NEW iPhone 13 VS iPhone 13 Mini VS iPhone 13 Pro - What’s the Difference?

Publicado el 14 sep 2021
Today's Apple event has concluded and we have new iPhones! The iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. We also got the Apple Watch Series 7, new iPads and a brand new looking iPad Mini. Here's everything you need to know about today's event.

What did you think of the new iPhones? Let's talk in the comment section!

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  • Gonna get that red mini. Thats some sexy tech🔥

  • Wow the notch is different…

  • I got the white, silver iPhone 13 pro max 128gb and i love ittt!! anyone who is considering getting the 13 pro max, GET IT. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. i have an unboxing/test video on my channel.

  • ....couldn't they have simply done the memory expansion with an SD card option?

  • literally didnt show the difference between the mini and pro

  • What's the difference between the 13 Mini and regular 13 --other than the size of the phone in your hand

  • Bro i got the iPhone 6, of course I’m upgrading

  • I gave up my 11 pro max midnight green for the 12 pro max ( pacific blue) and I’m honestly disappointed and hurt because I loved that phone for not much of a upgrade all the pro models does the same thing and they all will be here for a long run.

  • I have a iPhone XR that’s a big upgrade to a iPhone 13 or maybe the iPhone 13 pro depending on if t-mobile has either in stock

  • This year I didn’t really care about all the new features. I only upgraded from my 12 Pro Max because I wanted to downsize to the normal 13 Pro. No regrets, very happy!

  • I have a 8 I’m upgrading this Tuesday

  • i have an 8 so im pretty sure im updating

  • currently i have the 11 pro. so is the upgrade to the 13 pro a good move if i don’t own the 12?

  • might be a dumb question but is the 13 pro max just a bigger phone than the 13 pro? or are there notable differences on specs and stuff of that sort. if that makes sense

  • I’m over here with my 1st Gen iPhone SE still kicking, but thinking it’s finally time for an upgrade because this is the only promotion I can get trade-in credit on since my phone is so old 😂 100% wish they would bring back Touch ID - as an identical twin, the Face ID just can’t tell the difference. Also, I love the size of my SE. Those are the two reasons I’ve held out so long. Charging my phone 2-3 times a day is getting old 🙃

    • Which one of the new iPhones will you be getting ?

  • I got really upset with that pro model blue, super upsetting 😡

  • I have a 6s and I think now is the time

  • the same ape with other tail

  • I have a 6s plus, should I upgrade?

  • Thanks for sharing. Can you do a camera comparison between the 12 pro max and the 13 pro max?

  • Thank you for mentioning the battery percentage icon

  • Are we getting chargers with this iPhone?! 😤

  • where is budget edition back to school

  • I'm finally going to switch to the 13 from Android...I'm nervous, lol.

  • IPhone 6s for 5 years and hoping to upgrade … 😇

  • Its ur trevor here😁

  • So why the other commentators talking about the iPhone 13 camera is trashy ?😑👀👀 seem pretty good too me

  • iPhone is trash

  • hey jud, now that pacific blue is gone, what color do you think you are getting for your personal phone?

  • Yes upgrading cause I wanted the smaller pro phone for my smaller hands

  • I have the 12 Pro Max Pacific Blue and I’m considering switching to the iPhone 13 Mini. I’m totally confused and torn between these two separate spectrums of phone sizes.

    • @Ahmed Sarfraz i got the 13 pro and its perfect size

    • I have xs max and I ordered the 13 pro regular.

    • Same i cant decide between the mini or the pro coning from pro max

  • I’m definitely upgrading my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Verizon is/was giving out $1000 trade in credit for it, so it will balance out price-wise.

  • No need to upgrade if you have a 12pro and better

  • Yeah I’m upgrading 13 pro max Sierra blue!

  • Not worth the upgrade if you have a iPhone 12 Pro models

  • Very respect iFans can stand the boring 5 years old design from Apple

  • What’s about the charger

  • I have a 11pro max 64 GB so definitely upgrading preordered iphone 13 Pro Max 1TB Sierra Blue

  • Waited a year for this bc I heard it may have Touch ID again, but it doesn’t. I still have a iPhone 8 and need an upgrade should I go 13 or 13 pro. I have a feeling the 14 will have the Touch ID but oh well, im not waiting another year.

  • Why is this guy always dressed as Tiger Woods ?

  • I have the 11 Pro Max and I’ve order the replacement. Excited.

  • I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max which cause because I can’t hear when I talk to people so yes I needed an upgrade 😂😂😂

  • Sleep apnea my friend. Get it checked, may not be but worth looking into.

  • hey where is iPhone 13??

  • I just love watching reviews of things I cannot buy 😁

  • Where are the actual phones you were holding on your on your preview?

  • Bro how can you not like the new blue on the pro models 😂

  • But for reals is the 13 Pro vs Pro Max legit just the screen size and a slight battery bump???

  • Ended up pre ordering an iPhone 13 Pro for the ProMotion display. Been waiting way too long for that

  • Lmao they still have the notch and screen on the sides have black bars

  • I got an iPhone and s was ready to upgrade. Well… until I saw the event. I got one word for Apple 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 “BOOOOOOOO!” 😡😡😡😡🤬

  • The event was a real disappointment… It reaaaaally was. I would be disappointed. But Apple events have been below mediocre innovations for so long now, that,… Well,…🤷🏾‍♂️ We ALL should be use to it by now.

  • Sick

  • I’ve only just got my 12 pro max like couple months ago , think I’m gonna stay with it for a while seen as I’m pretty happy with it , the 13 doesn’t feel like too much of an upgrade :)

    • 120hz is definitely tempting though but if I really want that I can just use my Samsung , pretty sure I’ll be keeping my 12 pro max for at least another couple years

  • I think Sierra blue looks better than the Navy blue

  • I pre ordered the 13 pro max I currently have the 12 pro max lmao

  • I’m upgrading from my iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max because I use my phone for gaming and pics and basically that’s what improved

  • “But like who asked for that 🤷🏽‍♂️” LMAO


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  • iPhone 12 Pro upgrading to iPhone 13 pro max for the battery 😬

  • Upgrading from 12 pro to 13 pro 256gb of course. I want 120hz.

  • Jud u only speak facts on the pacific blue. Sierra blue is a huge downgrade. Either way i guess I'll upgrade from my 12 pro to a 13 pro with Best Buy giving me 1k for my 12 pro lol. 120 hz here I come!

  • Hey. I wish I could upgrade to the IPhone 13 Pro Max. As a photographer and content creator, it would make my life a lot easier. I already have a MacBook m1 Pro and a lot of the times I use my phone to film when I can't film with my bigger camera. My phone now is an Samsung galaxy note 10 and it is time consuming to get the videos on it. I am not up for an upgrade yet and it is driving me nuts. Anyways, I enjoyed the video. Thanks for the content.

  • Really want a 120Hz iPhone..but not paying £600 to upgrade my 12 Pro Max to a 13 Pro Max

  • My xr is getting pretty old and worn out, thinking of changing to the pro or pro max

  • I have the 11pro. And I am not upgrading. I am going to wait to see what iPhone 14 looks like. I really wish they would move to usb c .


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  • The Sierra Blue is beautiful. The pacific blue is ugly af. It looks hella dry and boring.

  • I have a Galaxy Note 10+. I ordered the Sierra Blue 13 Pro so I'm waiting for it

  • Pre ordered my 13 Pro Max this morning. Coming from a 12 Pro Max so I’m not expecting anything mind blowing… but I have the Apple upgrade program so 🤷🏻‍♂️. Looking forward to finally having the pro motion display. The 12 Pro Max was pretty damn close to perfect so a huge leap really wasn’t expected this year.

  • I’m definitely not upgrading from my 12 Pro Max , this upgrade is a whole lot of nothing

    • Me too, 100% not really worth the upgrade 😂

  • Nah… I’m harping kn the color. I wanted the pacific blue in the 13 pro. Now I’m thinking of either getting the graphite in the 13 or just going with the 12 pro in pacific blue. That color is fire


  • I got the 12 pro max I just pre ordered for the 13 pro max

  • agree, i will buy ipad mini..🥰

  • I have a IPhone 11 and mine battery is already getting bad. I have the phone for 1,5 years and the battery capacity is 87% pretty bad already for a short time. So I will definitely upgrade to a IPhone 13 pro. Don’t know how much gb I will pick and which phone pro 13 or pro 13 max

    • Iam on iphone 11 for 1,5 years too, bh on 89 but still great. I think i will go for iphone 14

  • Coming from the galaxy note8 to the iPhone 13 pro! Super excited to get it!

  • LMAO what, iPhones haven't had a battery percentage indicator since they've had notches? SMH

    • If u drag u can see the battery percentage

    • @Ace you can toggle it tho lmao

    • Dawg chill my android doesnt even have it and its a 2019 model

  • I have an iPhone 7 that is still running strong. Still, I think it's time to get a 13 Pro. Lets goooo

  • I got the 12 Pro Max. The 13 Pro Max is better yes, but not enough of a difference from what I have. If I had like a 7 or the X, then it'd be a sure thing for me.

  • Also that iPad mini is sick but I have a 12.9 pro with the magic keyboard and that’s all I use at home on the couch.

  • I bought the 12 with 128gb because the mini took so long to come out. I miss smaller phones like se but wanted an edge to edge screen and the mini screen was as big as my 8 plus. Now that it looks on paper they’ve fixed the issues that plagued it, I might sell mine and buy it if it’s better, however, I hate the camera setup, looks stupid. I was gonna upgrade my Apple Watch series 4 cellular this year but they didn’t change the design, 1mm larger! Give me a break, do at least 2 and make it more like the iPhone’s.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 5G + ProMotion will gonna eat your battery A LOT

  • Better rock a red Nike shirt next time tiger! 😂 I have iPhone 11 Pro Max and I’m gonna switch to the mini.

  • Wish the 13 max was larger or they changed the hardware to premium old iPhone 5. Definitely keeping my 12 pro max

  • No upgrade just changing the camera to diagonal.. apple is behaving like fruit of apple on the tree with little different to shapes..

  • The watches are a disappointment. I really wanted a new design to watch the iPhone 13

  • Me watching this video in a 2.5 year old OnePlus 7pro : which year is this? 🤔

  • Better than MKBHD

  • I do l not plan on upgrading my 12. Hoping to hold on to it as long as I can

  • Skipping this year, I’ll wait for the 14.

  • This is the first year that I may skip a release, haven't decided yet. I'm normally all excited and ready to preorder, but this year I never really even watched rumor videos. I just closed on a house last month, so maybe that's where all my excitement has went. lol

  • I don’t like the notch 😐🖐🏾

  • I am thinking about upgrading from my Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max but I usually upgrade every year. I like the Sierra Blue color but I’ll keep my Apple Watch 6 (maybe) lol.

  • Notch not going away.. long as they have Face ID

  • Also heard that you cant shoot ProRes with the pro 128GB option on the 13 pros.

  • I was gonna buy the iPhone 11 1 day before the release, thank god I didn’t do it

  • The only thing that I liked from the event is the iPad mini. I currently have the iPad mini 2nd generation that I used to use a lot back in college when it first came out. Now that I've been in the corporate world for a few years, I rarely use it lol. However recently I started using it due to my early 2015 MBP having issues relating to the network antenna. I also have my iPhone 8 plus that I recently replaced the battery. If I buy any Apple products it will probably either be the iPad mini and maybe the iPhone 13 Pro although I can do without the iPhone upgrade for at least another year or 2. If I don't get the mini I might get the iPad Pro 11". I don't really pay as much attention to Apple products anymore simply because nothing has impressed me and I mostly use their products for function and convenience. I'm the type to hold on to my Apple products beyond 3 years or until major issues become apparent to justify upgrading.