Is the Nintendo Switch Dope or Nope?

Publicado el 2 mar 2017
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Here's my look into the brand new Nintendo Switch.

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  • don't you hate when you come across a giveaway video when its way too late to enter

  • I’m a little late with the switch trend but I actually kinda started to want one and you completely sold me on it. Good job!!

    • I’m very late😂 I wanna get one so bad

    • Totally worth it!

    • Gen_97gaMer what new gen is coming out ?

    • @Aayush Das If u don't care about Mario or Smash brothers it's not worth it l. Get a ps4 or Xbox one orrr wait for the new gen consoles that are coming out soon.

    • Aayush Das if you didn’t already get it.. these people are lying to you. There’s other games but I wouldn’t say “way more than” and also the quality of these other games is not really on par. It’s cool if you absolutely NEED to have mobility.. if that and/or the want to play Nintendo exclusives isnt a major component of why you want a switch.. then don’t get one.

  • I just got one a week ago and I'm already in love. Skyrim, 2K, Zelda and other Triple As on the go!!! It only gets better from here.

  • Thus far this is the best review. I love Mario Kart and the main question I had was how the controllers work with the game. I think I like the larger controller with the Wii U, probably because I am used to it. So I guess I have to decide when I add controllers to go pro or not. Mario Kart allows up to 4 players so I would like to have 4 controllers. Oh the main thing I enjoyed is not only the well informed review but to see you handling the game and its accessories which was also important for me.

  • anyone else more impressed about his room/house and tech arrangements? srsly its like a gamers dream to have everything like that

    • 1horquette shut up niqqa

    • He’s always on that grind

    • Jesus loves you, read John 3:16 and Romans 10:9

    • Goals 💪😤😎👌😂😂💯

    • _Stealth_ The irony is so big...

  • I have one of these 5 feet away from me in the living room WHY AM I WATCHING THIS 😂

  • Dope or Nope? Definitely dope, but I also Hope 👏

  • One of the best unboxing reviews I've ever seen. Not a whole lot of unnecessary rambling and still managed to give solid details without over doing it. nice!

  • Haven’t played a Nintendo console since the Wii. Definitely time to upgrade!! DOPE

    • Same

    • Vasco why you being a dick

    • ayan aftab if he said he did why are you asking?

    • Riell Swann so did u upgrade?

  • This break down / review video is the best I've seen on the SWITCH so far. The way it was unboxed and then moved to the tv, to then the couch to then on-the-go... etc. Great video overall. This kind of review video had all the aspects of unboxing a product, setting up the product, and also reviewing the product all in one. It just all meshed nicely and fluently. Just really want to point that out so if you deliberately planned it out like then great job! 10/10! Sick red Nike jacket too.

    • Magma Gamer 7 yeah, people usually don't reply to comments.

    • LiterallyRay did you actually answer my idiotic comment???

    • By leaving a comment you are given a chance to win the Wii Switch, so yeah I left a comment for a chance to win. That's not why I wrote what I wrote though. I've been a fan of UAC for a long time now and when I watched this video I noticed it was recorded and a different kind of feel to it than his usual videos/unboxing videos so I pointed that out. Like I said in my original comment, I thought it was really cool so I left a comment to let him know and who knows maybe he'll make more unboxing videos like this. Seems like a lot of people and UAC himself agreed with what I said. I could of left a comment saying something like "cool video" and still would of had the same amount of chances to win the giveaway. So why not use the comment I would post to show UAC that I noticed it seemed like he might have put extra work/planning into this video and also have a chance to win the giveaway. Win -Win.

    • LiterallyRay You are saying all this cause you want to get a switch by trying to be smart.

    • etc stands for End of Thinking Capacity! XD

  • Thanks is for the in-depth review, I was looking at the PS4 or Switch. I think with my grandkids coming over often, the switch is a better system for young kids.

  • I’m actually surprised that he said the switch is tiny, Lol. Cause when my friend and family saw it, “that’s a big ass iPad!” They said.

    • A big ipad? the think is 2 times smaller than an ipad mini!

    • Cassie O’Harra more like a big ass phone than an iPad

    • But it’s smaller than an actual iPad so your family is...

    • Ray Suwannaiem hahahaaha!! Man,you're family is great!

  • I keep on watching these Nintendo switch unboxing because it so satisfying (I don't know why)

    • Yo i feel the same way ... I also watch this while playing my switch idk why

    • Same

    • @Artūrs Ajax hell ye I love it

    • Lol I got mine a month ago

    • Yeay

  • Nice review/unboxing! Keep up the good work, sir.

  • This is the first I've ever seen from this channel and this is absolutely amazing. This review was good and calm unlike all those other screaming youtubers out there. I'm totally subscribing for this, keep up your videos UrAvgConsumer. I love your videos ;D

    • Lithus17 racist

  • Nice work Nintendo!! Solid review as always thanx for the info .

  • They better make super smash bros for the switch

  • This system really takes me back to the GameCube days. I don’t own one but by the gameplay videos it brings back many childhood feelings

  • I have a question about your TV height installation. Are you having comfortable viewing angles from it or what do you think you would adjust? Any comments about it? Or what were your considerations when you were deciding the height.

  • Holy crap I remember watching this DAILY before I saved up the money for it... THE NOSTALGIA

  • The switch is definitely what me and my sister needed growing up, we didn't like needing more than one console to play with each other on car rides and stuff

  • Good review. Very detailed, and relevant commentary.

  • I bought one for smash brothers, I’m already thinking on returning it...idk it’s not as cool as I thought it would be. Just holding it, I feel likes an old relic, another “game boy” that will fade away to better tech very soon...and using sd cards for games only adds to this feeling. Smash also hasn’t been as fun 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • its a very interesting piece of technology that seemed to be made from scratch using innovation and i love it

  • These unboxing videos are killing me! I want to get my Switch earlier but I have to wait like 8 months!

  • Question, I've been waiting for an upgraded version of the Switch, but now that they've announced the Switch Lite, do you guys think I should just go ahead and buy the original Switch? Or should I wait and maybe they'll release an upgraded version of the original. Help me please.

    • Buy the regular switch

  • Im gonna upgrade to switch from gam boy color no joke

    • Why the game boys better

    • That's not an upgrade That's mega evolution

    • I am going to upgrade to a Nintendo switch from nothing

    • Freddie Mercury lemme get this straight, you have one of the biggest 80s icons as your pfp and nickname, yet you don’t know the most famous 80s handheld console

    • Ya buy the nintendo switching best gameing video game ever.

  • Huge fan, love that you’re giving away the switch. Truly a great console.

  • Totally love it! But just wanted to know if we can choose to have the colour joycons or is it black by default?

  • I think it´s a dope console ( dope games) and good graphics, the advantage is that you can play it outside too or whereever you go

  • I hope they release some triple A titles for the switch!

  • Before watching: the switch is dope After watching: the switch is dope

  • I love that you actually took it out in Mcdonalds! I could never do that even though it looks fun. I think the switch is dope! Love that gadget backpack shout out! I wish everyone all the best with the competition. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Size reminds me of a SEGA GameGear(just a little slimmer) that I had before my Gameboy Color. Do you think that would be an accurate description of the size?

  • *opens box * “ohh ! This is small !” What did you expect ? A 40 inch tv?

  • Ever since it released I've been needing a Switch for soooooo long... Over 10 people I know have one and I tried and it's my wish for it to be my first ever console. If I get it, my year's birthday will be fulfilled with one of the best consoles .

  • All your video that u make are awesome and great and it teach me alot especially your tech and back to school videos as well keep up the good work👌🤘

  • I just ordered the Switch and it’s coming this week. I can’t wait! The only game that I am waiting for still that hasn’t been released is Metroid Prime 4 which I know won’t be out for years.

  • I love the sound the joy cons make when they slide in

  • Your reviews are awesome and informative...I just need enough money to buy the items your reviewing XD...I like your house deco by the way

  • Great review of the Nintendo Switch!! Can’t wait to play one

  • Totally dope One of the best reviews so far

  • Want the switch so much! Your entertainment-system looks so good!

  • I wouldn’t have bought it when it came out but 3 years later yes it’s worth it.

    • What games apart from Mario and Zelda?

  • "It's a portable system baby!" - UrAvgConsumer

  • Wow this was a really in-depth review. Good job and thanks!

  • Pretty good review, keep up the hard work

  • Love your vids watching them every day my favorite vid was this one 😁

  • Very good video explaining about the switch! Thank you so much!

  • Hopefully getting one this Black Friday yay! Thanks for the awesome video😀

  • I can't believe how awesome the Switch is, even though it isn't the most powerful device in the world, it is definitely very unique looking and I love how innovating Nintendo try to be, the joycon(though it maybe uncomfortable to hold sometimes) the concept of just docking a handheld to a TV and "switch" (see what I did there) back to a handheld is amazing, I would love to be able to try it once in real life

    • No actually, the switch is the most powerfull handheld ever made and almost can runs almost the same as Xbox One and PS4 i mean the gameplay. Because compare DOOM on xbox one and switch runs almost same

    • Enrique Salcido didn't know that, but got to give credit to Nintendo for implementing it into real life

    • sasukeDVVVV As a matter of a fact PlayStation had a patent registered in 2015 with the same idea of Nintendo. Maybe Nintendo adopted this idea and made it come true however I believe it may be very difficult to realize whom of the two (PlayStation or Nintendo came with this idea first).

  • Love your reviews

  • Just bought the switch 2 days ago I don't regret buying it at all I'm loving it already

  • This switch is awesome and it would be a great holiday miracle if I got picked! Love your videos long time subscriber. Keep making entertaining content.

    • The give away is far over and also who want to bet that this dude just subscribed today and is never gonna watch another vid from this dude

  • Wow love how you describe everything with such detail. Hope I can win won or get one this Christmas who knows maybe we can play to gather some day.

  • Got mine about 2 weeks ago n it's amazing, my favorite console now

  • DOPE, It's been a year since I bought it and I had no issues, best system yet. Especially since Smash Bros. Ultimate is 2 months away

  • Would love to win that switch!

  • I want a switch so badly

  • This is an amazing review dude, thanks to you u have a switch! +1 sub

  • I'm here for the competition and very excited but of course a Nintendo switch is a dope and not a nope

  • Definitely dope and worth having.

  • Dope! Nintendo has changed the game with the Switch! I️ haven’t touched my Xbox One.

  • Can I just say that I love your FF artwork? It’s beautiful.

  • I want that nintendo switch for my tech backpack lol

  • DOPE! I AM LOVING IT SINCE I GOT IT BACK IN 2017... Until now my best device and better than the ps4 slim... DOPEEE

  • How I wish I could buy one nintendo switch this year!!

  • I really want to try it :)

  • Dude! i just got it, i was playing with my co-workers... and yes a complete Dope!!!

  • My buddy got a switch and it certainly convinced me to get a switch. I find myself sitting in parking lots waiting to get pinged. A switch would be perfect for that!

  • I have 2 usb controller converters for all 3 consoles, i mainly use my Qanba arcade sticks on the PS4, XBOX ONE & NINTENDO SWITCH, I use the joycon though on certain games like mario odyssey & Heavy Burger.

  • Awesome review!! Your review is different than most reviews, it seems more, likeable 😄 Hopefully I can win the switch 😄

    • Will be watching your channel more!!! I love your green lantern theme video :D

  • Love the switch, and watching from all the way in Barbados!! Keep making great videos!

  • This could be my first ever portable gaming device.!

  • Dang I honestly wish I watched this video for the give away because I honestly wanted one for Christmas but all I got was $20 yeah I was upset because that’s all I asked for was the switch and I love your honesty about your products

  • “This thing is tiny!” I mean, remember the Gameboy micro? Now THAT is tiny.

  • I hope to get one! Thank you!

  • If I win that switch, at least your video will certainly tell me whether it's worth it or not!

  • That cartridge just looks extremely easy to lose to me. You have no idea how many gameboy games I lost.

  • nintendo switch its a very cool game love that it's portable and dockable nintendo com a long way can't wait to buy one

  • Your video is getting better everytime. Keep up the good work man 👍🤘

  • I just got my Switch a few days ago and its already my favorite console over my PS4. Mortal Kombat 11 is my favorite game on PS4 and its not as good on the switch but other than that I will be using my switch most of the time as my main.

    • Chris North I have a ps4 and switch too but I love the switch😃

    • Chris North same

  • Hey love ur vids thanks for making them

  • 2017: Nintendo Switch hybrid 2 years Later 2019: Nintendo Lite portable only

    • Merciless Freak the only way the lite is better is if your bag is absolutely tiny like I mean very small and if you don’t have a tv otherwise original switch has everything betyer

    • @Carfilliot i disagree with everything you said. Lite is better.

    • 2017: Nintendo is the best console ever 2019: It’s too heavy, it’s too uncomfortable Ever since the Lite was released so many fans are bashing the standard (enhanced) model, makes me mad lol Bigger screen, better contrast of colours as mentioned by digital foundry, HD Rumble, removable joy cons, docking’s still a fantastic piece of kit and way better than the lite.

    • Aye but we got a revisited switch

  • Love every part of the video and the switch is defiantly DOPE I got one for X-MAS and have played for hours on end I literally have ONE 2 metres away I already knew the answer

  • Seems like forever since the Wii came out. Still remember picking mine up during the early Wii craze.

  • Great review man!

  • Nice vid keep up the good work yo 🤙🏾

  • I'm guessing it's way too late for the give away I've been obsessed with this thing for days and I need one now lol

  • I was recently looking up review on the Nintendo Switch cause I want to get one soon. To be honest I clicked this video mostly becuase the AMAZING!!!!! I mean I make some great thumbnail and really impress myself, but THIS ONE is awesome. So it makes watch the vid. I'll let you know if I liked it or not.

  • I love your vids on tech! They are amazing! I always stay tuned to they next video you post!

  • One of the best innovative gaming console do you agree?

  • It’s very dope but in the future it will be an ok console because it will be underpowered

  • Yep it’s a good addition to the gaming world

  • I really enjoyed this video best switch review i have seen so far

  • I wish i had a switch.😊

  • Wow the best unboxing with all the information i need thnks :)

  • Nice video. Want the switch!

  • omg i really want a switch. love your vids

  • I would love a Nintendo switch. Good luck to everyone.👌🏻