My Favorite Tech of the Month - August 2021!

Publicado el 31 ago 2021
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My favorite tech is back! Got my hands on some new things in August and I've been loving them. What tech have you guys been enjoying lately?

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  • You use Mac

  • love how he thanks his cameraman

  • The Samsung watch you can make it look like the omnitrix

  • I think my mom has that Nex Pro thingy

  • I think I'm gonna pickup that keysmart. I have one of their dumb ones and it really slimmed down my key profile and I have a lot of keys.

  • Are you going to do a review on the Amplifi Alien? Is it working out for you?

  • @Uraverageconsumer don’t use the muscle ball gun for sore or aching muscles. It’s used to stimulating the muscles before you work out NOT for recovery. You will make your injury worse by using one of these. Instead use heat for aching muscles and ice for inflammation or bruising.

  • Always love this kind of content, you always have such varied tech!

  • Who else is waiting for back to school budget edition?

  • We know your an apple watch guy,

  • I have a question for you and I hope you can answer it. What is the best surge protector for all your electronic devices and how much joule should it be? With all the devices that now have to be plugged in with homeschooling, I would like to know be sure. Thank you. Your neighbor in Brooklyn.

  • M/S/P

  • For the rest you are fantastic , I like all your videos

  • Hi I have a question, can I have a iPhone 12 pro max pleasee min phone is broken and I don t have the money tot buy another

  • Would have made a lot of sense if that water bottle was able to keep the water cold or warm for hours as your regulate it... just saying.

  • you say guys to much its crazy annoying guys

  • “Ah man I forgot to charge my water bottle.”

  • Love the RG351V!!!

  • The rg351v is by Anbernic, not Haihuang. And for those who like playing GBA, I really recommend the rg351p

  • NEX Pro has the worst indiegogo crowdfunding experience I have ever seen

  • What’s the brand of that air tag case?

  • Jud videos like this would really benefit from time stamps / chapters that ESmain now supports. Would appreciate it if it’s not too painful!

  • I want a Samsung watch but have an iPhone but plan on switching in the feature when I get money lol

  • Can I buy the emulator with the games on it? I would totally pay much more for the device and requesting certain games and getting it sent to me already done.

  • omgggggg that little gambe boy thingy!!!!!! mind BLOWN!!!!!!

  • The key smart pro is something I'm seriously considering I'm surprised he didn't talk any speakers I use my Ue boom 3 damn near everyday its definitely one tech I use a lot.

  • I have the RG351V I love because I love retro gaming.

  • Anyone know what type of carabiner that is on the keychain?

  • idk why tech are "advertising" the smart water bottle. actually just overpriced for something that doesnt improve your day to day life lol

  • I was more of a X-Men vs street fighter person

  • please change your channel name.... these are all the stuff average consumer would even get to buys try to recommend some useful stuff

  • What are those watch faces you have on?

  • Lol he says it looks like a power ranger watch like that's a bad thing.

  • What is that font? UrAvgConsumer Patriarch of the Uravgconsumer family A tech clan subsidiary

  • bro chill..u r so chill

  • 15:11 It's so ture.

  • Lol Soulja console

  • $65 water bottle...I'd rather just do the math in my head

  • It’s ture.

  • “ It’s ture “

  • You and your crew are hilarious. Another dope video!

  • Hi Keyshawn! Really interesting!

  • you can play most emulators on an android device >>> just saying ....

  • Soulja boy should have invested in the RG351V

  • What is that Blackmagicdesign Tower next to the speakers and the Massage Device?

  • I just bought the RG351V a few weeks ago (yet to be delivered) and I've already got the microSD cards ready to go. So excited for it to arrive! It's funny because I only stumbled across these retro handhelds after searching ESmain for previews of the Steam Deck (no announcement for an Australian release date yet 😢).

  • 😊

  • where the back to school budget edition at?

  • “Carl…shut your mouth” 😂😂😂

  • Damn, it’s pretty sad that don’t have none of those products in Brazil. Love all of them

  • S21 Ultra as second phone? I would like to hove one as my first and do not even need the second one kkkk

  • Honestly water bottles connected to the internet always seemed like such overkill to me, but this one is so neat yet unobtrusive in the information if gives you.

  • I think thats a vibrator for something els

  • Who tf needs an app for drinking water 😂 what's going on in this world man

  • Your key ring must weigh five pounds

  • Jud I have a question if you don’t like how the galaxy watch doesn’t connect to your iPhone why not just get the Apple Watch? I mean it’s about the same price and has about all the features the galaxy watch has and more. I have one and I love it.

  • If I had that many things on my keychain I would just give up lol

  • Bro soon as you loaded the Marvel vs Capcom 2 @ the 7:40 Mark, I did the Same Exact Face. 🔥I’m sold on the RG351V… Another Banger of Dope Gadgets!

  • Wooooow

  • soft semen pillows

  • You rock hats off :)

  • Go Go Power Rangers

  • Something out of the blue...but can u pls tell me where to get your bracelet....its so cool

  • Also! Just had to say I was SO excited to see you on the American Influencer Awards ballot for Tech Influencer and didn’t hesitate to cast my vote for you!! Congrats! That’s such an honor to be nominated!

  • You missed the opportunity to use the I'm an average water consumer

  • can we get download link for that sd card :D

  • I just ordered Xbox series x and I watched your vids it helped so much

  • Your vids are the best 😀

  • It's good to see the RG351V in your videos! We love it, and have a full review on the channel for those that want an in-depth review! Keep up the sick videos! 👍

    • That video I need me one that’s op

    • @Kyle Hassen I have both models. As much as I like the M (which I got first), the V gets much more use from me. The screen really is that much better and if I was only to have one device, it would hands down be the 351V.

    • Well they paid him money for a exposure or review, thats why he is showing it. Pretty sure he does not give a crap about gadget. I like your channel, been subscribed for years. I never knew about these gadgets if you didnt review it. Thank you. Keep up the great work Dodo.

    • I just saw your video recently on the RG351V. I’m still at a toss of of the RG351 M or V. Also rumors of a newer model coming out and makes me wanna wait it out too,

    • True. Best videos ever

  • It’s ture

  • What are those mini speakers on the desk I want to buy those

  • Hi from the UK, what firmware is running on the rg351v? Does your boy have a video on how to set it up? I have literally just brought it after watching the video

  • That emulator is actually dope.

  • Lol watchu need the precision for?

  • Seriously ??? You own a Apple Watch and still wants to connect Samsung watch with your apple phone ??? Sellout 🤦🏻‍♂️ or stupid

  • That retro gameboy thing looks pretty sweet, 480p is pretty close the the original TV output res so you're basically getting a realistic representation without needing to mess with upscaling or antialiasing.

  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on your pocket?! I sooo sold! ❤️😣 (I remember it was on iPhone but this is sick! :O,)

  • i been waiting for this day my favorate youtuber posting video on my birthday

  • Hey guys its your poor water consumer 😂👀

  • an app to drink water nah bro im good

  • Honestly I haven’t seen one bad review of the Ambernic handheld 👍

  • Been thinking about the apple tracker alot but means i have to get an iphone along with it.. well will use it to track my kid haha

  • Jud, you can't have your boy outchea with ashy knees fam! LOL

  • If you use an iPhone why not use the Apple Watch over the galaxy watch

  • Yes to MvC2 haha legendary game

  • Thank guy, I'm on that⌚...

  • So i have went trough two pairs of air pod pros bucause they just started working only when they are pluged in then just gave out why is that? Someone help please

  • why is the bmi 27 LOL

  • What’s up how much for a memory card with all the games you have?

  • Can you pair the water bottle to your Samsung watch is the question?

  • That boy hitting the gym lol

  • Love how he reviews a vibrator LMAO

  • Ngl can u just post the budget bideo

  • cc: "it's ture" 😃

  • dang i thought it was an Anbernic 😮

  • Judidiah

  • the Rg351V has been my favorite piece of tech in the last 6 months

  • I got one of those RG351V devices and I love it! Been playing Legend of Zelda Minish Cap as of lately :D and my niece got to play Space Invaders on it so we been having fun there. That and my funkey s have been something we both been loving. I get the funkey s she gets the rg351v lol

  • Dope vid

  • Bruh so you using samsung for watch and iphone for air tags hehe? Hustle much?