My Ultimate Tech Man Cave!

Publicado el 8 nov 2019
I've finally completed my man cave and tech'ed it out completely but it's also an awesome spot for hanging out and de-stressing at the end of the day. Thank you to Amazon Fire TV for sponsoring this video! The only thing provided by Amazon is the FireTV Cube. Get your Fire TV cube here:

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  • Someone tell him he is no more 'an average consumer'.

    • instaBlaster

    • More like the "Richconsumer"

    • He definitely needs to go through a huge rebranding

    • Ur not write I Soo write

    • That's the joke.

  • “Alexa, start the man cave” Electricity bill: 💃🏽🕺🏽💃🏽🕺🏽

    • @jason schmaglaar right?! As if the bill would be lower if he didn't have Alexa and just hit the light switch. LMAO

    • HAHAHA IKR 😰😂🤣😂

    • There is no tube equipment or class A amplification. The electric bill is not that high.

    • Not if you have solar panels. Which most likely this guy have.

    • He's loaded, and you're loaded with what.. 300 LIKES

  • Seeing all these ESmainr’s that I’ve followed for years move into these nice ass houses makes me highly regret not starting my own channel years ago.

    • Same feeling for me but its never too late you dont have to be young or old to get back into it. I gave up after 3 years because I wasnt motivated anymore and recently started doing it again. You've got this bro 👌🏻👌🏻 never give up just do your best and keep moving forward. 💯🙏🏻🎮🎮

    • It’s either day one or one day man

    • @SilentSights where is the man cave at?

    • @Sun Man, you are so right. I'm glad to say however that I have purchased my first home where I'll be building my first man cave and officially starting my tech channel! Progress, stay tuned!

    • You're gonna look back from the future and wonder why you didn't start when you wrote this comment. It's just a cycle of procrastination.

  • I've seen a lot of man caves, but this is by far the cleanest, classiest, coziest, and stylish one I've ever seen. Good job dude, I'm both jelly and in awe of your place.

  • Never been so fascinated by a table in my life

    • Why not just get coasters? Would be a lot cheaper lol

    • Swear ive been online looking for it. That thing is out of MOST people price range for just a coffee table lol

    • @Mario Hermoso lol

    • *We are getting old :( , One Day we are fascinated by a Toy and a Videogame, The next day we just want furniture lol

    • @Alphonso yeah look it up on Amazon

  • "Whoever wants to come over and hangout,you're all welcome" All 2.7m of us

  • These videos make me so happy. Your passion really comes through the screen!! Love all your content

  • Absolutely love your content, reviews, and style! I'm definitely going to be incorporating your style into my own setup.

  • Fantastic setup! Clean, modern, and VERY impressive. Amazing!

  • That room literally have almost anything you need lol that aint no man cave thats a whole living room

    • Finally an actual literal living room

  • Someone: “Hey Judner how much do you spend on tech?” Judner: “Yes”

    • @Jelly Twins101 ohh thank You... The man cave's PS desk was awesome

    • @Zoli Kiss lol nah, I was just talking about the man cave area, if you add the home theatre it would prob cost double the amount when added together.

    • @Jelly Twins101 you mean with the movie room too? Its my dream lol

    • @Zoli Kiss if you count everything it should be around $20k+

    • How much does this room cost?

  • This is how I like a game room! Nice and clean and elegant! None of that crazy clutter with game collections in every corner.

  • You have an AMAZING setup! Love watching your videos! I'm 55yo and I am currently setting up some of the stuff you recommend -- you're a great resource!

  • i love this guys his setup is so clean and smooth. keep making awesome content!!!!!!

  • Gundam and tech are my life. and to see them come together like this is amazing

  • A lot of cool stuff here! Those display cases are awesome! I will need to get some when I am able to get my Carolina room back in order!

  • The brilliant stuff seems pretty cool. I wouldn't mind trying them out.

  • Absolutely awesome, what a dream this man cave is man, congrats 👏👏👏

  • Dude I love your setup you just totally inspired me to the way I'm going to design my basement man cave. Just bought a house and the basement is raw and unfinished which is perfect because I get to design it exactly the way I want it the first time. The way I imagined it and the way I was hoping it would turn out is possible in the basement with the size that I have and your setup would work perfectly downstairs. Great job

  • i like how the “man cave” is the size of my house 😅

  • Sweet man cave. I really like how simple it is, but still modern. Definitely gets away from that stereotypical man cave.

  • Hopefully we can build our own tech man caves someday like yours. Oh btw, I love your clothing! May I know where you bought that amazing hoodie? Anyway, looks like years of hard work has paid off for you. Great job, man. Two thumbs up!

  • Loved this! And loved the editing on this video. Great wide shots and B roll so we could really see it. I personally would want a higher back on the couch but that’s just me.

  • His man cave looks like noone has ever actually hung out in it. It looks like a display room.

    • Yeah bro, it looks boring as fuck

    • Lmao I kinda wanna build one for display purposes. There's just no time to game, honestly.

    • Ever heard of cleaning?

    • He made it clean for show... +he probably won't use it for long and will remove it in under the next 2 months after making (meaning he probably already removed it)

  • I know this is an old video but I just gotta say that you are still THE MAN, man. This Man Cave has not stopped being AMAZING.😎👍🏽👍🏽🤯

  • I have a somewhat similar setup and was wondering how you cable managed because for me that's still a struggle and btw yours looks damn amazing :) love the channel

  • I really really love everything. In my humble opinion I think different more modern looking lamps would fit better or maybe even no lamps either way it’s dope bro 💯🔥

  • I truly do love those display stands with the Gundam models in them. I have to find a way to get some of those.

  • “Chill out, take a break from work” Work: watch movies and review all the tech in the world

    • @DOGE[tm] responds to old comments Good point haha.

    • @Don Boss True, which is why I'm still working at my job.

    • @DOGE[tm] responds to old comments Still, better to do something you love than ya hate.

    • Literary Landslide yes and it’s tough (editing and filming) especially with a job without much revenue.

    • Lol. I think most of us forget that while these guys get a lot of free tech and stuff from companies, they don't get money from them, their revenue stream is still mainly ESmain (to pay bills, eat etc). So they can enjoy their free time to the fullest with sweet tech and whatnot but they have to keep making videos, checking their statistics/analytics, making sure the channel doesn't die out and keeps growing. Some people also go and learn public speaking, presentation skills etc to improve their content (especially for streaming etc). And with adpocalypse, probably also build some kind of alternative business/revenue stream/retirement plan lol. **It's not much but it's honest work.** Certainly lucky to some degree still.

  • Question: how have the cables been hidden on the wall mounted monitors?

    • You can put a cable "pipe" in a drywall bro, that a good aesthetic thing. You just have to plan how it goes during preparation 👌

  • The fact that he has gundams make's this even more of a "paradise" for me

  • Love to see brothers doin'it ✊🏿 I will definitely take this video as an inspiration for the new place im moving at. The whole appartment is going to be a mancave 😅

  • that cable management is awesome. very very clean. suggestions on what to put on your extra desk space? dude isnt it obvious? more gundam stuff :D (seriously, that is an epic gundam display)

  • no matter how many times I watch this video I always impressed. this is my lifetime goals

  • Everything looks amazing!

  • Just a thought but I feel it would be cool if you had a motion sensor activation switch for the lights to come on when you go in the man cave

  • Just rewatching all your videos during this lockdown. It's become one of my favourite pastimes.

  • This setup is so inspiring, good stuff.

  • This man cave is hot. Kudos on the set up. I'm also happy to see the Sobro getting some love. If the Coosno wasn't round it make a helluva coffee table, but I've always wanted to get the Sobro. This might might make me jump on it.

  • Such a clean crisp man cave. Love it

  • Judner, your mancave is wonderful man. Keep it up.

  • Judner: Well guys that's it for this side of the man cave. Me: this side...?

    • This dude was leaving the best for last. I was thinking wow thats kind of a small TV then hes like "for the grand finale!!!

    • big nani moment right there

    • Macropro 😂🤣

    • Frrr!!! I literally yelled like: “This side!!! Da fuq u mEAN????!! THIS SIDE?

    • Ikr?

  • Man cave are certainly moving up a notch ! Are these the prototype of what the future will be like? That's cool.

  • When he asked Alexa to start his men cave, my Alexa answer to me, u don't have one bro.

  • Most beautiful man cave I have ever seen you out did yourself bro great job!!!

  • FOR all of you, by average he means he reviews it like the average person would like it to be. Anyway ✌️

    • @The Truth Or perhaps they're making jokes?

    • It’s just Jks

    • They know. They're just jealous

    • Mukund Sundar Exactly. He reviews and talks tech so the average person can understand it.

  • I’ve been researching TV stands for a media room I’m putting together but I’ve been having trouble settling on one. I came to your channel to see what you went with, and sure enough it’s the same exact TV stand I’ve been eyeing! I guess that’s all the confirmation I need to pull the trigger 😁

  • I will say this to you good sir you have inspired me to step up get myself in a better place and fully design a man cave is greatest this in my own way

  • Wow totally awesome! How long did you built that man cave of yours??

  • Awesome setup!! How did you conceal the power cables on the play ones next to the tv?

  • I feel like a kid amusingly watching candy through the window store and I CANT GET TO IT!!!

    • We can't use it tough we cant reach it

    • Abdukerim Ramzi he says we’re all welcome, all 2.7 million of us >:D

  • Hey man, cool video and mancave! Just a tip, it’s better to turn the Sonos Playbar upside down for the sound quality with the logo on the bottom. The speakers are more facing towards you in that case :)

  • Absolutely one of the Best Man Caves I have seen!!

  • Holy shit... I want. I'm in the process of buying my first house and looking for ideas, so thank you, I stumbled across this and am well excited!

  • I would've mounted the monitors on the left side of the desk, so you could look at the "display side" of the custom PC build lol. For the empty part of the desk, I say put some sort of laptop dock and wireless KB/M combo for a more business-oriented side of things. Yin and yang, if you will, with gaming/streaming stuff on one side and business stuff on the other.

  • 12:40 Me: This was so dope. I wish I can get a mancave like this sometime... 12:45 UAC: This isn't even my final form

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Jud: Welcome to my high tech flex-worthy man cave.

  • Awesome room guru cave man I love it all you have my own cave man is in construction now but definitely you got all my attention. Perfect room

  • Very nice setup. Well done!

  • Man, this is an incredible idea and look. Big ups to you mane

  • "Alexa, start the mancave" Me: *BLINDED BY HEAVENLY LIGHT*

  • Nice!!! Quality items and well done!!!

  • Kind of late but i think it would be cool to turn that unused space into an xbox display since you have so many controllers. Or, you could turn it into a tech modification/ video idea brainstorming area.

  • Of course your Man Cave is gonna be flawless bc of all the tech...but if you don’t have cable management down - it ain’t worth showing off. So good job on that!!

  • This 1 of the best man caves I've seen till this day!!!! Badass!!!!

  • "I didn't wanna go to crazy with the rgb" every peripheral is rgb and the desk. The fans and the pc is rgb more than components

  • absolutely KILLER set up!! I'm so jealous!!

  • What an awesome man cave. I have two tvs, a sectional and a bar in mines.

  • Love this setup I have a small man cave I'm not sure what to do to make it work

  • Started from the bottom, now we're here!!!

  • The sectional furniture looks amazing !! i'm considering. thanks!

  • Man, as a Gundam fan I really want a setup like that lmao.

  • Dangit, I need a bigger room so I could build an epic Ikea desk like Jud has.

  • I have done a man cave and its brilliant, Tiled floor and underfloor heating.

  • Dude, how much was this entire setup? I'm planning my mancave and this is almost EXACTLY what I want

    • Chap Hammersmith lmao yeah true. I bought a decent 4K smart tv for $300. You won’t catch me dead paying 3 grand for a tv

    • Bruh

    • Sachin S That 3 grand will just about get you the tv

    • Depends if you’re looking at the all the electronics and furniture, prob gonna be over 3 grand. I just finished building my man cave bedroom for around 1 grand. (Not including tech other than lighting and surround sound.

    • It costs about 300.000 dollars

  • Not on this level yet but just got my new apartment and hoping to make my vision come alive like this...I have similar taste in style (minus anime). Great job bro! You lit the fire under me!

  • OMG im jealous! You have the best cave! Great job. :)

  • You have an amazing house, sir. I am quite jealous!!

  • He is like an rich little kid in a grown man body I love it he’s cool so is the man cave

  • This Man Breathes Amazon

  • This is giving me so many ideas. Unfortunately i don"t own a home but when i do i am definitely using some ideas. This looks pricey tho

  • In the empty space desk you might put an Aquarium.. you need to put some plants around .. your man cave looks dope

  • Room looks amazing. What color paint and sheen did you use? Thanks

  • It's a nice man cave but I wish there was custom work. After watching so many setup tours, unless you have some really neat custom work or just something really interesting and different it all kinda blends together.

  • Wonderful cave!

  • Awesome setup, thank you for sharing!

  • Hopefully I’ll own stuff like that someday!!

  • Have you considered drilling screws through the Alex drawers into the countertop? Mine came bowed from the day I purchased it, and it doesnt sit flat on the drawers unfortunately..

  • My Alexa @ Home: “I’m sorry I didn’t find a device named Man Cave.”

  • Idk why but I LOVED the Gundam station .I don’t Knapp anything about gundam but the fact that you have a station dedicated to something do just do when your bored ,dedicated to 1 thing is cool!

  • Well looks amazing..

  • The color scheme is so good in this room that imma steal it when i'm renewing my room

  • @uravgconsumer how did you secure the "countertop" to the top of the drawer unit? and to the legs?

  • *He made me look broke and extremely primitive for almost 14min straight ..!!*

    • @Doug Cannon thats cheap for a couch

    • Yashit Kumar why you comparing yourself lol

    • He said the furniture he purchased was "cheap" and I was guessing less than $500 but nope, it is $1,899!

    • 😂😂 hero legend

  • Bro you are awsome ! Just got a sub from from me👍 I would totally like to experience your home theater looks absolutely amazing !!!😃

  • Hey man, love your content!, could you do an overview of your gundam and your desk, and what tools and that you use, I’m just getting into them going to buy my first one on Monday but it’d be nice to have an idea of what kinda stuff I should get or not 😂

  • Holy crap, new to the channel, first video. First off, what an amazing set up! Also shout from a fellow DBZ and demon slayer fan! Only thing missing was a My hero reference lol. Secondly, what in the world does this guy do for a living to afford all this? Definitely not an average consumer! lol

  • You did a beautiful job. I envy you.

  • UAC: Coolest light switch you will ever see. 13:40 Also UAC: *Proceeds to use normal light switch*

  • What job does this guy do to be able to afford all this??! Edit: also i really love the carpet look where can i get em this is all so awesome. Will take much inspiration from this and the gamers paradise