My NEW 4K Home Theater Setup! (2019)

Publicado el 29 sep 2019
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Last year you guys thought my home theater setup was nice but thought I could do a little more to bring the I listened. Meet my new home theater setup with LG's 4K projector - LG Cinebeam HU85LA. Find it here -

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Klipsch Reference Premiere Sound System (All parts listed below) -
Klipsch RP-8000F Floorstanding Speaker (Ebony (Pair):
Klipsch SPL-150SW 15-inch Powered Subwoofer - Ebony:
Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker Ebony:
Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speaker - White (Each):
Klipsch RP-600M Reference Premiere Bookshelf Speakers - (Pair) Ebony:
Klipsch RP-502S Surround Sound Speakers (Pair) Ebony:
Klipsch RP-500SA Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos Speakers: (Pair) Ebony -
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Receiver -
Denon AVR-X8500H Flagship Receiver:

Blue-Ray Player -
Sony Ubp-X800M2 4K UHD Blu-Ray Disc Player:

Other Tech -
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System:
BOXTAP Cable Management Box with Power Strip:

Furniture -
Recliner Seats:
Seatcraft Monterey Leather Home Theater Seating Power Recline:
SeatCraft Bella Fabric Round Chairs:
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  • Gorgeous system. I’ve spent 30 years in this field and surprised that you don’t have dark walls and that the projector is not black. Never put lights round my screen as this could damage contrast. Just sayin’... lovely setup

    • black wall. always.

    • @Sunit just turn it off when watching something??

    • Absolutely agree. I never understood the fuss over having LED strips around a screen or hue lights especially when you are watching content in a dark environment. Just an unnecessary distraction imo.

    • @Jay tech addict Homekit it will still affect your perception of brightness, as it’s around the TV but that can be nice as it won’t strain your eyes as much. In a projector setup however, that shit needs to be turned off

    • Agreed

  • A couple of points: those panels aren't for sound proofing, they're for sound absorption, which is very different. They're designed to compensate for highly reflective surfaces, which your room has in abundance thanks to its parallel walls. Also, you really should kill the lighting behind your screen. Because your room color is very light, that lighting reflects off the walls and ceiling and off the screen (and the screen itself is reflecting room light from the projector) greatly reducing the contrast. So, you should consider repainting your room SMPTE gray to help reduce ambient light reflection.

    • my thoughts exactly. Those lights are SO distracting on his wall

    • Sounds knowledgeable!! Is it right though ? Me as a simple viewer, I noticed the same problems. But, I do not beleive un my judgement...

    • I think that those led lights behind a tv are just a gimmick. You want as much darkness as you can to improve your experience.

    • Yeah it's way too light in there and not dark enough for full emersion of the screen...

    • I could have written this myself, but then worse....

  • Really great video. I have a similar rig. Love the bean bag seats. Been thinking about something addtional for the room for the kids. Love the options.

  • After doing some research and coming back to rewatch this I appreciate it even more! I have to say bro....this is probably the best combo of going all in but keeping it clean! Not easy to do... nice work bro!

  • Dude...I commend you for this setup! It's every guy's dream to have a setup like yours. Enjoy it and don't mess up your hearing cause God knows I would.

  • Honestly. Such a great audio set up. I have 2 x Klipsch R-620F floorstanding speakers, Dennon 2600H receiver and Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer. I have to say, Klipsch are really good and I’m impressed at how detailed they sound for the budget range of reference speakers. There’s one problem in this setup...... why put the LED lights around a 4K projector screen 😭😭😭 the light bleeds into the focus of the screen. I don’t see the reason for having it, there not in cinemas, and probably for a good reason. Please can someone tell me why the lights are good ? And good for what? 😂😂😂

  • Man I'm just starting out in home theater, I love Klipsch! I can only do a small living room setup for now but I always loved this setup, even for being 3 years old now it's still awesome!

  • I can't imagine the bass, I have one Klipsch 12" and it's turned down and still shakes the walls. Sweet set up i bet it sounds amazing!

  • Woow, this is insane! I really wish I could have a home theater like this... Its really cool and inspiring how far you've come after all these years!

  • This isn't just a home theatre... it's still cinema experience with the fridge, snack bar, etc. Nice setup. Could definitely do with some custom furniture to house all the equipment.

  • What a amazing setup. I’m wondering if you have amplifiers to power ur speakers and make those amazing speakers come to life with the power they deserve.

  • This is definitely an above average Home Theater. Seriously looking at the short throw projector and your review reinforces the interest. Great video.

  • How do 2.2 thousand people dislike this??? Great build, I would have gone Marantz but that Denon still looks like a great choice. I bet it looks and sounds amazing! Subbed.

  • I was interested in the round fabric chair until I seen the price of 1,009.. definitely not for an average consumer.. anyway great video as always 👍🏾

  • No shade, because I love your channel and your videos man. But sometimes it’s hard for me to feel like the average consumer has a home theater more expensive than my car. 🤣 That said, I love the review and love how you have the ability to tell us what’s good in tech every week! Side note: I know you have had chairs from Maingear and now Logitech / Herman Miller. Any chance you’d review more gaming chairs? There’s quite a spread of options ranging from $150-$600+. Which are good? Which not so good? I’d imagine as a fellow gamer you’ve tried a few.

  • Having those rgb lights behind the projector is really counter-intuitive to the cinematic experience lol

    • i know what a joke, this is a ridiculously crap setup

    • Exactly.

    • Led doesn't matter with his film list. That type of people

    • @Zdravko Dasic I hope he does turn them off. They're just a pointless addition to a home theatre room where you'll spend most of your time watching films and shows in the dark.

    • and you can turn it off when movie starts lmao

  • I can’t believe how close the UST projector from LG is to the screen. I have the DELL S718QL UST 4K projector, which is 4 inches from the screen...but about 9 inches below it. What a great system man. Kudos!

  • Love your setup! It’s sick! Slowly building mine...slowly. LOL Currently running a 5.1 setup with a RP-504c and RP-600m for the front stage and it’s sounds pretty good right now. I can’t even imagine running a pair of RP-8000f’s. Love your content!

  • Jud playing his shooter games with all the speakers: Neighbors: omg call the cops

    • Either these replies are satire or something is very wrong here.

    • @meme Smoke You picked the wrong house fool!

  • Incredible set up. Would have liked to see the image without the mood lighting behind the screen on. The lighting seems to wash out the image and made the image look like the weak point in the set up instead of the highlight

  • That is a gorgeous system you have Sir... I love it! I know for just the Denon, LG Projector and Screen alone, you spent over $10,000... Not to mention, another 6 to 8k for all the speakers, easy. I honestly have a pretty nice system myself(9.2) all Klipsch Speakers as well with a Marantz SR7013 and the new 85" Samsung QLED Q9OT, and I love it! But yours is out of this world! ENJOY IT !

  • Awesome system buddy, but..... I would highly suggest you put that receiver under something to try and keep as much dust out it as possible. Thanks for the video and I am happy for you with the great setup. Q: does the lights shut off when you are watching movies or playing games or doe they change colors and lower the brightness?

  • I know Klipsch speakers are high sensitivity and that Denon is rated high for an avr, it’s still an avr and measured in 2 channels driven. I’m highly surprised you don’t have amps for all those speakers. You may be missing some dynamic range although I’m sure it sounds great. Super nice setup!

  • it’s funny that this channel’s name is still “your average consumer”.

    • 😂😂

    • @sanctred dude you need to read what I said again and try to understand it. I wasn't talking about the "home theater" only.

    • @Jonathan Luciano dude just add up what he has lol it is in the description ffs

    • @sanctred you are going to say anything to try and prove that you are right but I won't change my mind and won't try to change yours.

    • @Jonathan Luciano also let’s not ignore the fact this was LG sponsored and that projector was likely free...

  • Saving up for a better receiver, I love this setup, tight, clean, keep it going.

  • i love how he says "youre gonna want to have this for your home theater" like yeah totally bro ill put that in my personal theater rn

    • This is the type of home theater system that home invasions are made out of.

  • I know you said you are not done but it looks amazing! If you haven't planned for it yet, an accent wall is going to make that room completely POP! Love the content brother!

  • I think the picture is so clear, the projector is good, and the projection screen also plays a big role

  • I can’t even afford to think about the existence of this

    • You can. Just put one in your living room. Get a 65" or 75" Tv from TCL or Hisense and get a $300 7.2 reciever, get some inexpensive speakers and a couple of cheap subs and it will sound FANTASTIC. Most homes already have a large flat panel tv and blu ray player. All they need are a reciever and speakers. I think I paid $900 total for my sound system

    • @stevenXCV 😂😂😂

    • 🤣🤣👍

    • hahaha bruh idk why this made me laugh so hard. probably cos i been watching this dude for years saying the same thing in my head

    • Can’t really blame him. What’s wrong with instant money and entertainment, as well as giving us info and entertainment

  • This is technically a micro cinema Also this set up looks futuristic and just astonishing Well done dude

  • The Projector is useful to do Presentation works.The Conference Hall with Home Theatre is useful to give Demos of new Projects,Training Programs and Multimedia Presentation works.The Speakers helps the Listeners to hear more Audiable.Instead of Open Stage with Hand Mic and Normal Speakers which are Noisy such Conference Hall is helpful for Big Organizations,Universities and Training Institutions.

  • this is a really nice setup! i hope to have something like this in my future home. only thing i prefer is black walls and dark carpet lol.

  • @uravgconsumer J. would you game on this setup? I think it would be a dope video! Also, have you looked into an ALR screen to capitalize on the ultra short throw projector; it's supposed to help capture better angle and give you an all-around color saturation. 🔥🔥🔥

  • I have to say the Theater looks absolutely amazing. Great video by the way👍🎥

  • Whats the advantage of a projector over a flat panel TV? To me It looks a bit more unfocused and pixelated than the Oled?

  • @UrAvgConsumer , you've definitely earned your way to the top. That being said, you're more than "Average" these days ;) . Congrats on the success.

  • Why would you find it a little embarrassing to buy a Bluray or 4K Bluray when they produce the Best Video / Audio possible and for a setup like this? A setup like this DESERVES the best. You did the right thing imo.

  • OK. I’ve watched a few of these videos showing what I’m sure are fantastic systems. I’m sure they look and sound terrific. But, aside from needing to have a six figure income to afford equipment of this caliber, I have a very important question. I have what I think is a pretty good video library. But I have yet to see anything you can buy that goes beyond eight channels. Having said that, what do these people watch that has 13, 14, or 15 channels of sound. It’s one thing to have equipment that will put out 15 channels of sound, but it’s another to find something to play that has that many channels. I have never seen a streaming service, a disc or anything that has that capability. It’s almost as if they’re preparing for something that hasn’t come along yet. Does anyone else wonder about this or is it just me?

  • From an apartment to having a theater- proud of you bro!! Much blessings

  • Awesome system. You need to get an AC Infinty fan for the denon. I have them on both my Denon and Marantz recievers. Keeps them nice and cool

  • I’m only a mid fi audiophile and I’m not even jealous of this setup, it’s like a 1990s dream theater. Good on the sub placement, acoustic panels and the large rug tho.

  • Loving your setup! Im planning to do something similar for a 16x19 room.. what size is your room?

  • Damn this room is insane lol Makes me so jealous. Dope video!

  • Friend: How many speakers should we use? Judner: Yes

  • Very nice home theatre, although I would replace 2 subwoofers with SVS PB-16 ultra. How much is the ballpark total cost if average Joe has to buy them all?

  • Magnifique installation ! 😃👍🏻

  • that projector is amazing. short throw projector? never heard of it before. i don't get out much, but that is impressive. i see you went with klipsch reference. not bad. i'm sure it performs great. i have a different idea for my setup. i'm going to go klipsch heritage for my system

  • I’m setting up a theater in my music room, just the poorer version with cheaper stuff😂, but I’m definitely going to upgrade to the fancy stuff, great reference video. your spot looks awesome 😎

  • Please remember everyone, a home theater with impressive sound doesnt mean you have to have all of the exact models of components in Juds setup. Remember, there are things such as open box, and Black Friday Deals at Best Buy, OfferUp, Ebay, Craigslist etc etc where you can get some amazing deals on used components to build up your own home theater to fit your budget and space. I myself have a 1100 sq ft condo and have taken advantage of all of those places and sites mentioned above to where I now have a Klipsch 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos setup in my place with a 157 inch screen. It took me a year to get everything but patience has paid off as Im all in for less than 2k. Just be patient, informed and resourceful and you too can have something like this setup either all at once or in time.

    • @Curioventura Its like everyday at least once I'm blown away by the difference between a scene I had watched or even better a game I played in atmos with the upfiring or even soundbar and then hearing it again with actual overhead takers is the kind of audio Revelation I felt when 5.1 first came and that 7.1 as great as it is didn't quite bring. It always seems so strange to me the whole "nothing beyond 5.1 is even necessary" lol its like well no its not, but it cetainly is the kind of immersive sound format I've been waiting for my entire life without realzing it. Also causing me to appericate the sound quality of a true 5.1 or 7.1 mix that even without upmixing blows any dolby atmos soundbar out of the water.

    • @Carol Myhre I actually have 4 polk vt60s in my ceiling now and set as mid and rear. They spunt fantastic for my space but ill eventually get some Klipsch up there just to have everything matching. They're all timber matched as it stands now so theres not unevenness in the sound output.

    • And thats awesome I'll check out the video for sure! In your overhead setup do you have the 500SA set as front heights? Or I guess my real question is does it go from the front height but where the first set of in ceilings are those Top Front or Top Middle? Either way 3 sets of overheads must be amazing!

    • @Curioventura Its a beauty thats for sure, I LOVE the look of klipsch in general but the RP line really is sexy, I probably would never have got hooked up with svs had option A not worked out which was 2 pairs of the klipsch CDT-5650 CII- but ceiling installtion was actually impossible in my home in the location needed, I was SO skeptical of on ceiling instead of in but now I love them and am very torn between SVS ultra and Klipsch RP they both have awesome Bipole surrounds and sexy main towers and center!

    • @Carol Myhre i completely agree with the pre pro thoughts. Thats why we chose to do the 8500 in order to keep things simple but at the same time deliver everything needed for this setup and more

  • Hey UrAvgConsumer! Love your stuff man, just wanted to let you know that Best Buy has this thing called Magnolia. Magnolia is an entity inside of Best Buy that sells literally everything you have in your home theater and then some. They even do the install for you. So your comment at 4:30-4:40 is accurate, but to put it into perspective, Magnolia in Best Buy can let you purchase a pair of Martin Logan Neolith 15" passive 3 Way Floor speakers for around $90,000. Yes that's right, Best Buy has access to high end and Magnolia will even design a home theater system for you. Check it out sometime, it's mind blowing what they can do. I can even guarantee they can build a better all around home theater room than what you currently have....Challenge accepted yet? I hope so! Haha. Keep doing what you're doing UrAvgConsumer because I love your content so much! Can't wait to see what you talk about next!

  • brother, nothing about this is your average consumer :D but I'm happy that you're killing it!

  • Damn bro only if I had the money I would buy that system so cool man your an inspiration to me you amaze me keep on going!

  • Hey love your set up. I am also using Klipsch 7.2.2 set up. What is your opinion on Front heights or Front wide speakers? Is it worth it?

  • You my friend have an amazing cinema system. I am a av engineer and I would highly recommend you control 4 to give you the best control over that cinema room🔥🔥🔥

  • I did this but it looks totally different , and I think if I’m correct my system is louder and puts out slightly better sound , all I’m missing is a 4K tv I can’t lie tough this is way cleaner than mine

  • Damn, Really nice theatre room. Those round seats at the front look very comfy.

  • Cream colored walls and the ceiling looking great! So fresh. A walking consumer advertisement basically.

  • “You’re going to want this in your home theatre”. OK, thanks for the tip 👍🏻

    • Yeah if I uses 20 years of saving I may be able to afford it

    • to be fair, everyone probably does want it. whether we can afford it on the other hand...

    • 😂

  • Very nice HT room but I have a few questions for you.. ...with food in the room have you had any "little visitors"? (e.g. mice..dark room when you're not there + food laying around). I ask this because in one of our homes years seemed everything was fine still my sister bought a large bag of bird food...then the mice came. Before that I my mother has had guest over to play poker. they had food and drinks. Though none was ever left in the basement. ...did you do anything to contain the sound? Sound suppression. Most HT people neglect this when planning their HT rooms. They spend all their money on the gear...maybe to finish their room. A few even putting sound reflect and absorbing panels on the walls. But I'd say only 1 in 10 also spend the money to keep the sound in the room. So they don't piss off the neighbours. Not every one live on 1 acre+ properties. Serious concerns of mine...wasn't trolling you...heh..

  • I can't wait til you upgrade to reference speakers that need specific audio cables just to power them and also a power amplifier. I tried 4k and FULLHD and I personally don't think it's a massive difference imo

  • I think the screen is rather small for the room, it could well be 50 inches larger

  • Amazing dude! I wish one day to have a setup like yours.

  • The home theater was already awesome, and he made even more awesome. And he said his not even done yet. My mind is blown🤯🤯

  • In the era of high end oled and micro leds television a projecter based home theater is a strict no no !!😏

  • What was the reasoning behind your decision to go with an AVR over seperates?

  • If you would swap the Front left and right speaker against some nice Canton Reference (3K) or B&W 804 or other speakers in this price class, then you would even have a very great listening room. And dude, you don't know how much you can enjoy music if you didn't listen to it with good speakers in a well prepared room. :)

  • Do you have anything under your projector to keep it from vibrating when the subwoofers are going crazy? All I see is a solid stand in the video.

  • Damn, i know im late. But damn! This is not the average home theatre 🤩

  • Perfect I’ll just take out a second mortgage and I should be set right?

    • Nice setup. I know this is an older video, but was wondering what are the dimensions of your room? This appears to be a similar space that I'm working with.

    • @R.D. I have close to that same setup , with COVID prices , installation, setup , calibration , probably between 16k to 20k .

    • It's all about priorities. If you have room for a HTS, you're rich by some people's standards.

    • 🤣

    • Some people save their money, or, you know, don’t have shitty jobs. Asshole

  • Loved the video and how you talked about each piece. Well done.

  • I personally would like to keep things off the floor. We have these rooms at work. Seeing how they did it made the room clean.

  • I’d swap the unrealizable klipsch sub’s to some dual svs pb 3000. Will blow the klipsch subs outta the water.

  • I can’t believe I’m reading these negative comments. The man is testing the latest technology regardless of the cost. If it’s not in your budget.... that’s ok... but if it is in your budget... that’s ok too... appreciate this mans honesty and diversity provided on this channel

  • I actually think a huge 4k/8k tv looks a lot brighter and better

  • Awesome setup, Ive got the exact same speakers. Just need to darken up that room up !

  • Me: man that projector is cool, I might get it Also me after seeing the price: nevermind

    • @moor papi not bad considering the average price of a 50in 4k tv is £700

    • @The Randome only? Lol

  • You're living the life brother. nice set up

  • A blue-ray player that plays 4K?...Anyway, Love that build. I have a Denon X-2000 series with Bose cube speakers and a 12" Velodyne sub-woofer, I can appreciate your build. Also, you should have told the viewers that Denon is 1 of 3 brands that uses high circuitry amps the push the watts. Unlike Yamaha that boasts 1000w per channel, they only use 5-15 amps. The damn thing is called an AMPLIFIER, not a WATTIFIER. Denon, Harmon-Kardon and Onkyo are the only 3 to use upwards of 50 -100 amps to push each watt. So, their ratings may show 100-200 watts, but way better and cleaner sounds at higher db's.

  • i have bye 7.2 system myself from klipsch and i love my speakers in every way it rocks big time u wont get any better for the price

  • Mans running a $24,039 setup. Even more with the sound foam, and extra furniture. This is beyond insane! But love the setup!

  • Uac: *calls himself average consumer* Also uac: *shows stuff that's way above average*

    • Half of his home is sponsored

    • Good one

    • That damm projector is about 6k alone with out the rest

    • what part of average is 25,000 dollar theater system, I have to rethink my life if that's average🙄😯

    • Maura Parada what

  • Hey man ! Beautiful system. Question.. the brackets/mounts that you have for the Klipsch RP-600M, could you please give me a link? Thanks

  • Great setup. Only complaint is that all the speakers are showing. Best to hide every speaker to create a warm home theater feeling for friends and family.

  • It would probably look better to have an actual oled or qled panel instead of a very expensive 4k projector that doesnt look as good. You get true blacks and a brighter image

  • May I ask what type of stand you have for the Center channel and the protector ? It’s very nice

  • This man had the NERVE to say “this is probably more on the high end line” BRO. THIS INVENTED THE DAMN LINE

    • @My Man Fred I believe they can - save your money and wait for stuff to go on sale, maybe don't go on vacation and in a year your should be able to have something similar if you wanted to.

    • Much Good Yeah he and MKBHD are on that bullshit. I like their videos. But regular with 9 to 5’s can’t afford this shit. This is some life styles of the rich ESmainr stuff.

    • Tim thank you this is like high end of the low end lol

    • If he really wants to get highend. Get a magico surround setup with some m series speakers and q subs. One q sub costs more than his whole setup.

    • glad someone else already mentioned it. Klipsch is poor mans high end speakers haha Love my Bowers and Wilkins setup. But im 100% jealous of the room he has for it all, I definitely don't have that.

  • Damn I thought I would be able to buy everything off Wish.. 😔😳

  • On a high level of sound systems, Im not really fan of a .2 system but still awesome!

  • I'm pretty sure that, this setup ain't for an average consumer 😂

  • What type of foam isolation is that under your center channel ? I want to get something like that for mine

  • You need to paint that room black and get rid of the fancy LEDs lights behind the screen

    • @Freddy Bautista .... You mean the projector?

    • Typical tech person with light grey walls and bling lighting... Not a true home theatre enthusiast.....

    • @Ernesto Travieso You took it a bit out of context. Bias lighting is beneficial for what? Not for quality, one can be sure. Contrast is one of most valuable projector's feature. If it was so cheap and easy to boost contrast as for buying some cheap led band over aliexpress no one would spend thousands for better contrast models. The concept hoovers around alleviating eye strain, but only when PROLONGED exposure to concentrated bright sources of light in over a dark background. Maybe in the cases where you spend 16h in front of a screen, the type of light source doesn't matter anymore, because it's all bad. And then, it's cheaper to just light up a desk lamp in that room. For a 2h movie eye strain it's not a problem for the "average" (sic.) eye. And if it is, one should see a doctor.

    • Really nice setup Cheers!

    • Bias lightning good for tv not projector

  • Nothing is average about this setup. Sweet that price!!

  • Everything in the amazon links he listed combined total around $17K. That sounds like a ton of money to dump on a tv setup, but if you think about it, adding a bathroom to your house is around half the price, remodeling a kitchen is possibly more expensive. It's not that much if you consider it a home theater house renovation rather than a frivolous tv setup

  • I've a similar system, x8500h, 260f, 504c, 160m, 150m, eight Dali alteco c-1 heighs, two sb3000, pan ub9000, 7.2.8 system sounds great

  • Tight set up, hate to see what the rest of the house looks like. Great job

  • Almost $6000 for the projector god DAMN it better have a “decently good” speaker on it 😂😂

    • That's about average for projector.they have higher end ones $8000 to 16000

    • @deathofthedj No they cost around the same if not more

    • LG could have saved money by not adding it. If you spend 6k on a projector Im sure you have dedicated speakers.

    • @MaZEEZaM h

    • t3tsu0 if you spend 6000 on a projector you are not going to use the inbuilt speak

  • What did all of your equipment cost around about, projector, screen, receiver, speakers, wiring? 20-25k?

  • I don't know why everyone is hating on this man. He started a channel on YT and blew up and made a great living from it. That's amazing! Instead you got ppl hating on him. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bro love your home theatre wish I could had one in my house too.

  • It is great to take inspiration from an average Joe than from Audiophiles or Videophiles. A lot of people can relate to this simple but beautiful set-up