PlayStation 5 Features Coming To Next Update!

Publicado el 5 ago 2021
We got the new PS5 Beta 2.0! We check out how to install the SSD and the best new features coming in the next update!

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  • I would never ever try to open any console, I might destroy it, goodbye PS. too bad the PS5 still hasn't arrived here in the Philippines and it's almost october.

  • Wouldn't you have to fit the SSD inside the heaatsink before you put it in the console Junder? I think you did it wrong, man. If not, my apologies.

  • I can’t get behind $400 for 2 TB.

  • Did anyone else come back to this video like me in order to see how to properly install your M.2 SSD like I did once the PS5 update went through???

  • Is this the best Card to buy? Also does this make the ps5 run faster also?

  • ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ❌❌❌ Please do not use thermal paste .

  • I'm almost dead waiting for the new man cave updates video, there's so much new stuff in there, I love this whole set-up.

  • Everytime I try using my ssd it doesn't let me use it, am I missing anything?

  • U didn't even use a p5 game on there so we could see ya goofy ass click baiting

  • “Especially when games are like 50gb or more” *COD MW and CW have entered the chat

  • Yo about the control center power button, you know if you scroll all the way to the left it’s just gonna put you all the way to the right right where the power logo is. Without having to move it.

  • its a m.2 ssd

  • Hey LeDarius! SO COOL!

  • Patiently waiting for the public software release but I'm expecting it to be released in maybe September.

  • When will it be upgradeable for everyone?

  • Wish I had a ps5 happy for all u guys thou 🙏

  • Came for the ps5, subbed for the gunpla!

  • I hate the ps5 body design.

  • Can anyone add the ssd or do you have to be approved through the beta?

  • What screw driver do you have it looks very useful if you could link it that would be very helpful thank you

  • I just don't understand why so many people cry about the power button being all the way to the right , if you are on the home icon , move your controller to the left one step , it the same as moving the icon to the left , you still only move one spot , I hope I explained that clear enough , don't get me wrong , it's nice to be able to configure the icons but I've heard so many people say they wish it could be moved when all you have to do is move the cursor to the left one spot and you are on the power icon. But the only reason I came to the video is because I searched when the update would be released and this was the first video so I watched it. Still don't know when it's coming 😂but still a cool video. 👍👍👍✌✌✌

  • Can you tell me where you got that electric screwdriver though that thing is awesome?

  • Does anyone have the link to the heatsink he used? I'm clueless I got the drive but no clue about the heatsink

  • A module was inserted in your expansion slot remove module and turn on your ps5. I followed every step, correct length, used heat sink, reinstalled expansion slot shield fake video.

  • imagine ps5 slim

  • its m.2 not an ssd and use a thermal pad not paste.

  • I’m using the WD Black 1TB SSD w/Sabrent rocket heat sink (bolt-on type). Temperature never gets hotter than 35 degrees C and a max read speed 6400 MB/second

  • Does the 3D Audio works with your Sonos system or only with the tv speakers?

  • If you find putting on a separate heatsink tedious buy the ssd that comes already with an heatsink its 50 dollars difference i think

  • Bro this is the dumbest dumbest SSD install I have EVER SEEN! No mention of the official PS5 heat sink size and getting the right size SSD and heatsink and fitting it before you put it into your PS5... JEEZ!

  • Lol I love how I won the first lottery to order the first PS5 day one from PlayStation Direct, but didn't win the lottery for the PS5 beta.

  • The pricing debate makes no sense to me. With the demand rising, prices will rise, its a luxury item that you don't need, just finish your games and delete them if you don't wanna spend a couple hundred bucks to increase the storage or buy an external SSD and move games to it that you aren't playing at that moment to make room for new stuff. You do not HAVE to spend $300+ on a NVME SSD.

  • Anyone knows when this new update is gonna happen ?

  • I'd personally put games in the 70 - 100 GB of space into the SSD since it'll make the smaller games have a lot of room in the internal drive.

  • Great video but terrible heatsink for SSD 🤢 rather get a full housing like he gigabyte Asus aorua housing made from copper but a housing that can go around and hold SSD with screws instead of a stick on.👍👍👌

  • Or you just but an SSD card in the back of the unit as one of Sony’s competitors have done. Also they appear to be going to 12tb volume come xmas.

  • Where are THEMES? My ps5 is so boring without them. Nice vid

  • When do you think the full release will be

  • 7:48 I mean i can also agree, an SSD on a ps4 ( especially the ps4 pro ) does boost performance a good bit.

  • That heatsink is not going to keep the nvme at its ideal operating temp of under 50c. A fully enclosed heat sink will help a lot with the temperature and the speed will be better too. Great video mate 😊

  • That's the easiest process I ever seen

  • You need a heatsink due to controller chip getting really hot since it's trying to move data at a very high speed.

  • FYI, it has infinite scrolling, you can just push left when on the “home icon” to go to the “power icon.” and vice-a-versa. Jus’ Sayin’ “#🌈 TheMoreYouKnow!” 😂

  • How do I get the beta for the PS five

  • Real question is when will Sony bring back the ability to add themes?? The one thing I really miss from my PS4 😕

  • So can you transfer and use PS5 games on the external SSD?

  • Sony still doesn't support 5120x1440 for SUPER ULTRA WIDE.

  • List of stuff that the PS5 needs in an upcoming update! 1. PS5 should bring themes back as they are a cool way of customising your home screen and they should also have the feature to turn specific features from the theme like the menu sounds etc. 2. There should be an extra feature in the quick menu called "Parties". This feature will also add a feature to toggle your party as private or public, once you create your party it will automatically be set as private but if you change it to public, your party will be visible in the "Parties" tab and people in your friends list could join you without sending an invite. (Similar to how parties used to be) 3. There should be a feature to hide certain games on the homescreen. 4. You should be able to use the emojis in games. 5. There should be a feature to select different alignments of the apps on your homescreen. 6. The "Media" tab on the PS5 should make other third party companies be able to post their media apps in the PS Store and you could download them and watch movies. 7. There should be a voice recognition in the homescreen as there used to be on the PS4. 8. The picture editor on the PS5 should have more features like filters, stickers (also stickers that you could import from a USB) instead of only having a feature to add text. 9. Keyboard Voice recognition should be available in games too. These are all the features I would love to see them coming in a future update.

    • And also I'll appreciate if u share the list above to other ps5 related vids. Rly want these features to arrive to the ps5 🙏

  • Does this void the warranty or no?

  • Same number of button presses to get to the power off as before. When you open the control menu, I always move to the left. It wraps to the other end of the menu.

  • Good vid

  • Hi there! I was wondering if you could help? I got my third PS5 controller in 90 days because of stick drift. In most games like shooters for instance, u can adjust your settings for that. But there are a lot of games out there where u don't have that option. Could you help me convince Sony to put these adjustments into their settings? Cheers, coll8ctor

  • Just in case.. I see people talking about external vs internal, no HDD compatibility and so on.. Dudes I have a PS5 and I use a Western Digital 4TB WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive HDD - 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache, 3.5" - WD4005FZBX and it hits the 220mbps with most PS4 games. That is like 4 times better than my previous PS4 and I'm SO HAPPY with it because my expectations were a lot lower lol. I bought this external docking station Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5in HDD, SSD, and it does the job perfectly. NOW, do not forget that this external drive will be powered by an external source of energy, so my recommendation is to plug it into the UPS battery that you should be using for the PS5 and this drive ONLY. Now I have 70 PS4 games installed on this external drive and I still got plenty space for more PS4 games that I haven't bought yet and my internal PS5 drive has only like 2 new gen games lol, so that is great news for me because I won't buy a Gen 4 SSD yet. I hope this comment helps you out with your migration from PS4 to PS5!

  • All this is cool and all but for the love of all things..1440p compatibility please! Come on Sony!

  • Gotta remove that SSD label BEFORE the thermal pad

  • Needs quick resume and folders

  • They need to add game folders so you can sort your games like the ps4 comeee on sony

  • Xbox Master race!

  • May as well buy a ps5 at that price once it becomes retail price, if it ever does. I formatted my PlayStation before. All the games not saved on the games server were erased 🤧.

  • i have a ssd but no beta invitation ffs

  • How about an update on when we can purchase a console.

  • this is the dumbest thing ever why should i have to open my ps5 to add hardware that sony should of added plus i gotta pay a extra 400 sony sucks and is the iphone of systems

  • 7:51 "ps4 performance" ? lmao

  • As a PC technician, I guarantee you that what you did, 99% of average consumers will not want to do out of fear of breaking something. There's an entire industry propped up by what you just did that for an experienced technician, takes less than 5min. Even though there are thousands of how to videos showing how to do this, and the same amount of instruction manuals with details pictures, parents will not want to do this, nor will they allow their 10-14 year old child to do so

  • I highly recommend the Aorus if you can find it at an OK price, or just even the Aorus copper heatsink if you get another ssd.

  • After you watch a you tube video like 10 times it becomes really easy to do

  • Can we bring back the browser

  • Where the heck is the Messages app/section! 😑 I hate the PS5 many things that are bad about it. I hate using it

  • Who doesn't own a ps5 but still watching???

  • Legit. Can’t wait for it to be publicly released.

  • Guess I'm gonna wait a long time until i get a storage upgrade this shit is insanely expensive for what you get

  • Yeah but when is the actual update update to use use the actual SSD you available for everyone

  • I don't have ps5

  • Love the update overview! We've been waiting for that SSD slot for a while now 💯

  • Ur right J, Sony should release a new handheld console. I just found my PSP like a week ago but my battery is swollen and also the charger is lost. They really messing with us by showing that PSP 😭

  • I have a question about the 3D audio for TV speakers. For my PS5, I use the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless headset. It comes with a DAC that has an onboard optical input. If I connect the optical cable from my TV to the DAC, will the 3D audio still be able to be replicated through the headphones, since were just routing that same TV audio through the headset?

  • You cannot use thermal paste on a ssd. It is only used for cooling cpus and gpus.

  • We need custom wallpapers!!!!!

  • So can the SSD not handle PS5 games or is he just trippin by not showing us that or mentioning it?

  • VRR is also coming to the PS5 around Nov/Dec. Apparently VRR was already ready to be rolled out for the PS5 for months but the TV division for Sony delayed the feature cause they wanted their TV's and the PS5 to roll out with the VRR update at the exact same time.

  • Why did some of the games icons change?

  • What about the heatsink?

  • Should’ve just waited for mine, mine crashes so many times

  • Can u put a video of acctories of ps5

  • I like how they came to the point

  • I feel like this is going to be the future of console gaming interchangeable parts .

    • Consoles are becoming like pc

  • Hello! I have a question. I remember buying a PS4 at launch; it had only 500Gb. About some time later; 6 months or a year; Sony launched a 1Tb version… I wasn’t able to get a PS5 at launch ( for obvious reasons). I now have an opportunity to grab a PS5. However; I am quite hesitant as I don’t want the same thing to happen. SSDs are kinda expensive Anyone got some good advice?

    • I filled my ps5 with only ps5 games. I got a ssd but you can use a external drive for now(thumb drive if low on cash)

    • We are not going to have an improved version of the PS5 maybe in almost 2 years, so if you want to wait that long, don't buy it. There are not enough PS5 games at the moment to completely fill your internal space, so if you have more PS4 games just use an external disk and it saves you a lot of money from buying an SSD, since the external disk is only for storage PS4 games.

  • is funny how the ps 5 external storage was locked up all this time but still sony was so vague about the parts that really work with the console, on the other hand the x box had their solution since launch day.

  • There was 1 more huge feature u missed. Vertical trophy lists!

  • What does the ssd do? Please reply

  • pc is better

  • PS5 or XBox?

  • Thee psp was ahead of its time

  • I’ll be getting this pretty soon

  • Pulse headset eq

  • Series X's Quick Resume laughing at PS5 speeds😂😂😂

  • Sometimes I wonder how is Jude a tech youtuber? He’s such a noob at everything that isn’t what the average consumer would… Oh….

  • can you put gen 3 m.2 SSD in the ps5? will it recognize it? Please let me know if anyone has tested it out in a ps5 yet?

    • Nope, it doesn't work. You immediately get a message on the screen that the SSD is not supported. This upgrade is for Gen 4 only.

  • Omg it's painful watching him take the PS5 covers off - you lift the side slightly and slide down, not YANK till it comes off

  • The ssd is even more expensive than the ps5 itself so crazy but it took Sony long enough but glad it’s here tho but it will be nice if Sony added quick resume it will be so fire.