My Massive Tech Unboxing 41.0!

Publicado el 14 ago 2021
It's that time! Time for massive tech unboxing number 41! So much tech in this one. Grab those snacks and drinks, we got lots of cool tech to check out.

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  • damn 1:30 they said elote be corn with mayo like no bro its just corn, so close yet so far

  • SANA ALL, watching here from philippines

  • I’m a cool girl! I love tech videos and I’m in the top several of your female fans who love watching your videos!

  • Hè is so damn lucky to get all that stuff.

  • Dude check out other First 4 Figures stuff. They are expensive but the quality is out of control

  • It charges iPhone full? It charges my iPhone 12 from 0-65%. Man you’re biased for Apple products. I’ve noticed it.

  • 📱

  • I want that battery pack stat! Love your channel ❤️

  • What are those gift card codes for? What business??

  • man! you are forcing me to buy 500$ worth of accessories every month

  • everyone wanting the space jam bundle

  • Me and my gf was watching this and was freaking out everytime he got a collectable item and he opened it all the way up and touched it or wear it....No only us. We was like you got to keep them mint and not usedddd. All jokes hopes it comes across like that

  • ari i tried keepin my eyes off but damn judd is RIPPED

  • Notebook For all those shower thoughts 🚿

  • No u wrong its more then 3 ladies watching lol

  • Dude has Christmas every month

  • The waterproof notebook is made for those of us who have our best ideas in the shower! 🤣🤣

  • Whoever the camera person is, they need to improve BIG TIME like what the hell is all this moving and shaking!!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • MagSafe me

  • thought the tune squad locker was a pre-built

  • 24:50 Formula E

  • We need that 25k likes lol 😂

  • Dang jud, you've been hitting the gym. Looking good!

  • Stewie and brian came in

  • only 20 bucks for a lamp.... you AVG right there :D

  • Austin doesn't like the battery pack, even he realizes its too expensive

  • what color grey did you use to paint the walls, i love it so much

  • 2:24 does that watch have built-in gps?

  • Sir how to claim code

  • KeySmart Urban Union Hybrid Convertible Laptop Messenger Bag is superdope! But not for 240$ dope... Anyone that has any alternative for -100$?

  • I’d like a review video on the to watch e3 I’m very interested in it but not finding everything I want it to do on google. Would like to know does it get all the iPhones notifications like from fb,ig,google home,go smart, Robinhood, etc please id like to see a review video

  • Wow... All I can see is the Nu Metal Structure and the Formania EX bust. Nice to see a fellow Gundam fan

  • Petition for Jud's female fans to name ourselves the "3 ladies club". 😂 Would you consider doing a video on split keyboards like the Dygma Raise and the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard? I'm thinking of getting one and narrowed it down to those two, mainly for being european products. I may go for the Dygma, because it is hotswappable. There's a lot of videos out there on this type of product, but I thought you might like to try it? If you have already, sorry, I must've missed it. 😅

  • The amount of ads on this video was absurd bro.. I think I'm on the ELEVENTH advertisement! I want to support the channel 100% but that makes me want to click out. :(

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  • I guess I'm one of the 3 ladies that watch you! 😄 I've been into tech probably longer than you've been born! Yep! I'm telling my age... 😊

  • I guess the cooling vest would be interesting for motorcyclists since protective gear keeps the rider hot during summer

  • Austin looks like a real life Miles Morales!!

  • I guess I am part of the 3 ladies watching lol 🧍🏾‍♀️

  • Put sole shields on before going out and keep them as collectable in minty fresh condition

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  • 11:20

  • i love my pixio monitor definitely check them out

  • If I could place a request, could you do an updated back to school/collage tech video? I'm starting collage in a few weeks, would appreciate it😂

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  • I love everything about you

  • Where's the cooling vest from? I'm very intrigued for them hot days WFH

  • Hey, In the next massive tech unboxing can you put nintendo switch eshop giftcard codes in the vid?

  • My Massive Tech Unboxing 41.0 In for its watch now! For free vbucks

  • Hold on let me ask Alexa on my keys 😂

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  • I just picked up a couple of pixio portable monitors for my macbook bro due to WFH. They're a brand I had never heard of before either, but I think their products are great! I wouldn't get them for audio quality but visuals are great for the price. Cool to see it on here too

  • Is Jud short or Judidia ?

  • i have a question... that all stuff you have to return or not

  • u haven’t done a back to school bag / tech this year :( edit : i personally enjoy those a lot because from previous ones i’ve gotten some things and they’ve become apart of my daily use another edit : schools starting soon august 23rd

  • So, finally, how many ladies watching this 😅?

  • Massive tech unboxing with Jud is jus 😍

  • Really Like ur unboxing very cool

  • Hey uravgconsumer I am a kid in sri lanaka and is a huge fan I am so worthless I love tech but can't coz it's off the budget I know you also had face this in my age if you have the heart plz send me a tech bag delivered plz

  • If your not going to use that locker I'll take it off your hand. It will go great in my woman cave. Thank You

  • Dude, your Tune Squad shirt is amazing.. I really need to find this online and buy it. MJ was one of my childhood heroes and seeing that shirt brings back good memories. :D

  • Laughs about a cooling vest but needs tech in order to turn off a light

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  • The space jam sneakers are supposed to be the two different color ways. It’s supposed to be like Road Runner X Wiley coyote

  • Please please please review the nothing tech headphones

  • man this is crazy- for 50 make 50x items unbox and random giveaway

  • Opinion : The items in your videos are sometimes either Rarer to find OR Expensive OR Vapourware. Not for "Your Average Consumer".

  • The "No" phase. .. run for the hills. Lol but soooo cute

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  • I bought the first tic watch and it sucked 😂. It kept telling me I had heart arrhythmia so much that I rushed to the er and they told I was fine and to throw the watch away 😂😂

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