iPad Mini 2021 Review - A Lowkey BEAST!

Publicado el 13 oct 2021
The new 2021 iPad Mini is here and this thing is GOOD. Here's my full review.
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Find it here:
iPad Mini 2021 - apple.co/2JMo0XB

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Comentarios: 328

  • Overall, I think it's a great device. What I'd love to see for future upgrades on an iPad mini 7: 1. 128GB base storage 2. 120hz ProMotion Display

    • @Tom Stevens the 5ghz would be perfect for 5g gaming around the house with a ps5 controller and a phone clip on remote play… futuristic Wii U… 120fps4k in 10 years from 720p60 from Wii U in 2012 bc it’s 2022 now great progress that’s 10x in 10 years

    • Well guys, you've just designed the iPad Pro mini

    • Honestly... Same and 600 nits of brightness

    • 3. More battery life

    • That'd probably bump up the price to 600 bucks. At that point they might as well make an iPad Pro Mini with an M1 chip, Thunderbolt port, mm wave 5G, 8 gigs of RAM, 600 nits of brightness, an ultrawide lens and LiDAR sensor at 700 bucks.

  • iPad OS needs to be optimized for the smaller screen, and some apps, like ESmain, need to do the same. Other than some of those issues, I love the smaller format.

    • Very unlikely, insta has been on mobile version on the ipad for over 5 years now

    • @Matthew Gonzales ipad air isn't 4:3 either

    • I mean that’s on google to even care about making the app better on iOS or does it not work that way?

    • No. It is iOS15. Look at iPad Mini 5 on iOS 14 vs iOS 15. The same issue exists.

    • It’s the aspect ratio. It’s not 4:3 like every other iPad.

  • Loving my mini so far! It's crazy how many little use cases it has. Perfect little companion device in the  ecosystem!

    • How’d you get that Apple logo

  • I'm a programmer, and I feel it would be great if Apple added support for IDEs and more desktop supported apps.

    • Yeah... Literally the exact reason i want this is for proggramming although... You stated the exact thing i want too

    • Agreed; though it’d be interesting to see what could emerge for developers in the iPad space specifically, distinct from being a desktop application clone

    • I agree! Would have to be a dialed down version of xCode (well in my case anyways). Playgrounds is heading in the right direction but would be great to be able to compile projects natively!

  • I picked this iPad up and I love it. I thought I’d miss the size of my 11” Pro I used to have but this is great to carry around.

  • I LOVE the mini. But with an iPad Pro 13”, the mini would be a luxury. But a luxury I’d love. I wish the colors of the back were as vibrant as the back of the new iMacs!

    • Life is short. Be happy

    • I’m in the same boat. I’ve always wanted a mini for when the 12.9 doesn’t make as much sense. Maybe Christmas

  • I'm trading in my iPad Pro 12.9" for the mini. After getting the new M1 Macbook Air, my iPad Pro just didn't get used as much and was relegated to a streaming device. That's something I think the Mini will excel at while being alot more portable. Now to wait another week for my Mini to show up. :D

  • My first IPAD was the IPAD mini. A few years later Im a proud owner of a IPAD Pro 12.9 inches.

  • I wanted an upgrade from my 5th gen iPad so I go the new mini on launch day. I love this one. It is great for videos and reading digital comics. Would I have wanted 128 gb? Of course but the 64 works for me. Definitely recommend.

  • I'm so LOVE your video review! Not like other regular review video filled with a lot of hardware specifications, your vid is way more like a close-friend introducing/sharing some good stuff with you in a pub or in a family party. Btw your camera angle make everything relaxing and comfortable, give the cameraman a thumbs up! SUBSCRIBED! (My iPad mini 6 is ready to be shipped next week, I can't wait!)

  • This is super nice, being able to put pictures with recipes and have a digital cookbook that I can also order the ingredients for and log all in one is very very nice. Having one of these for daily journaling, logging in inventory and taking quick notes has been super super handy. I love being able to place this in my bag real quick while I do my daily task and it bridges that workflow perfectly c: bought one for my dad as a Christmas gift. They are expensive but considering the longevity of these devices I get my worth out of them for sure :D

  • As a student I’m happy with my ipad air 4. The big screen for notetaking, great processor(a14 bionic) for on the go photo editing on lightroom for insta and great battery life as well as being able to use the magic keyboard.

  • I have loved my iPad mini with Retina display (iPad mini 2) ever since I got it to read ebooks when I found that to be difficult on my iPhone 4s. I got mine with the maximum storage (128 GB) for $699 because I planned to load it up with ebooks and other media and use it as a media viewer. I've found myself using it for Everything. It finally makes sense for me to upgrade. Apple Pencil support with the previous model was tempting, but THIS one has Apple Pencil 2(!) support, stereo sound, much better cameras with Center Stage, USB-C, 5G… AND it comes in PURPLE?! I can get it with maximum storage (256 GB) AND cellular for $799! I always promised myself my next mini would have cellular because Wi-Fi still isn't everywhere yet. I already have bluetooth keyboards, both typewriter and piano for it in case I ever feel I really need one. I've heard people really are buying this new mini with cellular to use as a larger, cheaper iPhone! For an iPad the mini is big enough but never too big. It's crazy portable! Those other iPads all just feel way too big. If you need a laptop get MacBook Air.

  • I’ve got mine ordered! Can’t wait I’m finally upgrading from my beloved mini 2 !!

    • Great to hear. Me too but having doubts until I get it in hand

  • I used to be a fan, but after watching this Masterpiece, now I'm Whole Air-conditioner.

  • The only thing that’s stopping me is the price range. I feel like the starting price should’ve been more $399 for a 64gb rather than $499. Other than that I think it is amazing and I want one like tomorrow 😭

  • Unless this thing was 249-299 I couldn’t justify buying it, especially since you only get 64gb on the base model

  • I wish the pencil could somehow synch with iCloud like AirPods. It’d be cool to use it across your 12.9, mini and even iPhone pro. Great way to introduce that to iPhones. You wouldn’t be able to charge it or pair it with the phone itself, so you can avoid the whole “stylus… yuck” comments. It would be nice for that occasional situation though.

  • This ipad mini is perfect size for me. perfect for watching videos, reading and taking notes. plus its not fatiguing on the hands when holding it for long periods of time.

  • As an educator, the Apple pencil is nice when doing remote education and you have to correct homework or mark-up compositions.

    • Totally agree as an educator, it is my daily driver, replacing my phone for doing grading, attendance and daily tasks with the Apple Pencil.

  • Upgraded to one of these from my galaxy tab s5e, I mainly use my tablet to consume media while laying in bed and this is great for that. My old tab would always fall on my face due to weight and the slipperiness and size of it. My arms would also get fatigued holding it for extended periods of time, actually had to take the case off it for that reason. This smol boi works perfectly for what I need it to do plus it’s a great form factor for gaming as well which is pretty much the only other thing I use my tablets for, and it’s got the horsepower to handle it. Not for everyone but personally I love this thing.

  • Traded in my 10.5” iPad Pro that’s been my go to for travel and secondary work device since 2017. Got $220 for it from Apple and placed an order for my 256GB space gray iPad mini. Crazy demand for it cause it’s been backordered since launch. Mine Should arrive by the end of the month.

  • What storage do you recommend? I feel like 64 is basic but I wouldn't want to run out of space. Especially since I only want it to take notes and basic things, both from school and multimedia. But the 254 version I feel is much and more expensive 😶. But I read that adding storage helps the optimal functioning of the device. But honestly I don't know if it's true 🤔

  • I traded in my 1st gen 11” pro and got the M1 12.9. This thing is big and I love it with the Magic keyboard, but then it’s not really that portable. Also, spending around $1500 for this setup, it’s not something you want to take everywhere. I got the new iPad mini last week and I’m loving the size. I took the Wi-Fi version back and bought the cellular version. It only makes sense. I can throw this in my bag and go.

  • I have a pro and I love it but I do find it a bit big sometimes, I’ve ordered a mini and can’t wait to use it.

  • Well.. I already have two minis : One to be my spare mini because I love writing. People call writers who never wrote professionally, amateurs. Though I never wrote professionally, I consider myself as writer.. I’ve been writing since I was 11 and I used to carry a notebook and a bunch of pens but I switched to the mini ipad. I’m very happy with it.. but when the 6th cane out, I thought it was more of the same . Now, I’m considering on buying it

  • I’m considering on buying the iPad mini. Thanks for the video 👍🏽

  • Thanks so much for sharing! I got the Purple mini 256 and enjoy it. The only thing was it was delayed by one month due to demand

    • I ordered the pink one last night & I won’t get it until February or March. 😩

    • Did you get it

  • I'm actually watching this video on my iPad mini which is 12 years old so the beveles are really thin compared to my model. The only reason I'm thinking of getting a new on is because I can no longer update mine.

  • Great video As said it's all about portably and for that it really can't be beat

  • Would have been nice if the screen was more edge to edge. It makes it look dated, compared to some of the newer tech designs, even though this mini was just released this year.

  • One of the best tech reviewers on youtube 👍

  • Great honest review, many thanks.

  • I LOVE mine!!! Glad you’ve been enjoying yours.

  • Love your videos. Keep it up 👍

  • I have the 4th Gen Pro, love mine, but this is also great!

  • Kinda want this as my everything device including phone with Bluetooth headphones of course lmao

  • The only thing that I want now for the next mini is more battery! Like only 7h max at best? Not even gaming or anything…

  • Great review as always

  • Is there a day in the life video coming for this device? Could you also do a iPad mini only challenge? Keep up the great work

  • it’s tempting coming from a mini 5 but the bezels are really off putting for me

  • I literally was waiting for your channel to show off this ipad, but couldn't find it! Now I see it was not yet released. Love it!

  • Nice review keep up the good work

  • Feel like people don’t mention this enough but this guy just radiates positivity and light man, wish him and his beautiful family the best

  • There may not be many functional uses for an iPad mini but I hope one day ya would look at how useful it is for public speakers to hold. Preachers in particular love lightweight tablets that enable them to move and not just stand in the podiums.

  • His good attitude makes my day so much better :)😊

  • Upgrading from an iPad Air gen 1 it’s holding on for dear life ✋😭

  • I really love your videos one of the best tech youtubers on youtube.

  • ipad mini is the best for those who have a large laptop and can just use this as a mobile "communication device"

  • Great video but I’m surprised you don’t knock things over the way you wave your arms about🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I do have a serious question though what’s it for gaming on such games as call of duty or modern strike? Thanks in advance

  • I’m so disappointed in my iPad mini 6 Im having screen issues when tapping on screen I get discoloration. I went to apple they ordered me a new one and same thing with that one and with all there display models. Apple said there might be something wrong this there supply chain so now waiting for another one to be shipped to store again. Has anyone else had this issue? It happens when tapping on top right screen.

  • Using it right now, love it

  • I’m happy with my 12.9 M1 and my Air 2020.

  • Hello UrAvgConsumer, does the mini keyboard work for the older model ipad mini

  • 499 for 64 gb its more than enough for me 👍👌

  • I was thinking of this but the standard iPad looks better value plus it has a headphone jack 🙂

  • this my quite literally the iPad i use for my fashion major its absolutely great fro procreate and clothing design :)

  • I’m in a dilema either the Mini or Air 🥲📱

    • It was the same for me. I got the mini. I just use it for ESmain and news when I eat breakfast or dinner or when I’m in the bed! It’s perfect for that. If you want do anything for your work etc. don’t chose this one.

    • 🤝Thanks for watching. 🔝Send a direct msgright alway♥️♥️♥️

  • I didn’t even want the mini because I have a m1 macbook air, m1 ipad pro 12.9 and 11 inch 2020 ipad pro. But after watching all of these reviews I went ahead and purchased it 😅 i got the base model tho because my m1 ipad has cellular and 1tb and my 11 inch has cellular and 256g

  • Watching this on my new iPad mini 😂

  • I used to love The Cars and I'm pretty sure that that wasn't one of their songs lol 😂. Watching this on my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 from years ago ps If it's not broken don't fix it 😉

  • Please raise the volume in the next video! It’s way too low rn. Anyways, great video as always, keep it up

  • I have this for college. It's great in my opinion

  • I love my iPad mini. No issues at all.

  • Imagine this is the iPhone Max Max in it’s unfolded state. Would that be nice?

  • Another great review

  • I use the mini more than my Mac and my iPad Pro. I’m going to be passing the pro down to a family member at this point.

  • I don't see a reason to use a large tablet unless you're an artist. A laptop will always provide more functionality especially when the extremely limited iPad OS is involved. A smaller tablet like this is much more portable than a Macbook so it carves out it's on use case.

  • So any ppl complaining about the volume keys, but honestly it’s great.

  • Cool. Love it.

  • I want one but they’re sold out everywhere

  • Indeed kills it I call it the iPad Pro mini, I just posted my review also

  • I just purchased an iPad Pro so I personally have no incentive to get an iPAD Mini.

  • I would like the ipad mini

  • I hate it Apple kinda force you to get the 256GB version, I would love to have it as an extra iPad if they release 128GB version

  • the joys of being a dad 🤣

  • the only thing its missing is that 144hz screen

  • Love it

  • There is rumor says ipad is going to be used in landscap mode in the future, so is the volume button is the first step for apple?

  • Love this guy

  • Love it

  • Tech ESmainrs are always EXCESSIVE. They need an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Macbook AND the iPad Pro 12.9! 😂😂 NOT ur Average Consumer.

  • the battery life on this is way worse than my 2nd gen Ipad mini, who's battery used to last 2 weeks and even now still lasts longer than the 2-3 days this one lasts when new.

  • Tbh, I think that the iPad Mini Pro Max 5G: Definitive Edition Gold Version is much better.

  • I like to see a unboxing of the new nintendo switch 🤔

  • I can’t wait to get mine!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  • This is the most major change of the event easy.

  • you can not give the neutral review of an APPLE products because as per my observations you think apple makes grate products and review it, so one cannot say your reviews typically about an apple products are genuine and neutral....

  • I like to game do notes and watch tv so will this be good for me or should I do the iPad 9 generation that apple showed to I don’t know

  • More info about that bag please

  • No wonder its so expensive 😆

  • I have a galaxy Tab 6 and I would rather choose that over the IPad.

  • He’s struggles with “content consumptions”

  • watching on the same ipad mini

  • Who thought of Austin Evans when he said Austin? Or was it just me? 😂

  • @ 4:15, it's not wasted space, it shows the same amount of icons as any ipad. 30 icons per sreen. :)

  • Lmao next they will sell you a iPhone sized iPad and call it revolutionary

  • Is it capable of recording video in 8k?

  • Will you be reviewing the Nintendo Switch OLED model?

  • does the keyboard really fit into the alpaka?🤔