My Massive Tech Unboxing 36.0! - Holiday Edition!

Publicado el 19 dic 2020
Check out the new LG Xboom Speakers here:
Time for our BIGGEST Massive Tech Unboxing EVER! Lots of awesome tech to see in this one. And some nice surprises in here for the holidays! What's the best thing you think we unboxed? Let me know with a comment down below!
The GREATEST Tech Gifts 2020!:
iPhone 12 Mini - REAL Day in the Life Review!:
Find everything here:
LG Xboom Speakers:
Jay's Calendars:
Playstation 5 Digital:
Grip2U UV-C Sanitizing Pen:
Project Nursery Dreamweaver:
Samsung 2-in-1 Portable Fast Charge Wireless Charger:
DualSense Charging Station:
Sandmarc ND Filters:
Sandmarc Bi-Color/RGB Lights:
Samsung Odyssey G9:
Echo Dot (4th Gen):
PS5 Controller Grip:
Encased iPhone 12 Cases:
PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch:
tech21 Eco Slim for Apple iPhone 12:
Shenmue III:
Xbox Core Controller - Carbon Black:
ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless:
Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop:
HyperX Cloud II Wireless:
GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller:
Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Edition:
PITAKA Protective Case Compatible with iPhone 12:
Spigen iPhone 12 Cases:
Spigen Powerarc 20w Adapter:
Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Mount PITAKA:
PITAKA Magnetic Case for iPad Pro:
Satechi Quatro Wireless Power Bank:
GameSir G4 Pro Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller:
OYeet NEX: Portable Massage Gun:
XTRFY M4 RGB Gaming Mouse:
Flynova Pro Ball Flying Spinner:
Rugged Smartphone, Ulefone Armor 9 with Endoscope:
All-new Echo (4th Gen):
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  • bro he just got the ps5!! 0-0

  • give away? my dream item is the new apple ipad (ipad air 2020)

  • I really enjoy watching the massive unboxing videos but I have a serious question to ask and would love feedback! Where did you get that lamp that’s on your desk on the left side of the monitor??? Please tell me.

  • Man it’s ok you didn’t have to do the gift card

  • You're my idol dude lol. I hope one day I get to be big as you. Keep up the great work!

  • he got some updates in the animations like an iphone

  • May I ask everybody a question about his iWatch (I'm not familiar with those watches): Which iWatch is his one and is this red color a case or the actual color of the watch? Thx in advance everybody!

  • Wait, where's the royalty free music.. I'd love to use it for my stream haha.

  • I’m moving into an apartment with my girlfriend and she said she’s tired of me trying to tech out the room and when I was watching this video I told her you was the one that got me into teching out the rooms now she wants to fight😂 she said bring it

  • That's a lot of box to unbox. :D Amazing! :)

  • 18:13 when he crushes your dreams😂

  • 16:26 imagine someone goes up to him after this and tries to tickle him in public

  • Anyone else not even try to get the gift cards because there probably already gone

  • Pleas give me a Reddem Code for Amazon

  • U might need a whole plate 🍽️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • he shoulda opened the box for the xbox control it might have been a custom control just not branded on the box

  • Do a nursery tour

  • Play his song!

  • When lg copy’s jbl

  • $1 budget, good luck

  • Man this guy just seems like someone you just want to hang out with.

  • Nice Unboxing

  • “It is painful but it is necessary, it is making me powerful so it is purposeful, God is using it to build me so it is indeed a blessing.”

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  • Are the codes for microsoft

  • £300-£500

  • Super budget video, less than 100.00

  • I like this guy but I don’t think he’s an AVERAGE consumer he’s definitely an OVERCONSUMER

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  • tech21 = green product with lots of boxes :O

  • I'm at school watching this so no snacks and drinks :(

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  • Can you do a test for the best gaming headset, please !

  • what do you do with all the items in these unboxing vids?

  • 56 dollars

  • those are blue leds not uvc lamps. I don't think that a battery this small could drive a uvc lamp, but most importantly there is no way a uvc would be handheld. uvc would burn your retina if you looked at the source.

  • Who got a gift card

  • Not the fact he actually out the link to Jay’s calendar 😂😂

  • Where do you claim the codes at?

  • can i just get one of those..😜😜😂😂😂

  • Carl: magsafeme Filipinos : mag safe me (mag is future tense in filipino )

  • I honestly don’t care all that much about tech. I just enjoy watching this mans content.

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  • 20 and below

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  • I had the ulefone and it just crashed and didnt turn on anymore

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