My Massive Tech Unboxing 43.0!

Publicado el 26 nov 2021
Massive Tech Unboxing is BACK! Grab those snacks and drinks yall!
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  • Perfect timing! I was looking for something to watch while I eat breakfast lol

  • 6:47 Ari: is that a bomber jacket Jud: no Jud: so we have a bomber jacket

  • I remember watching the first videos of these in the 8-9th grade. I can legally drink now 😂 come a long way with these unboxings. I’m keen to keep watching these when I’m married 😭😂

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  • I love these so much man! So many cool tech products especially the Forza controller! I love being part of this community honestly. Tech is life!

  • Xbox has so many different editions of their consoles and controllers and do so many collabs it's great It's sad that PlayStation doesn't do the same, when they do it's usually region locked

    • @Avery Clarke What are you talking about? U cleary are a playstation fanboy that is mad.

    • Playstation don't need to try hard.

    • @Avery Clarke bitter..boy..lolololol.. What Are you playing for this holiday??

    • @blakek no one likes options... I bet you're closet has only 1 color... Foolish

    • Just sand it, spray paint it, with white first (2 coats usually does the trick), then apply clear coat. Sand again. 1000 grit

  • Love these videos every time you post them, and I would also love that controller! ❤️

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  • 10:09 that’s actually very helpful . It helps position the wrist in an ergonomic position so that you don’t get carpal tunnel pain over time

  • I love the format you guys use. So friendly and informal. Love your content!!

  • Yoooo. I'm a size 9. I would rock those banshee dunks. I've been eyeballing them for a couple of weeks now. These massive tech unboxing videos are my favorite! Been watching since the first massive tech and I've been hooked on your videos ever since. Keep em coming! :)

  • That Forza controller is one of the best first party special editions I've ever seen

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    • @UrAvgConsumer yo its my birthday tomorrow and your make amazing content

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  • I was just doing my homework but this seemed important

  • Fun fact: I watch these video’s when I feel a bit sick, it makes me better in a couple minutes 🤩

  • I love my orbitkey nest! Backed it on Kickstarter a long time ago now. Use it every day

  • Love these videos 🔥

  • I need that aqua shift for my collection🔥

  • I swear I was aksing myself YESTERDAY when are we getting a tech unboxing! Nice one 🇿🇦

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  • love your vids keep up the good work man

  • In terms of the wrist rest, I personally have wrist issues from when I was in the army. The rest does actually help over long periods of time.

  • Can we just talk abt how comfortable I feel watching these vids 🥲💯

  • For me the best were aftershoks (i used one for years and as Playstation player i love innovation, so those not only were practical but also were pleasure to use) and jordans gundam.

    • I agree ! they are amazing for sure !

  • Is it just me or is he lacking behind with tech, we need some new tech bro!

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  • Of course Kuiper is all about the space life. The Kuiper Belt is basically a ring just past Neptune with a bunch of asteroids, comets, and ice!

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  • About time. We need this weekly

  • I use bone conduction earbuds. The sensation of my ears being full triggers a vertigo disorder. I have aftershokz, and I agree it’s not in the same league as regular buds but glad I have an option

    • @D P they said I have some hearing loss in one ear so I’m glad these headphones are available. I really hope they do more with them in the future

    • I have lost some hearing on my right ear. At the hearing lab they did use bone conduction to test my hearing and I heard everything louder.

    • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬇️ Thanks for commenting Hit me up I've got a prize for you.

  • This is a 🔥 🎮 😂. It is clean though!

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    • @Joe Gasper probably been following this channel longer than you buddy🤷🏾‍♂️😂✌🏾

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