iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Hands On - What’s the Difference?

Publicado el 11 sep 2017
I got a chance to try the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X! Watch as I go hands on to give you the differences between the iPhone 8, 8 plus and the X. We do a quick overview of Face ID, the dual cameras, augmented reality, portrait light and animojis and more. Which one do you want?

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Comentarios: 4 091

  • Great looking video Judner! Best look at these phones.

    • DetroitBORG esmain.info/goal/v-deo/oKGaZ7-nfMyArrM Iphones X and 8 in exchange with 7 and 6s

    • Bong saquing w .

    • DetroitBORG Who are you?

    • Camilla Ollila face ID is gonna be the recall for Apple

    • DetroitBORG i

  • I own the 7, the seam between glass and metal always prevented it from feeling like a perfect object to me. I'm curious if they integrated it any better in the 8? Especially now that there's twice as many of those junctions (glass sandwich)

  • Awesome video!!! Always making great tech reviews with expert analysis!

  • I'm glad to see Apple continuing to push forward with their innovation with the iPhone X. Yes, it's expensive and other phones have done these features previously (and I'm still upset they removed finger print sensor, but Face ID shows promise), but for someone who prefers big, beautiful OLEDS and prefer the iOS environment as opposed to Android, this could be a game changer for them. I'll stick with my S8 plus for now, but I definitely see the X as a hardware design that Apple can market competitively with some of the more "futuristic" phones out there, and with correct optimization, this thing could be a fantastic smart phone

  • Thanks for the comparison info! Keep up the great work, always look forward to your vids on new tech!

  • Great video dude!

    • Julius Salvador it was CLEARLY said in video, 8 PLUS & X!

    • Jonathan Morrison i saw jonathan in iJustines vid at Apple

    • Jonathan Morrison iphone X the best phone in the world💚💪

    • Indeed it is. All summed up in just under 6 minutes.

    • so much luv

  • Thanks for the feedback. Was waiting for a comparison video. Not sure I like the no fingerprint part or the no home screen part but change can be adapted to

  • I've watched many videos on the differences between the models and this is by far the most basic yet most comprehensive one! Subscribed in a heart beat! Love this Channel!

  • Honestly, one of the best hands on for the new iPhone X and 8 to date..... can't wait to get my hands on them 😍

  • I love your videos!!! They are so well put together, keep up the great work!

  • Great video as always. I think the X is the way to go if you are to get one for sure. ☺️ The price though 😩💔

  • Great video like always. I'm an Android user but the X actually makes me want to switch. Would be neat if I landed one.

  • This video was amazing! I got to choose if I wanted a 8 or 10 for Christmas and video was so helpful to me! Thank you so much!❤️

  • great video as always! yet i am still not sure about this face id, i guarantee there will be issues with this as it rolls out. Also bezel less? i can see bezel. All the way around, i personly don't see what the huge deal is with getting rid of all the bezel, i mean whats wromg with having somewhere to put you hand that doesn't cover the screen? and its not just a criticism of Apple. everyone ones doing it. but all in all. The tech we have is still amazing, and thats the main take away from all this.

  • As always brother a simple amazing video. Clear and articulate as always. Great job!

  • Dope video. I'm pretty sure some photographers, gonna test out this phone just for portrait mode and its new features. I know I would.

    • TechFromSarah right, the new camera I'm thinking of buying is cheaper than the X 😖

    • Same dude super excited! But I also might just save my money and get a better DSLR 😅

    • Dulnath Perera He doesn't need ESmain content to be a photographer

    • L08h don't

    • Dulnath Perera I dont recall him saying he did??

  • i'm curious if they got rid of Reachability on the iphone X. I know phone itself is smaller than the Plus, so maybe you don't need it quite as bad, but I have a feeling i would still want that feature. I use Reachability all the time with my 6s Plus. Also don't like how control center is in the hardest location to get to if you use your phone with your left hand mostly (hence the need for Reachability).

  • I think all 3 phones look great, but I'd definitely get the space gray iPhone X.

  • The footage of the new iphones you got were incredible! Also quick question, does anyone know if the iphone 7 plus cases with fit the iphone 8 plus? I'm upgrading from a iphone 5c to a iphone 8 plus and already own a few 7+ cases.

  • great video ! Really needed the extra facts with these phones, thank you so much. Keep doing what your doing!

  • This is the best one I have seen today! Great job dude.

  • great video! really showed me all the differences... i have a 5s😭 hoping to get one of these soon

  • I always come to your channel for an actual, good review! Really like your channel!

  • The iPhone X looks like it was made with the same design concept as the Apple Watch. Side profile is remarkably similar, and the black around the screen edges. I hope it feels just as nice. That peachy gold color on iPhone 8 is also really handsome.

  • Really like how precise and simple you keep the videos, I like it.

  • Technically the iPhone 8 plus has a bigger screen considering the fact that when watching a video or something on the iPhone 10 it will Crop the video

    • *I Like Dogs* The Galaxy s9 has a better resolution and more ppi, though.

    • Thats only in videos though. And the X has amoled + a higher resolution

    • It's actually correct, in order to not have that ugly ass notch, 16:9 ratio on the X makes it smaller than the 8 plus.

    • that's actually false

  • This is sick! These new phones looks really cool! You did a really good job in this video.

  • Best video I've seen regarding the differences between the three models!! Great job!

  • Cool video but I already have a phone with a glass/metal build, high quality edge to edge display, wireless (fast) charging, facial recognition, great dual optically image stabilized cameras, and IP68 water/dust resistant. It also has a headphone jack and a stylus. Maybe the IPhone 11 will have the courage to include a headphone jack.

  • Wow!!! Thank you for this video it was great!! Thanks for showing me how much better it's going to be I loved the way you explain everything it was great!!😁😁👌thank you!!😁

    • Uhh such a great phone and what a great way you showed it to us I love the way you explain everything I've always had a Android and I've always wanted a iPhone but I've never had one and uhh I would love to get this phone can wait in till you tell is about the free give away I'm praying its me but thanks for everything you said in the video and they way you explained it was great so thank you so much!!!😊😊

  • Great high quality vid👍 the iPhone x looks amazing but the iPhone 8 looks kinda like a joke, it's basically an iPhone 7s

    • ozapenguin that's a cool idea!! I mean the black is glass

    • ozapenguin one-way glass? (Could be specalized for better quality and clarity than the existing one-way glass)

    • Waited for technology to hide the camera? That isn't possible.

    • XBOSS true though i dont like the camera cut out on i phone. I would have waited out for technology to hide the camera and then do the display.

  • I would be really interested in the iPhone 8 Plus. I really like the physical button but have the better camera features.

  • What camera do u use?

  • For me the most impressive is the super oled display, not face id. It is really really beautiful !

  • Man, your videos are getting so good. Excellent job!

  • Love the iPhone 8. The X has just too many drawbacks for me.

    • Tech Era The lack of Touch ID, the notch, the non ergonomic design, the optics in general. Also I’m not a fan of pentile OLED screens. You see the edges of pixels on pentile screens. It’s just not my phone :)

    • How it has a bigger screen than the 8 plus but about same size phone as the regular 8

    • iPhone X would cost me 1500 dollars where I live. Thats a drawback on its own, I could have paid 1K but 1.5K is just outrageous.

    • ImDreRight I have an iPhone 6 and I'm going to stick with it for now. The iPhone 7 and the 8 are pretty much the exact same thing as the 6 besides the camera. I'm going to go for the X once the hype cools down a little bit. I don't see why anyone would get the 8. Just get the much cheaper 7...

    • kiwiKaiser what are u talking

  • I wish I could just say, "I'm going to be all over that iPhone X when it comes out" without even worrying about the price. Switched to Samsung once they took out the headphone jack. Don't regret it one bit.

  • Hmm I wonder if the animojis will come to iphone 8 plus eventually ..Even without having the true depth cam. I'm not a huge selfie person so front cams not that important to me , but those would be fun to play with ! I prefer fingerprint over face ID. .. Only things I was waiting for on iphone are better camera , oled, and wireless charging. Do you notice much diff between the 8plus screen and the 10?

  • UAC! Great videos always.... favorite ESmain tech guy. Great info and suggestions.

  • Another great video UAC! You are my favorite tech enthusiast.

  • Can we get a size comparison video of all three new iPhones?

  • Thank you for the breakdown. Really helpful.

  • Despite cost, the X appears to be the one to go for. However, it's funny how no one is talking about the *ears* and how that impacts the view of the video. The *face ID only* feature seems a bit curious as well. Time or parts constraints, I'm guessing 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Face Id should've been an just extra feature(optional at its best), and keep finger print as the main one

  • If you're an iphone plus user be aware that despite the X having a larger screen a majority of content will be smaller including the keypad. The safe zone on the X is essentially the same size as the regular iphone 6,7 and 8. 4.7 It also looks like the plus will have better battery life in some of the most important uses of the phone over the X, their own specs show that in the details.

  • Apple is like Porsche... New models every year but somehow manage to make it look same as the previous...

  • I'm loving the new IPhone 8, great video as usual

  • Great review thanks for the review!

  • Great video. I have one question though. Is the iphone 7+ camera better than the iPhone 8 and actually the overall phone in general, which one is better?

  • Pretty late on seeing this but this video has been the absolute best video i have seen after viewing many iphone X videos. I also love your smart home videos man! Keep it up definitely one of the best people im subscribed to

  • I hav face detect in my Android, but fingerprint should be an option. It wud hav been cool if their Apple Logo acted as fingerprint in Iphone X.

    • Reyna A just one feature? Thats...awful to say

  • I like your video's better then most because your just cool and calm with your presentation....You don't have to make corny jokes to make people laugh, your just straight to the point.... Excellent job bro.👍🏾

  • Thanks for the comparison. Think I'll go with 8 Plus.

  • Great video. I watched the live event and you covered it in a short amount of time. Plus getting a video up so fast after. 👍🏼👍🏼 📱

  • I totally agree with you on the X dude, u got too have it. Thanks a lot for the great tech info... ✌🏽👍🏽

  • This iPhone X Is a mixture between Essential Phone in design, LG V30 on the Screen, and also things from de Galaxy Note 8 on the Camera. Also the price 999 USD Are you insane? For me, it was a downgrade. Greetings from Mexico City Mexico

  • As a fellow ESmainr myself I appreciated your review, thanks for sharing!

  • Great Video, keep up the good work !!☺️😄

  • Excited about this phone im still on the 6plus though. Since they're so expensive!

  • Excellent Job & presentation as usual Thank You

  • They should've made Touch ID an option on the X

    • Nasty Pasta 754 the back

    • Gregory Jean-Marie You have to get a fingerprint dongle for that.

    • Gregory Jean-Marie You have to get a fingerprint dongle for that.

    • Nasty Pasta 754 on the back of the phone

    • Gregory Jean-Marie that's how I feel. I want the option. Could've also gone nextbit robin style and put it in the lock/power button

  • The phone looks dope I would love to have one

  • Avg love your vids dude keep it up I was was wondering are the phones fully water resistent

  • I wonder how watching movies or tv shows will look on the iPhone 10, because of the rounded bottom screen and the notch on top. I’m just curious if it would still look good or annoying. 🤔

  • i have a feeling that while the battery does last more according to apple, that OLED display on the iphone X will kill the battery in the long run

  • The most important question is, what will they name the iPhone next year, iPhone 9, iPhone 11 or something else.

    • There will still be a iPhone 9,they name this iPhone x cause it's a special edition to celebrate iPhone ten year anniversary since the first iPhone

    • I think It would be Iphone 9 and Iphone X Pro or something like that to regularize and make it smooth.. and the next after that would Iphone 11 and then keep going and always saying this is the best iphone ever until we die

    • iPhone 360, and then the iPhone One

    • IPhone 9/11

    • the iPhone 9-11?

  • Great video. Right to the point. I like 👍🏽

  • The 4.7" iPhone 8 is nice. Its big enough for watching videos and viewing pictures but small enough to keep it from becoming a phablet. I suspect most will buy the iphone8+ though. A lot of people fall into the trap of more is better.

  • Might just get the 8 for the home button/touch id and the much cheaper price. Anyone else feel the same?

  • The IPhone X looks very cool!

  • Finallyyy someone showed something new - switching apps back and forth on X is super coooool 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Thanks man

  • I feel like they went all out with the X, and the 8/8+ were just afterthoughts. No design changes and barely any software/hardware changes from the 7 series.

  • Great content. Great quality. Great video

  • Great video thank you for reviewing all 3 new iPhones

  • The iPhone X is nice but samsung did the same but kind of different a long time ago but it's just hella less expensive

    • Xz premium is the current the fastest phone in the world it beats out all the flagships out so far...

    • Do your self a favor search up phone battles... And you can see everything I'm talking about...

    • ಠ_ಠ design a presonal preference I like the fact that I have dual stereo speakers on my phone while others have on the side... And performance... Lmao how is it lacking when it beats out phones with 6bg, 8bg of ram...

    • ಠ_ಠ the xz premium is the fastest android rn in the market it beats out the s8 and note 8.... Xz premium has world's first features on its device like the screen, can record in 960 fps only phone with stacked memory sensor in the camera ect

    • My phone has a 4K HDR display...

  • i love your channel!! such great information here!

  • Love this comparison!!!

  • you put so much hard work into these vids you are a great dude and your vids are so nice thanks for making my days

  • I wish the 10 came in gold 😭 Great video though UAG👍🏾 really well edited

  • Watching this on my NOTE 8😁💪🏼

    • Mirabilis Jalapa you're mad bitch

    • GK rip off? All phones are rip offs, listen i have a S8 plus but lets admitt iphones have superior software, my galaxy is already lagging and i get random ads on my screen for no reason. Im switching to iphone X,

    • N B yes i have a S8 plus and im switching to iphone x

    • El Papi you should of gotten a galaxy s8 plus is basically the same. But cheaper. Lmao

    • Fuck that

  • Great video! Also love the lighting in your studio!

  • At first I wasn’t sure about the iPhone X but after this video I’m a fan!!💯

  • I'm still working with the 5 hoping I can upgrade to the 8 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • That ip8+ with glass back panel with new gold color is sooooo freakin dope!!!! Want to have one 😞 gotta sell ng left kidney first! 😂

  • I love your vids and I hope to win one of the iPhones. Love from the U.K.

  • Get videos man, very informative. The X looks so slick too!!

  • Good video but I have a doubt, will the iPhone x come out in plus???

  • New to the channel, I enjoy watching your content!

  • This is a great review :)

  • i want the 8 in goldd 😍😍

    • Just got mine for my birthday 🙏 but getting the 11 in 2 years

  • I can't understand why "portrait lighting" isn't available on the iPhone 7 Plus since it is a software feature

  • I'm getting the 8 plus I love its bezels maybe call me old school but THATS the phone for me the X is nice though..

  • That iPhone X 😍😍 great review!

  • The iPhone X would be a great phone if it was released last year It's just not good at all for 2017

  • Great video!

  • Both phone's look amazing

  • I think I'm drawn most to the 8+ the 10 features are nice but I think it's too much

  • Is the white on the x different than the silver on the 8/8 plus??? Just wondering for tonight. I pre approved for the white and I can’t change my config so I’m hoping the white is good looking!!

  • Imagine the price of iphone 11 😱

  • “But me personally, I know I’ll be all over that 10” 😂😂