NEW Ray-Ban Stories Unboxing (with Mark Zuckerberg!) 🤯

Publicado el 9 sep 2021
Today we get to unbox and check out Facebook's new Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses with none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself. We get a chance to have a dope chat about what these new smart glasses bring to the table.

With built in cameras, speakers, mics, and voice commands, are these the smartest tech glasses out?

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  • Is Mark even capable of expressing emotions?

  • Lol @ Zuck pretending to be human

  • How is this different from snapchat glasses few years ago?

  • Wait. These only record 30 seconds at a time???

  • apple is sure going to copy this and make a glass better than this for sure 😂🕴

  • Data looked good there, shall we turn him off now?

  • Lockup Mark under the RICO ACT. He needs to serve 20 years in prison or just remove his CPU, The robot never blinks

  • Jude looking good

  • Dude, this is so fake 😂😂

  • I wonder if he’s still using these. Tech like this always seems cool and exiting for like a month then we go back to how we like to do things.

  • The only way for the cellphones survive if they return to he's roots like in the 90's.

  • Sooooo they’re Snapchat spectacles with Ray ban branding

  • Somebody to tag Casei Neistat !

  • Facebook and Mark is awkward and lame. It would make more sense if you could use them as regular glasses, like not sun glasses.

  • 3:57 is what we should take away from this video

  • Mark Zuckerberg looks like the scary version of Data from Star Trek.

  • This is perfect for predators.

  • He’s so into technological development and how to win consumers he’s forgot what it means to be a normal person’s almost like he’s a reptilian or something 🦎

  • This would be fun for sexual encounters

  • I feel like zucc is intentionally making himself look like a robot. There’s no way a guy that rich could afford to darken his eyebrows a bit to look more human. And the haircut! What the heck is that! It’s really a persona he’s created, that suits well his company values as a money grabbing, anti-social and soulless corporation. As if he’s became part of his tech world. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tech enhanced in his brain too. A transhumanism advocate for sure.

  • Does it capture sound as well?

  • This felt Pre-recorded... 🤔 Good acting and good interview though. Never showed the screen and the two videos looked odd!

  • Yo forget the glasses, that bracelet youre wearing is so dope! What is it and where can i get it??

  • Disappointed it doesn’t shoot in portrait mode

  • Charging $510 aud for single vision prescription lenses means this product is dead in the water.

  • I gotta have this kind of glass. I will pay whatever it takes

  • Game changer for POV's lol

  • AR ads coming to your peripheral vision soon ..

  • Scared for humanity.

  • I almost thought , he was going to say hey Google 🤣🤣

  • Yours was better than mark

  • Sooooo gooood ❤️😭💞

  • Damn, Mark's face cam is literally movie quality in every foking video lol 😮

  • Now mark can easily look into ur house also great

  • This is gonna flop just like Snapchat spectacles

  • Creepy Facebook spyware.

  • Buying it right now lol

  • The only review I trust on these Ray Ban. Let the companies know you convinced me on getting two pair tomorrow morning.

  • You’re gonna see a lot of people with these on the beach 😏

  • Wow great glasses beautiful glasses another product of mark to invade people privacy

  • ⚠️ FACEBOOK has teamed up with NSA ⚠️

  • 300 hundred no thanks

  • I’m definitely not getting glasses from Facebook that record audio and video

  • Zuckerberg looks like he’s in the sunken place bro

  • Why pretend it's a live video call?

  • All I hear Mark saying is, we tried to build a dope smart glass, but ended up stuffing in camera, speaker and mic with some capacitive touch control onto a regular Ray ban glass just to stay in the market.

  • This looks pretty sick 🥸

  • I don't know much about tech but I know not to trust the Zuck

  • What watch band is that at 0:39?

  • you realize if you use this product you are giving them control of your decisions. zuckerburg even says it in his commercial for them "you no longer have to choose to interact with your device or choose to interact with the world around you" Now you are under mind contrail with these AI gadgets, the fall oh being human is upon us. RESIST

  • I hope these get yearly camera and battery upgrades like smartphones do.

  • I'd trust Google more than Facebook. This is next level creep getting real life data for whatever evil purpose they have. They buy off good apps/companies and make them data mining apps as well.

  • I really use my spectacle nico glasses a lot. Had them for about 3 years and they have been good to me especially for driving biking or even video notes, but the lenses are plastic (polarized) instead of glass so they do not fight against the sun to well. They do not play music although they have great microphones for recording audio plus the camera Quality is good but not great. So I wouldn’t mind retiring the Nico for the ray bans because the truth is smart glasses are amazing!

  • I don’t think he’s capable of expressing human emotions, this Mark Zuckerberg guy

  • I do not trust Facebook when they make any claims about privacy or not using our data, and I would not be surprised if the classes become popular especially with the camara feature that many businesses or local governments ban the wearing of them in some spaces

  • There is a potential to use it as prescription glasses and capture every moment even outside the sun.

  • Nice, I think I would like the transitions version

  • Hopefully they'll have some contact lenses some time soon for these glasses

  • Real video starts at 7:04 Ur welcome

  • Look at Judd the model 😎 yea we saw u feelin urself lol

  • Privacy and security has officially left the chat. Cool and super scary. There's more cons than pros on this. Think about everything happening now. Won't be surprised if governments start using these kinda things to spy on us 24/7, after all, how you gon know who is wearing a camera and who's not.

  • really nice video.

  • Noooo i don’t like it 😡

  • So creepy!

  • We just act like Snap hasn’t been working on a product? Lol. Damn you Facebook

  • Cool sun glasses with creepy tech only Facebook will know how to do that lol

  • kg

  • My man has 3.12 millions subs, he should have more views. Support 🗣

  • Horrible horrible idea nothing new same shit Google and Snapchat trying on doing stop ✋

  • Did I just see Celestial Being on that TV???

  • Snapchat made these years ago...

  • congrats!! great video!!

  • Wow you interacted with a alien lizard 🦎

  • What color combo do you have in your tester? Looks like matte finish.

  • The first Smart Glass for ESmain bloggers

  • Hi UrAvgConsumer, can you tell us about the storage?

  • I’m sold

  • these look so dope!

  • 7:12 uncanny valley?

  • WTF!! 🙄🥱😱 A real, true, credible and truthful tech geek and reviewer would never cooperate with today's biggest threat to free speech and all the good tech the world contributes with! MZ&FB=EVIL!

  • That not bad I pay $600 for my Ray bans with prescription

  • So is it in wide screen from what you've shown it looks like is 4:3 ratio

  • I trust my toilet more than that guy lol

  • Is it me Or this interview seems to have marks part pre recorded?😂

  • Bro I want these there was just moments where I just wanted to record something but did not have my phone

  • What if bettery blast

  • 10:35 yes you could capture that otherwise. There are a ton of camera glasses including snapchat's camera glasses...which you stole literally all your functionality from dumbass.

  • It's so funny watching Zuckerberg talk about these things like he invented them when they are literally Snapchat specs or w/e they were called. Every single feature. Identical. On top of that he stole "stories" from snapchat as well, and is using his stolen glasses to post to his stolen functionality lmao. All this guy has done his entire life is steal shit from everyone else and put his name on it.

  • I’m definitely liking them but for the $299 price, it’s kinda hard to factor in that price when I can buy nearly the same BOSE for $150. You’re basically paying $150 more for a name on the side and camera that you might use half of the time 🤔

  • Damn... Jud be looking dope in that glasses 🔥🔥

  • Hey Facebook 🤣

  • Does this track your location? What are the privacy settings like?

  • Facetapos!!!

  • At least these don't give you round imagery

  • These will be so helpful in India, we got a few fake feminist their 🤷🏼‍♂️💯🌻

  • My 2yr old daughter does the exact same thing whenever we whip the phone out to record something nowadays. Her activity stops and she wants to know what we're recording 🙈 I've long advocated smart glasses for this reason alone... ever since my son was born 8 years ago 😃

  • You should not respect Mark A.K.A. I mean Marxist CEO🐍 you shouldn’t review any of his products or interview him. If it was the CEO of Google I would have be fin with it.

  • Hey Mark take a photo/video would have been cool. 😎 ( Not Facebook)

  • Everything looks great except for "Hey Facebook".

  • Why do the glasses need 2 cameras? Did I miss something?