iPhone 13 & 13 Pro HIDDEN Features, Tips and Tricks!

Publicado el 12 nov 2021
Here are some must know tips and tricks for your new iPhone 13! Thanks to Optimum for sponsoring a portion of this video. Check them out here: bit.ly/UrAvrgConsumer

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  • I’ve always wondered why the screen would just drop down sometimes. Didn’t know that was the reachability feature. Kinda cool to know now.

  • That back tap feature is so useful when you just want to quickly exit apps and get to the Home Screen without having to back track or deal with finicky gestures.

  • Search at bottom makes more sense as the displays are getting larger, again it's more about your preference but in terms of usability and ux laws this is a great feature to have.

  • I prefer the tab bar at the top in Safari. Unfortunately, I have to keep it at the bottom because if I use a Bluetooth keyboard it will not allow me to type in the tab bar if it’s at the top. I assume it’s a bug in iOS 15.

  • I didn’t realize how useful the last one was until I thought “Oh yeah, screenshots take up space on a phone” that’s actually a nice feature

  • Dude great work...but you don't need the iPhone 13 for most of these features...thee are iOS 15 features and can be done on older phones too...😀

  • I actually just sold my iPhone 12 Pro Max and bought a iPhone 13 mini. I honestly love it. The small phone really helped me get off my phone.

    • @Asylum Rain What I’m saying Is I’ve doubled my work productivity by not always being on a large phone screen. I now only use my phone when I need it for calls and text. I hardly watch content on it anymore so its nice that its small. The large phone was bulky and I used it way too often

    • So you’re saying you don’t like it as much?

    • ⬆️⬆️⬇️ Thanks for watching and commenting Hit me up I've got a prize for you

  • That was a great video! You should make a vid about Windows programs that allows you to open “Live Photos” photos on Windows. It is also with photos that were edited in native photo app. I can’t open them on Windows laptop. Normal videos and photos are fine.

  • Feel like this should be iOS 15 hidden features, not iPhone 13 as they aren’t exclusive.

  • This is SUCH a great video! Thanks for providing it!

  • Bro this helped out a lot. Seriously, THANK YOU!!

  • This was so helpful!! Thank you!

  • Almost none of this stuff is specific to the 13 models and is definitely nog secret of hidden. Kinda dissapointed

  • I'm here looking for a new phone cuz they stole my iPhone 11 and they turned it off right away - how I wish it had that feature haha Great videos, love your personality and what a beautiful family you have

  • This is just what I needed !!! thank you!

  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing!👍🏾

  • That backtap feature has been around since iphone 10

  • I'm an android fan switching to the iPhone pro max 13 and this video has helped me tremendously!!!!!

  • Just got my iPhone 13 Pro today! Love it 😍

  • Quality on POINT. Earned another new sub my guy's.

  • Thank you! Great tips!

  • Keep the safari thing on the bottom once you get used to it it helps so much

  • You're so personable, love your reviewing style.

  • The trick with the camera filters you mentioned, that’s not new. I had my iPhone 8 Plus set up like that. Every photo I took look like it was edited lol. Also you can create the floating button that moves around your phone’s screen and assign things to it. I have mine set up to take a snapshot when I double tap the button. I can also access my control center which offers more options quickly. Lastly I can tell Siri to do things like Hey Siri turn on my flashlight and she will do it. That last tip may not be all that new but figured some people may not have known you can tell Siri to do things like that lol.

  • What a great video, Jud! Super useful

  • Thanks for this video. I learned a lot of info that I will definitely use.

  • Thank you for these tips!

  • I been using the backtap since my iPhone xs! I use it for google voice assist hahah! (Shortcut to it)

  • Maybe useful for new iOS upstate’s but not specific to iPhone 13

  • assign double back tap to reachability..makes it quicker n easier and you dont have to shuffle your fon and risk dropping it to do the reachability gesture.

  • Very helpful. Thanks!

  • Very useful info

  • Ordering mine end of the month, so timing is perfect. Thanks bro

    • @V N R I'm in the UK man, networks love timegating shit.

    • @Castles who your supplier? I went through Verizon I never heard of that

    • @V N R my supplier isn't accepting orders before the 24th 🙄 so I'm on the list

    • @El Travieso XIII only been 10 days since I ordered , feels so much longer

    • Yeah they take like about 3-4 weeks to arrive if you’re lucky

  • New Subscriber Thank for the awesome tutorial! 💃🏿

  • The screenshot trick is amazing

  • This video should be called “Getting the most out of Apple’s new updates” Not a iphone 13 video🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Honestly Apple fumbled with the FaceTime link because now people can go back to androids

  • Im fine with my iPhone 7. It does everything I need it to do perfectly well. Might upgrade to a 13 mini next year when the support drops

  • i'd love to see an aibo review from you, specifically the Sony aibo ERS-1000!!! I wonder what your take would be.

  • I know all that already. My tip: You can combine the alarm clock with your apple home automation to activate the lights in your bedroom as soon you turn off the alarm. Pretty handy: The house "wakes" up when you wake up!

  • Thanks for the tips

  • Me here to watch and use these hidden features Also me: uses all of these features on my iPhone 12 mini :|

  • Thank you for sharing,love the way how you present

  • I am brand new to the 13 Pro and loved the video.

  • Jud, if you can show a quick tutorial of how to use find my on someone else’s device to find your lost or stolen device. I think that would be helpful. Maybe make it a ESmain short.

    • click log out on their find my app and log in as you

    • or u can google another youtube video of the hundreds of other people who have made videos of it?

  • All of these other than the photographic styles are all iPhones, not exclusively iPhone 13

  • Out of all the tips and tricks videos you was actually spitting some real tips actual heat

  • Awesome explanation

  • Hey there, i am facing an issue in setting > accessibility > visual&audio > phone noise cancellation. I am not having this “phone noise cancellation” option in the menu. And this option is not there in any of the 13 series iphone. Because of this i am facing problem talking to someone when there’s lot’s of background noise. If any have any solutions help me please. Thank you

  • By double touching( not pressing) the home button you can get reachability on 8 and bellow

  • Not every smart device work well with IOS... 💯

  • Most of these are iOS 15 features and not something specific to iPhone 13 lineup. Even 12 and below will have most of the features. Wrong video title :(

  • Wish my 13 Pro Max would ship out already 😭😭😭

    • @V N R I got mines today but I went to the store sadly they didn’t have the iPhone 13 pro max in gold I’m stuck with graphite

    • @Shahrul Zahri no This my 6th iPhone. And my first time ordering one instead of getting it in person since we’re in a pandering and it’s backordered so hop off my nuts n and get your life together Ain’t no damn noob

    • Iphone noob...

  • Thanks for the tips if you have anymore to share please do

  • The back tap…never knew it existed. Thanks!

  • drop a video on the accessories for the new macbook pro 🙏🏻

  • Can you get rid of that obtrusive block on the top of the screen?

  • Soooooo happy there is a way to put the search bar back on the top of the screen, I hate it on the bottom😂😂

  • Love the screen shot feature 👍🇬🇧

  • I always forget about reachablity but thanks ur average consumer

  • Whats up with the Pixel review? You're my favorite tech reviewer Bro dont tell me apple wont let you review the Pixel phones

  • Look at the map if you zoom it out you could see the earth 😍

  • Reachability has always been a thing.

  • My triple tap brings up all my windows and my double tap takes the screenshot but that’s nothing new. I could do that with my 11Pro.

    • *What'sap me👆 for surprise package claim👆"*

  • Thanks for the tips

    • I agree ! they are actually very handy to say the least :)

    • *What'sap me👆 for surprise package claim👆*

  • Cool video judner keep it up 👍. Love from Nigeria Africa

  • 4:11 Triple tap for photo… etc won’t work with my heavy duty case. What a cool featur.

  • Could you PLEASE do a “Holiday Gift Guide” video!!

  • Hi for some reason I can’t see the focus option?

  • Keep posting this types of Videos

  • If you have the safari search bar at the bottom and if you are switching from one tab the the previous one you can hold the bar and slide it either to the right or left.

    • *What'sap me👆 for surprise package claim👆"*

  • Oh wow didn’t know about the last tip. Siri can send a link or even screenshot and send it that’s cool 😎🔥

  • 1:28 I double tap to zoom in and if I tap on some words it’s just highlights it instead of zooming which can get annoying at times

  • Seen many videos of tricks thought it’s gonna be the same as the rest but u really helped me with the Back Tap, because I normally double click to open my camera on my Samsung so this Really helps. Oh! The change the search bar on safari? U can do that by pressing the “Aa” when u are on Google or something then press show top address bar instead of of going and scrolling to settings.

  • So you just kinda went over the keynote again? Cool, thanks

  • So how do turn on the HOW TO FIND my phone in case it’s off? I listened to it multiple times and I can’t figure it out

    • *What'sap me👆 for surprise package claim👆*

  • Knew about all these features. First time I didn’t learn anything from your videos but great content.

  • I got the blue iPhone 13 pro max too

  • I got the white iPhone 13 pro max 128gb. I have an unboxing and set up video on my channel and a spigen clear case (best clear case) video. I absolutely love and recommend this phone!

  • Most of the features he introduced is not only available on iphone 13 but all iphone with iOS 15....

  • POV: You watched the whole video even though you dont have an iPhone 13

  • I don't think that triple tap on the back would work if you have a case right?

    • it’s not working with mine so ig not

  • i just order my iphone 13 pro max i’m so excited

  • I would like to point out all these camera features is was on the galaxy s8 apple really need to catch up.... I was just about to order the iPhone 13 but I might wait a little longer 😅

  • More videos keep it up

  • Didn’t know about backtap thanks 🙏

  • Nice Video Jud 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Woah, didn't know about the back tap. Awesome

  • Every one of the 13 pro max video's I've seen, avoids a massive elephant in the room: THE NOTCH.

  • Optimum isn’t available in my area would love to get this over xfinity’s crap upload speed.

  • Ngl i never knew what reachability did but now i know so thank you

  • How do I turn on the number 9 feature??

  • Android User Recently Tried iPhone, XD now I have an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 13. If Apple would suck it up and take a few creature comforts from Google. The iPhone would just about be Perfect 🤣🤣🤣 and The Android Veteran in Me Cringed at that statement but the Truth is the Truth. I’m currently only using my iPhones XD IDK if I’m ready to talk about it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • But its no exclusive to the iphone 13 if you doenload the new update every still updatable iphone can do that

  • Funny thing he says he does a 1gb subscription. Fam, that's my daily data usage

    • 1 gig is the speed of the internet, not the limit on the data usage. I believe 1 gig is around 1000 mbps

  • great stuff

  • Safari browser why?! 😂 If it’s not broken don’t fix it, however I am going to let it be my default

  • i love the scenery in the background the train is always killer

  • Where's the real day in life for the Pixel 6/6 pro vid?

  • What ever happened to a pixel 6 pro video ? 🤔