Pixel 6 Pro - Real day in the Life Review!

Publicado el 17 dic 2021
I've been using the Pixel 6 Pro since it's launch, and it's time to finally let you know what I think about it in my full review!
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Comentarios: 360

  • I've been using this phone for two months now and I love it. The battery life is pretty good if you don't use GPS for extended periods of time. Without using GPS I get 7 hours of screen on time. Would definitely recommend this phone.

    • @Roah So do you want the screen shots or not 😂. You sound insane bro lmfao

    • @Tanner Teves It's just a copium mechanism for abnormal peps like you and the people from r/GooglePixel and r/Stadia😂

    • @Roah Lmao why would I lie about a phone's battery life 😂. I have screen shots to prove it lmfao

    • Press x to doubt. This is the kind of positivity post you see on the r/Stadia and r/GogolePixel subreddits posted everyday for copium. The battery life is garbage and the soc can't even run Genshin at stable 60 fps.

    • @Krohmel Umm, in this context, is there a difference between Capacity and Speed ?

  • This is the type of content I'm looking for!

  • I've always liked google pixels, I've believed that they had one of the best cameras in the industry. But the main downside for many google phones are battery life overtime. After year and a half of having a google pixel the battery just gave out.

    • @Michael Kehm No I think this is googles own chip so I don’t see how it could be an old exynos which I thought was samsung related.

    • @Jose A. Lucas Isn't it just an older Samsung Exynos?

    • @Mark Jayson lmao it's literally brand new.

    • tensor chip is a buggy mess

    • i agree. Which is why im happy Google made their own chip Tensor. More control and should help battery

  • Love the review! I've got the regular pixel 6 and love the phone, fantastic battery life, hard to kill in a day with heavy usage for myself, more of a day and half to 2 day battery on light-medium usage

  • My favorite phone for sure, but there's definitely some quirks. Google's software is just... so good. Google Assistant is just... so good.

  • Have to say. Moved from the Note 10 plus to the S20FE, and I don't miss the curved display like I thought I would. But, the bezels on the Pixel 6 are definitely subpar. They're not a HUGE deal, but I'm not sure if the Pixel 6 tops my S20FE. It feels weird going from the FE to the Pixel 6, especially when I'm losing expandable storage and 120 hz.

    • Great comment bro! That's exactly the reason why I never buying pixels. Why in the world is wrong with them? Is it too hard to include a SD card slot?? Shame on google!!

  • I have the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro and I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying both of them. Keep the great videos coming bro. 😎 🙏✌

    • @Matthew B - I tend to gravitate towards "phablets" so I like the 6 Pro better, which is surprising because I'm normally not a huge fan of curved screens. Both phones share a lot of the same features but the 6 Pro just feels a lot more premium to me.

    • @Matthew B I too would like know because I had settled on the 6, but another revieer caused me to reconsider. Besides, I'm on Verizon and there's a $100 upcharge for the Pixel 6.... CRAZY!!!! Therefore, it's a better deal for the pro.

    • @Steven Gray That is fanatical 🤓

    • Which do you like better? Everything I’m reading is the 6 is just as good the pro.

    • @Chris Johannsen I have the Pixel 1, 2, 3XL, 4, 4XL and 4A 5G because I'm a Google fanatic, I guess. I also have the Pixelbook Go and whenever the Pixel Watch launches I'll be getting that as well. These phones are historic for Google with the launch of their tensor chip, in partnership with Samsung. I like the flat screen of the Pixel 6 and also like the curved screen of the 6 pro. Plus I got them both for $200 off last month with Verizon. 😎

  • I had the Pixel 6 and now the Pixel 6 Pro. The regular 6 feels way better in your hand. The sides on the pro are sharper kinda like how Samsung Phones used to be and how the One PLus 7T is. The pixel 6 felt really cramped to me for whatever reason where as the Pixel 6 Pro does not.

  • Real honest review, and covered things I've never heard in other reviews. Great job

  • I like how google made their own CPU. I feel like for Android phones in the future will need their own chips to help stand out.

    • To be fair it is actually a Exynos from Samsung in which Google has just added their own ISP core and some extra AI features. It's core GPU and CPU are same as that of Exynos.

  • I like the curved edge, for me is only an issue if I need to draw something close to it on my Note10+ / The pictures and video quality of that Pixel looks great to me.

    • @Hipster of course curved screens are dope, but in practicality the ghost touches are pain at times especially when using the phone as GPS while driving. Currently i own a Note 10 plus and planning to buy Pixel 6 pro despite having curved screen

    • Are the reviewers saying bad about curved screens just for the heck of it? It looks really dope and immersive man! I want them to stay.

    • I have the Note 10+ and absolutely hate this curve man. I've been waiting for a flat again so I may go with the Pixel 6!

  • I've been using my 6 pro for several weeks now overall I like it. Finger Print reader is horrible. Lastly it's been in a case the whole time. Thanks for the video.

  • Everytime I watch his videos, I’m getting a lot of dad vibes from him which I really love. My dad is in a different country and I sometimes feel lonely, but whenever I watch his videos, it makes me feel like I have a dad. I just wanna thank you mr jud for not making me feel like I don’t have a dad around the house.

  • I blame the tensor chip being new and not optimized for games yet on whether or not games run as well. It should get better as time passes, like most things with pixel. Super excited for this device 😆😆

  • This is what you really call "A Real Review" . We're thankful we had a ESmainr/Reviewer like this. Thanks a lot UrAvgCnsmr. Kudos! A lot of love from Philippines.

  • Beware of Background Processes. I got a shock when my battery plummeted to 15 per cent at the end of a day - a check showed that Facebook, last looked at 12 hours earlier, had been quietly draining the battery all day. Disabling Facebook as a background routine left me with normal battery usage, and my Pro typically ends the day with an 80 per cent charge now.

  • Awesome phone and I only have the 6. Only real disappointment was the finger print scanner.

  • Great video bro

    • YYOOOOO I love your videos too am a big fan especially those of a day in a life!! much love from Uganda.

  • I love my 6 Pro, such a great phone.

  • I was looking forward to your DitL video, You always do the device justice. I thought this review was fair. I thought you might provide some of the highlights of the smart aspects ie the spam calling, or the hold for me etc, but this IS a day in the life and that may not be some of the features that you used that day. Hoping that you do a DitL video for the Pixel 6 as well.

  • Hey, great video! I have the Pixel 6 pro and really loving it. I have a few areas that I'm wondering if anyone can help me with though? 1. After I take a picture, when I view my captured shot (Not in the photos app but straight after the shot has been taken in the camera app itself) the image comes out blurred/non-processed? 2. I would prefer flat glass over the curved but hey-ho, does anyone else get issues of non-responsiveness near the curved glass? Yes i understand its supposed to be non-responsive to omit unnecessary gestures whilst hold the phone, but sometimes i need to press something near the curved glass and it just won't happen. 3. Does anyone have a link for the wallpaper at 12:40??

    • Yeah I get the blurry photos as well and the selfies seem grainy too. I'm sure it all will be fixed with an update in the future. Otherwise I'm loving my pixel 6 pro

  • Cool video, but the shots with your kid. you're just pulling on my heart strings :).. cuteness to 11 and then some. As for cell, So wish more companies went with larger batteries. I'm still rocking Motorola Z3 play with battery mods. Hard to switch to something newer after having 2+ days of usage without plugging in cables. But then that camera you've shown, .. impressive shots.

  • I have the pixel 6 and love it however since the December update I can no longer get signal indoors and have significantly weaker signal outdoors.

  • I like how thorough your reviews are when you review cell phones. You don't miss a beat bruh.

    • Those are thorough lol ? Check out android central/android authority/arstechnica/mkbhd...

  • Thanks for sharing. You never mentioned anything about the fingerprint sensor every other reviewer complained that it is way too slow and hit or miss how has your experience been? Thanks

  • Had the phone for over 2 weeks and I returned it out if frustrations. The glass in the camera bar leaves so much glare when you're shooting with light sources in the background. The tensor chip isn't compatible with most of the apps I used to edit my videos making it super laggy and slow. There are more crap I didn't like that I forgot after returning it. Great camera thought but ain't great when I see spots of lights flares on the ones I like. Hopefully they fix their shits in the next version. Snapdragon already working on their next AI chip.

  • I am certain that pixle 6 and pro version are great smartphones but majority expected to dethrone iphone 13 pro max and smartphones from companies like Samsung, Xiaomi etc,that why most smartphone enthusiast's are disappointed

  • Nice looking phone for sure, top video as always 👍

  • I'm actually impressed, Google actually made a good phone

  • I have the pixel 6 and the only complaint I have is that the pictures are always so bright but that only in the afternoon/daytime. Morning and sun down are amazing pictures to take including at night

  • Did the software update fix the fingerprint sensor lag issue?

  • Great content here! Really dislike curved screens. Samsung has been annoying me with them for years now. Looking forward to getting my Pixel 6 Pro.

    • this seems contradictory. the p6p has curved screen you know?

  • It's been a while since I watched you and it's good to see that you're still doing your thing. Thanks for the review. However, multiple times you said that this is your secondary phone 📱. What's your primary and why? I'm guessing iPhone 13 Pro Max. Again thanks and God bless,

  • Always great videos! Would love to see a what's on my phone and an what's on my Mac. Keep up the great work!

  • Man I love my 6 Pro but I can't lie, me shooting with Filmic Pro has killed my little 128gb of storage. Getting a usb-c flash drive for the extra storage space. Really loving the telephoto lens so much too. Anyway, this is the video we've been waiting for man! Them bezels...what you think Kevin Kevin:😬😬 😂😂

    • sucks flagship phones are removing necessary features like SD card

    • @Swaraj Sarkar I'm sure I'll figure it out.

    • USB C Flash drives on Pixels support only FAT32 format and nothing else. This means if you do video recording and want to store those stuffs into your flash drive then that shouldn't be possible as long as file sizes are larger than 4GBs. It doesn't support exFAT OR NTFS. Also r/w speed on FAT32 on Pixel devices are really bad. Now, I don't know if the latest update has fixed the issue or not.

  • Honestly, the dark skin tones look fantastic!! Best representations I've ever seen personally. Thats one of the most underrated features of the camera.

    • I think the 13 line does a better job representing skin tons. Especially with photographic styles.

  • Great video and Pixel 6 series are premium phones, legit. ✨✨👍🏾

  • Still waiting for my pixel 6 pro but I really hope LLY hope they go back to a flat display for the next generation.

  • Can uu do one with the standard pixel 6? Its a better deal tho 🔥💯

  • Waiting for 6a to arrive in India... 😶

  • The video does look great in normal conditions. I think that the video quality complaints are more related to walk n talk, and especially, low light video.

  • Watching on my s21+ must say love the pixel photos

  • This is the kind of content I want to see!

  • I love how he's taking pictures of his Tesla while he was standing next to a Ferrari lol

  • Nice day in the life with the Google Pixel 3, the $600 price is very attractive. I like the Pixel 6 metal feel and flat-screen. I don't like the curved screen also. Jude, I think they should let you borrow the yellow Ferrari. Austin is growing up fast.

  • Nice looking smart phone 👍

  • Looks like a device I’d give a try if I decide to give Android another shot

    • Apple Guy Here, I wanted to try this phone and love it. A great addition to my photo/video shooting along with my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • Good video, very enjoyable watching it 😀👍🏻😊

  • Sounds like he’s blaming the chip for his failing in game😂

  • Can you do a day in a life with the sony xperia pro i? Would love to see it, id use my phone how you would use it also

  • The phone it's a beast ,but now it has many problems with the network, it connects and disconnects leaving without service, and that also causes more battery to be used, hopefully they will fix it soon, it will surely be like that

    • Im sure Google iron out all the issues, brand new phone and internals custom stuff..we are kinda like early adopters.

  • Bro, I’ve been a subscriber for a while now. But i cant get over how cute your family is. Lol Congrats man. Love your videos and REALLY love the day in the life videos!

  • The real Phone of the Year of 2021. I love my Pixel 6 Pro.

  • I’ve been waiting for you with this day in the life for the pixel….avoided watching any other smdh bout damn time dawg 😠 I’m not switching from the iPhone 12 but I like your day in the life vids 👍🏾

  • Thanks for this review. I got this camera for how it was said to do well with dark skin tones

  • You should do a real day in the life flashback version. Like the Galaxy Note 9 or something. Like you're not busy enough already lol I know. I got a little one too. Its just a good series.

  • The cute baby saying goobye to the people is the best part of this video ! What a lovely family !

  • I always watch this series before purchasing a phone

  • Love my Pixel 6 Pro!

  • Great review 👍🏿👍🏿

  • Loving the pixel 6! Great video! but I'm wondering what mask he's wearing in the video? It looks really cool!

  • hmm i think I'll wait for next pixel. A lot of promise with this generation, but maybe that chip is a bit too new for the battery life and such.

  • I returned my Z Flip3 5G phone for the pixel 6 pro and I'm glad I did.

  • Great review

  • I'm a Google Pixel 6 Pro user too been had it for a month and i love it. Went to Vegas last weekend and got some amazing vids and pics with this phone

  • "using the self-parking feature" is already a flag for bad driver. 🚩 😬 😆 (Well it depends how tight the space is) Glad it was only a minor thing 🙌

  • Does J have a youtube channel or any social media 👀? Very curious to see him more often interacting in videos or what not. I know he's been with your company for a LONGGG Time now!

  • I like the audio and video quality of the Pixel 6 Pro.

  • I'm glad I haven't needed a "body shop of choice" for my Tesla... Though I never got mine wrapped so there's that. 😂

  • Does anyone have issues when using split screen on ESmain? It straight up makes my pixel crash and sometimes it just leaves the split screen line.

  • Just got it and dawg it's literally the best phone.

    • @Benjamin Thomas that's funny. My previous phone was a note 9. I received my 6 pro today

    • @AJ Johnson I was worried about the fingerprint sensor on the pixel 6 but it hasn't acted up at all. I heard rumors of a face scan update coming but idk

    • @AJ Johnson Note 9

    • How so? What was your previous phone?

  • I legit get 20+ hours of battery life with 4 hours of on screen time and it's still at like 30% battery when I switched to LTE instead of 5G connection.

  • Google just cant keep any good features of phone going. I owned google phones all the way back to the Samsung Nexus. The last staw for me eas them going away from face unlock after one year. They did away with most features from the P4XL. Just cant rely on the features you love being on the next version of their phone.

    • Blame the tech community that wants smaller bezels, face ID mean a notch.

  • Always loving these videos!

  • I've been waiting for your review for ages!

  • i think its a very nice phone, but i don't really have the money for it right now plus I'm happy with my current one (and sorry for the car)

  • I noticed some warping effect on the front camera 9:45. The last time I saw this kind of effect was on my Motorola Moto E 😭

  • Yes, bezels on Pixel 6 are TOO big!

  • Good phone I got the regular pixel 6 but the last update ruined the phone no signal and poor battery

  • I don't know how this guy say " i am not a fan of curve screen " 😂 Come on man its looks way premium & bezel less then normal flat screen.

  • Curve edges are better on phones, look soo much clean 💯 My opinion ✌

  • Great video. I have 6 pro and I love it 😍. What wallpaper do you have?

  • Just wait until you unlock the bootloader, root with magisk and install a custom kernel. I'm getting 9 hours SOT with 25% left. It's ridiculous.

  • Yes! About time man had me thinking your didn't do a day in the life vid for the Pixel 6 because you didn't like it or something LOL 😂

  • Great phone

  • Been waiting for this one!!!!

  • Been waiting for this one!!!!

  • I have the 13 pro max, but I definitely want the pixel 6 pro as a secondary phone

  • I like the wallpaper on the pro version

  • This phone has amazing battery loge if you don't use it at all..

  • He should actually start a vlog I would watch that

  • Pixel phones are the best value phones of all time

  • Please do a day in the life with the Oppo find x4 pro when its out ,the leak that came out yesterday makes it look INSANE !

    • @Vhsss Tv Nice, yeah I read about the phone. Custom ISP and Snap 8 Gen 1, specs excite me. Been buying Pixels and Galaxies for a while now..time to try something different

    • @SSaini it will come with the play store in America & eu :) they are planning a global release, check out the leaks you'll be blown away, ice universe posted about it on twitter a few days ago

    • Oppo is Chinese only right, playstore exist?

  • Is that a stock wallpaper on the 6 pro? I need ittttt

  • Great video can’t wait fir next of this series omg wow factor

  • Please do a real day in the life of the regular Pixel 6 🙏

  • I think the problem with gaming on pixel 6 and pro has been due to tensor since it's a new chip and most games are not optimized for it ... Idk that's my assumption what do u guys think.

    • @Whatsapp👉 ➕➀➂➀➃➆➈➃➀➀➅➈ sorry for what?

  • *Judd:* I'm not a bad driver. *Also Judd:* but while I was driving, I _did_ take my eyes off the road and hit a pole....

  • I will buy a 7pro, maybe it'll have a flat screen

  • Can’t believe how big he has gotten! So adorable❤️ Cherish these moments while they last 🤗 . He will be asking for the car keys before you know it.