iPhone 12 Pro Max & Mini Unboxing!

Publicado el 9 nov 2020
The iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini just landed. Let's do a quick unboxing of both before we get into the real day in the life review of these phones. The hands on REALLY shows off the sizes here.
Find them here:
iPhone 12 Mini: apple.co/3nM3c2r
iPhone 12 Pro Max: apple.co/33VitpG
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  • Your thumbnails are quite eye-catching not to mention tempting

  • What about the notch on the iPhone 12 series that almost takes half of screen

  • The iPhone mini fits in my best friends little hands

  • Brooo that “you/her crush“ comparison hit too close to home 😅😅

  • wow

  • 3:17

  • Thats what she said 3:16

  • Mine is the iPhone 12 Pro Max pacific Blue I love it

  • Who else doesn't like pro or pro maxes because of the three cameras

  • I still use the headphones, when I can’t find my pods or they go dead.

  • mirio in the background

  • It was an Iphone 8 because the apple logo wasn't in the middle.

  • You give me iphone 12

  • Do you get to keep the tech you view or send it back

  • 6:06 what is that weird indent on the side

  • I still use Apple EarPods, especially when using headphones at home. I don’t really care to use Bluetooth headphones unless I absolutely have to.

  • Does anyone know the wallpaper he as at 3:45 ???

  • Where do you find the wallpaper on the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

  • You Her Crush Literally everyone who has a soul: BAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Tbh they should’ve also made a 12 mini pro....that would’ve been nice....I feel like a lot of Business people would buy it because they can just pop it in their suit pocket,wallet,purse etc and they would get all the benefits of the pro model in a smaller and more convenient package.

  • I don’t have AirPods or even a phone so I guess I can’t answer ur question

  • *Omg... just got my iPhone12 pro through alvinshyper40 on !nsta i wasn't expecting it to work but it did so amazing*

  • I do we are headphones

  • I still use wired headphones even though I have AirPods

  • The apple ear buds never fit my ears like at all I couldn’t even try to balance them for a second they just fell right out I am still using the xs max and I have never thought I needed a headphone jack

  • i actual need a new phone lol and he has millions of them just lying around

  • I want a Mini Pro. Pro is too big but I could go a bit bigger than the Mini, so I guess Mini it is.

  • Apple is going to make a cover for your keys so when your keys Rub against the case it won’t scratch 😂

  • Those casual chats between these videos I just like it 💯

  • Hg

  • G

  • Gandg

  • Are you doing a give away? Anytime soon? 😭

  • iPhone 12 mini looks bigger than an iPhone 5

  • Headphone Gang🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max gold color option more of a stone color on back.

  • No matter how much people show off the mini and it's size, I still can't get a grasp of how "mini" it really is.

  • Awesome! This video is very helpful! You can visit my channel to see awesome stuff, too!

  • Everything they’re saying sounds so sexual in this 😂 lol literally just close your eyes and listen to the whole video 💀😂

  • 227 missed calls tho! :p

  • he really make my want to buy an iphone 12

  • Just got my 12 mini today gotta say it’s an awesome phone so far

  • Can someone send me the link to the wallpaper that’s on the 12 pro max in the thumbnail pls

  • Nice unboxing review. I spent a few hours aimlessly going through Tik Tok and Reddit with the iPhone 12 Pro Max(with Apple leather case). I find the the 11 Pro Max much a lot more comfortable and easier to use. I think Apple may have pushed it too far with the iPhone 12 Pro Max size increase.

  • So happy w/ this upgrade. Got the iPhone 12ProMax Friday in the exact same color. Moved away from the grey & “blacks” since we don’t have true space grey anymore. The gold is so beautiful 😍 I upgraded from an X so a major upgrade.

  • I used the headphones all the time until I got my first pair of AirPods 😊

  • Can I get your iPhone 11 Pro max since your never gonna use it again😂😂

  • Can you pls Caleb with Justine

  • Why am I not subscribed to you? Smh let’s fix that

  • I use the headphones included in the iphone box

  • Me on both

  • Just came across this guy’s video today and I love they’re vibe and their videos definitely a new subscriber ✨

  • Sad that they dont sell leather cases for the 12s

  • Yo also I use the headphones for work calls bc my AirPods are finally crapping out (bought the og ones in feb 2017)

  • I know I will eventually wish I had a bigger screen but something about that 12 mini is calling to me, man...

  • i couldn’t help but think dirty when they were unboxing the mini lmao

  • I'd be cool with no Headphones or Power brick if the price had gone down a bit, but when you start charging MORE and giving LESS that's a no go for me

  • I just got my pro max today. I got the California poppy case. It’s like a mustard color. This phone is such a beauty. I cannot wait to see the day in the life. Great video.

  • The participation with Carl and Arie just makes these videos a much better experience 😂😂🤟🏻👍🏻

  • I almost give up in my iPhone to trash Until I was recommend to this hacker on Instagram creekhacker Who retrieve my iPhone back You too can have you iPhone back through creekhacker on Instagram

  • i’m for sure waiting in picking up the pacific blue 12 pro max to replace my XS Max

  • Hey idea for a video real day in the life with the Xbox series x/s and PS5 maybe

  • iPhone 12 pro max is that phone 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Is that the baltic blue leather case?

  • Great video!👍🏽

  • The iPhone 12 mini just has a lil less battery life but it’s a small phone and u can win everything but other then that it’s fine

  • I use the earpods when I sleep. thats about it

  • okay okay, hear me out- i understand why apple isn’t including the brick or headphones in the box anymore. but at LEAST for the box when you buy the phone whether online OR in store, they should give you the option to get the brick with the phone. like not in the box, but just it separately instead of having to buy it separately, just give it to you bc it should come with the phone.

  • please do a full video, A whole day with the 12 mini....see how it holds up

  • If the mini comes with more battery capacity That will be my option. ...

  • It's currently raining where I live for the first time in months (northern california). Drinking my coffee, watching this video. All good vibes. Love the energy my man, keep it up!

  • Everyone saying mini is really small but it’s defiantly the same size of the phones we had in 2000s

  • are you forgetting about the battery

  • I use

  • I pre ordered the 12 pro max and I am waiting on it to ship. Thanks for a great review.

  • Currently using the headphone jack

  • I might get the mini as my first iphone

  • “I’m expensive” 😎

  • I still use the headphones lmaoooo, but I have like 6 of them 😂😂😂

  • I still use EarPods.

  • 4:38 안녕하세요🙋🏿‍♂️ from south korea

  • “It feels expensive” Me: “ really”

  • Does anyone have the wallpaper with the mountain??

  • Can u just gimme the other one 🤣 u prolly not gonna use them all 😉😁

  • My iphone 12 pro max is getting delivered tomorrow I love the max I don’t think I can go back to a small phone. So I would never go to the 12 or mini

  • Feels expensive? Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expensive and feels a real flagship then the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • Well I was super excited to get the 12 pro Max in gold or White. Then yesterday I got laid off my job so now I can’t get it.

  • I use my headphones(wired) from time to time!,

  • i’ve had the iphone 5 for so long it literally came back

  • I can’t wait to get my phone tomorrow!! I’m finally upgrading from my 7plus. It can finally Rest In Peace 😆

  • Beautiful new iPhone 12, I like the fact that Apple returns with the beautiful industrial design. I think the big iPhone Pro is for men and the iPhone mini is for women.

  • would u get the 11 pro max over the 12 pro max I'm coming from iPhone 6s +?

  • I still haven't received my 12 pro :l

  • I still use the headphones

  • I’m still using my lighting headphones since the 8 plus lol and I have a few pairs unopened in my closet. And I’m using my MacBook Air and iPad charging block to charge my current iPhone. So once I receive my new iPhone in a week I’ll be fine without having those in the box. But I have tons of family and friends pissed about Apple removing them

  • iPhone 12 mini is so tiny lol

  • Reminds you of the firsts couple iPhone series

  • I have a XS Max. I’m personally waiting for the drop of the 13. Because I pay for everything out right

  • 7 hours of screen on length on a smaller battery? Man you cray 😂 great video and got my sub.

  • I hope they stop the screen size at 6.7”, the 6.5” was perfect since it’s edge to edge. I’m still figuring out if I should the regular Pro or or just get the Max size again.