iPhone 12 Pro Max - REAL Day in the Life Review!

Publicado el 14 nov 2020
Time to see how the new iPhone 12 Pro Max holds up in a real day in the life review! Does the phone with all of Apple's new tech rule the bunch?
Find it here:
iPhone 12 Pro Max: apple.co/33VitpG
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  • It's ok Austin, I don't like pumpkin either

  • Getting mine in like 2 weeks i canot wait 😍

  • That gold is so pretty

  • Dope desktop lamp haha

  • They need to come out with the battery case already.

  • When his son is older he gonna be having a new phone each year

  • controversial opinion: pacific blue is overrated and silver is the best color

  • 3:40 I'd be pissed off if i had to eat that mush too. lol

  • Why does this guy look like freakin mayweather

  • I don’t want this phone I NEED this phone

  • Damn your place looks beautiful!!!

  • Love your videos and this one didn’t disappoint either! It is a great phone and the camera quality is amazing! 😍 Nice man cave setup btw

  • Kun ei or karma? are you an Akali main? Great vid, great review!

  • Pro max is kinda flickering

  • Wallpaper?

  • 12 is big enough for me

  • He is definitely not feeling that pumpkin

  • Do you like the blue color for your phone, and is that iPhone your daily driver

  • I’m glad I sent my 12 pro back and got the 12 pro max it’s unbelievably good 😌

  • That audio and video quality is insane

  • That audio and video quality is insane

  • weird the pro max only gets an hour more than the mini

  • Best phone review lad

  • I got the iPhone XR I want to upgrade should I?

    • I have the XR too and I’m thinking of getting the 12 pro max . That pacific blue color looks so good and I prefer larger size phones

  • Hey Jud where is that wallpaper located

  • Great video

  • Your HighAverageConsumer 😏

  • What is your favorite anime?

  • I love your speech I love your speech Very nice ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

  • That gundam looks so sick!!!

  • Watching on my iphone 12 pro max 1100$ well spent

  • i get 12-13 hours of screen time usage on my 12 pro max

  • Dam I like him more now lol I used to watch him back in the day when he made really professional and stale reviews, but now he addin style and flavor to his reviews aha good to see

  • I’m sorry austin looked like the grinch getting fed food during Whobaltion IS THAT ALL YOU GOT ?🤣🤣

  • its big for nothing lets be real, missing SOOO many features andriods have

  • 11:24 i am sorry but they are the same I don't see iPhone 12 pro max better than the 12 pro

  • This one is my first iPhone ever after using many years of android. This phone is amazing!!

  • I love graphite black color.. just like it but can’t have it. Too expensive.

  • I prefer a bumper so that it protects from drops on flat surfaces and still shows the beautiful design of the phone. I use the Rhinoshield Mod NX so I can use it as a bumper or put the clear back on if I want a bit more protection

  • The baby was like bruh sweet potato not pumpkin!

  • Are these videos color graded?

  • Awesome stuff bro

  • Where can we find wallpaper from thumbnail picture?

  • Should I upgrade? I’m using 11promax?

  • Wallpaper?

  • I love the ' real day in the life ' videos 👍 nice!!

  • I got the iPhone 12 Pro, I’m just watching this cuz you got the best reviews

  • It’s quite interesting.. I love the stainless steel on my newly acquired 11 pro max.. and it’s not a fingerprint magnet at all

  • Can’t get enough ofAustin cuteness! 😂🤣😂 Congrats again guys!

  • Who else is watching this in the iPhone 12 Pro Max☺️

  • The audio sounds pretty damn good too.

  • Austin is 100% not having it.🤣👍🏾

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  • Is anyone else watching this on a 12 Pro Max? I’m just doing it so I can find out more about the phone since I just got it.

  • Bro I was Today years old when I found out you and Ari had a kid 🤯 congrats Brother! 💪🏾✊🏾

  • Austin don’t like pumpkin

  • Too big

  • THat poppy case is what I’m using. It’s leather and unique. Poppy is were its at

  • Dope Gundam Epyon portrait. I know a good man when he appreciates Gundam Wing.

  • babe Austin is so cute🤗 the phone looks awesome great review thank you and god bless you, babe and all 👍👍🙏🙏

  • What kind of leather case was that in beginning of the video @1:30

  • Austin is so cute

  • Thanks for your smooth review. If you were to choose the 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max but didn't care about the camera, which one would you go with?

  • So cute austin likes iphone 12 pro Max ...

  • Who else’s watching this on there pro max ?

  • Austin Evans Jr

  • 07:52 my boy watching Yashahime, the sequel to InuYasha 😁

  • which one do u use

  • I really enjoy these videos much better than the 7 mins reviews much more in depth getting to see it in action. keep them coming mate

  • The kid HATES pumpkin.

  • When is the real day in the life for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini coming out, waiting for them eagerly

  • My son ate so many carrots and sweet potatoes that he had an orange nose for a couple months.

  • 2050 Apple 100 years battery life

  • This is what's so disappointing with the new iPhone 12 Pro Max camera. You sound very tinny, almost muffled. On phones like the Google Pixel 5, your voice and background noises sounds very crystal clear. Like night and day different.

  • Literally just ordered my 12 pro max and then watched this lol I made the right decision. Now I gotta pick a case

  • Wow quality is amazing

  • 💯

  • Man your house is amazing mannn I wish I had it tried of this section 8 no space stay bless

  • I can tell Austin is going to be a tech god just like his dad

  • I think i seen that gundam 00 before

  • Came here to see EAs gunpla! Now I'm subscribed and I swear it's not cuz all the Gundam stuff!

  • Nice Gunpla collection tho🔥

  • I'm loving the Gundam in your man cave. Can you do a video showcasing your collection?

  • An actual review on what I’m gonna use the phone with!! Plastic model photos! I’ve been looking at the Snow White Wing Zero ever since it popped in the screen!! And that 1/60 Nu Gundam is just heavenly!

  • Here from the EA gunpla

  • I came here to see a gunpla :v

  • 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


  • Austin has grown so mush!

  • People: Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Apple: Yesn't

  • I’ve heard complaints regarding the iPhone 12 series that when the screen is off the battery drains by a huge amount. Is this true? I’m planning to buy the iphone 12 pro max so how is the battery life on that phone? And does the phone’s battery drop by a big margin when the screen is off? This is to everyone: are any pro max users facing battery issues? Or is the battery sufficient to last for an entire working day with heavy usage? Please iphone 12 pro max users tell me.

  • I have the opposite opinion. I think the leather cases hold up better over time. The silicone cases always grab dust, debris, and lint more often than the leather. Sure, Apple’s cases may not hold up if dropping but the grip on the leather options are outstanding.

  • Dude, the 12 max pro is the same size as the 8+, just 2 mm longer. I know 'cause I just bought one for the wife and she did not want a larger phone.

  • Your house seems awesome and big! Where is this place?

  • Love it, thank you!

  • Have to get the pro max, battery life is a hard hitter for me.

  • I’m coming from a 6s+

  • Let it patina dude! The lighter it is in the begging the more it’ll shine once it ages. Usually it looks pretty nice almost like a nice wallet

  • It’s 11 Pro Max with “s” every year Apple do this.

  • Switching from he Note 10 Plus to the 12 Pro Max. It'll be here at the end of the month. Naturally, I'm consuming tf outta some 12 Pro Max content while I'm waiting for it to get here lol!