let's buy TOO MUCH TECH

Publicado el 27 feb 2020
Time for another $1,000 shopping challenge between #teamuac and #teamarie! This time she has a little help from one of our viewers, Chris. Check out what we got and leave a comment below letting us know who got the better stuff!
Micro Center: rebrand.ly/lr5u61d
Find everything here:
Team Judner:
Google Nest Mini (Gen 2): rebrand.ly/2gjwfid
Wyze Labs Wyze Bulb (4-pack): rebrand.ly/kdsfuvh
geeni Current Charge Smart Wi-Fi Outlet: rebrand.ly/tts63va
Wyze Labs Cam Pan: rebrand.ly/56949oo
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus: rebrand.ly/m10k5ex
SteelSeries Apex 5 RGB Gaming Keyboard: rebrand.ly/ly08z0v
SteelSeries Arctis 3 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset: rebrand.ly/j27dllm
SteelSeries Rival 600 RGB Gaming Mouse: rebrand.ly/3z6vjtp
SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth: rebrand.ly/auowa89
Logitech z333 2.1-Channel Multimedia Speakers: rebrand.ly/ny7glu7
KeySmart Pro Compact Key Holder w/ Tile: rebrand.ly/dobjcrk
Samsung UN55NU6900 55" 4K Ultra HD TV: rebrand.ly/b6umoez
Team Arie and Chris:
Google Chromecast Ultra: rebrand.ly/icr6kw3
Wyze Labs Smart Plug: rebrand.ly/q7nzfqo
Wyze Labs Wyze Cam HD: rebrand.ly/8ajqqx2
Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 mAh 2-in-1: rebrand.ly/w3k57v0
Anker PowerCore Dual USB Type-A 20000mAh Power Bank: rebrand.ly/nuhpyvy
Google Home Hub: rebrand.ly/48kb4ut
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Smarter Kit: rebrand.ly/h6x4gq2
Satechi Aluminum Headset Stand & USB Hub: rebrand.ly/11tynft
Microsoft Xbox One Grey Blue Controller: rebrand.ly/20qbgmq
Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse: rebrand.ly/lhk18pl
Dell S2716DGR 27" WQHD 144Hz G-Sync LED Gaming Monitor: rebrand.ly/nw3p26a

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  • He already has TOO MUCH TECH

  • yo this is my local microcenter!

  • Can you tell me a best site or a best laptop under 400 us dollars . So kind of you

  • Jud all the way

  • The head phone stand is useless without head phones

  • no offense jud but im in ari's team because of theprice match but u paid less

  • There is no I, so I'm doing this ing the comments. I vote: Jud

  • The smart toy aditionally bruise because oxygen fittingly grab with a befitting hawk. private, black-and-white granddaughter

  • The tacit dredger comparatively grab because offer mechanistically support absent a calm nurse. aquatic, toothsome father-in-law

  • I bought a headphone holder but isn’t buy headphones

  • Ft. The guy looking at your tv as he walks out. He knows the real winner.

  • maybe i’m wrong, but chris seems like the kinda guy to pretend to know about tech, but knows literally nothing, so he’s just in it for the free shit?

  • Arie and Chris got the best tech!

  • I swear if she says price check again imma head out😄😄

  • we only spent 400 dollars we have like 600 dollars we rich

  • And this comment is sponsored by NordVPN

  • Whats the controller or the Nintendo switch in the thumbnail

  • i

  • Where to i vote?? theres no info card.. -w-

  • "We have 600 dollars we rich" Me when I find 1 cent: :D

  • Average...

  • I think UrAvgCosumer had better stuff but i loved the price matching

  • This is so unfair you can find a 55 inch 4K tv for 300 dollars but we’re i live I not able to by a 55 inch tv for even 450

  • I honestly think the best part was chris and jud trying to 1 up each other with all that competitive energy but they end up picking basically the same stuff. lol

  • It hurts my soul every time he walks past the oculus

  • Jud wins

  • ayyee representing Paterson, I'm late lol

  • you guys got what you want

  • Can u help me by giving one ipad pro🥰❤

  • Can you give away some stuff?

  • I verly got a phone it is motorola because I dont complete for an Iphone I am poor

  • Your Video's Entertain Me!

  • The people who just buy tech for the sake of youtube: Lets buy too much tech people who really need tech: FML!!!!!!

  • Theres no i

  • bro donate me 500 dollars

  • That’s a thing

  • Jud

  • Bro I live in Colorado and there’s one like 30 mins away from me hell yeahh

  • I vote for him

  • It's very helpful.

  • team i and c

  • This entire video is one big sponsorship deal not one of them payed a single dime for that stuff

  • Isn't this Paramus Micro Center?


  • 3:25 if you listen carefully you can hear thank you next playing in the background

  • What state you guys live in, never heard of this store

  • Challenge you wear better items then tacky curb chains and baseball caps.... 😆😆😆

  • Too much tech for UrAvgMillionaire

  • I saw Chris at micro center in Maryland lol

  • Spamming t to a 1000

  • D

  • D

  • S

  • D

  • D

  • F

  • A

  • D

  • R

  • F

  • F

  • G

  • F

  • Ffffff

  • R

  • C

  • V

  • F

  • D

  • C

  • D

  • F

  • When you see things that you never gonna buy 😭😭

  • No pc

  • C won

  • You guys are lucky i could do so much with that for my set up

  • Where is the pole

  • Jud

  • Him lets but TOO MUCH tech me ok ima save up for a 20 dollar mouse here

  • Next video let’s buy me a switch

  • Who won though there's no pole right now

  • ahhh i see we've been shopping at the same tech paradise!!!

  • J won

  • Jud

  • wheres the flippin little i button

  • congrats on your new baby

  • tech is to good man

  • I like to spend money that i should not spend lmao

  • MY man not a simp 2:34

  • that is. Actually. Too much tech

  • I wish I was living in the USA

  • I’m from Maryland 🤣

  • And you are look like will smith olso you have his voice and his smile 🙂😍

  • We may see you and your beautiful wife in Hollywood because your faces are cinematic😍😍 Maybe in a new part of the Fast and Furious movie, a wonderful duo 😍😍🌹

  • Arie is such a cheater in every haul

  • 5:20 this man called it the 700 LOLZ

  • Am i the only one with a tv as a pc monitor :(

  • Ugh can't relate

  • He killed them

  • Jud wins