iPhone X - REAL Day in the Life!

Publicado el 8 nov 2017
iPhone X is one of the most anticipated phones of 2017 but does it live up to expectations? Watch as we go through a full day (and even attend and Xbox One X launch event) testing animoji, face ID, portrait selfies and more! Are you planning on picking up an iPhone X?

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Find it here: www.apple.com/iphone-x/

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  • still confused to buy iphone x or iphone 8 plus i will decide after 12 sep events hopefully i will go for 8 Plus or new upcoming model of iphone 9 with LCD panel.

  • Thank you all for the likes I appreciate it my iPhone X only lasted three years and then it went black but I was using it in the bath and water got to it even more even though it’s water proof but I had to go get a iphone 11 I guilty of being a apple person

    • Ashley Rodriguez nkthing happens but the glass back cracked really bad without me dropping and their was a hole so when i must of sweeting very bad and I brought a new case for it and the water must of been in there for couples of days utile it short circuited and then when black I don’t know how it got moister

    • Ashley Rodriguez I did everything right I put it under water for 5 seconds when I had it for a week and then I must of had wet hands ):

    • The iphone x isn’t waterproof it is water resistant

    • Amazing Dude i had to go to iphone 11 s you know how apple user.s that’s the 2 mistake

    • @USubISub Cats yes in deed. But it's more like new iPhone batteries are crappy because now display is bigger and has more pixels. Also somehow batteries gets fucked after 1 year. More like apples strategy to keep you buying new phones

  • Dude! I have watched so many of these videos since I got my X and I have to say, this is by far the best one. You both hit on every single point that I personally thought was important. You discussed all the features, tips and tricks that no other review covered. Every other review seems to literally read off an Apple script. The major win for me was that everyone complains how slow Face ID is and she explains EXACTLY how I do it and what works (swiping right as you look at it) and that approach is the exact same speed as touch ID. Great video man!

  • Been watching you for years man! You’re always my go-to when it comes to technology! Keep up the great videos!

  • I really like the iPhone X. I came from the 7 and have always had an iPhone. I haven’t been this excited since like the 3rd generation. I just wasn’t a fan of the iPhone Plus. I think apple still has some work to do on this phone, the gesture control has quite a bit of a learning curve and I still have small battles here and there. The application compatibility will come in time so we may not even have to resize images (hopefully). Other than that I sometimes get irritated with the control screen or multitasking. What really helped me was going into accessibility and activating assistive touch, it’s like an old school home button/multitask button (I just wish the would allow you to lock this button) I agree with the part about the multitask and closing apps... I had a hard enough time closing my apps on the 6 and 7. As far as the good, I’m glad you were able to highlight some of the main features (lowlight pictures, selfies, motion capture, and videos). The best thing about the 10 is the oled screen, the picture mode, and watching videos in ESmain. I’m so blown away and impressed with the screen on this phone. Hopefully they can hammer out some of the bugs in the next few updates. Great review/day in the life video. It really helps show off some of the features of the phone. Good job!

  • This was a very well presented video! Answered many questions I had about the device other than performance and tech specs. Good pacing and editing. Thumbs up!

  • Great video! I just upgraded my 6S to an X (I got a deal for $650) and it’s awesome. The ‘no home button’ design took 5 minutes to get used to and it feels natural. Luckily, the iOS updates ironed out some issues, the face id is very fast now and they get rid of the stupid app closing method and it’s just a simple swipe up. Great phone, I love it!

  • Brother... im in love with kind of real-time-videos u guys do... please do keep up the great work ( feels good to see a non-overacting video though 😉 ) Thumbs Up for u and ur partner 👍😊 Love from INDIA.

  • Absolutely brilliant review. Thanks guys! I wasn’t going to order when it released a couple months back, because even on my plan they still wanted £379 up front and £88 a month (inc plan) I waited and now paid just £150 up front but only £45 a month. With my plan I can upgrade every year as well, so even better. My new iPhone X is due to be delivered anytime in the next hour, so thought I’d watch a couple more reviews, came across yours and it’s probably the best I’ve watched! So informative and in great detail, thanks guys!

  • I always come to him for honest real life reviews and situations with these devices and other things too! I love it...thank you!

  • Great, great video! Thanks for addressing the battery life on an average day. Gestures don't seem as fluid as they did in Blackberry OS a few years ago, but I like the direction we're headed.

  • Huge props on the video! Exactly the type of information I was looking for on the phone picking one up tomorrow 😀

  • Cant wait 2 years until i can get it 2 years later: i finally got one😂 this aged well

    • @Amazing Dude homie y u on every comment on this video sayin that and what’s that even mean?

    • Lmao nice

    • @Ghotyo Locanisyn yea sure sure we can casually become an 18 year old and just walk into a store and just get a job..

    • Crappy fucking batteries.

    • @Ghotyo Locanisyn nah we got bills

  • Great video,I love UrAvgConsumer's reviews,day in the life,etc.Great job Judner,keep it up,the iPhone X is a great phone.

  • These "Real Day in the Life" videos are very informative and give me a sense of how to look for good quality in my devices. Please, make more👍.

  • Thank you. Appreciate the thorough review. You guys are great together! 😁

  • Your videos are just so cool. I look forward to your day in the life videos. It’s the best way to really see how a phone performs in the real world

  • i just love UrAvgConsumer reviews, detailed and knowledgeable , i dont know him personally but the way he talks and his gestures, he is genuine and kind i can feel his aura even by just watching to his vids

    • Facts

    • AStarIsBornThisWay whaaaa that’s awesome!

    • And, aura is his last name

    • I went to college with his girlfriend and I know them. They are nicee for sure :)

    • Agreed. He's a great new youtuber find for me in late 2017/2018. Awesome he's a NYCer like me as well :P :)

  • Thank you for this review this has been the best review I've ever seen so far thanks 🙏🏻 I also like your matte screen protector on the front I think I might buy one when I get a iphone 10/X

  • I believe they made the process longer to close the apps because closing apps like that create little bugs in the software :) the Apple Care guy told me to avoid doing so, because with time, it will create serious bugs (as the phone shutting down suddenly !)

  • Man I am happy I came across your page. Enjoyed hanging out for the day lol but seriously great experience and thanks for sharing! Also just in case you aren't aware when the phone is locked and you receive a notification and the content is displayed click on the notification. The phone has already gone threw it's facial recognition calibration and will allow you to access the phone without having to swipe up from the bottom selection bar. Wish it was that easy all the time but lol... Maybe in an update haha

  • So jelly on all your tech bro ! Love the videos keep Em coming

  • Great vid, great review, great couple. Really enjoyed the video guys. You confirmed my views on the X, I’m buying the X 👍

  • One of the very best reviews I've seen. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • This is a very awesome review. I certainly enjoyed it a lot.

  • I enjoyed the review. Very informative insights. Plus, I really liked your Gundams on display! Cheers, mate!

  • I've had the phone since Friday(launch day) and I haven't really noticed the notch at all. If anything, I like it and how they put the clock and icons on either side of it. My biggest gripe is I wish it were a little bit thinner and lighter. It's the heaviest smartphone i've ever owned.

    • makes it feel premium. if it were light, it'd feel like you were holding a cheap plastic phone. and that; i do not like

    • First world problems.

    • For those who do have the iPhone X in my experience so far, I don't even notice the notch.

    • I'm an android user but to be honest the notch isn't that bad at all. I think the notch adds to the new design, it's not super noticable to me, it just takes a bit of time to get used to.

    • Chris Taylor Haha finally someone adresses the fact this person says they like the notch. But..you know...fanboys do what fanboys do and they only focus on the negative aspects of a comment!

  • Well done on a competent and informative review. You and your g/f(?) were excellent reviewers. I don't particularly like American reviewers, because most act like they've swallowed 10 uppers, 1/2kg of speed with 10litres of Coke! However, you review was intelligent, measured, honest and had the right amount of humour added. I'd even say you're the best technology reviewer to come out of the USA!!! Well done!

  • This is a great, true in depth review. You don't see many people doing a smartphone review this way. It really helps actually seeing the phone being used in an everyday environment vs someone just sitting around talking about it. Great idea!! You know this spoils your viewers right? Lol!! I now don't want to watch anyone elses smartphone video reviews because this is a unique niche. But, from what I see so far, this phone actually seems like a great daily driver. By any chance, what are the customization options in terms of themes? Or is it just a stock launcher? Never thought about it when it came to the iPhone.

  • Finally gonna upgrade to the iPhone X now that the 3 new ones are out 😂

  • Good thing a ton of people got the X. I think it's a great upgrade year, save money skipping XS and XI.

  • The Face ID isn’t perfect but the fingerprint wasn’t flawless either. Say you washed your hands and they were slightly damp or you are cooking and rinse your hands and need to quickly pick up the phone, it wouldn’t unlock. Hands have to be pretty much perfectly dry. Every tech has its limits.

    • Alejandro Sosa have to move on from finger print sensor

    • Pretty much switched to the iphone X because i was so sick to have to enter my 10 characters password everytime i was doing something with my phone at a festival...

    • @Daryl Simpson The typical excuse. What's next, we need to remove our eyes to activate our sixth sense or some shit?

    • Hound Life Vlogs the iphone 7 fingerprint was amazing the iphone 8 probaly to

    • They could have put it on the back like the Lg Stylo. That phone was the best phone I ever had.

  • These two are great! Love their videos!

  • I had a lot more issues with the fingerprint lock. I love the face id

  • I'm on the fence between this and the S9+. Upgrading from the iPhone 7 plus so I know either one is a good upgrade but I'm still indecisive. Any thoughts??

  • Love your videos man. I enjoy watching cell videos and keeping knowledge up.

  • Gotta admit, I do like your real day in the life videos. Keep up the good work 🖒🏼

    • Austin Fernandes me too, I love them

  • Exactly the kind of review I want, not those petty tests the others do.

  • Neat. Awesome and practical review!

  • I love these types of videos, keep them coming

  • huge help! great job guys really enjoyed the video and helped me made my decision

  • Not gonna lie, I love how his wife rocks with him.👌🏾

    • The way it should be :)

    • 😂

    • I smile when I'm high black pride isn't anti white. We just point out black love because media portrays our people to hate our own kind so when we do see two blacks together, it's a site to behold for us.

    • I smile when I'm high it's a cultural thing. Don't trip

    • Prince The Menace why’s black love different from any other race? Love is love ✌🏼

  • Great review ive watched a couple but I've got to say this is the best one. I'm switching from galaxy s6 but I think you've convinced me that iphone x is worth it haha. Plus I get $300 off an iPhone through my work. Thanks for the video!

  • Are the top and bottom speakers balanced? And I know there's an adjustment in the settings for that, but does it apply only for headphones or for the built-in speakers?

  • I like how your professional but laid back, I subscribed. Keep it up buddy👍🏻 good review

  • Great and thorough review !

  • Such great content. Enjoyed it so much

  • Amazing video thank you very much for the upload you helped clear up alot of questions that were on my mind lately about the iPhone x might consider switching from my Samsung galaxy s8 plus to the iPhone X

  • Love this video bro, amazing content and everything like usual

  • Really love this video tech reviewers should do this.

  • I still haven’t upgrade to the 11 still have my 10 base on your video and I am still happy with my 10 my question to you is is it really worth upgrading to the 11 Pro

  • Yo you're killing Marques Brownlee and Mr. mobile with this review. Never seen anybody do a real world real life review like this. Kudos.

  • Frankly bro, I think you may be good at reviews but your wife is better at presenting it. She speaks very well, she should have her own tech review channel Anyway this is the kind of reviews I wanted to see. Review for real life usage, not some 20 min long videos about specs and benchmarks. Subscribed!

  • I’m hoping to upgrade from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone X, so I’ve been watching review videos on it to see whether I should continue to stick with the iPhone X to upgrade to or go with the iPhone 8.

    • RyzuLucario 577 I just upgraded from 6S to X as I could get it cheaper than a year ago. It’s absolutely awesome, the face ID improved a lot with the software updates and I didn’t miss the home button after 5 minutes, everything feels just natural. I’d say go with the X instead of the 8.

    • RyzuLucario 577 get the X

    • What do you recommend? Stick with getting the iPhone X or get the iPhone 8 instead?

  • The idea for this video was really cool/helpful. Hopefully getting my iPhone X tomorrow, I think this was the video that helped me make that choice.

  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus, and idk if I want the X. I love the new design and I love the screen! I just wish IOS would update their layout and give us something new.

  • Great video. Did you find that the aspect ratio was smaller than your 8 plus when watching video? Big concern for me before I upgrade as I watch videos on my 7 plus.

  • I love this channel! Great content.

  • Thanks for your very interesting video! would you reccomend the 64 or the 256 gigabite?

  • I do agree with you about the privacy and Face ID ! :) i really like it !! :)

  • Love this series, keep it up! You da real *MVP* !!!

  • This was a different review than what we see in mkbhd or Mr mobile or Austin evans..... This kinda felt truthful and much more better than them all. Great reviews overall!!!

    • Andrew Prasanna “much more better” grammar is lit

  • You got a keeper there bro! Keep up the great videos man, love your work.

  • Pop sockets make it so you can’t use a wireless charger.

    • Take the case off? Hmmm...... Food for thought...

    • RedLight GreenArrow thought you can’t use a pop socket in a silicone case

    • Aldo :3 you’re a pussy

    • Lmfao

    • stfu pussy

  • literally what ive been looking for all day, all other iphone x videos dont do show it the way you do thanks subbed

  • Really awesome review convinced me to get one of these bad boys thank you

  • I love my iPhone X thanks for the tips ❤️😊 enjoyed the video

  • I️ love my popsocket too! It’s so helpful even for the iPhone plus sizes!!

  • First time here in your channel and I really liked , awesome review ! I was looking for a video who could show me iPhone X features In a daily basis and you did it great! Btw can you tell me what’s your iPhone X background wallpaper? Cuz I love it ! Peace bro!

  • What screen protector are you using on the iPhone? It looks so minimal I love it.

  • I agree. Not being able to actually access the entire screen bothered me a lot more than the notch.

  • Great video mate just got myself an iPhone X love it keep up the great work

  • Hey thanks man for showing this video and battery life I saw is amazing I'm buying it tomorrow and im looking forward to having it

  • The camera quality is amazing!

  • wow, that first intro shot is a beautiful setup!

    • yeah wheres the wallpaper from

    • Wallpaper??

    • We're did you get your wallpaper

    • The lights in the background are Nanoleaf Aurora's, super dope, I actually got a chance to build some plugin's for their product so I'm biased, but I definitely recommend!

    • There’s a ESmain channel for making sushi?👌

  • great vid... :) but i'll stick with the number 1 phone on the market, My NOTE 8!!! :) best camera best screen and doesn't break... my battery can be at 35% at beginning of day and go to the next morning with maybe 10% battery life and recharges in 15 minutes back to full... i was soooo tired of apple's boring and static ui and icons... i love customizing my Note 8 ANDROID FTW

  • You have some serious balls walking around in the middle of Newark with an iPhone 10 and that board. Props to you.

  • Hey!~ thanks for the in-depth review! Do you think the iPhone X is good enough for sit down chat videos? Thank you!

  • Can't wait for another 10 years That's the time when I might get my hands on this phone

  • soo many iphones later and apple STILL WONT put number row on keypad! lol why?! could it be that big of a programming issue to do something so simple?

    • Kamal Kristipati yeah, I like it how it is.

  • Just curious is 64 gb enough storage for this phone? Thanks.

  • Why am i seeing this after the new iPhone 11 😅

    • you're here because you're disgusted by ips lcd on your iPhone 11 xD

    • Now let’s in a year for a person to say I’m here after iPhone 13 :D

    • @rydoge21 same bro

    • I’m here after the 12 lmao

    • Me too

  • He’s luck he gets to review all this tech for his job

  • Best damn review I’ve seen so far i love the real life stuff, very good.

  • Using IPhone X since 1 and half years , Just One word 👉 Outstanding Product from Apple

  • Brilliant video man, btw do you have a matte screen protector on in this video? if so what brand is it? Thanks!

  • I love your content! 👍🏻


  • I love you guys day in the life...you should start doing budgets phone like the stylus 3 one you did very good...not everyone can afford the new new lol

  • Amazing video. Keep it up my man 😄

  • First video I see, one new subscriber u win. This video is really awesome, I was searching for a video that explain me why do I buy this phone and, there you are. I tried a lot of phones beginning from the launch Motorola and all OS where fine; now we've both Android and iOS but the point that I want to pass from Android to iOS is this phone (including the economical concern xd), real innovation and a beautiful design even the Notch point (I like it). Congratulations, men! Best wishes.

  • She looks so happy with the iphone x. I love your review vids

    • I don't know, it's your dad

  • Love this channel thanks you guys!!

  • Nice video, well made and detailed Big up

  • Great video, really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  • Great review! Btw, what camera did you use for this review ?

  • Absolutely top-notch phone! 👍

  • not bad for battery life, honestly. another factor would be low power mode, because that does help too when enabled.

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  • I visited your channel for this iPhone day-in- the-life review. I subscribed to your channel because I love the back and forward witty comments between you and your girl 😂