iPhone 13 Mini - Real Day in the Life Review!

Publicado el 26 oct 2021
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It's time for a REAL day in the life with the iPhone 13 Mini! How does the small form factor and battery hold up in the real world? Let's find out..

Find it here:
iPhone 13 Mini - apple.co/3hQJ4uy

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Comentarios: 517

  • I love the size of this thing, smaller screen size makes me reduce my screen time. It goes to show that if you have a smaller phone, you tend to use it less. Truly a phone for the minimalist.

    • @Alex  I use my phone a lot and im on a iPhone 8 . I would love the 13 mini cause it’s smaller than the 8 and it still has the bigger display. So I’m holding a smaller phone with a bigger screen that’s better cause it will be easier to take care of and I got big hands so that will make it even easier.

    • Maybe because it’s not as confrontabile? I mean, I have both a pc and an iPhone, and I mainly watch videos on both, but what do I use more often? The pc with external monitor and 24” screen or a 4,7” screen? Well I actually prefer the phone, because I can hold it in just one hand, I basically always have it with me, it’s pocketable, has True Tone and other cool features, but one deal breaker, is that I can use it in my bed, with my TWS earphones. I wouldn’t say I prefer small screens, I haven’t had a big phone ever actually, my previous phone was 5” in fact but it felt the same ngl. I would say a bigger screen is always appreciated, but the weight isn’t, like holding an SE is pretty easy even with one hand and it’s not heavy at all (I also have a silicone case and screen protector) and I think that plays a big factor. (the monitor is just a LED 60hz non-HDR non nothing, cheepo screen and my phone is an iPhone SE2020)

    • agree. I also deleted my FB on my mini so I tend to less use FB now.

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  • My iPhone 13 mini has about the same battery life I had with the iPhone 12 Pro. Only difference is that I can charge from 25 to 80 percent in about 30 minutes with the mini. Definitely love my 13 mini.

    • Wow so it's better than the 12 s battery! Impressive!

    • I second this. got the same results

    • I dont know how he got only 3h, i normally get 7h to 8h of screen on time with a full charge

    • @1058 Raghav Kaushal smaller battery = less time to charge…😳

    • @1058 Raghav Kaushal that actually sounds close to accurate when you look at the battery test videos

  • Honestly a phone being this small is not a bad thing

    • You’re right, I’m getting it soon :) hi bud

    • @mohsin alam Because it has a bigger screen in a smaller foot print. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Yeah I have the iPhone 8 right now and will be upgrading to a 13 mini and the 13 mini is only .1 inch smaller than the 8

    • Love my 12 mini but looking for a bit bigger battery

    • @odx my hands are just big I guess

  • Been using my 13 mini for about a week now. I don’t do a lot of heavy video recording and it gets me through the entire day pretty okay. Definitely a lot better than the 12 mini

  • I love my 13 mini I wish people didn't give it such a hard time. I have a feeling small phone are going to become popular again

    • @Classic Bot Same way I typed on even smaller phones 5+ years ago. Don’t you have a Jonas Brother’s concert to get to Zoomer?

    • @Benjamin Andrews how do you type on that?

    • I wish you were right but unfortunately seems like people just want bigger and bigger phones. I'm switching to a mini from a pixel 4 after being an Android user since the G1 because it's impossible to find a flagship phone under 6" except for this

    • I feel the same way.

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  • for someone who doesn't use their smartphone that much during the day, just wants to play a little game once in a while, be able to take some pictures whenever they need or want, and will listen to music downloaded on the device, I guarantee that the 13 mini is the best choice, it's so small that you don't even realize you have it and you can do all the tasks of the day if you don't use it all the time. I could get about 7h of screen time with some good battery optimization that i have made by myself, even using LTE and GPS some times

  • If you dont use the camera for more than 15 mins the 13 mini will easily last u the day. As a moderate user for mails, whatsapp, calling, 15-20 mins casual clash of clans gaming, ESmain, social media, Apple/spotify music etc. the mini easily lasts me the day. I start at 9.30 am with 100% and end my day at 40-50% by 10 pm. The phone is awesome. If u plan to use the camera alot just carry a power bank.

    • @parengkiboy i wouldn’t argue with that coz the screen on time is pretty good and i also charge my phone once in 2 days with moderate usage

    • I start my day at 12AM, work starts at 3AM. I work from home so I only use my phone for iMessage and Messenger. Maybe 2-3hours of IG, I take a few pictures and videos, watch a couple of YT videos. By the time I get off work at 12PM, I only consumed 20% to 30% of my battery with 4hours of screen time. Basically it lasts around 28hours before I charge it again lol. Sounds stupid, but it is what it is haha

    • @Ghotyo Locanisyn no magsafe will not be sufficient

    • I play a game (on 4G) that i put on idle mode all day in my pocket while im at work. 9.30am to 7pm. My iphone se 2016 couldn’t handle it unless i use the battery brick. I tried the iPhone 11 Pro Max but i still had to battery brick charge it two times at work..so returning this phone. My other idea i do sometimes is put it on idle mode on my iPad Pro M1 while it sits in my locker. But the downside to that is i cant open the game, do couple things real quick then go back to idle. Just bought a battery case for my iphone se. But im wondering if iphone 13 mini + a MagSafe battery pack will do the trick or if ill still have to rely on the battery brick.

    • @UltraGoldCoin i agree ive converted to a casual user ever since i have upgraded from the 8 plus to 13 mini

  • I’ve had a mini for a month now. Came from an 11 pro, and the battery life has been way better. I go from hitting low power mode at 4 pm to 30% after 9 pm. I listen to podcasts for 12 hours a day pretty much every day and really like the smaller size for when I’m wearing tool bags at work.

    • @Loreyna the 13 mini should be fine then bro, gonna buy it as well

    • @Emre Y oh ok. I’m interested in switching to the 13 mini. But I’m worried about the battery. I don’t take a lot of pics or game but I do use social media a lot on my free time

    • @Loreyna I think it will be very close seeing as the new chip is really really efficient

    • @Emre Y I had the 11 pro since 2020 and the battery is still amazing. I don't think the 13 mini will be better though

    • better than the 11 pro? what was the battery health of your pro ?

  • First time watching you and great video. I have had the Max ever since there has been a Max and on annual upgrade so upgraded my 12PM for 13PM but this year seemed different as the phone seemed much thicker although it is not that much larger plus the larger camera bump so I returned 13PM and got the 13 Pro and very happy with that decision. When you were talking about the Mini feeling good while talking on it the 13 Pro also feels better to me than the Max and has great battery life and I use it a lot. I carry two phones and have for years and my second device was a 12 and I upgraded it to a 13 Mini just couple days ago and actually really liking the Mini. Easy to carry, as you said great camera, really good screen and fairly quick. Don’t use secondary device as much as primary but do use it a lot and today more than normal. Started at 530 am and it is now 913 pm and it is at 71 percent. My wife likes a smaller phone as she has small hands and last year got a 12 Mini but soon returned it for a 12 Pro because battery life on 12 Mini sucked. I upgraded her 12 Pro for 13 Pro for her birthday last month. 13 Mini battery life seems much better than the 12 Mini. At this point I am really happy with the 13 Mini and would recommend it unless someone is a power user. Also I do find it a little more difficult to type on as it don’t have huge fingers but not small either. Once again loved the video.

  • Probably, one of the best phones in awhile that had me 'wow' everytime I use it.

  • Great video, keep up the good work. I have an iPhone 12 and looked for reasons to upgrade to this iPhone mini 13 but I feel like it’s good but not quite good enough ultimately. Love the small screen and hope that Apple does bring this idea back in the future

  • Absolutely love my 13 Mini! Was very disappointed opening my Pixel 6 how huge it is

    • What about the cameras on the 13 Mini? Are they any good?

    • can you type good with it? is it too small for social media?

    • @M P ya...saw lot of negative reviews on new Tensor chip

    • @Jinu PS Pixel 6 has a worse battery than the 13 mini

    • @Indian Beluga quite convincing

  • I just got my 13 Pro today from only knowing the 12 pro max, honestly I feel like the 6.1” screen is the best size for me personally

    • @MiniRunnera I used to have the s20 ultra with an Otterbox defender case, that thing could knock someone out if I threw it at them, a literal brick

    • Yeah I have a Note 20 Ultra and I have had it for a year now but sometimes the size of the phone is such a struggle.. but my old iPhone X is a bit too small so 6.1-6.5 is probably perfect

    • @Daniel Stewart it really did and it got worse almost a year later one of the reasons I traded mine

    • Go pro!

    • @Mats van der Zee as good as the 11 Pro max (which was better than the 12 pro max). I thought the battery life sucked but then I remembered to turn off 5G.

  • Got my 13 Mini a month ago (upgraded from iPhone 11). The battery life on the 13 Mini is every bit as good as my 11. I average 4-5 hours of screen on time every day and I finish the day with 20-30% AND that is if I actively choose to not charge it when I get home from work. Truth be told, I haven’t had a phone with “bad” battery life since the iPhone 6.

    • 7 8 and se 2 all had bad battery’s

  • Good video and straight to the point, the mag safe chargers look really cool 😎

  • I love my 13 mini! I appreciate my iPad so much more too now that my phone isn’t half the size of it.

  • It’s the same screen size as the iPhone 8 Plus that everyone said was too big. My 13 Mini battery lasts all day and night with moderate use.

    • @J S. yeah I guess I do lol

    • @Luke M you must have very large hands!😁

    • @J S. even the pro max is too small

    • Exactly! I remember all the people and media was making a laugh about how ridiculous the screen size was and people don't really need that over-sized screen! And now, people think 13 mini is too small... lol

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  • Cameras, GPS and graphically intensive gaming for long periods of time will definitely drain the 13 mini battery to the point where it won’t make it to the end of the day in one charge. However, the average person doesn’t do those intense tasks for long periods of time. Most people just use their phones for typical media consumption, social media scrolling, and texting/calling. With typical use, the 13 mini can definitely last the whole day. For me as a moderate user, the 13 mini will have around 40% to 50% at the end of the day, which is actually better than the standard iPhone 12 which is impressive considering the iPhone 12 has a bigger battery.

  • If you don’t use the phone for video recording and GPS all the time, it easily lasts a whole day. I get 5-6 hours SoT. Most days I use my phone intermittently and start my day at 8:30am with 100% and end with 35-40% at 11:30pm.

  • GPS really sucks your battery though. I’d say keep your phone plugged in regardless if you’re traveling. Otherwise, if you’re not into heavy media consumption, the 13 mini will get you through the day just fine.

  • On average with my 12 mini (mind you after I tanked my battery wirelessly charging over night) I am getting about 3-4 hours of screen on time, with watching videos calls and such. Sooo I can only imagine with the 13 I am going to be hitting 6 easily even with 5G on

  • Well here’s the deal- it’s a great phone , it’s just the battery that an issue if you use it ALOT. For me, it lasts all my work day and both driving to and from work and watching ESmain during the drives. My mini is great hands down. Get a batter pack if you really use the phone a lot. Phone is great. Get the mini-

    • Quick ? How are u watching ESmain and driving? 🤔

  • Great video. I’m really tryna keep my hands from pulling the trigger on this one but damn if i was using this and not shooting a ton of videos i think the battery on this thing will be more than enough for me

    • *What'sap me👆 for surprise package claim👆"*

  • Hey man! I’m really enjoying your videos and how you are telling everything in so much coolness! Just wanted to give you credits!

  • “It’s still a big screen in a small body” Exactly, that’s what I’m always thinking. Sure, it’s small but it’s still fun to use that display

  • you’re the only tech reviewer i trust ever since i got an iphone 5s in 2015 and watched a review of yours ! 💜

  • I have the pixel 4a im really satisfied with the battery life but i love having a little bit smaller phone and that will be the iphone 13 mini next month ❤️❤️

  • Switched from a 12 pro max to 13 mini. No regrets at all. Battery life is fine, but maybe that’s because battery life on the 12 series was subpar to begin with.

  • I don't use my phone a whole lot, average day around 2 hours sot, even with my 6s+ with its degraded battery with my usage I get two days use on a single charge. People talking about how this ip mini has such a small screen, but it's like the same size as my 6s+ and that was a big screen back in 2015, as a backup phone I have a cheap android with a 6.5" screen and sure while the bigger screen is nice for watching videos and such, that comes at the cost of usability and you need to do some finger gymnastics to use the phone. Honestly 5.4-5.5" is as big of a screen I'd want on a phone, I'd rather have a small phone that take with me on the go, which actually fits in my pocket and doesn't feel like a small tablet in the palm of my hand and have a tablet for watching media on the couch or on the go. I use my phone for calling, texting, social media and taking photos, that's about 90% of what I use my phone for, everything else I'd rather just do on my laptop. I don't really need to even upgrade my 6s+, it still does everything I need it to do, but I do long for a smaller phone, the ip 13 mini is basically my 6s+ but without those chunky bezels, sounds good to me, plus having a lighter phone sounds good as well, the 6s+ is certainly quite a hefty phone.

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  • Battery time will get eaten up the during the initial days of first use, as everything on the software side calibrates to one's usage (and software updates). A true real word test would be a couple of weeks after out-of-the-box setup.

  • 3:59 What's crazy is the Mini is still probably bigger than my 1st garmin GPS I had years ago

  • I love my 13 mini!!! It’s a tiny beast

  • I tested the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max for one week and both felt like obese underachievers compared to the 13 Mini. My battery test only yielded a 5% difference between the 13 Pro and 13 Mini at the end of the day (40% vs 35%). I can’t believe the weight and chunkiness of the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Way too heavy for what they deliver. The 13 Mini feels more impressive as a flagship iPhone because it is so small and powerful. It’s not a big achievement for a ultra big and way too heavy (240+ grams) iphone to deliver a good battery life. So what, as it feels like a IPad but now the screen is too small compared to a iPad. Here lies the rub. The 13 Mini disappears in the pockets of shorts or pants and is a phone you don’t compromise at all to carry with you everywhere. That’s a major win and at $1k+ for a 13 Mini 512gb, bargain shopping isn’t a factor. The bottom line is there is nothing else in iOS or Android world that is as small, powerful and light weight as the 13 mini.

    • How are the cameras on the 13 Mini?

  • I have the 13 mini and switched out my 12 pro max from last year and I absolutely love the mini!!

  • I thought the battery life on my 13 Pro was bad after coming from my 11 Pro Max. Then I turned off 5G lmao

    • Yeah 😂😂😂

  • I managed to get 9.5 hours of screen on time with my 13 pro. A couple of phone calls were made, a single FaceTime call, numerous COD games, a few Netflix episodes, a bit of messenger and WhatsApp messaging, ESmain browsing and a generous amount of web surfing. I’m so confused as to how your results yielded such poor results. Mind you, I only recorded one short

  • I really really love my 13mini only 140grams damn easy to shoot vlog 😍 next year i'm gonna try 14pro

  • I don’t game. I’m on youtube and social media a lot. I get to 2-3pm when I hit the 50% mark. It’s way better than the 12 mini. I get through the day easily.

    • @Barnzy. it’s the right size for me. Screen is big enough and it fits in pockets easier than the other iPhones

    • Why would you ever buy a mini if you watch a lot of youtube. Small screens are terrible for watching anything on

  • I feel like these reviews shouldn’t include recording videos throughout the day. But that’s just me - I don’t record videos every day on my phone

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  • I’m at 4:30 sot with 32% battery left. Which is as good as my 12 pro last year. Battery life is a good trade off for me considering anything bigger is lost on me 85% of the time

  • I feel like an  watch would go perfect with the mini. Watch could reduce the amount you use the mini. Just wish mini had Apple ProRAW

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  • Thanks for setting such high expectations for the ending of Venom. Gonna watch it on friday night and won’t be able to think of anything else but what the ending is gonna be like 😂

    • Doesnt worth the time.... Incredible waste of money also

  • Just got the iPhone 13 pro. Was leaning towards the mini however not gonna lie, this size of the regular pro is perfect. It’s easily one handable lol and the screen size is perfect tbh. One thing that put me off the mini is the average battery life. Also the pro motion display is an added bonus. You can definitely notice the difference!

  • Can't wait for my Iphone 13 mini to be delivered! Btw, amazing video🔥

  • The Anker Ad for all that new MagGo accessories are cool, definitely pricey. I got a friend who works at Best Buy and most of that stuff is anywhere from 20%-50% off. I got the 5K battery one for basically $25, not worth full price for sure.

  • At time stamp 8.11 SOT is 3h25 mins but you forgot to mention screen off time of 2h 55 mins next to it. That also takes a huge load off the battery.

  • Love these day in the life videos!

  • Love the mini style. 😍👏👏

  • For what I use my Mini for, as a phone, I easily get 3 days. No hunchbacks hanging over a phone here.

  • Be great if they could keep the iPhone 13 mini as the new SE replacement

  • I have sold my iPhone 12 Pro Max and I am now using an iPhone 12 Mini. I absolutely love it and enjoy using my phone even more often than the Pro Max. The battery is not that bad. Big phones do not equal more fun. The smaller the better 😏😏😏

  • I still think my I phone 11pro max has one of the best battery 🔋 life on a I phone 📱 still going strong 💪🏻 on a full day,.

  • Apple has to release a Mini sized iphone which folds up to be Pro Max sized with all the Pro Features and I would buy it no matter the cost. That would be my dream phone. I love the small form for every day use but also watch a lot of videos on my Phone so it would be perfect

    • @Pong Krell Still too big and bulky in the closed mode

    • Zfold 3 or Zflip 3

  • Just bought this - can anyone that uses a phone lightly confirm it will last all day? I don't really use my phone more than emailing a lot, texts and some fb messaging. I don't take tha tmany videos or photos. Maybe like 5 a day....just curious. A little nervous the battery might be a killer for me. I want to love it.

  • I have the 12 mini and I love it but the 13 is so nice especially cuz the bigger battery and the smaller notch

  • Well I had the 12 mini and the 13 mini was a very good upgrade I can tell battery life is way better on. 13 mini and we get the 12 pro max camera set it’s a winner

  • My battery stay changed all day. I work from 8:30 to 4. I listen to music all day as well and no in between charging either. I have 20 to 30% battery leaving work sometime 40.

  • this year"s smaller notch size seems to sit well with the 13 mini

  • I've ordered the 13 Pro Max. I've been using iPhone X for past 4 years now and it was already small so I want to move to a bigger screen phone this year.

  • I have the 12 pro so I don’t exactly know the comparison first hand, I do know someone w the 13 pro max and his battery is at 100 at when I meet up w him in the morning (light use getting to school) then during the day uses it a average amount probably using 5G to get some service since our school is a brick. His battery isn’t even at the 50% mark by 2 when we leave and by the end of the day he’s at 40-30 when he’s getting ready for bed and all that without battery saver. For me I’m on ESmain and Spotify a lot in the morning (battery saver on all day 😂) and from 4:50 ranging from that time to 6:54 I’m only at 99% I’ve never really tried a day without low power because I’m so worried about my battery. I know this is a mini battery test but I thought I’d share some experience I’ve had. For me by the end of the day around 4 I’m at 50 I can reach 17 by the end of the day if I’m very hard on my phone that day. But during school my battery depends on how much I’m using it (answering texts, watching an occasional video during break and sometimes taking some selfies 😅) have a nice year (lol wut) and very real battery test! From what I assume the mini battery is about the same w mine or maybe the normal 12.

  • I love my mini if I need extra battery life when I'm out I just slap the magsafe on no problem

  • Ooph I gotta stick with the Pro Max. That mini battery life is a major no, especially in almost 2022.

  • I have the 13 Pro Max but it looks like the 12 which is not a problem but the 13 vertical cameras look amazing

  • I get about 6 1/2 hours of SOT on my 13 mini.

  • He is actually doing a very honest review here. And not saying how it is bad compared to the max model. Now I feel like getting a mini. I mean if you won't really need a big screen why not go for something compact right??

  • Love your videos ❤️😁

  • Maybe Apple should bring back the 5’8 inch screens from the iPhone 10 and 10s. I think that would be better in terms of battery life and being the right size for people that don’t like large phones. They could even keep that squared form factor 😀😀

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  • i love these kinds of videos from you, thanks.

  • Charge pretty quickly.. Xiaomi 120W charging be like 😯

  • I’m loving my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • It looks really practical,haven't seen one yet in real life.

  • Watching this on a iPhone 12 mini. Batterylife is good enough. Has never died on me.

  • sounds like the perfect phone for me, i'm tired of these big ass phones

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  • thank you love the review

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  • Will you do same real day in life review for iPhone 13?

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  • I really want this over my 12 Max Pro. I hoped they’d remove FaceID and use the FingerprintID in the power button.

  • Nice Tesla! :D The pump with replaceable battery looks great. I got a pump from Tesla when they gave me $750 referral credit from solar, definitely recommend having one in a tesla and a plug kit since there is no spare.

  • "got one down, four to go" bro how do you have 5 tires on one car? 😂

  • I’m not so happy of how it’s been. Really, the software sucks. But my battery results were better. I have close to 6hrs on screen with 56% left in the bank. I only use LTE and had low power mode on. As for the 6hrs on screen, mostly it was recording as my dash cam. Again, the software sucks. I’m gonna see if it’s the 13 mini’s problem or software, by switching to my XR for the day.

    • @M V R I totally forgot. I’ll try the XR tomorrow. For the 13 Mini, it’s reaction time. I’ve had to click on two and three times on apps to make them do anything. Also, when recording a video, the phone would just stop recording when there is plenty of space to continue recording.

    • So what did you find? I think ios 15 has a lot of bugs. I am still in confusion whether to go for iphone 13 mini or iphone 13.

    • ☝️ ☝️ ☝️ Thanks for watching and commenting send me a direct msg I've got a prize for you.

  • The best iPhone of the whole lineup.

  • You need to do a Pixel 6 Pro one now!

  • Nice real day in the life.

  • Need a full review/overview of these new Anker productss

  • My mini don’t die that fast,team mini

  • 3:19 omg soon as it gets below 50 degrees outside my tire pressure monitor turns on...its the worst!

  • I remember when 5” were big phones.

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  • I'm loving the mini

  • do you think I should trade in my 12 pro max to get the iPhone 13?

  • I really like watching the versions of MKBHD, Lew, Mrswhosetheboss, etc. but when I seriously consider buying a phone, I come here lol.

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  • should i get iphone 13 mini and airpods pro or should i get the normal iphone 13 without the airpods pro

  • Your baby is SO ADORABLE!!!! You are blessed!!!! 🙌🏻

  • Watching it on my iPhone 13 mini (:

  • As an IPhone 12 mini user I can tell y’all first hand DO NOT buy the 13mini if u r a heavy user of Snapchat. As I am and have learnt my lesson and am already looking to upgrade to 13pro or wait one more year

  • I’m not a heavy user (but I did use a lot of ESmain and ig)and I got 9 hrs on the 13 mini so it’s fine for me

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  • Its amazing 🤯

  • Your voice is the reason I listen to your videos. So calming !

  • Please do one with the normal 13

  • Do a video like this for iPhone 13

  • Me watching this on my iphone 7… mini, as in it small?! How big is the normal 13 or pro?!?! 😐