iPhone 12 Mini - REAL Day in the Life Review!

Publicado el 17 dic 2020
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It's iPhone 12 Mini review time with a real day in the life! Can this smaller phone keep up with the bigger versions? Let's see how it is to use the phone in hand, camera, and of course, check out that battery life.
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Find it here:
iPhone 12 Mini - apple.co/3r0iHVV

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  • apex legends fan huh? nicee

  • come on apex!!!!! yuhhhhh

  • 99% of the iPhone users always use cases and covers. We cannot afford to drop and break our costly new iPhones. Its the 1% of rich people and tech reviewers who don't use cases. So yeah, fingerprints on phone don't matter to us, it never did.

  • Does anyone even use a GPS app without topping off your phone?

  • Its awesome 😎 for me

  • I Dont get why he sometimes covers the Logo... :S

  • Now if only it had a slide out keyboard

  • Nice video. I prefer the smaller phones and love the look of it--pretty sharp. You have a nice electronic set up back there.

  • Can't wait to get mine. I'll just put it on dark mode, lower brightness, I don't use widgets, and adjust other things that affect battery life

  • Why da fuck you hiding apple logo?????

  • Apple should make a Pro Mini cah that would be awesome

  • Hmm my iPhone 7 has better battery life than the 12 mini hopefully it improves with software.. I get an average of 5 and a half hours of screen on time with moderate to heavy usage..

  • Digging my transition from a 8plus to the mini. Not having a home button is strange to me but so far so good!

  • I got the 12 mini cause it’s all I could afford but I have no regrets tho it’s a really good phone I love it

  • What I do see an issue with is battery but the normal 12 should fix that, but if you really like the mini either you can get an external battery or just carry your charger everywhere you go

  • The 12 for me is pretty perfect and the small 12 mini isn’t really what anyone has expected

  • Lol it’s a iPhone 4s with up grades😁

  • Ions love to move around so if you have the option of plugging the phone in then go for it. increase that battery life to get through your day!

  • I'm curious if the display is sharper on the mini, because of the size.

  • 3:52 guess I'm a mom now

  • What game is that?

  • When you put the 12 pro max in your pocket, I can really see the volume in your pants ! It’s massive ! 😱

  • 2:44, that's what she said

  • The 12 mini is the best phone I've ever had

  • Ship me that phone

  • This phone should have been the iPhone SE

  • Thank you. Ur channel has made a difference in me buying the mini for my daughter.

  • I forgot that this phone existed

  • The mini didn’t do well than the bigger phones. But if they would’ve added more power, specs, and made one special cosmetic change... ...DROP THE NOTCH! Hooooooly Crap! If they would’ve dropped the notch, I believe the mini would’ve flew all of the shelves. Upgrade on muscle and an upgrade in cosmetics. That’s it!! And then market it (or re-market it) as saying “LARGE THINGS COME IN small packages!” ☝🏾☝🏾🤷🏾‍♂️😁 😜 🤦🏾‍♂️☝🏾 Hey! Why Not????

  • Hopefully the 13 mini or 12s mini will get a bigger battery

  • Jay lost his job because of his taco statement

  • Yo I’m happy I got my iPhone 12 pro on telegram @Robthin he is such a great guy 💯❤️

  • LOL average consumer - iMac Pro, Tesla, just look at his dudes get up. Nothing average, more like privileged .

  • My son got the iPhone mini in black coming from a iPhone 6s he loves it! He is a Marine and their clothes are very form fitting so the small phone fits perfect!

  • What was the game he played on 6:20?

  • Sorry to say but not really a real day. Not everybody has an integrated GPS in their car and you don't you are plugging your phone to power it during this demanding task. So I'm pretty sure you could finish the day with this smaller battery.

  • Nice car.

  • Very informative video. Thank you.

  • Euhhhh, I'm not the only one who saw it, but why did you hide the apple logo. This is quite weird in an apple phone review. Must be a moneylender thing. It makes your review a lot less credible.

  • Battery is the only issue it has, but it charges fast as well....

  • It’s only one hour less then the 12pro max . I do have 12 pro max

  • My is red lobster 🦞

  • I can used it for 11hours to work ...

  • the iPhone 12 Mini. Brings me back to the gold ol days with the iPhone 5S.

  • Thats nasty notch sucks!!😣

  • Apple needs to drop the smart battery case for this thing and it will be gold!!!

  • Carl, at 10*20. 😂 nice 👍 job! “ dropping an album”. Get em, son 😝 that’s coOL and this is the phone I have. White mini 256G 👌 taking time to adjust to typing, especially when I have my long nails on 😆

  • Awesome review

  • Look at the amount of waste a single "meal"* creates at min 11:29 That's criminal. Also, fast food shouldn't be called a meal, but that's for another topic.

  • why the fuck would you compare it with iphone SE this baby is reincarnated from iphone 4S.

  • Whats the model name for pc monitor

  • Wallpaper?

  • I’m on iPhone 11 Pro Max for 1 year but ima wait September to see if they make iPhone 13 mini. I’m not a heavy user at all.

  • Can you gift that phone for me 😚😚, you have too many phones 😂😂😅😅🙏🙏☺️☺️ pleaseee 🙏 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Now I’m hungry 😅

  • Why are you covering the Apple logo ? 🙄

  • Best iphone right now.. love this phone its to slip in a pocket, great screen, good speakers, blazing quick..

    • I love it.. it’s the perfect size with performance of the bigger model

    • Should I buy it?

  • I’m seeing a lot of bad reviews about 12 mini and really make no sense. Because I have the 12 mini and using it 6:00-22:30 without the need to charge. On 5G I’m getting 5:30 on screen and on 4G slightly more than 7 hours ON SCREEN guys. That means some days I’m going to sleep with more than 50% after all day without charge. I’m impressed!

  • If apple put in a bigger battery in the mini then it is perfect.

  • Why would you eat Taco Bell inside a Tesla? It ruins the smell of the car

  • Concern about fingerprints. Phone case: “am i a joke to you?”

  • You don't like doritos damn lmao 🤣😂

  • Great Video. I have always been reluctant to remove apps from home screens but with the new groupings they are not needed. May try it... Screen time was 6 hours. So bad. like the idea of leaving Social Media for Ipad

  • I see you had it on 5G in the video. That right there is a battery killer! I have the iPhone 12 mini and I don’t leave it on 5G when I use it I use LTE and I’ve gotten at least 6 hours 30 minutes and on WIFI I’ve gotten over 8 hours. I guess it’s how you use it, I really enjoy your content these past few years great video man.

  • i really like that case. wish i saw this video a couple days ago. i already ordered one and it’ll be here tmw.

  • Dam the video You can see the dust on his jacket

  • Nice vid bro

  • This guy is so ghetto WTFFFF

  • which dascam do you use in your car ?

  • Your videos are rapidly becoming my favorites .... Well Done!!! Have you done one on how to navigate the Home Screen setup with the change in icons, etc. for iPhone

  • I just got an Xr for my birthday and I low-key want the new 12 mini

  • I'm very curious what do you watch besides Apex,Amine,and Tech?

  • why you gotta diss people with small hands tho?!

  • My most anticipated video from Jud.

  • your video ain't that great . .and your cars junk bro!!

  • Good video I'm telling you man compact phones are making a comeback because of this and the pixel 4A not everybody wants a big honking phone you can't go to work working in a factory with a 6.5 inch phone. I'm a back pocket phone guy man and I had like a 6.4 inch Motorola phone ripping my pockets and stuff after working 10-hour days this phone's size perfect.

  • Why you blur apple logo

  • Apple really brought back the iPhone 4 with an embellished camera and had the nerve to call it the “mini” 🥴🥴🥴 Why aren’t we waking up from this.

  • Is it easier to type with a case on?

  • Who the hell has more than 4.5 hours a day time to play around on their phone? :D I can imagine if you are some kind of uber-professional... but no, I can't really. Content consumption? You have your iPad, your laptop, your desktop for that. Are you on the road? Just put that phone on a charger in your car (wireless pad, or even a cable to use Apple carPlay in most cars). I mean I don't have the mini but on my regular 12 I never finish the day below 60% of battery.

  • i see itemp on this channel a lot

  • They should have made the 12 mini about a millimeter thicker and fill it up with more battery thereby boosting its battery life. That small form factor could easily afford to get thicker. Then it would have been the perfect compact flagship.

  • cause everyone who drives in a tesla will use their phone as a gps lol

  • I love the 12 mini. Favorite iPhone since the 5S

  • on dark mode, battery life is much better

  • For some times I heard you saying ur garbage consumer

  • I’m coo with my 12 pro Max I’m use 2 big phone’s coming from the note series

  • You’re awesome!! And entertaining, loved this!

  • I’d like a pro mini with 3 cameras, 6gb ram, 120hz Display and in-Screen fingerprint scanner. And if they make it thicker for a bigger battery there wouldn’t be an annoying camera bump. 🤷‍♂️ that would be an awesome phone!

  • Give me a mobil bro

  • i hope someone gave me that phone as a gift for my upcoming graduation 😘😘😘

  • I decided to swap my iPhone 12 Pro for the 12 mini ... I hesitated a lot and was not sure I made the right choice ... but quickly I loved the mini! Perfect size! It is never bulky to carry and easy to use with one hand. It is light and therefore pleasant to hold. I am happy with my choice!

  • I heard that iphones charge slowly. Not sure coming from Android here but I am interested in getting this. I'm reading that battery life is less but it charges really fast... does anyone know how fast by chance?

  • im 12 so i have small hands and I currently have an 11 but I would prefer a smaller screen because I have to reposition my hands to reach the top of the screen

  • "Now just pretend, I got like-a phone holder." You do have a phone holder! Looks cool tbh. Cleanest Car Setup 2021?

  • Anybody else take really small pics on snapchat?

  • I have the mini I just buy it on Low battery mode

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  • Brother where did you get that sweater ? 😄

  • 12 mini’s design (especially in White) reminds me a lot of the 4/4s