My Massive iPad Mini 2021 Unboxing!

Publicado el 22 sep 2021
We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! The new iPad Mini 6 has a similar design to the iPad Pro but with a much smaller footprint. Full review coming soon!

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  • Can we make audio calls by using.. wifi plus cellular... I pad mini... 2021 version, please reply

  • I love the iPad, it’s my favorite apple product! Great video as always!

  • plz make a video on a real day in life with the ipad mini

  • Now I know how big Judd's hands are. He can palm an Ipad 10.2 inch one handed.....hahahaha

  • It’s not mm wave on the mini it’s the Apple Pencil dock

  • The Mini looks just like an android tablet now. The homepage icon layout is horrendous.

  • Hey bro would u be able to do a vid on the. New iPad Air vs the pro thanks

  • Best part is that Apple made the iPad Mini a better device than the iPhone 13 for almost half the price. Bigger screen, bigger battery, same processor with better heat distribution, USB-C with 5Gbps transfer rate, compatibility with iPad exclusive apps, supports split view and slide over… Nice package for the price. Still keeping the A12X iPad Pro as my daily, it’s a monster performer for iPadOS 15.

  • Do a giveaway man for the iPad mini or iPhone 13 or even a ps5?

  • Nice update to the ipad lineup🔥

  • I have the new iPad Pro 2021 and my sister really jealous so I’m saving up money to surprise her with this iPad I’m sure she’s going to be so happy 😁

  • Do you think ipad mini 6 - 64gb would suffice for media consumption -fb, youtube, netflix and games (moba, wr, gi and etc?). Do you think 256gb is overkill for such apps?

  • Its not the antenna for 5G is the apple pencil gap

  • Too bad for me cause for my birthday which is coming up for me and for my birthday I want one of these but my parents say no.

  • you should take the mini off your title

  • Hang on, is the ipad small or is your hand huge.

  • stop bcz im bout to buy ipad minis for each room of my house for homekit but they too expensive

  • You know what's funny? You talk about the "palmable" iPad Mini but yet you are able to "palm" the larger iPad 9th gen. Call me crazy but I have the 8th gen and can't even come close to palming my iPad. How big are your hands man?? 🖐🖐

  • man they could have done better with them bezels, apple so petty like they don't make enough money lol

  • i want that new mini so bad, perfect doodling companion. especially since i don’t feel the need to upgrade my iphone 12 this year, that ipad is really screaming my name

  • Love this guy. Watch the MKBHD vid he talks about why the volume button is on top. It’s because of the Apple Pencil

  • bro a 13 is not new ;P

  • WOOW

  • I dont think that is the 5g antenna, isnt that the pencil charger?

  • Waiting for the real day of the life review of iPad mini

  • Why is everyone so excited for the ipad mini it isn't even a great tablet ipad air is a better choice

  • 5:12 Bruh. That is the connecter for the Apple Pencil 2. Not a 5G Antenna. The thick bands on the back of the iPad are the 5G Bands. The Apple Pencil 2 covers the whole 1 side and the other side is going to be planted into a case.

  • 😊😊😊

  • amazing...would love to have those

  • ✅💯

  • Yeah I’ve been waiting for this video 😬😬😬

  • Aren't those stickers also contributing to environmental waste(plastic waste)🤔🤔

  • Hits watch with new iPad mini - checks watch


  • Wooo! First Ipad mini unboxing?

  • I would rather get ipad M1 cause its faster

  • The side with the Sim card side is where apple pencil goes

  • I’m keen on picking up the mini so I’m hanging out for your full review on it!

  • Not 120hz display, i am sad

  • The reason why they moved the volume up on top is because so the Apple Pencil will fit on the right side cuz that’s where it is usually placed for all the iPhones and iPads

  • The volume buttons are no longer on the side of the iPad Mini, because it’s now compatible with the Apple Pencil. Of which magnetically attaches to the side where the volume buttons used to be. Given the length of the pencil, there isn’t any room for those buttons.

  • I love that Apple have an entry level IPad. and ensuring it stays very powerful. £319 is such a great price. very affordable especially if you spread the payments.. This is why I think they are important for families that struggle financially but have an affordable product to give their kids for education and entertainment. You get the IPad experience at a great price. ^__^=

  • Pubg test

  • I need a iPad for school bruh 😞

  • I want an ipad for school/social media/ Netflix/ maybe for some editing too. I've never used any iOS devices before ;-; which one do you recommend for a beginner like meh?

  • I don't understand why the Ipad mini is not the cheapset ipad. Why can't the Ipad mini have the A13 chip and not so new design and then the orginal ipad which is bigger ahve the A15 chip and a new design. Cause most people are porbably gong to buy that since its has a good procceser, its bigger and cheaper.

  • I bought the fold 3 3 days before the apple event cuz I didn't think they would bring us a new iPad mini now I'm stuck with the fold till I pay it off

  • That first iPad is garbage.

  • That mini looks good. I'm never happy with the price but I will say I've gotten a lot of good use out of the 329 Ipad, I had it for years and was able to get nearly 200 bucks for it in a trade in so the value is good. I would look for getting the mini this time, as my best friend has one from several generations old and it's still really really nice. I think I might get one if I can :)

  • I always wanted to have ipad but yeah no money so nono ipad

  • ipad have underlocked a15 did u know about it why you didnt spil that

  • It’s like they took the air and made it smaller and apple called it a day.

  • I’d do pick the iPad mini up if it had a 120hz display, smaller bezels, and more storage. I really wonder how people will like the mini for productivity and art.

  • Ipad mini amazing this year 🥰👍

  • Pin

  • Nice preview keep up the good work that goes well with the iPhone Mini

  • definitely need a day in the life with this

  • I wonder if the mini had the same cameras as the iPad Pro, then if this would outsell the pro 11”? Im currently bouncing between my iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro to scan all my old college notes/power point presentations into the Notes app. I like having a powerful camera to use for this. I feel as though is the mini was just a bit more power full and acted like a mini from the iPad Pro, if it would do even better in sales?

  • Like .. 👍

  • What's up guys, it's your not so average consumer that lives in a mansion.

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  • Nhìn nhỏ vậy ta

  • Cool

  • Strange that they put the sim tray on the same side as the magnet

  • The button placement is to accommodate for the apple pencil

  • The basic ipad is the best ipad, the other are too expensive

  • $500 for a mini tablet with only 64GB is kinda disappointing

  • Anyone know which watch is he wearing?

  • have been following your channel for few years now and I still hear it as driver's consumer whenever u say uravgconsumer

  • Their have to move the volume button to the top because on the side must stick the pen on it. ✅

  • Is a iPad Air good to buy for games and for kids and what a assort

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • They put the volume buttons on the top because of the Apple Pencil

  • Cool Vid Bro 👍🏻💪🏼

  • Jesus is King and loves u and thanks for the great content you have a great day

  • 😍😍

  • Waiting for this review thank you :)

  • I have an iPad Mini 5 256GB (bought around one year and a half ago) that I use mainly to read Kindle e-books. Should I upgrade to the Mini 6 (for an eventual better reading experience, I mean?), or better keep the one I have?

  • I can’t stop staring at you palming that iPad 9. 😳

  • Thanks soo much for sharing

  • WE WANT A MINI REVIEW!💯 please write with the pencil. I need to know if it’s too small to take notes in school

    • If you like writing in an A5 notebook, this will definitely work fine I think the mini is perfect for note taking

  • Dude STICKERS 😒😒😒😒. Come on you too old for that crap.

  • u wanna sell me that mini for like half the price please and thank you big fan love the videos never owned apple before wanna try them out

  • How are youtubers so oblivious to realize the buttons were moved because of the  pencil LoL

  • I know the UPS/FedEx guys hate you lmao.

  • Love the new iPad mini 😍

  • 5G Antenna is on the top. The plastic side on the right is for the wireless charging for the Apple Pencil. 👍🏼

  • Yassss👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. USB-C in a mini, no home button & updated processor! I can deal with Touch ID 😃. Let me know about those buttons in a full review👍🏻 functionality, battery life &c.

    • And let me know how my Apple Pencil 2 works with it!! 😁. Battery drain…features…

  • Beautiful umboxing..😍😍

  • I’ve never had an iPad and I got the tab s7 earlier this year but I really want that mini…

  • I wonder how long it will take Jud to realize they moved all the buttons on the iPad mini to the top because they needed room for the Apple Pencil to connect to the side.

    • @guilherme araruna right! Thanks for pointing that out

    • @Emmanuel Oyedeji the other side is where the folio case folds and the pencil is bigger than the top width of the mini, it wouldn't fit at all. putting the pencil on the buttons would be terrible

    • @Emmanuel Oyedeji The apple pencil is roughly 166mm which means if it was stuck to the top of the iPad mini it would stick out on both sides due to the mini only being 134.8mm wide. It's not rocket science.

    • Putting the Sim connectors and 5g antennas at the top and the volume and power button at the sides, it's not rocket science

    • What happened to the other side?

  • I feel purple is Carl’s favorite color cause when he pops up on video that’s usually what color he has on. I could be wrong lol

  • Adding the LiDAR Scanner to the Mini would be lit 🔥

  • It's finally time for me to upgrade my iPad mini with Retina display (iPad mini 2) AND it comes in PURPLE! I love my mini. It's so crazy portable, big enough but never too big. I've heard people are buying this one with cellular to use as a cheaper, larger iPhone!

    • The mini does not accept cellular calls, unfortunately. It has no phone app and no earpiece. You have to use FaceTime or something similar. If your mini is trying to accept calls, it may be setup to pickup calls from your iPhone (if that’s an option - I know it is on the Mac).

    • It has a microphone and speakers and with the cellular option it accepts calls. My old one wants to accept calls when I’m on Wi-Fi. I’m just reporting second-hand what some ESmain commenters have said.

    • How would you use it as a phone?

  • How about the headphone

  • Does ipad mini 6 support external insert SIM card

  • Definitely ready for the mini upgrade from my mini 5.

  • Holy shit. I'm shook you can hold the normal ipad with one hand

  • I would appreciate it if you could send me one, because I can't afford it

  • Do pubg test