My NEW Everyday Carry Tech Bag!

Publicado el 28 sep 2021
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  • I want to see an everyday carry but just with the pockets on your clothes.

  • I have three of their bags including that model. I bought my son the Go Mini for his birthday and just got the mini of the model depicted for my EDC.

  • Just a security tip, never show any of your keys on camera. Someone can recreate your key from an image grabbed from your video.

  • They got one coming that holds a 13in laptop. Was considering it.

  • There is a Neuralizer missing, that belongs to the sunglasses :P MiB style

  • Bro wearing a Fani pack and calling it a sling💀🤣.

  • It can carry iPad Pro ?

  • How about adding a firearm to your everyday carry?

  • These types of backpacks are awesome.

  • Looked at the price tag of the camera, yeah maybe not. 😂

  • Nah dude i thinks its a fanny pack not a sling

  • That looks extremely useful for conventions.


  • Very COOL 😎 I ♥️ Technology

  • I have never seen such a rich average consumer.

  • For the camera cage may I have the link please 😅

  • did you see the new Alpaka Bravo Max? I love it bro. Im an Alpaka fan.

  • Nice but I don't understand why you want to carry two gaming devices everywhere every day. Won't you be too busy with driving or family to play them on the go? Love your videos especially the massive tech unboxings.

  • Hey sir, I’ve always been a fan of your videos, it’s amazing. I am inspired to start a tech channel myself, to share the joy of tech with others and create amazing content. I am 13 this year, and I don’t really have much experience with merchandising and content creating but my passion for tech is real, I wish you would be able to help me start off. I’ll send an email to your business account, wish you would be able to help.

  • Awwwww he is getting so big what a handsome baby 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • I've got the same bag in all black love it man! just wish I didn't have to get a USB C adapter to change the charging port.

  • عالی

  • Has he ever said where he got those art pieces from? The ones with the characters on a white background?

  • Great jam matey.! Greetings from Christmas Island. Stray safe mate.

  • *Nimble Portable Battery is straight up robbery. Not worth it by a mile*

  • Nah great video as always interesting to see and loving the some what minimal approach! Lots of respect from Australia

  • Damn, how many back pack videos are we going to see?

  • Greetings from Germany

  • Anyone notice how they blurred the artwork in the second shot? 0:38 the 0:44

  • It is great lightening the load, how about if you used a smaller sling, what would you keep in there?

  • Need a Salesforce Solution Architect to build what Jud showed? I know a guy! 😏

  • Nice

  • This man deserves 10m

  • Ive been rocking this for 6 months mow and I love it!

  • Love your vids, but bruh that's a fanny pack turned side ways on you back. 🤣

  • I still can't get how this guy makes a video consist only from the ads and we still watching it xD

  • What a forced thing to promote lolol

  • Those little katana knives are pretty sharp too. I carved a pumpkin with one like 4 years ago for Halloween. Yes, that little knife carved a pumpkin. Love the sling bag too.

  • That is an oversized fanny pack

  • Put austin toy inside haha

  • Redo the man cave

  • you like the Rx100 better than the Zv-1?

  • 🎯👽 *Nice video broth* :)

  • Could u fit the new iPad mini inside?!? 🤔

  • Noooooooooo!!! Backpacks for life!!

  • Where’s the microfiber cloth? :O

  • wait is there actually no microfiber cloth. judd how could you do this

  • save water please save water we are in wrong way bro

  • Looks cool but kinda looks like a Fannie pack

  • Lol, brilliant marketing! - Conference room: How do we sell more purses? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could sell purses to guys too! Wait! I got it! We’ll call it a “Sling”! A “Tech Bag Sling!!!” - Wow, great idea, what kind of bag are you thinking? A big fanny pack!

  • For a long time now, i never liked the look of sling bags, but lately bag companies have improved on that lately. I bought this same bag in the black color in June and have enjoyed using it so much. I use it for work when i don't have to carry my work laptop and weekends when out and about because it works really well to carry just my essentials and prevents me from carrying more than i need. i like the size of it and the materials feel really good. this is definitely a good bag and would really recommend it as well.

  • Why the picture in background blur out?

  • I don't know about anywhere else but that style of bag is pretty much only seen on drug dealers and other sketchy people here. Which is unfortunate because it would be very useful.

  • Your son is the cutest!

  • @UrAverageConsumer I just got the Samsung S21 Plus and was wondering what earphone dongle you would recommend? So I can use my Samsung Earphones?

  • Nomatic Navigator series is the best in the game!!!

  • What's a good camera at an average consumer price?

  • All I ever carry is my phone & keys.

  • Real Men can Rock Fanny Packs


  • I had looked at this bag along with a bunch of other slings and fanny packs for my edc. I haven't seen This Alpaka, Codeofbell x-pod, patagonia black hole waist pack, The North Face Mountain Bike Pack, or chrome industries sling/fanny packs. That until I came across 2 customers at with that were cool enough share their overall views of each of their bags (This Alpaka And the other had codeofbell x-pod), the 3rd I've seen in person with someone walking by me with the patagonia black hole waist pack. I really like how those look in person, but I think any of the brand I've thrown are there are all great and would love to have any of these.

  • IPad mini in there soon?

  • 6:00 I'm I the only one who be needing that SIM ejecting thingy..👀

  • Yo the Alpaka slings are fire af

  • So people just started wearing fanny packs on their backs to try to make them cooler?

  • Where's the back to school budget edition

  • No matter how you carry it, it's still a fanny pack :-)

  • It seems pretty cool but as soon as I saw the SIM ejector I was like... if they're expecting someone to be regularly swapping burner sims then this is definitely going to be popular with dealers...

  • He really said anti theft you know the thief is gonna yak the whole bag 💀😂 Love the content tho

  • I wore my Fanny Pack like the Sling in 1987 because it was more secure and comfortable that way. This Sling is way better.

  • Great video

  • No bags needed, my right pocket keys, air pod pro and iPhone left pocket S10 and SN30 pro for gaming. Let’s go out!

  • Who knew uac would be sponsored by a huge IT company...

  • Can you add chapters to your videos bro

  • Your keys are ridiculous lol serious teched out janitor vibes

  • UrAvg always bring us the best shizzz thanks 😊

  • "this is a sling" thats a fanny pack

  • Shout out to the ALPAKA Go Sling Pro as the small 5.5 litre carries a digital SLR with an extra lens (Sony Nex 7 with 18-200mm power zoom plus 35mm) and a tablet with keyboard (Dell 8" + bluettooth keyboard and mouse). Materials are tough, hardwearing. Limited editions included black and green X-pac which are lighter. If you need to carry more than 6 litres a convertible back pack is better as the weight goes up two straps are more comfortable than one and you have the options of using one cross body strap, a shoulder strap or handle as a brief case.

  • No On the purse

  • Whats that Tripod for the camera?

  • I dare you to wear that fanny pack in the hood

  • Surprised to not see a iPad mini. Good stuff

  • 👍👍💗

  • Lol luv watching vids that make me feel poor🙂

  • I use sales force on the daily! If you need any tips or advice, lmk

  • 00:43 Why did they blur the artwork behind? But only during this scene

  • why do you need this bag if not work related.. so much overkill in one video

  • I use a Nike sling, so much better for everyday life... It's usually only got my Switch and headphones though lol. What more could I need...?

  • I really hope Drake sees this video 😉😂

  • Oh nooo, no Micro fiber cloth inside 😭 hahahaha

  • No iPad mini and pencil? 🤔

  • RIP to the back to school budget edition🥲

  • I thought you'd be carrying an iPad Mini

  • Love those Joy-Cons!

  • I feel like he was reaching into Narnia and the freaky goat guy just kept passing him tech…that bag holds way more than I expected

  • Some people wake up having a hard time to choose what to wear. But this guy probably has a hard time figuring out what phone he wants to use that day

  • Looking swoll

  • Can someone tell me why the two posters in the background were blurred in the first portion of the video? 🤔

  • where are the phones?

  • Welcome to the edc sling gang.