My Ultimate 2020 Smart Home Tour!

Publicado el 25 sep 2020
It's finally time for the Ultimate Smart Home Tour you've been waiting for! We've barely scratched the surface in terms of the tech I want to see in here, but you guys can see where we currently are with the setup.

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Comentarios: 3 488

  • The fact that he has all this and calls himself an average consumer makes me wonder if I am a consumer at all

    • Other than the fact that most of us would not bother to test out, video and report on half a dozen of the same tech item most of this is possible if that is what you want to choose. Most people would spend differently and just keep what they have for a lot longer. After I left University I was determined that my hi-fi would be the most expensive item I bought after a house. My first car was less than the cost of one active speaker. Even with upgrades and getting second hand I managed that until 6 years ago when my newly delivered 1989 speakers (added for rears) where a fraction of the price of my 2010 second-hand car. The 17 speakers and sound system in my current car would cost more than all my vintage hi-fi gear but the whole car new would be half the price of the replacement hi-fi from the manufacturer today.

    • @Todd it ain't about how much he makes. That's not what average consumer is referring to. It's referring to his knowledge.

    • @Keeko Cheecho he's average in terms of his knowledge of consumer electronics. That's the point. Not that he's middle class. Just that he isn't Linus tech tips. That his perspective is from your average tech fan, not an enthusiast.

    • 😂🤣yh same

    • @Raczn not for me lol

  • Imagine connecting to Bluetooth and seeing all those devices

    • @SomeRandomGuy internet, they're connected to the backbone

    • @Mick aye bro its true, there is no bluetooth anywere, i got like 15 wifi lights and stuff none of them appears as a buetooth divice

    • R.I.P my Bluetooth ayyyyeee 🤣🤣🤣

    • it’s by app

    • @Hassan Mahdi most thing is connected to permanent power

  • Great tour! What lavaliere mic are you using on this video?

  • This is fantastic! I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished for you and your family! It reminds me of a saying my friend once told me. It's your aptitude not just your attitude that determines your ultimate altitude! Keep marching forward brother! God bless you and your family! - Charles III

  • Calls himself an “average consumer” yet lives in a massive house with thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of tech. If this guy’s average, I must be a peasant.

    • I will never be able to afford this house, as I look around my flat 😭 that I live in on my own but I do have a ps5 😂 and thats it.

    • @TryToWiggleMyNoodle not even alive in that term

    • Thats not the point of his name

    • Lol he was average when first starting but now 👀

    • LOL I have one Alexa in my room so I’m like a peasant lol

  • Yess get that micro center brand deal!

    • @Mike Valdes oh great what gave it away I had no idea

    • Nice

    • No good unless you're near an actual Micro Center store.

    • omg it’s jakeyonce

  • Imagine the amount of notifications he gets when they have a family gathering

    • Oh shit 😂😂😂😂

  • “Honey don’t forget to update the fridge’s software And don’t forget that the apples in it need to be charged”

  • Your home is awesome and gorgeous! I'm now up to date with tech gear for my home! Congrats on the new pooh bear! 🦋❤️

  • Wow, what an amazing home, it’s simply beautiful, even without the tech. Kudos man 👊🏻

  • Jud: i’m gaming why am i lagging Ari: sorry i’m watching netflix on the fridge. ultimate flex

  • When I buy my first home in 2023, I’m considering really going totally Smart Home. Thank you so much for this video. It has told me everything I have to know 🥰

  • I love that you share your home with us, we appreciate!

  • Man its been awhile since I've seen your vids. Your house looks amazing. Congrats you deserve every bit of success that comes your way.

  • its all good until a robber shouts “alexa open the door” from the outside 🙂

    • 🤣

    • I mean u could just smash the small window and unlock it by hand lmao

    • You need a pin dumby. And they only activate for trained voices. So yours and your families.

    • 🤣🤣💯👍

    • thanks for this,dont ask me why

  • Imagine somebody trying to throw him a surprise party at his own house he’d know immediately with all the tech

    • @Vagabond007 he’s not having a router out in the ope- nvm he does :(

    • Malachi Mcdowell true but scary 😟

    • Al they’d have to do is unplug the router and there goes everything lol

    • Imagine that massive tech checklist they need to disable in order to throw the suprises

    • Sebastian Giebels I guess

  • I so happy for you man!❤ insane house, good job🔥

  • Your house is amazing. Wishing you guys blessings on your family

  • Enjoyed watching this content! Awesome Home tour and your setup is really awesome! :)

  • what a pretty house. the floor layout is very good honestly there is a lot of space for a lot of stuff. also I liked the high ceilings , the tall windows and the greenery from the windowsx. the color scheme is very nice and relaxing , Ari has great taste honestly, and the wood floors loks incredible.

  • Everyone happy till the WIFI goes out

    • Not true anymore 🤣 when the Wi-Fi goes out in my area there is a back up for customers that out devices automatically connect to.If there is an outage we automatically connect to a second wireless connection that is thru my whole city as long as we are customers

    • 00009

    • .

    • 🤣🥲😂

    • 🤣🤣💯💯

  • Me hearing him say it takes 30 days for the vacuum to fill up that tiny little chamber That's how much dirt we sweep up like every day in our house 😐

    • :( It wouldn't work in my daughter's bedroom. The floor-robe has no room to move anything around.

    • What I'm saying

  • Thanks for showing the smart outlets. I have smart plugs in my normal outlets. Can't wait to start changing them all out. 😁

  • Awesome tour, I and my wife have been inspired to upgrade our home! Nice one 👍

  • Even his toaster is leagues better than mine 😂

  • UrAvgConsumer: This is our smart home Electricity bill: imma end this whole mans carreer

    • Yes so true! I love the convince, and energy saving definitely worth it! And I'm interested in hearing about the updated info for solar and how it's going for you in your area. I might consider getting it. Thank you for the insight a lot of people don't seem to understand that. It can actually save you time and money and is also getting better with time. 👍

    • my electric bill along with the fios bill came out to about...$250. Smart homes are more energy efficient (our old home was not a smart home and it cost us like 700 dollars). I run my four gaming computers, tv's, ps5, etc all day every day non stop. The lights and stuff have timers and this is with small children that love to leave lights on. Alexa, all voice controls, including security cameras run on this. I get it you're joking but honestly this joke is kind of lame now because most of this tech doesn't cost a lot to have anymore. I seriously waste more money buying subscription apps for my tv and phone which I've gotten rid of most of them because they are useless when I want to watch something. Also me and my family we share accounts now. So my mom has the cable/prime, I got the netflix and disney plus and amazon luna- It's all we need. I get it if you live in Cali or something but to have this same large home with all the gadgets in my state is way less. And I am not on solar yet... we are about to have our roof redone to have it. So if it goes down I'll update.

    • bitch please, not even that expensive

    • I think that if he can afford all of that stuff in his house, I'm pretty sure he can pay the electricity bill with no problems, but you are right, the bill is probably like 5000 dollars per month.

    • @Andrew John the fastest possible internet is about about $200 max. It won't even dent his pockets.

  • You guys have a beautiful home great tech good luck with everything

  • Love the house! I hope the grandparents are tech savvy, otherwise they would hate your kitchen, lol. I especially love the sound system in the theater. I'm working on my home theater now and trying to find the right sound system, especially since my theater wasn't prewired for speakers. What routers are you using to cover your home? I have google nest, but all my google home devices cause it to cut out when they do randomly do some type of wake update.

  • Love your videos man. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations bro..beautiful smart house and amazing dream one day to be sponsored by all the high end tech businesses and live my best life 👍

  • The legends say he even got his son from Microcenter

  • Honestly his house is so cool. I think it’s wonderful that he has made a living for himself that allows him to afford such luxury tech to compliment his house however I feel as if most of the tech is unnecessary and it screams “no privacy in my own home type of vibe”

  • Just came across your video and I love your home interior design !

  • Controlling devices is a cool concept. As an engineer, my house tends to be quite complex, all the way through doors unlocking with opencv facial recognition. With that said, all my code stays in the house. If you connect this many devices to big tech, your home isn't smart, it's quite stupid.

  • Absolutely beautiful home. i especially love the family room and what you guys did with those blues and lighter colors.

  • Imagine saying hey google and the entire house be like "how may i help you?"

    • "Hey google" "Which one?" from a score of locations

    • The google home that can hear you the most (the one closest to you) will respond.

    • :o I hadn’t thought about that lol

    • 16:34 "dont buy that thing, it's too expensive for what it does" Correction:For what it DOESN'T do

    • 🤣

  • I was going to criticize this video in the beginning by saying it's not a full smart home until you showed us all these uncommon smart devices that I never even knew existed! Excellent video and you've explained everything very well

  • I think its been about 7 years since i last saw one of your videos. When i saw your girl pregnant and the house you got I immediately felt so happy for you glad you kept doing what you were doing it really paid off man.

  • Such a beautiful home!

  • Literally in love with this house. 😍

  • Robber: “Alexa unlock the door” Jud: “Alexa call the cops”

    • @Adithyan A Don’t feed the troll...don’t.

    • @Qasim Nadur The hell dude you are writing this on every comment.

    • Lmfaoo even tho this is a joke, you cant call Alexa through the door but cool joke

    • After hearing a lot about hackerdrapermax on Instagram from the comments section I decided to give trial honestly their service are incredible

  • I love all the features you use everytime i watch your videos you impressive me and well explained ,thanks bro

  • You have a beautiful home and family! Do you ever feel overexposed with all of this technology, like you’re every move is being watched and tracked?

  • Beautiful home 🏡 💕

  • Much Props out to you and your Channel Impressive Every Review 👏👏👏👏👏

  • congratulations on your home and family. you look really happy.

  • You are blessed. I hope God continues to bless you. I too wish to have a family and a home all teched out and looking beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  • I’m so jealous I wish I lived in a house like this

  • Thank you for this video!!! Thank you very much for the description of the equipment you use!!!

  • What would top off a smart home is switching your home security system from ADT to Vivint.

  • This is insanely cool. I want this so bad. Just the house itself looks great!

  • His kitchen itself has more tech than my whole house

  • Your house color scheme is GOLD!!!!!! I love this!

  • UrAvgConsumer: let’s get a tour of my ULTIMATE smart house Also UrAvgConsumer: this room doesn’t have anything smart, neither does this room, and neither this room 😂😂 But good job I love your house ❤️

  • Dream home 😍

  • Do you have a plan for what you'll do if the power goes out? Especially extended outages? I have minimized smart features and they all have manual backups because that worries me.

  • I opened this video, credit card in hand, ready to start buying everything he would show me... literally made me realise how useless most of this stuff really is... a fridge with a camera to see if you have milk... I think I’ll just hang on to the 2000$/€/£ difference and just buy more milk with it.

  • Imagine screaming, “Alexa open the door” and just walking into someone's house 😂

    • @N S 😂😂😂😂

    • After hearing a lot about hackerdrapermax on Instagram from the comments section I decided to give trial honestly their service are incredible

    • @Ghostwalker CIA That's y he muted the audio when he said hey Alexa or hey google

    • they must have some kind of voice recognition...

    • @P. Wayne Curtis Indeed

  • Google can literally hear him and see him anywhere in his house and probably even his toilet

    • If you have an android phone they already do... Your point?

  • right now these things may seem rare but remember my words that these are gonna be common till 2035 mind it !! great video man!

  • If you don't want to change your plug sockets to surge protected ones, it's possible to surge protect the supply.

  • Home is beautiful. Bless you guys

  • A house full of thousands of dollars of tech and the only thing protecting it is a sketchy looking "smart" lock. LOL.

    • @Cody Sexton I think the people ragging on smart locks, never seen them. They are just motorized deadbolts. I have one that has a key and a keypad. I have never used the key once. I tell my wife all the time, if someone wants to get in they will. I have 4k cameras to identify any thieves that run-on both power and battery, guns if I'm home, multifactor authentication on my smarthome hub and a firewall on my router. My home is more safe than a home with no smart devices.

    • Dead bolt is a dead bolt. There all junk smart lock or not. If you wanna get technical about it. Dead bolt is only as good as your wood door jamb. Kick in a door what goes first the dead bolt or the jamb blows out. Jamb everytime. Also a lock only keeps a honest man honest. If they want in there getting in. People wanna rag on smart locks but people use them because there convenient and frankly i dont blame them. NEWS FLASH theres a window right next to the door. You could have the biggest badest non smart lock ever made but unless you own a house without windows there still getting in. So long story short quit complaining about smart locks and up your home owners insurance and buy a handgun like the ones of us with some common sense.

    • @Jack Padbury no smart lock bad

    • A smart lock and a ring doorbell and camera

    • @Marco Alvino in that instance, they're the same. Because they can both be stolen. But it was easier to break into (physically or by hacking) than a conventional door lock with a key. It's built for convenience rather than security.

  • I thought I was balling now I feel cheap lol. Absolutely amazing everything. Nice video.

  • Congratulations! Nice house. I love your home theater is great. Greetings from Spain.

  • Considering the money spent on this home, I'm surprised he had different TVs. I'm not saying one is better than the other, it's just that most people end up getting used to/liking the color science from a certain brand, and stick to it. Again, nothing wrong with the absolutely KILLER setups, just more of a surprise.

  • Man, this is too much tech and I love it

  • 1920: they'll have flying cars in 2020. 2020: my fridge can order ketchup.

    • Comment of the year

    • Jj Mmm There was a flying car in China I think, but they don’t sell it yet

    • @rotimi kayode yeah but.......WHERE TF ARE THE FLYING CARS

    • I don’t know most of the technology would give them a heart attack cars come you on their own and you access the world and pay for thing with hand held devices with screens 😂🤣

  • Beautiful home... beautiful mancave!

  • Woooooow man........,you have a beautiful house and really you have a very good taste. Mucho trabajo detrás de todo esto enhorabuena

  • You got a beautiful and awesome tech home

  • Damn your house is enormous! Love it!

  • You are definitely teching the hell outta my own house

  • For me the home has to look futuristic, too. The home is so traditional looking. That's my only issue. Cool specs, though.

  • 0:07 I fully imagine him to greet guests at his house like this 😂

  • Beautiful house!

  • Jud’s son is going to start saying Hey guys this is Austin in the future.

    • Evans will have to compete with him😅

  • My apartment is like this except we have a home pod. Eliminated the need for a sound bar or subwoofer. Best speaker ever. I love it. And we can control our home with our watches, phones, tablets and computers so we don't need a speaker in each room.

  • I see a lot of furniture and accessories from Z Gallerie because I have their navy accents too! Beautiful place and all the tech makes me geek out. Keep up the good work!

  • For a person of colour having this house so smart is like extraordinary

  • Nice tour of the house. Blessings. BTW what size screen is that and do you have a video on it. Love the set-up!

  • This man is living the actual dream!! Tec everywhere!

  • This man legit called me broke in like 50 languages 😂😂

  • Beautiful Home 🏡

  • It’s all fun and games until your friend starts trolling you with “turn off man cave”

    • @Anonymous.203 0 Lol right. I don't understand why people even make this lame joke

    • Alexa and google have voice recognition so ,it can only responds to the specific voice the user has set it to.

  • Where'd you get the double light V floor lamps in the mancave? Ive got to find some of those. Would look great in my office. Great setup. Definitely inspiration.

  • Jud: buys everything for a smart home. Also Jud: doesn’t use a single thing🤣

    • After hearing a lot about hackerdrapermax on Instagram from the comments section I decided to give trial honestly their service are incredible

  • WoW, this is a real 2020 Smart Home. I am so jealous. :))

  • "Toasting your stuff with elegance." 🤣 That cracked me up! I kind of want that toaster now...

  • Thanks for the home theater idea. I do need to get those sound panels, though.

  • Although... I am among the "OLD" ... group, I luv.... your Smart Home. I am slowly increasing my home to become smarter, because I was diagnosed w/ multiple sclerosis in 2003. As the disease progresses, I find the smart home items are making day to day living more manageable. I am current exploring the smart outlets and I was not aware of the smart extension stripe by geeni. luv you and the fam. Keep doing what you do :) Jacques

  • A large house, lots of nice furniture, and tons of tech for an average consumer. If I started a tech youtube channel, I'd call myself "Peasant Consumer".

  • the house tour that you've been dying for My brain: looks like he said for a second the house tour that you've been (wanting) 0:14

  • u literally cant hate on this video. just admire how successful he is

  • oof, even for how much of a pain it was to cut/trim, I'm glad I went for that gold(not real gold) plated MG Phenex....bandai gold plastic is just never right. That RX-93 nu gundam though is pretty epic.......and so is the price tag.

  • Beautiful home.

  • Beautiful home.

  • Nice house brother! I like your smart home set up!

  • When ever i want to buy any thing i not look up in google or any stuff and looks up in your video litterally whole thing in world is presented in your channel awsomne broo🥰😍

  • I love watching things I can't afford..

    • "I love watching things I can't afford" and would never buy in a month of Sundays. The interfaces on so much of the tech is so poor. I had to tune in a satellite TV and gave up finding where that particular set has a favourite list or short cut menu. In the manual - if there ever was one, but the owner didn't know and would not find it or let me have the time to work it out but demanding I renumber all the channels to the way it was last week before they all changed themselves. I don't think it had been scanned since the installation. A friend strongly suggested I get a hard disk recorder, yeas, a few years ago. I found some interesting features like the way to list the recorded programmes and edit out advertisements and even make a slide show of images. The interface was so poor and took so long I never used it. I have four receivers in the computer and can sort the channels into any group I wish instantly, creating slide shows of photographs or play lists of music takes seconds.

    • @Samuel M. um….

    • e

    • @nasaboyscout ee3eeeeeweeeeeeeeeeee

    • Me to