Our Newest Smart Home Upgrade!

Publicado el 11 nov 2020
Check out the Level Touch here: level.co/products/touch?...
So we made a pretty cool update to our smart home and got rid of our old, bulky smart lock and replaced it with the new Level Touch. This tiny smart lock has a ton of awesome features and you'd never be able to tell by looking at it. Watch this video and I'll give you my review and show you how it works.
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  • Dope video

  • So pretty much the deadbolt that is supposed to be my one line of defense against kick ins has been hollowed out and turned into the battery compartment? Big no no for me.

  • Screws were stripped

  • Imagine hacking his house

  • Everything Google, butt the doorbell is a ring ?! Time to change IT to a Google nest hello!

  • Send me the August Lock.

  • You could have just painted the old door

  • This is poorly designed. If someone got hold of your phone and knows where you stay, that's all they need. Biometric is still safer than this crap. And windows next to the door makes no sense.

  • What if you go out, then remember you've forgotten your phone in the house. How do you get in?

  • Please don't paint that door white lol its a gorgeous accent to the home 😍 (Interior designer OCD)

  • dude...your handle is now crooked. LOL Im dying here.. ..also how did you not notice your first lock was totally not level. You got me as a sub....i like your vids!

  • Have you thought about if she was at home and you was in the Go-Fence area, but not quite home yet if someone touch the lock would it unlock for them?

  • door handle isn't straight ;( OCD kicking in again

  • If i spoof your phones location i can get in your house with one finger. thank you looks like a wealthy home too. big W

  • What if your still in the zone say in your neighbours does that mean anyone can open it. You can leave the zone, comeback into it stop and talk to a neighbour and anyone can get in.

    • Yep so many flaws. He can pull up into the driveway, I wait at this door, I touch it and get in, remove the battery in 20 secs and he is locked out (as he thinks keys are old fashioned he probably wont have one on him). Job done. He has even kindly shown me now how to remove the battery without any security key, just twist, pop out the battery and this smart lock is just dumb and wont work for him.

  • Wieso habt ihr denn nicht direkt ne weiße Tür gekauft???^^

  • Haha!, there you go . I thought i was seeing things when the first thing i saw in the video with the old door was the lock been crooked.. Nice!, love the new door .

  • What happens when someone just smashes that window right next to the lock and reaches in to unlock the door?

  • I wouldn't change the color. I like the black inside. It gives the entry character and I love the lock as well.

  • What if your in the GEO FENCE and someone unlocks it with the finger touch

  • I will not be using this “level touch”. If I’m not home and a random stranger comes up and simply puts their finger on it, they are in my house. If I knew where he lived then I could just come into his house when he wasn’t home.

  • What happens if any of the 2 NFC cards get lost, can you replace them?

  • Wait what if you are on a walk and someone walks up to your door and do the finger thing?

  • That’s 28

  • So when you lose your phone you lose your house to right?

  • 7:09 that took way to long , my 60,- dollar smart lock works so much faster

  • That logo thing though! I can get a paper with the logo and unlock it right?

  • if somebody finds your phone now they have access to your home

  • Black Panther to Jud - Get this man a door with a good luck. He just changed the whole door with a new lock just because of the crooked lock

  • Its too complicated. I'd much rather a good old fashioned key method

  • From the title alone I thought he installed a invisible force field lol.

  • Luv these 2❤️

  • Great video, one critique you should use either 3 or 4 inch screws for the plate on the frame. Cause someone can kick in the door with those 1 inch screws

  • A hollow dead lock?? That’s not safe lol

  • I wonder is you can set up nfc on your phone to work in the same way as the key cards, so you don't have to find the app, even if you have to take your phone out .

  • Manual locks by a window are a bad idea!

  • If you buy this lock and it comes with the keys can’t someone else buy the lock and get the same keys with their lock to open your house with lol 😭😂✨ Also since you can use the google hub to unlock it and he has one right by his front door doesn’t that mean someone could shout •UNLOCK THE DOOR• really loudly and the lock would unlock 💀✨

  • wow almost 400 bucks...rather go with something else.

  • Not buying it

  • man he is the first average consumer with a tesla

  • what about if i am in the yard doing yard work, how do I access the lock?

  • I love y’all, you guys seem so nice 👍🏽

  • the handle isn't straight now.... ocd kicking in smh

  • ladys and gentlemen welcome to 2040

  • NO WAY!! That little battery will never last a year of daily use! Come on, you're already replaced the expense, hard to find battery, haven't you? Is there a 10 pack on Amazon? IDK about this product! Love the tech unboxing's though!

  • Ok I cracked up laughing at @4:09 I kept thinking that’s something I’d say to: Jud what have you done..

  • Keep upgrading your house and soon enough its gonna be on an episode of black mirror.

  • He should get a smart faucet in his kitchen

  • Can be opend with a laser light 😉

  • Who else saw the stripped out screw on the inside of the door?

  • Lmao I wanted to see how much it was to maybe consider buying it $329, nope I don't see how this is a justifiable price if anyone knows please explain.

  • So charismatic! Can’t believe I watched a video on a smart lock. Kid is adorable!!!

  • That lock looks like a oven handle LOL who agree?

  • Thumbs down not because of you but the product. It’s a waste because of how much you may have to use the key. You said when you leave and lock you have to leave the geo and re-enter the geo for to work again. So now every time I forget something in the house i have to use the key, now what if I do that while having push to start my car and I left my keys in the house now I have to hope my car could make it in and out of the geo to rest the door lock. Just get the ring

  • still not as convenient as having a smart lock with num pad

  • Hollow deadbolt? I live in a good neighborhood, but recently saw on the Ring community a person trying to kick a strangers door in "probably drunk". After 4 kicks they left because it didn't open. With this lock they'd of gotten in.

  • The baby looks like his dad

  • Anyone else notice he overtightened the plate on the bottom handle? It’s when he shows his wife.

  • all fun and games until your door dies.

  • imagine a teenage austin trying to get in after curfew

  • I’d use it but we go thru the garage to get inside, rarely do we use the front door. Since the battery is inserted where the lock is. how strong is it? Can it be easily broken if a thief wanted to get it.

  • that's a lock i can use too

  • Oh so anyone can access ur lock tf

  • That handle is wank af liked the old one more


  • 8:36 whatsup

  • Where did you get the door

  • Let’s hope the level touch is actually level

  • Jud: so no one can come for me All the viewers: we would only come for you to give you tech

  • I'm not so sure about this one! I can imagine the security vulnerabilities.

  • I still miss the apartment

  • Fk these ads

  • Awesome!

  • Does this mean that while you're home and sleeping, someone could enter your home because you're in the geo fence?

    • Apparently my impatient ass needed to wait 30 seconds ;)

  • If you forget you phone home you are done

  • How are you so sure this smart home is going to be a good idea in the long run?

  • cracked when he said "jud what have you done" XD

  • I’m not trying to be rude, but the door is only part of the problem. You should have replaced the door, sidelights, transom, as well as the frame itself. The lock won’t stop anyone from breaking in because the frame is just two inches of white pine wood.

  • Buys a black door and then paints it white `~`

  • Real questions. What if you live the front fence and then come back in the geo fence but aren’t by your door yet but someone else is can they finger touch to open it? Also what if your home by your family members leave the geo fence and come back can they still use the finger touch even tho you never left the house by they did?

  • I don’t think I’d use the geofencing feature

  • Hi very nice smart device but I have one question. What about if you leave the group fence and lose your phone and someone else finds it and goes to your house with your phone will they be able to open your door ??

  • house looking like the easiest thing to rob

  • Now they gonna call you the average handyman

  • I love all things tech but you couldn’t pay me to install a smart lock. Fuck all that

  • Wow you must live in the safest street in the world I could not sleep at night knowing a tiny bolt is al that’s stopping someone from entering my house . My door might not be smart but locks in at least six points in strengthen Steel not hollow case with a battery ? Good luck but defo not safe 😔

  • what if the power in the cells are complete when your door is locked ? LOL

  • The tap function does seem like a somewhat of a flaw. I know there’s a fence to only have the owner be near the house, but what if a robber knows about this lock, and waits until the owner is in the range? I know, you don’t want to open a door when the owner is coming home, but what if you’re inside, at night and sleeping, then a robber can just tap it. I do not know, but hopefully there’s a feature to disable the tapping.

  • I love how his voice is just super chill 🏖

  • How much integrity did the dead bolt lose to be hollowed out for the battery?

  • Rotating a key takes less time than this.or not. Idk. Well pretty handy if i forget my keys in car or apartment. 😇

  • Me: Oh cool something I think I could afford. Bank account: uh no lol

  • Do I smell a new channel UrAvgHandyman 😂😂😂😂

  • This is great how it doesn't unlock until you leave the geofence and re-enter, but what if you lock the door, get in the car and forgot something in the house, would you have to leave the geofence and come back in to get in??

  • Very nice looking home

  • Does the geo fence work if our phone is dead?

  • UrAvgConsumer i wanted to ask if you are in the geosphere but not near your house can someone touch the lock would it unlock Hope you reply i am very curious and i hope you get what i mean

  • If I leave and walk in through the garage how will it know that I didn't want to use the front Door? And how long is the window open for me to enter?

  • Basically now if somebody steals my phone, they get my credit cards and access to my house. Nice

  • Bro so happy for you but at the same time in that house with all those epic things, you’re past being an average consumer. Lol