My Man Cave Update - New Streaming Setup!

Publicado el 19 nov 2020
This video is sponsored by Microcenter.
My Man Cave just got updated with a legit streaming setup! If you're looking to make your own setup, you might want to check these out. But the big question is, where do I stream? 馃
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  • Man the aesthetic of your computer is exactly what I'm going for

  • Which monitors are you using? I bought a Mac mini m1 and I鈥檓 looking for a 27-32鈥 decent priced monitor with great image quality. I come from a 2013 MacBook Retina display and the quality is awesome on that display, but the msi g271 I have is 1080p and good for gaming but when browsing the web you see the fonts all pixelated :(

  • Imagine going on a zoom meeting with web-cam quality like that

  • that lens thoooo

  • Great setup you have! Awesome! :)

  • what are you using to hold your DSLR?

  • That white chair is sick, what is it?

  • We all know that's the logitech G915 in the thumbnail. Good try though lol

  • What monitor??

  • I just found your channel and I absolutely love it and I鈥檓 a new sub. I鈥檓 binge watching you now. You have a lovely home and family and your energy is great! Congratulations on the new baby! What are your thoughts on the LG ultra wide screen monitor? I have a MacBook Pro arriving today but of course I鈥檓 going to need a big screen. Thanks!

  • What type of monitors are you using?

  • Does ANYONE know what lamp it is that he has in there? The black lamp?

  • Anyone know what speakers he's using with the imac set up?

  • What Desk is that ?

  • His head shape reminds me of Tyler1..

  • all..

  • Can someone tell me how he mounted the the camera above monitor.

  • Is the A7 3 good for recording ESmain videos

  • but how did you get them dope live backgrounds on your computer?

  • The drem of any ESmainr lol

  • What desk did you use?

  • Your setup looks so cool! I'm looking for a way to have my camera (a6400) above the monitor. I was curious how your camera stays there. I can't use a tripod because there is no room behind the monitor. I mean I could make room, but 1. That space would be wasted and 2. I don't want the monitor any closer to me. I have my monitor (34wk95u-w) on an Ergotron HX arm. I would love to be able to find an arm of the same beautiful design made specially for cameras. But, if that doesn't exist, at least a "fixed" solution to have my camera above my monitor (saying "fixed" 卯n relation to the monitor, of course) like yours is.

    • I also have the same doubt, how he mounted it behind monitor

  • Ultrawide monitors for streaming? How does that work? I had to run my games in windowed mode which is a pain in the ass

  • What are those monitors?

  • what camera lens do you use? love the vids

  • this is 100% corsair sponsored.

  • Damn this is CLEEEEAAANN. Almost makes me want to clean off my desk...almost lol

  • Man I need some donations so I can m be an average consumer myself! Wow!

  • Elgato hit you up for that sponsorship yet xD

  • What are your screens?

  • Not one single thing in his house is for the average person lol!

  • I feel what he should have said is, "let's be honest, this isn't your average setup, but, I'm not your average consumer" lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • eeeeeeeeee

  • When there are 999 comments so you decide you will be the 1000th comment

  • 1000 comments. Love your vids

  • hey UAC, what camera stand are you using for the a7III???

  • yes streammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • I'm the thousand comment lmao

  • .

  • Streammm

  • Where'd you get the table from?

  • For MY gaming setup i'll buy the PS5 DualSense Controller! For 65 bucks!

  • Nice one

  • Love the setup! I recommend the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller. It has RGB along with being a great alternative to the Elite controller

  • I鈥檓 in Canada I can鈥檛 get the drawers or the desktop here . Know anyway I can get it from the states ?

  • I love that you're getting into steaming!

  • Great Vid as always! I heart my Elgato green screen lit lit...

  • rich boy

  • Do twitch plz I want to see gaming content from you

  • Yes I would love to see you stream.

  • Blessed 馃檹馃従

  • Maingear Gaming Chair, nice... I have the FORMA GT myself...

  • That goatee is not it my dude

  • Great Vid! YES! Start streaming and continue with ur great vids! Shoutz from Macedonia.

  • I say create a uravgconsumer streaming channel on youtube

  • Alright. I have to know this, and it's not linked. What is that camera mount? I don't need more poles on my setup. It's starting to look like a strip club.

  • he uses dslr as a stream camera??? actually?

  • real gamers dont use ultrawides

  • So how do you mute your mic if you remove the part with the mute button?

  • Judd on twitch?! At first you had my curiosity but Now you've got my attention

  • The crazy thing is he doesn't even stream.

  • @uravgconsumer what product is holding the camera? I鈥檝e been wanting one but they all seem intrusive. This one seems clean. Also did you use a dummy battery?

  • The first time I saw UrAvgConsumer I thought he was a game streamer

  • Damn , son!

  • Hi

  • My streaming setup But didn't a single live stream on his channel 馃が馃が馃が馃が馃が

  • Why did you completely ignore the speakers??

  • This is weird but I like that desk he has

  • PC looks fucking insane

  • is your camera mounted to the wall? If so please send the the mount, please. I beg lol.

  • Quick question, I鈥檓 putting together my setup and was wondering, what monitors are those

  • This video was super helpful and awesome new subscriber!

  • How do you get those monitor wallpapers

  • I have to say I like the set up and I watch APEX being played everyday. It is a great game (for real)!!!.

  • I know you just found out, but green screens are pretty much out of style now 馃槉 Awesome setup otherwise though 鉂わ笍馃敟

  • can anyone tell me what monitors he has?

  • video sponsored by microcenter, elgato, and corsair lmbo

  • This isn鈥檛 the ultimate streaming setup, it is the ultimate Zoom setup.

  • Plz stream

  • Who do u main in apex

  • Lmaoooo I thought u said the g915 was the best keyboard and now u downgrade to the corsair mech? lol

  • Judd invite me over and ill come work on your cables for free.

    • I was just about to say: 鈥渉ow鈥檚 your cable management going鈥

    • Lol

    • The god is here

    • every time I see a setup I'm always like Ed would not approve lol.

    • I have watched all ur videos Ed!

  • I am down for you to stream

  • Dude, get the new CoD, it鈥檚 great!

  • but the elgato cam link is terrible for the specs with you Sony A7III seriously that's a FAIL

  • bro start streaming

  • Get on that Apex streaming hype

  • My wallet hurts

  • Where鈥檚 the maingear builds?

  • is that a Woo Audio WA7!

  • the chair though

  • What monitors? Predator x3-somethings

  • Love the setup, my biggest question for you is how is the chair? Is it worth the money?

  • Man, if you'd actually ever stream from that setup...

  • the Setup is Dope i like it very man like and clean

  • I need that wallpaper.....

  • so are we not gonna talk about the way he says "elgato"

  • 3:45 if you want to spend 2000 dollars then yay

  • Can you make a WHATS ON MY TECH video like mkbhd?

  • What鈥檚 your table ?