Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Unboxing and Review!

Publicado el 5 oct 2021
The new Surface Laptop Studio with Windows 11 is here! We got our hands on the new device and gave it a quick unboxing and full review breakdown.

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  • Is that spider pig?

  • I think one feature that is missing that the surface book has is the rear camera. It made it super easy to scan documents, especially as a university student, I would scan my assignments into one note and after I was done, just upload my assignments all from the same computer.

  • I find it funny how just a few months ago Microsoft was making fun of Apple for not having a detachable screen

  • Impressive device! And nice review!!

  • Looks a lot like the MacBook Pro tho

  • I ordered one yesterday one below the max upgrade and I have to say your video helped out. I have been researching for a long time. I've owned my 2015 MacBook Pro for a few years and wanted something different. I've never owned a Surface laptop but I'm sure this one won't disappoint. Thanks

  • Yo what anime was that. I'm not caught up in anything at all

  • no HDMI port ?

  • i would really get the laptop for my college career but can't afford it atm \(T-T)/

  • subscribed ! the best reviewer i have seen :)

  • Once again, a good honest review. I like your style and you do seem biased to any one product like other reviewers out there. Keep it up for UsAverageConsumers😏( see what I did there? 😉)

  • Display isn’t reflective enough.

  • I like that you have Tidus and Squall on the background

  • I know it's a personal preference, but I just love my M1 MacBook air.

  • the thermal solution makes KINDA sense. while gaming if you are using your mouse, the heat will disperse as soon as it meets your hand

  • Jud you complian about absolutely everything

  • Can you upgrade anything... i.e.; SSD?

  • Who else thinks that this laptop looks like a MacBook Pro?

  • the last part is funny. hehe

  • the tow layer layout is brilliant. make it look like is way thinner than it is without canceling the fan output.

  • No one wants their laptop to do all that weird stuff.

    • You sure about that?

  • is this laptop heavy for school?

  • can l have this one becouse you allready did as a example (:

  • Wish they made a thinner version for those who dun need all that power, cause the thickness and weight ain’t ideal

  • Omg I want this but they changed their price from 1500 to 5k wtf

  • What Microphone do you use? audio is so crispy

  • Hoping that you can do a surface duo 2 review soon!

  • Does the Slim Pen 1 work with the magnetic attachment and inductive charging?

  • good review...

  • what anime was that at 4:36

  • 4:48 whats the name of his channel?

  • Hello, can the battery off this thing be replaced? Most likely not,right? But MS is all about "the environment".........🤣

  • As a long time Surface user the quality is worth the price! Hopefully the Duo 2 resolves the issues with the original.

  • Unibody macbook is that you?

  • Just watched mkbhd and he said speakers are not good. Then watched this, you said speakers are good. Then i remembered that mkbhd is an apple fan

  • Can u do a review for the surface pro 8 and a review for windows 11?

  • Is so nice to see Microsoft getting innovative again.

  • No SD card slot? 😢

  • You’re inducing more stress when you try to fold it out from the middle. So the design is to hold it on the corner

  • Rip iPad 😂😂😂🤣

  • definition of gimmick

    • Nah that drawing position is cool

  • First we had pc and when we had laptops and now we have an sort of hybrid tablet that turns into a laptop I feel like Microsoft is going backwards in time with this surface stuff still doesn’t change my mind from wanting to buy the M1 iPad Pro 11 inch with magic keyboard cuz that’s what I want the most rn

  • ❤❤❤👑👑👑

  • Shout out to Kevin Kenson.

  • Btw he surely likes anime. 😏

  • Bro! do the screen stay still when we use surface pen or just a hand weight when we use the laptop in stage mode?

    • @Brandon it is studio mode all the way down I am asking about stage mode 45° angle mode

    • I mean it's down all the way not sure how it would move

  • Now watch the Surface Studio review by the moron over at CNET. I don't even own this device and her shit offended me.

  • What were the specs of this?

  • Please do a video on your thoughts about Windows 11

  • seing u wearing that apple watch case, what about make a vid about apple watch accessories?

  • Can you make a video editing oriented video with the surface. I want to see how it performs with video editing..

  • Yeh i would like u to make a full depth video on windows 11

  • Like the design, almost got it until played with windows 11 aka Windows Me for windows 10. they claim it's faster but requires high end CPUs and RAM!!! converting to MAC OS m1 CHIP platform tired of MS OS and intel overheating CPUs, over tax resources and battery life.

  • Microsoft is copying the shit out of Mac.

    • Not a bad thing necessarily

  • Very nice overview.

  • For me this is like when the first iteration of the Galaxy fold was released. The concept is good but the price is too high and it feels like it's too much of a gimmick. I'm sure if microscoft refines this laptop studio, a lot of people would be willing to buy it.

    • @Brandon desktop is 3k I was on the page of the studio laptop it had a Option box right under where the buy button was with 5k but the studio was Unavailable instead it had a option to buy it for 5k

    • @Game Channel nope still $1500 you're probably confusing it with the desktop

    • If u look they charge the price from 1500 to 5k on Amazon

  • it’s ugly & expensive. it does 3 things: laptop, easel, and tablet but it doesn’t look like it does any of them well. love the pen storage design. would an iPad Pro M1 with aMagic Keyboard be a better buy?

  • i’ll be back to watch this after watching the MKBHD video on this.

  • maybe a litttleeeeee too thin screen for the aesthetic there, ms...

  • Actually look for Lenovo yoga slim pro 7 16, best spec than this

  • Finally, a Surface computer with Thunderbolt!

  • Marques says the speakers suck. Which is it?

    • They're probably not great

  • I wonder if U can do keyboard shortcuts on the trackpad? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Surface - the hinge company

  • Sorry, Microsoft. It looks like they shamelessly just stuck an iPad Pro in a Folio Case to a MacBook Pro. 😁

  • I want one so bad :(

  • Good thing Microsoft is now shelling out some money for people to review their niche products

  • Interesting device. But for artists, being able to lock the screen at certain angles would be better than having 1 angle or flat. Haptic feedback for the pen is nonsense. What people want is having some friction so you're not drawing on the slickness of literal glass. I'd love a bigger screen though, compared to the Surface Pro series. Thanks for the review!

  • Great review, best one for this device I've seen so far. Keep it coming! 👍🏽

  • I wish the hinge can hold any position like the pro kickstand.

    • Just tilt the screen back like a normal laptop then

  • I love how you can pop the screen out and bring it forward or tilt the screen down.

  • These have came quite a ways in terms of form and function 🤔 I had a really early surface book and it wasn’t bad. Not the laptop for me but this is a lot better.

  • Does the screen flex a lot when you write on it in tablet mode?

  • Windows 11

  • Good to hear the crew having a laugh in this video. Positive vibes

  • I can't fine how many nits the screen has. I hope it is more than the book 3

  • I think the surface studio might’ve won the over if they were more serious about making windows 11 better than macOS but for now it just feels like a macOS look like without all the consistency of macOS

  • Dose it have keyboard lights?

  • السعر مبالغ فيه كثيرا

  • Looks exactly like Macbook Pro 13" from 2015! Love it!

  • Which spec you tested on ? i5 or i7?

  • Can you charge with USB C?

  • Oh my gosh, when you first held it up I thought it was a MacBook Pro.

  • the design is definitely a downgrade, it doesnt look as premium as the book

  • Yo, when is dude gonna give me his anime recommendations tho?!

  • I like the design of it and some of the features but off topic that jacket is clean bro

  • You can't appricate this laptop without talking about acer concept D

  • Microsoft has been killing it with their line of Microsoft surface tablets and surface laptops lately. This new surface laptop studio is the best of both worlds. It's a laptop and convertible tablet. Nice!!

  • The Microsoft version of the acer creatorD has ezel 14

  • I love the design

  • Battery life pls?

  • i actually really love my surface book 3 , and once it needs to be replaced, it will be missed !!

    • I agree, this thing just doesn't support my "detatch and continue" workflow. If I wanted a powerful laptop, I'd go buy an XPS for cheaper.

  • Do the palmrests get hot under stress with the heatsinks right under them?

  • Wish i had that

  • Yep - will miss the detachable screen!

  • When i saw what it can do, my first thought was the hp spectre folio

  • I like how you write your reivew. Very simple without trying so hard (and end up failing by mentioning bad electronics information..erm mrwhostheboss). The review is still intuitive and relevant.

    • @Safo Christian I am talking about BAD/WRONG info about electronics. Imagine a doctor watching a medical video in youtube with wrong medical related information.

    • Oh come on, knowing the bad things about a device you're purchasing with your hard-earned cash isn't bad

  • So much stupid design decisions over very high specifications’ why ?

  • Starting from surfacebook, microsoft have been keeping up with the premium along with the macs. No other pc laptop come close with the macbook, surfacebook design language. HP and Asus do have beautiful premium design too but the industrial design theme is different.

  • This is so fidgety. I never liked it on the Vaio Z-flip from 2014 and I don't like it on this either. The modes don't make much sense really and I seriously doubt that this hinge will hold up. RIP Surface Book.