OLED Nintendo Switch is FINALLY Here!

Publicado el 6 jul 2021
We've been waiting for the Nintendo Switch Pro upgrade for ages but now we have the new Nintendo Switch OLED model. Not quite what everyone was expecting, but let's talk about the differences!

Find it here:
Nintendo Switch OLED Model: bit.ly/3AxPR3X

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  • Him: 350 dollars Me:that’s pretty good Also me: realizes that I am Canadian and he is talking about American dollars

  • Keep Rockin UAC! You and your team are KILLING, great quality videos and insights.

  • U don't even have one with u

  • Whose gonna buy this at its end of life cycle

  • Passssssss

  • This guy is a metro sexual now

  • How are you an average consumer

  • The literal singular improvement over the original if you play docked is the Ethernet port, but you can buy an adapter for super cheap for the original. So yeah... nah..

  • Nintendo has did his homework 😂

  • play splatoon 3 on it

  • I think in one side: “Why the heck the first switch wasn’t THIS?” On the other side the constant upgrades to consoles break the experience. The big advantage of consoles was: “Buy it and you’re good to go for a couple of years” you don’t need to constant upgrade it like a PC. Personally I’m no console player but i guess a couple of people would have an issue with that short and repeating new investments.

  • my dream its having one :(

  • Also, just an update, you can now connect wireless Bluetooth audio devices to all Nintendo Switch devices since there was a software update for the Switch. 👍

  • Literally watched 3 review videos and this was the ONLY one I liked cuz it was to the point with no BS. Literally, most of the videos were just talking with no visuals damn near -_-

  • Cheeky thumbnail maybe that’s the unlike reason.

  • Loving the tshirt

  • Wait… you don’t have it in hand? Pathetic bro come on

  • I don’t have Nintendo and I don’t know which to buy please give me some helpp

  • Im getting the oled

  • Battery life on the original switch is s**t! Why can't they make 1 with a better battery and bluetooth for headphones.

  • They need to sort out the stupid joycons and the fact they drift.

  • I’m still waiting for a next-generation Nintendo Console. The Switch has been around for a while. I think it’s time for an upgrade to a new console. Not worth buying a new Switch at all

  • The OLED looks cool!

  • .....the price should be the same as the blue n red nintendo....why is it so darn expensive

  • Switch oled seams like a complete waste. A oled screen that can at best hit 1080? Kind of a wast of oled tech. Who knows maybe it will be cool.

  • I've not owned a switch, nor have I "gamed" for years.. think I'll wait till this comes out..

  • how much is it gonna be?

  • We already got Bluetooth Audio on the regular switch there’s a new update

  • Bluetooth audio now available with update 13.0

  • Nintendo: now you can finally play chess out side Me:wow why wasn’t this on the old model?

  • everyone else - lets get rid of wires Nintendo - its 2021 lets add ethernet port

  • I don’t think so

  • Brain hurts from watching. To painful to watch, for reasons Im not going to say.

  • My little cousin wants my switch so I’ll get the new one

  • Nintendo is Nintendo they know what they are doing and if I were them I would ignore the fans too

  • Buying a switch today, then returning it in 30 days when the OLED comes out 😂

  • You’re a punk for putting a photoshopped image of you holding this as the thumbnail. You make it seem like a review but this is just a reaction video. Garbage.

  • I need your help bro

  • Should I get this model as my first switch

  • I bought a velcro stand for the Switch in 2018. It cost $20. Just get that. Save your money.

  • I have a Switch Lite so I’m passing on this,They should have made a more powerful Switch console like the New Nintendo 3ds console.Everyone who has a Switch doesn’t not want to upgrade unless you had the original launch model version.

  • Not fine at all. smh

  • Dissapointing

  • support with like, airpods, bluetooth headphones etc.. is a no brainer. unbelievable that the ps5 doesn't work with airpods.

  • Offt. I feel like that thumbnail attracted alot of dislikes

  • Nintendo disrespects all the fans with this garbage.

  • The GameBoy Advance to the GameBoy Advance SP was an interesting upgrade. The GameBoy to GameBoy Color was huge way back when. This new Switch though feels like laziness.

  • If they put this in the lite variant I might buy it

  • The only thing that changed was the kick stand

  • Might get one

  • Here a quick guide,if u a new user get the oled but if u already had a switch just skips it especially people who always dock it n lastly for lite version is people that always on the go or works longs hours like me where mobility/portability matters.

  • The Nintendo switch OLED is coming on 8th October my birthday is on the 24th of October so you know what ima get for my b-day

  • Nintendo switch ks crap. Steam deck will be better.

  • Nintendo's next gen console will probably come out soon anyway. Keep saving for the new one.

  • How are people even buying this? This console got the latest and greatest specs from 2010 or something for that price

  • I have the lite and it’s perfect

  • Better hardwares do bring better experience. Nintendo fans deserve better hardware than this, especially after 4 years. For example: imagine you can play Zelda at 120fps. Once you go 120fps, you can barely go back to 60fps, not saying 30fps. I think it is totally doable for Nintendo, just they want it or not. Now mostly mid-range android phones can perform at that frame rate.

  • I'm not buying this crap. Lol

  • Nothing sells like Nintendo switch 90million yet sales still going strong image with oled this thing going break record again

  • I had an OLED screen on my PSP vita Nintendo said to their fans got eeeeeeem!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m gonna try to get my hands on one in November because of Black Friday

  • And I’m blessed that I could afford a Ps5 got that on launch day to

  • I can’t wait till I get my Nintendo switch OLED on launch on October 8th it will be my first ever Nintendo switch I never owned one

  • Did they fix the drift?


  • Wow, cant wait to play Hyrule Warriors at 10fps on my new 2021 Switch.....

  • I love smash, but I'd rather not have the roster burned into my screen

  • Why you CATFISHING man !? You show a picture of you holding it !!! I think I’m un subscribing 🤨

  • I only play in handheld mode, since my son has his Switch hooked up to the TV. So I currently use a Switch Lite. I’m wondering if the OLED screen and size might be worth the upgrade for me since I only play in handheld mode.

  • Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't OLED burn in a hell of a lot easier? Yeah... no thanks. As much as I love the switch and would like it with less bezels and slightly bigger screen.. Not worth the hassle to fight scalpers for it.

  • Basically the slim version of the switch. 🆗️

  • as a consumer who wants to get their first Nintendo Switch, I don't mind the 50$. The upgrade that I'm most hyped for is the kickstand. THE NUMBER OF TIMES WHEN PLAYING THE SWITCH WITH FRIENDS, THE STAND IS DOGSHIT (the Switch is friends ofc). The slightly better screen, higher storage, slightly better audio, and ethernet port are just okay improvements. In my opinion, the kickstand justifies the WHOLE 50$ price bump altogether for me.

  • I traded my old switch to pre-order the OLED switch

  • Wish it came with 256GB or 500GB we need more internal memory

  • if you already own the Nintendo switch it won't be worth switching but if you don't own one go for it. I rather just save to buy an xbox. disappointed that Nintendo didn't put any effort.

  • Nintendo is a trash company

  • Ah...apologist content creators will never change. Always looking for the crappiest excuses to "okay" some scumbag multi-million/billion dollar company suckering you into finding value in another incremental product at a higher price point, when nothing significant hardly ever changes with it...

  • All is good until you said "if you can find one" then it made me sad.

  • You’re telling the vita had oled and now the Nintendo switch has oled lol after so many years finally

  • I have wanted to buy a switch for a long time but I wanted to wait for a new switch to come out October 8 is my birthday! Definitely asking for this for my birthday if I don’t get it I’ll be buying it seems much better then the other one

  • Should’ve just went all out and made the screen 8 inches or something 😍

  • I don’t own a switch but am thinking of getting one, is this model worth the extra money over the OG version?

  • “iT hAs No nEw SpEcS fRoM sWiTcH pRo!111 cAnCeL!11”

  • Reading these comments crack me up. Your not going to please everyone. For me I would like this switch because of the classic titles like Zelda and Metroid which I'm a huge fan of. It reminds me on my 3ds XL I use to have but now I can play it to the tv or take it with me

  • Is this... the nintendo pro that they have speculated months ago??

  • Garbage. The steam deck KILLS this thing.

  • I'd buy this just for Dragon Ball Z kakorot even though I have a switch lite and already have they game on playstation lol

  • When will Nintendo stop making underpowered consoles that makes 3rd party developers cringe and run away…maybe they’re scared 3rd party titles might sell more then their 1st party titles???..Nintendo been giving 3rd party developers a hard time since N64 with the outdated cartridge and expansion pack..while a less powerful PlayStation had a CD rom format that could incorporate CG movies and cutscenes that N64 could not except Resident Evil with the expansion pack…I feel like they keep kicking their customers in the face…doing the bare minimum with specs and not considering the fact that Nintendo players old and new want to play all the games 1st and 3rd party titles

  • I need a Oled switch lite!! Than I'll just emulate in 4k!! (If I want to use it in "dock mode") Boom free switch pro, kinda🤯

  • I’ll get this I only play handheld

  • Never tried switch console so the OLED model might be a great start for me

  • I love your t shirt where is it from

  • I like it. Sure it would be nice to get 4k, but to be honest, Nintendo doesn't need it yet. OLED looks sweet! Nintendos games look great. And with the increased prices now days because of inflation, a switch pro would probably have to go for 400 to $500 and probably a great portion of Nintendos fan base would not spend 500 for a switch pro. I think Nintendo can wait a year or two. Take the Steam deck that people are hyped about, looks like a really cool system don't get me wrong, but the base price is $400 without a dock unless you pay for it separately, plus i don't know if it can even do 4k or not. regardless, Nintendo needs to make money and releasing a switch pro with shortages and inflation currently is probably not a smart move.

  • I have a switch lite from when the quarantine hit and I couldn’t find any regular switches. So this oled model will be an excellent upgrade for me

  • Nah i have already bought normal switch I'm not going to buy that

  • Nothing like a misleading thumbnail. Keep up the good work.

  • Ill sell my switch lite and buy second hand v2 for cheap

  • I have a light, I wanted to upgrade but I‘m gonna wait till october :)

  • When you have an Oled TV 😂 than there isn't really a point to the screen upgrade

  • Who would’ve thought Will Smith wanted to make Nintendo videos 😀