My Top 5 Favorite Earbuds

Publicado el 19 dic 2014
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You guys have been asking for this one for quite some time now so here it is. A list of my top 5 favorite earbuds.

Find the earbuds here(Some prices may have changed):
Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear:
Beats Tour 2.0:
Shure SE215:
RHA T10i:
Jaybird Bluebuds X:

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  • I would rather plug my earbuds in than have to keep charging them. I must say you present your videos very professionally.

  • GREAT reviews, sir! I was contemplating over purchasing some powerbeats 2 for work, but clearly the bluebuds x are the best pair to go with! Great sound, great fit, Bluetooth connectivity, and midway price point. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  • The great thing I've seen from the Shure SE series is that you can go online and find some really cool looking replacement cables. The look of the cable was originally a reason for me not getting the pair. Trying to decide between those and theB&w p5s. I've never been a fan of non in ear headphones but those are so damn sexy it's hard to pass.

  • SE215s are my favorite earbuds ever, I like their sound so much I can't get myself to buy another IEM. However, there's a major downside to them which is, the parts of the driver that connects to the detachable cables deteriorate over time (accelerated corrosion due to sweat, loss of contact due to force, etc.) and may cause a loss of sound on one side. I lost the left piece of my SE215s to this issue. The suggested method for fixing it is to get some narrow tipped tweezers and squeeze the connector thingy inside the earbud part ever-so-lightly, but this is just a temporary fix with diminishing returns, and can ultimately cause a permanent damage if not applied correctly. If you ever get a pair of SE215 I strongly recommend that you be very careful while adjusting the cables around your ears, and preferably, keep the earbuds detached while you're carrying them in your bag or pocket so as not to apply any unnecessary force.

  • Just bought the RHA T10i because of your recommendation. So far I'm very, very happy with it. I didn't opt for the Jaybirds since the stereo gets reversed if you wear it from the back and around the ears. Anyway, thanks for making this video.

  • Great job as always. Really enjoy your videos. Great list of ear buds.

    • @Thug9030 *shows you one that's 999.99

    • UrAvgConsumer hey I have a v10 I'm looking for the loudest and best bass sounding earbud that filter out surrounding noise that won't easily fall out my ear and that doesn't cost 1000's of dollars.

    • 200, worth it.. REALLY M8?

    • Thanks!

  • Love your roundup here bro. Well done. Very informative and professionally yet intimately articulated. Thank you!

  • I've tried dozens of wired earbuds over the years... Klipsch S4i, UltimateEars 600Vi, Sennheiser CX300-II etc... many of the most popular. Right now, my favorite wired earbuds in this price range (I've never tried earbuds for over 200 dollars) are the Beyerdynamic MMX102IE. Most comfortable earbuds I've ever tried, and they sound great. Notice how I said wired though... because I got my BlueBuds X a week ago, and damn, the hype really was real. They sound as good as the Beyerdynamics, with even more and better base, despite being bluetooth. I now see why so many people rank them as their favorites. Totally worth the money.

  • Bought my Bluebuds since you first uploaded a review for them. I truly can't be more satisdied, they sound amazing and are really comfortable. I had a pair for 9 months but my dog ate them a month ago (cliché I know), and since I like them ao damn much I decided to purchase them again but in white(first ones were black). Thank you for recommending these, extremely convenient for working out and daily use.

  • I value comfort very highly when dealing with earbuds and am wondering which of these are the most comfortable. Also I often sleep listening to music through earbuds and am wondering if any of these are better than the other for this purpose.

    • If u sleep with them on jay birds would probably be the best?

  • Planning on buying the shure se215s, the detachable cabels are epic

    • Patriots/Forza Fan Both lower mid and bass, bit lacking in all higher frequencies from 4-6k something

    • Tom Naber all shures are quite mid forward even the se215.

    • Divad Mlap no they aren't.

    • @Mehedi Shawon I'd recommend the Pinnacle P1 for the 200 euro range and Zero Audio Carbo Tenore for anything under it (completely insane for the price)

    • Is RHA T20 good for Heavy Metal Music??? or go for Shure SE 425?? I really like harsh Treble...........

  • Just started watching your reviews and I think u do awesome screaming noisy stuff just slow paced run through of everything I've watched...particularly like how u take time to get in every detail of products...I'm subscribing and looking forward to more reviews...thx

  • I actually picked up the RHA yesterday and I was floored by the packaging. The box and design was like a world unto its own where you could sit and examine it for a while as if it were a type of toy. I tried them without using all the options and I was like just perfect. They were a good investment even though I didn't want to spend too much. They just plain was worth it! This is all because of your review and the others that followed.

  • Mate thank you so much I found this so so useful as I was just looking for a new pair of earphones, I recently bought the Sennheiser Momentums, the clarity Is excellent and the bass RANGE is awesome, but on a lot of songs they struggle to pick the bass up properly, however the Jay bird's are stupidly perfect! Thank you so much for all your help and time.

  • Thanks for you great Top 5 Earbud List, but i have a question about the Jaybird Bluebuds X: many people complain about the issue that they are not really sweat-proof, and after some workouts or jogging-sessions the device was just broken (wont pair, wont charge, wont turn on). even when they got their 4th replacement the headphones were in poor quality and did not last any longer then the previous 3 pieces. and the other problem was, if the earphones were discharged completly, they wont turn on again. customers had to send in their devices to get a replacement. can you tell me anything about that?

  • Video starts at 1:05. "Let's get right into it"

  • The best earbuds are the Audio Technica IMO4, it's strong in all areas. It has 4 separate drivers for all kind of sounds.

  • Nice review. Thank you. A word about RHA: They make gorgeous headsets, but their warranty and customer service is also excellent. I purchased another model that comes with a three year warranty (the m600i). A year after purchase the sound went out on the right channel. I contacted them and they had a replacement in the mail the next day. Make sure you buy from an authorized dealer though (I suggest Amazon). Good luck!

  • I'm happy to see you talking about Shure! You should really review the Shure SRH-1540, they are the best closed cans for under 500 dollars imo. I love my pair!

  • To me, one of the most important features a pair of earbuds can have is the ability to listen to either earbud by itself while the other is charging. This is because I only like to wear one at a time in the first place so that I can have one ear open for hearing my surroundings. When it comes to WIRELESS earbuds, only wearing one earbud at a time effectively doubles the battery life; & more importantly, since an earbud stays charged longer than it takes to recharge back up, you NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERIES when you’re able to listen to either earbud by itself while you charge the other in its charging case!!!!! With most expensive earbuds on the market today, I’ve found that when they advertise that you can listen to one or both at the same time; you can....but only the right one!-you can’t just listen to the left one by itself!!!!! This is very misleading. I’m trying to save someone else the pain in the dick I’ve experienced having to realize this about half a million times now. I wish I could give more information as far as which models allow optional either-side solo earbud mode, but I can’t remember-I legitimately have amnesia from an incident suffered a few years back. Sorry for that. I’ve gone through almost every set of earbuds on the market and I really wish I could remember which ones have this ability; a couple cheaper models actually allowed it and so did the Apple air pods (whatever they’re called). I wish someone would compile a list of earbuds that have this feature, because otherwise you only get to use your wireless earbuds a maximum of ~half of the day. I personally like to wear mine all day, to use whenever I receive a call or need to use Siri or Assistant or Dragon. The Nuheara-style Active Voice Amplification is awesome, & unfortunately I can’t remember if they allow you to wear either earbud while the other is charging, in order to get a full day’s use out of a set of earbuds, you either need to buy two pair or synchronize and swap them in-&-our while the other charges. I bought one pair of Active Voice Amplifying earbuds (again, I forget which, someone make the goddamn list already!!!) thinking that I could wear them all day because I’d swap them out and be able to wear them without music playing to hear my surroundings even better like a hearing aid, but I was reduced to basically just using them for music because I had to recharge the mutherfukkers just-about every other point in time!!! That’s my two cents, please forgive my memory, I have environmental amnesia. Trust me, I know how frustrating it is.

  • either I'm cheap or people are insane.the amount of money people pay for a set of earbuds is crazy

    • Depends, some people have music as their hobby, for example I would definitely buy the Bose headphones who cost 200+ Euros if I had the money, I know a guy who likes bicycles and he bought a 5000 Euro bicycle lol, same with a guy who likes hunting, he bought a 7000 Euro hunting dog.

    • @Leo Yañez what do you use is it still working right now?

    • nazerah08 Nothing lasts forever, but if you always yank them off your ears by the cord and crumple them up and throw it in your purse and untangle them like you can't wait to use them, etc. they don't last that long. But they CAN last for years if you're careful.

    • Usually (apart from construction and style) they capture more of the audio spectrum than cheap headphones. And they specialize on some frequency ranges to be different and cater to specific types of music. You can look up some basic frequency test vids here and test them side by side and see the difference. I guess it depends on your ears too, but sometimes it's really noticeable.

    • Leo y which earbuds do you use. I tired of buying earbuds/headphones that don’t last long

  • Thanks to you I've finally made my choice. I was deciding between the Jaybird Bluebud X and the beats powerbeats2, but know I know that the Jaybird Bluebud X is the best choice. Thank You So Much!!!!

  • RHA are audio specialists, quality hardware and software! Also Sony could once again destroy another compact camera market if they just get their software on point for a change!

  • i dont expect anyone to ever have these on their top 5 but my favorites are the sennheiser cx 685 for their great athletic ability

  • The problem with those rubber types, is that they slip out of my ear

  • Note on the SE215's: you can order left and right earbuds seperately. (I stepped on my left earbud breaking it, and was able to order a replacement online. €30 for a new earbud instead of €125 for a new set.) Cables are also sold seperately. There is also an Apple cable with controls.

  • Panasonic RPHJE120Ks... $7.50. Very comfortable. Relatively durable. Great sound. Surprisingly decent bass.

  • I love bass, and my favorite earphones that I have are actually my PS Pulse Elite headset, However, they are a headset, so they're kind of big and not very portable, and have a design flaw that makes them pretty fragile, so I don't like to take them places. Those RHA's look pretty good, and you have a review of the Pulse Elites, so I'd like to know how the two compare. I also like the idea of the jaybirds. .

  • Would definately consider the plantronics back beat go 2 a nice quality set of wireless earbuds in a decent price range would love to see a review on them

  • I completely agree with him, Jaybird Bluebuds X are the best headphones you can buy. The sound quality and the strong bass are amazing especially for Bluetooth headphones. A lot of people are brain washed into thinking Beats are the best just because celebrities wear them as a fashion statement. If you are an audiophile you will not be disappointed in the Jaybird's, if you don't believe me try them for yourself.

    • I purchased jaybirds and they are garbage, swapped them out twice at best buy because I thought it may have been defective. Turns out they are just horrible, rather buy some $30 sony extra bass earbuds.

    • Please suggest me the best quality earphones, which includes great sound quality and great bass,

    • @Quinn Slattery you are trying to compare headphones to earbuds, of course the V-Moda headphones are gonna sound better than ear buds. Look at the size of those head phones you are referring to they are literally 20 times the size of jaybirds, that's like me trying to compare my built in laptop speakers to a surround sound system. This is a video about earbuds not headphones, the people watching this don't want to carry around a bag or big headphones around their neck when they aren't using them.

    • The ie80s I purchased for 200 dollars on amazon, right now they are 250 or so I believe. They are better than the Jaybirds in every way in terms of sound, especially the bass and soundstage. To say the jaybirds are the best in wireless is ridiculous. The V- Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones are literally better than the Jaybirds in ever way except for size I guess. You must be a budding audiophile because Jaybird headphones do not even scratch the surface of truly good sounding headphones, even in the growing world of wireless. But hey, to each his own, and sound is truly subjective.

    • @Quinn Slattery I'm an audiophile and to me the Jay Birds sound amazing, sennheiser ie80s are over $100 more than the Jay Birds I cant picture the difference to be that drastic to pay over a hundred bucks more and for Bluetooth headphones your not gonna get better than Jay Birds. I tried every Bluetooth earphones and all the wired ones I could think of and none came close. Everyone has different taste.

  • Got my Jaybird Bluebuds last year and never regretted paying the high price tag. Totally worth it.

  • Hey uraverageconsumer I just saw this video and I completely agree with every single word you said in the video. When I first saw some old videos of you I disagreed with you but the more you make videos,,the better your opinions are. Thanks so much for this video as you clarified to me some points about the headphones you reviewed. Big 👍🏻and you got a new subscriber here.

  • Got a pair of these yesterday based off you other video were you reviewed them. I LOVE THESE THINGS! I am very clumsy and have yanked my phone out of my pocket quite a few time with corded EARBUDS these are perfect. Thanks for letting me know about them.

  • Awesome video man! Newly subscribed, love the reviews, especially the audio tech reviews. Looking to buy some on ear headphones, will you do a top 5 list for that too?

  • I'm just here with my one working earpod XD

    • Omgggg hahaha me too

    • I got mine yesterday day I only used them once next day mum it’s broken

    • My wired earphone wont even have sound consistently , i need to make the wire just right to only hear a sound on one side

    • Me too, lol

    • Arg the agony

  • Thanks, man. I usually buy cheap earbuds, but I'm going to invest in either your #2 or #1 choice. Or maybe even the Sennheisers. We'll see. I guess a bonus with the more expensive ones is that they have nice warranties... since the cheaper ones break fast and I usually end up buying a few per year. Anyway, thanks @*****.

  • Awesome to see the beats tour 2.0 being recommended. People always perceive beats to be crappy and all still they're quite admirable. The new solo, studio and the tour 2.0. Love the isolation and the bass! Plus the wing Tips! Awesome build quality and above all design! I love the tours!

  • Sol Republic Jax!!! Their extremely durable, look awesome, great amount of bass, and the ear tips don't fall out whatsoever and if you do need eartips, Sol Republic are giving out free eartips at stores and will send them to you with no charge. Lately I've been ditching my Beats Studio 2.0 lately just because of the convenience of its size and feel like i'm barely giving up much for sound. I was able to find them on sale for $30. Definitely an underdog as far as earbuds go. I highly recommend them if you like quality and good bass output.

  • Have the Jaybird Bluebud X and it is a excellent pair of headphones. Great video as always.

  • Please do a "My Top 5 Budget Earbuds"

    • @Sora maybe for you.

    • Fahim Uddin his budget earphones would be like $350😂

    • Moises Topete Some buds i never heard of. Thanks.

    • Lol these are budget

    • Feel like this list is already a top 5 budget earphones... getting too deep into the headphone market seems to cause some psychological dysfunction 😂. All of the earphones on this list are decent earphones that are good for their performance for the price.

  • You should try the panasonic rphje120k. On Amazon it has roughly 4 and a half stars with over 16,000 ratings. A cheap pair that sounds pretty decent.

  • No matter what reviews you look at everyone talks about how much bass the t10i's have and how its super overpowering and made for bassheads only. Judging from this information I got the t10i expecting them to have a good amount of bass. Sadly they had no bass and the bass filter didn't make a difference at all. I tried all the eartips and filters and even set the eq on my phone to the most bass and the earbuds still had no bass at all. I wish that people would stop exaggerating when reviewing products because it is fasely describing the product

  • Honestly, Sony XB50APs are pretty good for $30 but the H.ear in is pretty solid as weel

  • I like the detachable cable of the SE215 but i also love build & look of the RHA t10i. I'm looking for clarity and sounstaging so which one should i get?

  • Which is the best earphones out there right now?

  • You make very good review. You know because of you i became an audiophile. Keep it up. Whenever i plan to purchase a new headphone or earphone, i always pick the one that you recommend.

  • If you can't afford the high price tag for the rha t10i the I highly recommend the rha 720i, they cost me £90 and I honestly fell in love with them

  • Okay, I have the solo 2, and with a decent device, they sound AWESOME. The only reason why people aren't' getting good sound quality is because they haven't burned n the driver, you have to listen to music and continue listening for the drivers to burn in (good thing) and they'll sound amazing.

  • 100 bucks is a steal, you and I live very different lives friend.

    • @Frontier Las Vegas you’re just a bad spender then lol.

    • Yeah their wire earphones ffs

    • Yeah their wire earphones ffs

    • Same £100 is too less I might just get the new AirPods tbh...

    • Calls himself avg guy and says that like Tf

  • Love your videos. Keep up the great work!

  • I have two questions. 1) For a person who used Apple headphones for about 5 years and haven't had a premium headphones before, will he notice the difference in sound quality if he got a premium headphone ? Or it is not going to be that much of a difference ? 2) Can in-ear headphones compete with on-ear headphones in terms of sound quality. Cuz I would pay around 100$ for a headphone but I don't like feeling that my ears are warm while wearing on-ear headphones. Thanks!

  • You have done a very good job with informing the public about various consumer items, but I would like to hear your thoughts about more high end quality items. You rave about beats by dre but I think you would be impressed if you tried other earphones like the shure se 535, se846, sennheiser ie80, ie 800, ue 900s, vsonic gr07, or the westone w40, w50, and w60. Some of them are above budget for most consumers. But for others, I think your opinion would help certain consumers with a higher budget make the right choice in buying a set of earphones. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey, thanks for the vid! Is the RHA MAT750i basically the T10i but without the interchangeable filters (which I don't think I'd bother using)? I'm trying to decide between the 750i and the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear.

  • I was with you until you said 100$ like damn I don't have that kind of money😂👋

  • i got the sennheiser momentum in ear (the first one you reviewed) and it's pure love!

  • I really enjoy watching your videos. The most I like headphone reviews. Because of them I found and bought the Sony mdr-xb950bt headphones and I have really liked them. So I have found these Sony mdrxb50ap earpuds and if you could possibly make a video about them that would be so great. Thanks for your videos!

  • I have just gotten a pair of jaybirds blue buds X and i have to say they are awesome. I use them all day due to the awesome battery. Sound clarity is there as well i love them. Best earbuds i have ever used.

  • Any thoughts on RHA T20? based on the reviews, I think they might just be the best option for their price.

  • Great Video i have the jaybird's they are great.

    • @***** I can vouch for this! Never a doubt, awesome sound and great quality!

    • Thanks! They really are.

  • picked up the beats tour 2.0s on sale there with 40% off down to £70. so excited, yes ik u can get better sounding ones but the extra perks such as great looks, tangle free lead, heavy bass, wingtips (i have weird ears and anything but wingtips or apple earpod traditional shapes will just fall out).

  • The Sennheiser has simply the best price-performance ratio.

  • Hi I recently bought a pair of com da m-100's. They sound amazing but I noticed that the left ear has slightly more bass than the right. I tried different songs but nothing changed. I was wondering if you noticed this. All in all great headphones just I might try and get a new pair if you didn't notice that like I did.

  • The best in my opinion is the shure se 846 it is suuuuuper expensive but worth it it also has filters

  • I love bluetooth earbuds because it's very easy to steal them from somebody

    • And to connect and play earape

  • Great video! Can you do your top five under certain budgets such as $100 and $50. seeing as though your an average consumer this makes sense.

  • I love earbuds and use them daily, but I use cheaper earbuds. I want to invest into a more expensive pair, but I'm afraid to. I dont know how long it'll take for them to break, which Is why I usually stick with Headphones. If someone could help me out letting me know the durability more exactly, thatd be great, thanks :)

  • Just got the T10i and they are amazing...thanks for the tip

  • Beyerdynamics mmx102 Better build quality over any other earbud, and amazing sound quality

  • Airplane headphones are better than beats

    • my earbuds are way better than beats and they lasted me for over 3 yrs

    • @Ashley Patel448 r/woosh

    • Your the kind of person that never had beats or airplane headphones because them headphones are re used so get other ear jermmms Beats are better than your life

    • Using one rightnow😂😂

    • No

  • Hey, you should try 64 audio! Their in-ears are amazing!

  • For bassy earphones, check out the KZ line; most are less than $20 and rival all these expensive ones.

  • Thank you for a well done overview!

  • For people who want a very wide soundstage and balanced sound for a cheap price,get the soundmagic es20,you won't regret it.

  • The Sony Action Cam caught my eye.

    • @***** Too bad it's mounting system is straight out of hell.

    • Lol i have teh action cam and it have 4k ???? Action cam is way better than gopro

    • It is a great little camera, but the Gopro is more versatile, and has quality up to 4k, 30fps.

    • It's definitely a neat little camera. The quality looks great.

    • I'm not much into cameras myself. But it seems pretty good for a camera.

  • this guy has such a calming voice its awesome Love the background music too by the way! Keep up the great vids!

  • Awesome review, awesome sound. Thanks a 1,000,000 for doing this blog. I have now decided which one I will buy. Off to Best Buy ....

  • My favourite earphones are the AKG earphones, they came with my Galaxy S8 I'm using them right now:)

  • You should review the earbuds by Bradwin Audio. I bought a pair on amazon cause they were only 12 bucks. I didn't expect much for the price but they are actually awesome.

  • i hate beats, because its overpriced, but i hate the fatiguing bassy sound. they are super muddy too.

    • Haochi Zhang they are bad. I have urbeats3 with lightning connector and it sounds shit

    • Beats are not what they are as before (when they are associated with monster). Now they are still not exactly a good deal for their price but they are not bad.

    • Which one did you try?

    • +LukeKing that's because you have a preference of your own.

    • +George C lol I have the g4me zero but head sets are sweaty and heavy

  • Hey UAC! Do you have any experience with the jabra sport pulse? If yes, which one do you prefer? Bluebuds or sport pulse? And could you please review them?

  • Great review. I've been looking for some replacement earbuds.

  • I have the shure se215 and use them as in Ear monitors for playing live music and they truly are amazing

  • You can get a replaceble cable with remote for the Shure 215's. Go to B&H Photo and Video's web site because they do sell them.

  • i am loving the gundam 00 in the backround

  • For a non-audiophile just looking for a solid pair of earbuds for working out and/or everything else (I have a cheap pair for each), would you recommend investing in $100+ earbuds or just swapping out cheap ones when they break?

  • A person can buy the sure 215s with a remote and mic cable. You can also buy that cable separate for 29.99 if you already have the earphones. You can also buy them wireless as well. And even buy that wireless set up later.

  • Hi guys, I had a question about some in ear headphones. I was looking for a pair under £100 and am looking at the Dunu Titan 1. has anyone tried them/had them, and if so, are they any good?

  • Which of these would you recommend ( I am on a budget..! ) for listenning to reggae, hip hop and jazz where bass is heard without losing the high or midrange?I had the first Beats earbuds and now use a sennheiser cx300 without controls but for the money is really decent.Great channel by the way.

  • I guess money isn't a problem for you...

    • They're cheap

    • Hi

    • @quasur lol most of us arent as broke as you. Average incomes can handle $100 purchase.

    • truth be getting told buy American made and you pay twice the price for half the quality!

    • truth be getting told I assume that this is a troll comment, but assuming you're serious. A lot of the high end audio companies are German, and the products are made in Germany. If you want people to buy American, maybe American companies should start making quality audio products and not garbage like beats and bose.

  • I'm torn between the T10i and the BlueBuds X... The wireless functionality of the BlueBuds really appeals to me as someone who listens to music during class, but I'm also all about comfort and sound quality... Are the BlueBuds comfortable and good-sounding enough to satisfy someone looking for those things? And are the T10i really worth the $200? Any help would be appreciated.

    • +Uniphication As for sound quality, the biggest plus the T10i have is the adjustable profile. But other than that, there isn't that much of a difference in sound quality that isn't subjective. If you're going to wear them in class (surprised you are allowed to) go with the Bluebuds. They sound great and if you have dark and medium to long hair, they're some of the most unnoticeable earbuds out there if you go with the black version They're both worth the price..

    • +Asher woodman shure se 215 or sennheiser momentum in ear , what you recomend for me ?

    • @***** if you are looking for better quality then yeah get the T10i. try looking into the shures because they are really good especially when you pair them up with a DAC/AMP

  • I have the jay bird for three months earphones ever .and being Bluetooth is a bang for the buck..highly recommended.

  • My top in-ears are the Bluebuds X and the Klipsch X11i!

  • Sennheiser is the best headphone manufacturer

    • @Sparkball Skullcandy? And Bose? Haha

    • Sennheiser, Bose and Skullcandy are the best

    • Younes ZH totally agree. good german quality.

  • Skullcandy earbuds are the best. Had my inked ones for almost 2 years with no problem

  • Great job really enjoy ur comparison videos, can u please suggest which is more better Sony MDR-XB 90EX or Sony MDR-XB 950BT?

  • I needed this I always depended on skullcandy headphones, u get them cheap and they're awesome

  • Mines are: 5 apple ear pods 4 bose quite comfort 3 inspire sports ear buds 2 urbeats 1 power beats 2

  • Do more ''UrAvgBudget'' !

    • Daniel Wang why

    • Upwade

    • Don't buy Chinese made bullshit, let alone any Asian made bullshit. Cheap labor and cheap parts=more money for them

    • Bruno Gomes we only need one hundred more likes to get 666 likes XD

    • Anonymous

  • Bro im loving that screensaver lol. How do i get that? Keep rockin the reviews. Love them

  • Hopefully someone can answer my question. Price aside, what is better in terms of sound quality? I listen primarily to Nu-disco and like Bass if that helps. Senheisser momentum in ear (His number 5) or the RHA T10i (His number 2)?