Nintendo Switch OLED - Cop or Drop?

Publicado el 5 nov 2021
The Switch OLED has been out for a little while now but if you're still wondering if you should pick one up, this review might help! So let's find out, is this thing a cop or drop?
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  • This is one of the first times I’ve actually had the product you’re doing a review on. Don’t mind me guys just feeling like I made it

  • I'm a truck driver so I mostly play my Switch on the go, and this was 100% a must buy for me. I don't even care about no performance upgrades, the bigger and better OLED screen is phenomenal

    • I can't imagine you playing this

    • @Andrew B it has more noticable jaggies yes.

    • My cousin is also a truck driver. It’s heavy work. Thank you for doing what you do king

    • @Abigail Moore i highly recommend getting the Mario tennis game. Actually super fun and fun to play online as well

    • But the pixels per inch are less.... 🤔 How are the jaggies?

  • it seems like a nice little upgrade for those who play the switch in portable mode more so than docked, but for docked users there doesn't seem to have been any change

    • @Pong Krell switches are great for pc gamers. I play it docked everyday on my main monitor

    • I agree with this statement

    • @Pong Krell i use mine maonly docked, hate carrying it around without a grip case cause its kind of heavy after awhile, also the batgery life is kind pf annpiong to deal with. i also dont like straining my eyes to see the small screen

    • Does anyone actually only ply docked because even a regular switch is really exspensive just to play exclusives in when some don’t even ply well

  • I love the OLED. Rarely played my previous switch in handheld and thus was playing it less. I literally pull my OLED out of the dock the moment I get home from work and play it every evening with sports typically on my tv. No regrets upgrading here!

    • @Celtics Fan I would say get the OLED if you think there is a chance you’ll ever play in handheld because it is significantly better in that mode and the OLED is still really hard to find. If you will NEVER play in handheld, then the redbox Switch is totally fine. I used to play mainly in docked mode until I bought the OLED and now I play almost exclusively in handheld because I just love the OLED screen. Hope this helps!

    • Is it really that much better? I’m getting my first switch and was planning on playing in the dock most of the time so I was gonna get the Mario kart bundle for 300 and use the extra $50 towards a pro controller. But I luckily had the chance to order the OLED version today so I did, since they’re apparently hard to get. I was planning on canceling it but if the OLED screen is that good I might just keep it. What do you recommend? Thanks!

  • I still had the launch version switch with the crap battery. Blown away by how long the oled can go before needing a charge. That and the screen quality are definitely worth it.

    • This is what I was wondering, I have the very original with the crap battery. So that means the OLED has a much better battery than the original original switch?

  • I primarily play on the Switch screen, never on a TV. I sold my OG version to GS for $200 with their trade in offer. After copping one from a friend who bought 2, it was a no brainer. So I technically upgraded for $150 which isn't bad.

    • Damn your friend sold you one for $350 what a G

    • Yeah that’s not always bad ! And you have more screen real-estate too

    • Same traded in my switch lite for the OLED and I do not regret it one bit

  • I bought an original Switch back in 2017, didn’t care for it and sold it. Just got the Switch OLED and the entire package is far more complete than anyone gives it credit for. The bigger OLED plus build quality make all the difference.

  • I have never had a switch but I went with the Oled since it was only $50 more and it has 64 gb of internal storage vs 32 on the older switch.

    • Get a micro SD card. I have roughly 40 games n still have 40 gigs of out of 128 left. Very worth it

  • I upgraded and for me the updated screen alone was so worth it. Day and night difference and I just really love the quality.

  • I 100% agree on the fact of don't play anyone who already has one. I played my coworkers oled and went back to my screen and was devastated, luckily gamestop is boosting the trade ins so I sold them my switch and just went to best buy and paid the difference which wasn't much at all

    • Nice, what price did your local game stop give you?

  • I’m so excited to get mine. I never had a Nintendo switch so I felt it was a safe bet to get the Oled (waiting for them to come back in stock 😩) but I also like that the screen is bigger since I wear glasses 🙈😂

  • Hoping to cop one. I like how you review gadgets. And i love watching your massive unboxing especially when arie is around. Haha. Always choosing the hard to reach boxes and always commenting about your gundam collections. Keep it up! Cheers!

  • If your a handheld switch player, 100 percent recommend. The glass screen is amazing. If you play dock, the just find a cheaper first gen version.

  • I ended up getting the lite, since this was sold out, i could've gotten the original but considering the small upgrades it wouldn't have been worth it for me. I've enjoyed playing dread on portable but i would like to see it on a screen.

  • Love that I upgraded to the OLED and I appreciate the smaller details like the power button is recessed more, the volume buttons are flush and the fan grill is less likely to break like on my original Switch.

  • My first switch was the OLED. I’ve been wanting to get a switch for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy it. Played a bit of Pikmin 3 for the nostalgic trip. Raced a few courses in Mario Cart 8, another nostalgic trip with Rainbow Road. Hell. I saw Minecraft and Diablo on the store too. As for right now? I love it. A ton. Again. First switch. I have a PC, I have a console too. But damn this thing is fun!

    • @J Scrilly that’s up to you. But my personal experience with the 12 hours or so? Yeh, worth it.

    • I’m still debating if I should get it for Xmas is it worth it?

  • I freaking love the Oled. Just got one. Some games look marginally better but then there are games like Rocket League that look like completely different games. It’s that much of a difference!

  • I don’t feel the need to upgrade personally, especially since I actually have mine docked most of the time. The visual experience won’t really make much a difference for me personally.

    • I have one and I can say if you play handheld a lot it’s defo worth the buy. When you play a docked a lot it isn’t worth it apart from the fact that Nintendo claims they have fixed the drift on the new joycons. They added a little bit of padding under the joystick.

  • I upgraded from a switch lite. And with the bigger and better quality screen, plus being able to have a break from holding it handheld all the time, and plus being able to hook it up to a tv, makes all the difference. The sound is also better as well. The battery isn’t much different though. Definitely worth the upgrade if you have a switch lite!

  • I bought one because I only owned a Lite and I wanted to play on a television. I had a little buyer's remorse because I used my budget that I set aside for a gaming pc and a Steam Deck🤦‍♂️...I thought that the motion controls and Docked mode would be a big deal but it was really over-rated and not much different from the experience on my Switch Lite. It's not exactly bad but not worth the price of $349. Guys like me don't really need it to display on a TV because none of my friends/family are into gaming and nobody that I care about is watching me when I play. What's the point of people like me getting the regular Switch when we can get the Lite instead? It's better for introverted people that prefer the peace and privacy. I would have been happy just with the Switch Lite because I don't care about motion controls and I don't need TV mode. As for other people that like motion controls or TV mode, it might be better suited for them. I still think that a Steam Deck is better at that price point. If it hadn't been delayed, I would have waited for that instead.

  • I'd be turning my pockets inside out if it had upgraded internals.

    • Better fan, better battery life, better screen, double the memory. What else you looking for?

    • Forza horizon, grand turismo or need for speed on switch is pretty sweet... Eventho graphics is reduced. Every triple A games got left behind for switch

    • Why would a nintendo handheld need upgraded internals?

    • @TShorty929 I would pay more if it could run games like cod and such.

    • @PogueSquadron $80 games will do that for yah xD

  • I went to my local Target today and they had 48 of them! 24 of each color 🤯 needless to say I bought one real quick. It’s awesome. Huge upgrade from the switch lite I’ve been playing for the last two years.

  • I’ve been really happy with my oled. I personally like to throw something random on the tv and play on my couch on my spare time.

  • Started Metroid Dread on the original switch, lucky enough to grab an oled partway through. Totally worth the upgrade for me. Handheld and also table top with a pro controller are just much better experiences. My only complaint is the OLED feels heavier so the hand cramps come sooner

    • @David Burden the game is awesome. good for experienced and new metroid players. my only beef is that it only takes most people around 12-15 hours to not just beat the game, but to get 100%. Hoping for DLC in the future.

    • How is the game? Just bought a OLED one for Christmas for my little girl, but Super Metroid is my all time favorite so I was considering getting a little something for myself too.

    • That last statement is very true lol. I’ve been playing Hades a lot on the OLED and DAMN it makes my hands hurt on the first run

  • Thank you for the update! You keep it so real! .. I Subscribed! Just because I have both and you advised the best and real qualities, you don't seem bought out buy the company. Quality review!

  • When I saw your video I went to Amazon to check. They are going for $650! That’s crazy. They are still available on Nintendo as of right now $350. We just our son the first one last Christmas. I don’t want to pay that much for another one. He switches back and forth between tv and handheld so we’ll definitely get this when he needs a replacement. One question, does the new one fit in the old dock and vice versa?

  • Great review, couldn’t have asked for a better one. Thanks!

  • I've been thinking about getting a switch OLED or older just to replace my lite. I want the Metroid game and Pokemon Pearl and the bigger display plus dicked/tv mode would be better for me imo

    • If you have a Lite already, it's doesn't make sense to buy something that costs double of what a Lite costs. You're getting the exact same specs and internals. The only additional features are the $10 OLED screen and TV mode. Some people don't care about TV mode and they hardly ever use it because they play handheld all the time. People like this are better off with the Lite. Think about it critically. What additional features are you getting on the standard Switch that you're not getting on the Lite, and how much do these cost? You can get a set of Joycons for $60 and the dock is basically a glorified HDMI port. Does it really make sense to pay $349 if the additional features are not even worth $100? Anyway, this is how I look at it. The 2017 Switch might be a good choice because you can get one second-hand for less than the price of a Lite.

  • I just bought an OLED Switch model, yesterday. I'm already liking it more than Nintendo's Flagship Switch Model. I usually play in docked mode, but I will be playing a lot more in handheld mode, now.

  • I was able to trade in my switch at GameStop for $260 ($220 without promo at time) so I think it was definitely worth the upgrade since it was really old

  • How dare they release this after I bought the original months ago 😭 if Nintendo would let you trade in your old model for credit that would be nice, but they most likely won't have that option. If they made an oled for the lite version I would get it as well 👀

  • Yeah it's an easy no. Drop. If there is no upgrade to the internals then it's the same package in a different box. There are games like Hyrule Warriors that could benefit from having better internals and I do believe that Nintendo games will need better internals because games like Botw 2 could benefit from it so for me I don't recommend this at all even if you don't own an OG switch. If you need a switch experience get the lite. Having the switch docked didn't change my experience versus what I could get from it handheld.

  • thr switch oled is a must have.. the screen just gives games a whole new dimension.. I was sceptical at first but once I had the OLED there was not going back.. on the old non OLED screen you can see the pixels on the screen however on the OLED pixels are not visible and in fact picture quality also appears to be sharper as a result.. Overall sell you old switch and get the OLED..

  • I wonder if they are gonna be doing the same thing for the switch lite. (bigger screen, oled display and making it bigger)

  • Good review but the OG switch also has an Ethernet port also. So what I took from the review only upgrades were just the outside of the switch.. yeah it’s a drop for me I’ll wait until the next Switch

  • I went from the switch lite to oled switch and the difference is day and night. The Oled switch is worth the price difference

  • Nintendo's decision to release the Oled model wasn't the best choice. Since all the accessories work w/ the Oled model, Nintendo needed only to release the OLED console screen. Had they just released the tablet, everyone probably would have bought one.

  • Got mine at GameStop. Traded my old switch for $250 credit towards the OLED model. Totally worth it

    • Yooooo, I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I traded my old Switch for $240 in gamestop store credit, and had $10 extra in store credit. I wound up paying only $108 out of my own pocket for the Switch OLED.😅

  • Been exactly a month since it was announced. I’m glad you took that long for a full and detailed review!

  • One thing they could have done was add an extra (Dual) SD card slot to make it cheaper for people to add SD card capacity.

    • You really gonna use 2 tarabytes worth of storage? Plus the 64gigs it comes with.. . ..didn't think so.

    • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️Thanks for watching and commenting, send me a direct msg I've got a prize for you.

  • I really only play in docked mode, so this upgrade really wouldn’t do to much for me

  • I might consider upgrading once Splatoon 3 comes out since the only way i can get it is through amazon so it's more expensive and i haven't really been using it a lot

  • Just bought one yesterday and haven't played it yet. I have played my buddy's original switch though and just from me setting up I love this OLED version much more

  • How dare they release this after I bought the original months ago 😭 if they made an oled for the lite version I would get it as well 👀

  • I got one for $508 cdn after tax. It wasn't for me to open and play but this is a gift for my nephews so they can take it home and play. I was curious if the oled might have some better quality but it did not, according to some reviews, the specs are all the same except the weight and storage. A little disappointing but a bit satisfied. I guess my nephews won't care until they start growing up.

  • What would you recommend with the OLED compared to the Lite version?

    • I say OLED would be worth it, better quality in handheld compared to the lite and you get TV mode. If you don’t use TV mode every though, maybe a lite. Personally I’m trading in my lite for a regular switch because I prefer TV!

  • I'm so excited. My wife wanted my Switch so she surprised me with the OLED yesterday. I can't wait to get all my games downloaded and play on that gorgeous screen!

  • “Trust your boy on this one..” OF COURSE I TRUST YOU BRO

  • Really enjoy all your reviews. It’s going for $650 right now pretty pricey but maybe a sale will come soon

  • My GameStop was running a thing with pro memberships, so I sold my go switch for 260 and then basically got the upgrade for 100 bucks.

  • Hello good sir, since the screen is a bit bigger does it affect the graphics aside from the colors?

  • Thanks, I think I'll just get the first model and then cop the new Metroid game with the additional $50-$60 difference. 👍

  • I only upgraded due to the factor i had the switch v1 and the battery life was dreadful.. but i waited for offer and got mine for the price of the v2

  • I’m a handheld gaming user so the oled switch is a must cop for me

    • I’m a money budget handler so that’s a drop for me

    • I'm a table top player and this is a must cop for me

    • Same here

  • I have my older switch fully in doc mode and use the lite more than often than I used too. I considered getting the oled but now prob not

  • Me: ETHERNET PORT!? Yes, I can finally use my high-speed internet. Nintendo: That's cap.

  • Me personally having still a perfectly good condition regular switch I wouldn’t personally buy the OLED version unless you have no switch.

    • i have a lite but i prefer TV play so I’m just trading it in for a cheaper regular switch now, OLED is definitely not worth the cost when the only difference is handheld graphics (stores are charging insane prices in my area currently - like $400+)

    • I totally agree with you on that one

    • @Lum1n Otryc It's comparatively cheaper than PlayStation Plus, for example. But, yeah, I wish if cloud saves were at least free to some extent. Maybe have a certain amount of free cloud storage (like 1 GB).

    • @Lum1n Otryc it’s really really really cheap though and why shouldn’t they make u pay

    • @SnakePlissken001 Can’t believe Nintendo makes u pay for the cloud storage tho smhh

  • Nintendo kills it with controls and mechanicals. I luv the oled screen.

  • At the end of the day, it makes zero sense why Nintendo would release a pro version when they do not want to get anywhere near Microsoft and Sony prices. Affordability and party games are their bread and butter.

    • @Qouta I still wanna see Mario in 4k before I die though.

    • @Qouta I don’t ever pay 70$ for them I wait till they are on sale for 30$ and lower but that’s crazy for water down game that’s not even running at 60fps

    • @Seannightwal the game isn’t battlefield or triple A single player game. The game won’t change visually because it’s not using the greatest engine.

    • @Jonnnn yeah when games are $70 for other consoles.

    • Don't you wanna see Mario and Link in 4K?

  • I feel like we need a switch lite OLED now

  • Looks great but without the internal performance upgrades i will wait for the next gen version

  • Had to buy it after playing on my bro’s! Put my OG one up for sale that same day I got the OLED and got $200 system and dock only👌. Now is the perfect time to sell the old one since all switches are out of stock everywhere!

  • Never owned a switch before so I copped and my lawd I love it! Brilliant Diamond is gonna be a BLAST!

    • This is literally me

    • My switch broke so I’m gonna get the OLED I’m super hype for you I preordered diamond as well it’s gonna be so awesome!!

  • it's really beautyful ! the thick bezels are definitely noticable on the older one without the new one next to it... when that one came out i imediately felt like Why on earth are they so thick ?

  • I sold my switch lite on time to get the rumored pro version 😂 but all is good got my reservation for steam deck. The issue is the switch's internals feel like it's coming to the end if it's life cycle. 5+ years now and maybe another 2 years? It's time to play with rdna 2 graphics in February.

  • I sold my original used switch during the lockdown for $350 just because I knew a newer model was going to come out so of course I got this OLED

  • I got mine for my birthday and its worth the change imo Just the new screen itself is amazing

  • Just bought an OLED Switch solely because of this video. Nice work bro!

  • I just bought one today on amazon hopefully it was worth it! Been wanting a switch for awhile now.

  • It’s cool, but idk if I really need it, I’ll probably wait an extra couple years for the very improved, the changes are cool, but not a necessity, I gotta get the ps5 or series X before this.

  • I’m wondering why do I always watch these interviews right after I buy something instead of before I buy it 😂

  • Honestly, I bought mine and have been love with it since.

  • Love your honest reviews.

  • Mostly tv player here, I had twins this year and noticed I was playing more in handheld mode. This screen is a must. The og screen sucks. No comparison

    • Congratulations! I also had twins . Handheld mode is so convenient now lol.

  • I can't imagine how spaltoon 2 and limbo would look in that gorgeous oled screen

  • Only had a Lite so I had been waiting for the so called pro to come out but it didn’t so I grabbed this one. Worth it.

  • My gf wanted a switch after playing her brothers at her dads house so i ordered a preowned v2 for 280 and when I got to gamestop, i seen them putting these on the shelf. Immediately returned the preowned without leaving the store and bought one. Looks way better than the v2

  • Just ordered the same one you have, I have the first gen but my wife stole it from me...😂 She wanted to play Pokémon Sword, so I bought the expansion pass as she won't give it back..but I'm excited for the oled version

  • Definitely a visual upgrade!

  • I know this is a dumb question but, if I put the colors to standard instead of vivid will it still look better than the og switch or no?

  • I have an og switch and a switch lite, and I was gonna buy the oled if I could find it, but I guess I’m going to hold off, because it doesn’t seem like there is enough benefit yet for me to justify another $350 on another switch

  • I love my Switch OLED the screen just looks beautiful but I'm still waiting on a pro model one day

    • @david Tran yes it always goes in my bag

  • I upgraded from a V1 and what a difference on display but a even bigger upgrade on battery! Like massive difference!

  • I don’t have a Nintendo switch but I think this is gonna be a cop for me it’ll be a great start to Nintendo for me

  • im dropping for me it's not worth the upgrade i have managed to put proper themes on my switch currently using a yoshi theme and have a battery pack with a similar kickstand as the oled and give me extra 10 hours battery. will be investing in the new dock though

  • One of the biggest reasons I didn't buy an original switch is because the bezels made it feel already dated... Many apple products are the same way like the new iPads.

  • I wonder if there’s input lag on this oled switch? I’m currently playing Metroid on a switch lite and the motion is so fluid, but if I play it on the oled switch I wonder if I’ll notice input lag and less precise movements

    • @Dead Star how would a bigger screen make lag inputs?

    • @Stra1n because the screen is bigger

    • why would there be input lag

  • There will be no Pro model. Nintendo is just starting to work on the Switch 2 which will take 2-3 years. So expect it to be out during late 2025 or 2026.

  • I just ordered mine from Best Buy today. I can’t wait to play it!

  • It's soooo frustrating trying to get the OLED version; Best Buy and Game Stock are hording stock (unless you pay that $200 fee to Best Buy to 'then' buy it). Target gets trickles of them but you have to be at the right target as they're put on the floor because people are buying all of them at once then reselling them on eBay. I've been driving around store to store every morning as they open and never anything. And, Nintendo always does this every holiday season where they limit the stock. I know there's a shipping issue or the chip shortage but it's always something with Nintendo, it seems, to drive that crazed demand where people horde them if they find them, buying them all so they can scalp them.

  • Now the rumours of the new switch possibly Late Q4 next year, I’ll be keeping my original switch and saving for the next gen 😊

  • If I didn’t already have a switch I would pick this up. Just don’t feel like it’s enough of an upgrade to justify buying another one.

  • I had n OG Switch from when they first came out and a Lite.... Sold them both and bought an OLED for a profit!

  • I just think you missed it has 64gb of storage, not sure if you mentioned it. Thank you for making me want this now lol!

  • Just got the OLED YESTERDAY i absolutely love it. If you have never had a switch.... get the OLED you can go wrong

  • Just bought mine…it’s my first switch and my first Nintendo since the original DS.

  • I managed to sell my old switch for around $200 and went for the black and white!! Love it I can see my battery was getting old! I got the first version with less bat already

  • Ngl the Switch Oled looks clean but is it really worth the upgrade from the original Nintendo switch? The answer is yes 😂👌🏾

    • I agree ! For those that are contemplating … I guess the main difference is just the OLED

  • Sold my old switch for 290$ at GameStop store credit then bought the new OLED and also used my ps5 GameStop 50$ gift card so I only payed about 67$ for the protection and screen protector

  • Long story short: If you already have a switch and only play docked and offline. its not gonna be too different for you.