My Favorite Tech of 2021!

Publicado el 27 dic 2021
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  • It's so cool to see you get nostalgic about retro gaming! :D

  • makes me so happy to see how far UAC has come! been a fan since the playstation vita and beats unboxing vids

    • Fr, production value has gone through the roof in the last few years

    • Oh wow those were the days 😂

    • Those beats unboxing videos were the days Good old 2012

    • Same I remember when the ps3 monitor vid came out lol

    • yuppp

  • it's really nostalgic to see gameboy handhelds back again in this form.

  • Oh, man…seeing FF Tactics Advance brought back memories! That’s the first game I ever (knowingly) sank 100 hours into as a kid.

  • UAC just became the first internet influencer that I’ve ever actually bought something because I saw it on their platform. I just ordered the Anker battery charger off Amazon because I saw it in this video. I liked as I watched but then I was like kickstand too? Whaaaaat I went and ordered it right away. Thanks UAC

  • Beats fit pro are definitely my favorite headphones of the past decade. sold my AirPods Pro cause i stopped using them when I got these, nothing beats the sound, fit, convenience, looks, features, etc all in the same package

    • @Pong Krell those are over ears. They are better, but for the sleak in ears, beats are the way to go

    • Nothing beats it how about the Sony wf -1000xm4

    • Question: Is is essentially the AirPods Pro is Beats Casing with USB-C (Noise Canceling, Spacial Audio, and the works). I really am considering these but only if they can truly replicate the AirPods Pro

  • I would have to say it’s the Anker wireless portable charger. True game changer like you said. We have to embrace the evolution of the technology around us or risk being left behind.

  • Great video Jud. But I just wanted to say, the Roborock is the best robo vac I've ever used. If anyone is on the fence you won't be after trying it lol. It's awesome.

  • Anbernic is awesome for what it is. For the price, you can get a lot of games online and emulate. The Analog Pocket is pricey and you need to have the cartridge.

    • analog pocket is not for people that want convenience and do only do shit talk, but for enthusiast and accuracy focus. The guts also totally different.

    • You don’t need the cart, I’m playing patched games and the a JB is a most likely. Anbernic just doesn’t compare, especially in the screen department. Buying two Chinese consoles can come close to the price of this.

    • True i got the anbernic too, but idk the analog pocket draws me in too probably just for the feeling of loading a cartridge

  • Wow the Windows laptop studio looks amazing. Great overall wrap up!

  • Going off of the emulators and stuff. my personal favorite way to emulate retro stuff and some new stuff is with my Modded 2ds XL. You get one and homebrew it, which with YT is super simple now, you can play all those games in amazing quality. I been playing a lot of GBA on it lately. just thought to share my opinion on going with a Modded DS for emulation. Also its better to use a 3ds XL or better, so basically 3ds XL, New 3ds XL, and New 2ds XL all work the best. Hope this opinion helps some if not have a great da y :)

  • The first video you did on the anbernic this year actually made me look into them and I got one for myself and it’s been AMAZING to be honest. But the collection you have for this video is pretty great. Can’t wait for my MacBook to come in

  • analog pocket had potential for greatness add virtual boy games an give that system some life

    • @Killahpriest35 I think what I’m saying is getting misinterpreted. Actually, now that I’m reading again I thought Koda was referring too virtual console, just now realizing he meant literally the virtua boy 😅. I have the pocket and agree that would’ve been an awesome addition!

    • @Mahllz don’t know why you virtual machine/emulator people just stay in your own lane. If people got the dough to get a purist stuff let them. Sorry everyone is not as smart as you and emulates on a raspberry Pi with a case on it. So sorry.

    • @Mahllz adapter i have almost all the carts

    • That literally defeats the purpose lol, just go and buy some cheap emulator if that’s what you’re looking for. The pocket is for purists

  • Yo I love FFTA !!! One of the best strategy games I’ve ever played, my brother just bought me an original refurbished game boy with new screen and USB-C charging. Great video!

  • The second portable device with the emulators. If they had the other one screen it would have been great. But my fav tech this year has been the anker liberty pro 3

  • the analogue pocket seems like a great concept but its quite pricy when you get some of the add-ons and you dont even have any games by then. And the bezels for are quite big for that price imo

  • iPad Mini 6 is definitely my favorite tech product this year

  • it's so dope to see ya get so nostalgic with the retro gaming dude! :D

  • Man, I love seeing a fellow Jersey dude doing his thing! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 2022!

  • Can't wait for my retroid pocket 2+ to come in! That's what I'm excited about! 😁

  • Wish I could buy this stuff to start my own review channel

    • @GameVerse you can start with what you have. And review what was it like and which is your best tech. Anything is possible. As long you got that tech.

    • @Jarius thanks man 😇

    • You can do anything that you put your mind to 👍🏾

  • Need a full review on the Pocket! I love the idea of it!

  • Microsoft surface really impressed me, Samsung fold and flip over iPhone anyday.

  • I watched your Beats Fit Pro review and went and bought a pair. Hands down my favorite go to ear buds.

  • I'm impressed to not see Galaxy Fold 3. Is an amazing device over iPad Mini or iPhone.

    • Sorry all but as a fold 3 user I disagree with these comments of "gimmick" or the dust in the crease. The device accomplish all the tasks really well.

    • @Noname agreed

    • The fold 3 is still like a gimmick to me, I'll give them time to improve.

    • No it ain't. after a while it gets a crease in the folding area that crease also attracts dust which is terrible ofc he wouldnt recommend it

  • Come to think of it I didn't really buy any new tech in 2021. MX Master 3 is probably still my favorite, next to my PS5.

  • Yeah, I totally agree.. a Gameboy advance video in the future sounds like a great idea. I'm down to see that too.

  • Great vid (as usual) I would love to see a review on the Analogue Pocket

  • Wish I could afford more tech

  • More in-depth into the analogue pocket please!!

  • Yea we definitely need an analog pocket review

  • Video starts at 2:25

  • Man i lost my silver cartridge a long time ago and this makes me sad lol. I loved that game too.

  • final fantasy tactics man, respect!

  • Your amazing bro been watching you since tech unboxing 7.0!!

  • I like the Roborock cleaning and mopping, I want to get one for my house. It will save me 4 hours of cleaning. I like the Beat earphone.

  • Great products. Great video 👍🏽

  • I’ll be getting myself a few of the tech mentioned, in 2022 😇 - ohhh yeah 😁!

  • PSA: The Anker Battery does NOT work on the Mini, the battery is too big. Also the stand feature does NOT work on the Max Model because it tips over. Flawed product imo but hopefully they fix this in the next version.

  • Definitely do a full review of that retro gaming

  • Can you please do a video for iPhone security? Like what’s the best to recommend to protect our devices especially in this modern day?

  • Hey Jud, I was wondering if/when you were ever going to make a custom keyboard?

  • I’d like to see a full in depth review on the analogue pocket please

  • FF Tactics Advance and the 2 Golden Son games are incredible.

  • I'm so glad you made this video. Pokemon Silver IS the GOAT of Pokemon games!

  • Where’d you get those roller shades? I’ve been trying to find some that fit my windows… they’re huge

  • My dude says Silver is his favorite pokemon game and uses it for the thumbnail instantly my favorite tech ESmainr!

  • Fold 3 is my favorite thing of 2021

  • We need a massive tech unboxing please

  • video starts at 2:22

  • The switch OLED is a MUST!

  • Bro if you like the Analog Pocket try the Polymega!

  • Analog pocket full review: YES!

  • Finally fantasy is my go to game for advanced as well

  • dudeee that Analogue looks amazing!

  • All I gotta say Is if you're into emulators.... That new one recently called Aether SX2...... Finally we have a PlayStation 2 Emulator that is really really stable and Amazing! Try it if u have Android flagship devices. Just saying... I can play metal gear solid 3 Snake Eater and Kingdom Hearts 2 on my phone! 60fps!

  • Awesome tech 👍👍👍

  • If there was a product you would love, I’d suggest the retrotink

  • Man you want me to purchase that smart vacuum that scan my entire room, I don't think so. It's gonna be able to know everything in my room and space, I don't care how cool it is I'll be a normie and mop the floor like a regular person lol

  • Microsoft laptop is sooo slick!! And didn't even know they make magnetic power chargers!!!! Adding to cart !

  • Full review of the analog pocket please

  • that robot vacuum. reminded me of that episode from the new season of love death robots lmao

  • I laughed so hard when he said 'Man of culture"

  • Please do a review on the analog pocket and retro console

  • I miss playing Pokemon Silver and Final Fantasy Tactics! :D

  • Beats fit pro sound better than AirPods Pro. I love them.

  • Good video keep it up 👍

  • ❤️ the surface laptop

  • 2:14 is when it starts :)

  • Man....that FFTA cartridge brings back alot of good memories.

  • I got a Roborock for Christmas. It’s pretty awesome.

  • Does that Anker charger work with the samsung galaxy series of phone's?

  • Isnt the bezel on the ipad mini a bit too big?

  • Final fantasy tactics is goated bro !!

  • The 351 v is dope

  • I need one of those to play super robot wars for sure 🥺

  • Love your videos

  • Can’t wait for my iPad mini

  • According to the site you have to order now to get an analogue pocket in 2023!!! Stuff that.

  • Love ur videos🔥❤️

  • I believe you can mod the new OLED switch to play all those retro games...

    • @Rinat Zibarov they have retro games with the $20 subscription

    • @Rinat Zibarov yeah but it's super hard.. you have to remove the nand and solder a wire from a pin under the chip and re ball the nand and solder it back on... Although they are working on a work around... Don't know if it's possible without taking off the nand yet.

    • wait, really??

  • I really wish my Gameboy never broke 😭

  • Not me watching new gadgets on Tik Tok , thank god for this

  • I love your videos

  • this camera sways more than i do lmao and i struggle with standing still

  • Has anyone noticed how the ANC on the beats fit pros is pretty lacking compared to the air pod pros?

  • No sponsorship? I'm shocked... Actually 30 seconds in you hit us with it before I stopped typing.

  • oh man. seeing that sea of thieves translucent controller makes me SUPER jelly lol.

  • I luv the MagSafe 622 charger I have the 12 mini and the battery isn’t the best 😬 I got it for Christmas but it’s arriving around Jan 5 😭

    • You can get iPhone 13 mini or a normal one.

  • So much heat 🔥

  • Kudos to making the thumbnail the Gameboy tech because its the reason I clicked the video

  • Can the Mini run Lumatouch + 4K footage?

  • Pokémon silver. Best Pokémon game ever! I agree. Link cables!!!! Damn i still talk about that accessory. How we traded Pokémon as kids !! Nostalgia!!!

  • I'm a simple man. I see Gunpla; I hit the like button.

  • great video can anybody tell me what game he was playing at 8:24 on the laptop it looked interesting.

  • I'm sorry but PokeMon Crystal was the best game ever made. Which is technically the same, but the ehanced version. More content. More legendaries.

  • What game is he playing on the surface laptop?

  • Love your vids

  • "Wow that laptop looks really cool, maybe I'll get it for my mom's birthd- 2000 DOLLARS"

  • What game was that being played on the Surface Laptop Studio?