note price to 250

  • I get this is a budget phone. But, that seems to be mainly because of the price. Still, this seems anything but a budget phone. Would love to see more about it. Seems mid level to almost flagship to me. I've been with Android since the G1. From there I just to Samsung and have been on that train for a while. This though is very attractive. The price seems like a mistake almost! Heh

  • Not bad for the money. Also that necklace is 🔥

  • I want to buy! How do I buy in the US??

  • I would have prepared to make it my next but unfortunately, 128gb of internal storage got me disappointed.

    • You can find 256 gb options for a bit more price

  • The Samsung v20 has a front facing flash as well

  • I wonder where the pro lineup naming came from

  • Does this phone have dual speakers or only bottom firing speakers?

  • Can you do a video/review of the vivo x70 pro+!? Been hearing a lot of it and need your input of it please jud 🙋🏼‍♂️

  • Jud welcome to the world of entry level smart phones,where price is a thing and value is king.Infinix are a big deal in emerging markets,I have used one and I wasn't disappointed.

  • Your Average consumer being surprised by a front facing flash, I (owner of an Infinix) am actually surprised to find out phones don't have it 😂

  • Yes talk more about mid range phone lyk the infinix and Tecno phone

  • I'd love to see more budget-friendly phone videos from you guys, I would definitely watch them.

  • VS shapdragon ?

  • How did you get that to the USA? I looked it up and the option wasn’t there. These would be a good gift for my family back in Honduras! Please help!! Please.

  • Why do these cheap brands love using the name Note, there's no pen. 🤔

    • @Raijin yeah, that might be it 🤔

    • HUGE screen= Note. Thats the logic

    • Probably from the reputation the Note had before of being THE phone from Samsung.

  • This phone sucks

  • Ijust got a samsung galaxy a51.i feel like it's similar in everything but the chip set.the note has a more up to date chip set

  • You dont normaly feature cheap stuff..... you dont say!!!!!! :D

  • hi man this phone is so good and cheap

  • Even you can't make an Infinix device appealing to me.

  • Cant front this phone has some good specs, what os does it run, and i wonder about the updates

  • I got the same white shirt

  • Entry level & Mid range reviews...Keen!👍

  • Would you buy an old flagship or this phone ?

  • What?! Infinix on this channel?! I use an infinix, one of my best purchases in life

  • This got 120hz and the 800$ iphone 13 dont 🤡

  • The days of buying expensive phone such as iPhone and Samsung are over

  • Wonder how long before Samsung makes them rename the phone.